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Yeah, we nipped that in the bud when Google tried to WAVE at us

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My condolosences for the lost pics.

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Hi Monika!

You're travels look very exciting. The instagram pictures are beautiful!

My question is how do you communicate with the locals? Is it all body language, or are you picking up the basics of the languages along the way? Do they speak english? Polish, perhaps :)?

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I don't really understand the neccessity of your indiegogo project.

What need is their for the Travel House when we have such websites as couchsurfing.com?

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Yeah, I know what you mean.

But going through OP's responses and history, they seem genuine enough. The handle is consistently British, and some answers in this thread are nowhere near a promoter's set of usable language (e.g.: 'don't give me shit over the IT' somewhere in the downvoted comments).

So OP seems to be genuine.