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oxigeno1981154 karma

Do you ever feel unsafe?

zepsutykompas212 karma

A lot of times.

The problem is that in some countries it is not a common view for people to see a girl travelling alone.

I am always saying that when you are alone it is easier to get help but also easier to got troubles

oxigeno198143 karma

Thanks for your reply. So how do you protect yourself or manage any fear that you feel?

zepsutykompas114 karma

I am trying to stay safe. Not travel durina a night or not walk alone in the cities by dark.

I also have a pepper spray with me.

SarahC41 karma

Be careful - one high profile solo girl a few years back got into trouble, and I think was killed.

You have self defense? Mace? Taser? Martial arts?

zepsutykompas36 karma

Basics of self defence and pepper spray as I said

DontmindthePanda107 karma

Have you already found out what you're worth in camels and goats? Has anyone ever offered you (or a friend of yours) something like this?

zepsutykompas138 karma

47 cows 10 goats 7sheeps

Offer from Hammer tribe in Ethiopia

yourdose69 karma

What was your worst experience?

zepsutykompas209 karma

They accused me on terrorism in Kenya and put into prison for 4 days

yourdose24 karma

On what basis?

jet19959 karma

For the lulz

zepsutykompas171 karma

Lonely hitchhiker with big military bag, stamps from Afghanistan and Pakistan in her passeport stopping cars in a middle of nothing... police though that I am going to join a terrorist group in Somalia

CptNero57 karma

Have you ever felt like "Shit fuck shit, bad decision" during your travels?

zepsutykompas73 karma

Lots of times

mvyrmnd53 karma

I despise being without my own transport. How have you found relying on others to move around? Have you missed important schedules? Is it liberating or scary hitchhiking in unknown places/cultures?

zepsutykompas87 karma

I was hitchhiking all around Europe and Asia before. It is the best way of transport and getting to know new people when you are in a new place.

important schedules - not at all. I don't need to anywhere on time

Badvoodoo36546 karma

Did you meet up with any other travellers and spend time with them or stay mostly on your own?

zepsutykompas62 karma

I have met some other travelers on a way. Interesting is that mostly male travelers, not many girls on the way.

I have met also a lot of travelers while using couchsurfing

Badvoodoo36518 karma

Was it mostly European traveller's? I've worked in various African countries and the vast majority of tourists I meet were french.

zepsutykompas44 karma

definately a lot of Europeans, Americans and Israelis

Raynosaurus41 karma

Looks cool! How difficult was it to communicate with everyone you met? I can only assume nobody spoke your language(s).

zepsutykompas96 karma

Noone speaks polish ;/

But mostly my route was passing through ex British colonies so a lot of people were speaking English there

skepticones34 karma

How did you get the money to afford to do this? Do you ever find work in the countries you are travelling through?

zepsutykompas40 karma

I was working and saving before the trip. And also I have done a crowdfunding project to buy a camera.

Skalpaddan13 karma

To continue on that subject:

What was your budget for a year (or month per month)

I went to Asia for a few months last year. Started March 1 2016 and flew home late May. Went back for another month during Christmas/New Year. I loved it so much and I just want to continue traveling! Do you have any tips to live cheaply while traveling?

zepsutykompas2 karma

I am spending around 300$ per month including visas, not paying for a transport and accomodation (tent, Couchsurfing, invitations from a road etc.) I am not going to any expensive restaurants and eating on a road.

Sometimes I am also skipping expensive attraction that I simply cannot afford like climbing kilimanjaro 1600$ ;/;/

Swing_All_Night28 karma

How is the experience of travelling alone vs. with other people (friends,family...)? Which one do you prefer?

I want to travel, but have no one around that wants to, I want to try doing it alone but not sure if I'll regret it.

zepsutykompas161 karma

Once I was travelling with my boyfriend.. and because of that he is not my boyfriend anymore

Titanruss2 karma

care to elaborate?

zepsutykompas2 karma

He wanted different things than me. It is easier to travel alone cause you are deciding on your own and don't need to consult anything what are u doing or where to go etc. And much more freedom.

I wanted to travel he wanted to have a stabile life

BasicGimmick18 karma

Wow this is really cool! Can you see yourself doing this travelling all again after you come back home, or is this an only once in your life deal? What's the most memorable experience you've had so far?

Also what does zepsutykompas mean?

zepsutykompas29 karma

I don't wanna go back home :)

I hitchhiked a free safari ride in Kenya Masai Mara

dzsimbo17 karma

Hi Monika!

You're travels look very exciting. The instagram pictures are beautiful!

My question is how do you communicate with the locals? Is it all body language, or are you picking up the basics of the languages along the way? Do they speak english? Polish, perhaps :)?

zepsutykompas31 karma

As you said, body language is the best. Also for me is always important to learn some basic words in a local language. Problem is that in Africa simple country can have few or more local languages. In Zambia there is 72!

But you can be suprised how many people speak english

ginteru12 karma

Greetings from Lithuania! What made you decide you want to start travelling and what were the reactions from your friends/family?

zepsutykompas19 karma

My family always worried but after so many years of travelling they know that this is the thing that I wanna do and they cannot stop me.

I always wanted to discover the world but my parents never could afford to take me for holidays so when i got a chnce to travel I started doing that

fenirir9 karma

What's the most weirdest or disturbing thing that has happened?

zepsutykompas49 karma

In graveyard in Tanzania I found a grave with the same name written on it as my grandfather. He was never in Africa

Jumper91828 karma

What has been you're favorite place so far?

zepsutykompas27 karma

Mozambique, especially Vilankulos

soulpoison8 karma

Did you plan this trip with a cost in mind or are you doing this without money?

zepsutykompas7 karma

I didn't plan the budget. Just trying not to spend much

RedVenomxz7 karma

What was your favorite part of traveling?

zepsutykompas40 karma

Food and local beer

samwise09125 karma

On a personal level, what are a few of your favorite films?

zepsutykompas29 karma

Better not ask this question I am a cinema freak

Some of my favourite films;

20s The General La Chute de la maison Usher Mocny człowiek The Phantom of the Opera The Unknown Häxan

30s Le Sang d'un poète Freaks Scarface Little Caesar M

50s Det Sjunde inseglet

60s Spalovač mrtvol El Angel exterminador Pit and the Pendulum The Saragossa Manuscript

70s Skazka skazok Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht

80s Once Upon a Time in America Pink Floyd The Wall Dead Poets Society

90s The Silence of the Lambs Fight Club What Dreams May Come The Sixth Sense Sleepy Hollow

Saitama_the_llama2 karma

Aren't you scared that you'll get into someone's car and never see the light of day again?

zepsutykompas2 karma

I am scared all the time but also belive that they are also good people in this world

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zepsutykompas36 karma

Why not? Maybe chance to do such a thing will never happen again