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Do you have any recommendations for tighty whitey/button down combos? My Hanes don't match my Nordstrom's dress shirts. And don't even get me started on when I wear them with my Timberlands.

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Yeah but there's a quid pro quo. They get to plug their movie in exchange for us getting to ask them anything. They aren't holding up their end of the bargain.

We don't give a fuck about Seth's shitty tv show that's barely even aired. How are we supposed to ask questions about it? If he wants to use us for an ad, he has to give us something in exchange.

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Your sentencing can deny the option of parole. That's what the sentence of "life without parole" is. You're in jail for life, guaranteed. Whether or not you get the option of parole depends on a lot of things, but it's by no means an inalienable right.

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Well first of all, tuition rates are absolutely a product of the egregious student loan scheme we suffer under. Fix that issue, and the college tuition bubble is bound to burst (especially if you tackle the issues with college textbook pricing as well).

And second, obviously it would come from taxpayers. But the leap in logic I expect you to make in response - which is that society shouldn't pay so much for such useless degrees - is severely myopic. Society benefits from have cultured and enlightened thinkers. The Greeks, the Romans, the Turks...I could go on and on about flourishing societies that benefited from an erudite culture. The only exception to that is the Mongols, pretty much.

So just because taxpayers would have to front the bill for students to study liberal arts, it doesn't mean that society doesn't benefit from that investment. And it certainly isn't less wasteful than how much we spend on the military (think how many tuitions could be paid with the money put towards just a single F-35...)

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California basically has the same system.