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orangepotter24 karma

Jesus, how on earth do you find fares that cheap?? I paid €900 last time I went to Rio.

FlightGuruCheney-24 karma

I got lucky with that one and found out about it right away from a friend. I think it only ended up lasting 4 or 5 hours.

Jux_118 karma

So the advice of the "cheap flight expert/hacker" is basically "get lucky?"

RivadaviaOficial72 karma

My gf and I got round trip tickets to Paris for $900 total. Our secret? We bought them after a terror attack.

FlightGuruCheney2 karma

Timing plays a big role in booking flights!Awesome you got a great deal hope you enjoyed Paris!

Hanguy20 karma

What's a tip you only just recently discovered for finding cheap flights?

FlightGuruCheney32 karma

That UK websites get a bad deal for flights sometimes! With Momondo and Skyscanner, it’s definitely worth checking the Swedish, Italian, Dutch etc. version of the site just in case, you can save hundreds of euros like that!

underscorespelledout13 karma

Any time I use google flights, find a low priced flight, and go to the booking website, the price is always much higher. I have never been able to successful use it. So now I just stick to Skyscanner and momondo.

Any idea whats the deal with google flights? Do you run into this often?

FlightGuruCheney14 karma

This happens sometimes and it's always frustrating! Usually it means the airline just pulled the fare.

lianeliade11 karma

Is it true that if you change your location, on Skyscanner for example, you could get better deals (like I'm in the US but I choose Nicaragua)?

FlightGuruCheney23 karma

It definitely changes! Yesterday there was an amazing deal from Milan to Brazil that was €200 more on UK momondo website than on the Dutch page. It can be completely random searching and sometimes with luck you manage to find them though!

liptonsipton11 karma

What's the #1 tip for finding a cheap flight?

FlightGuruCheney19 karma

Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. It changes everything. If your dates and destination are set in stone, 90% of what you can do to get a good deal is gone.

liptonsipton8 karma

If my dates are flexible but I really want to get a cheap flight from London to Cancun, anything else I can do besides cross my fingers and hope to get lucky?

FlightGuruCheney5 karma

Probably not the answer you want but you just need to keep searching and set up some alerts. I recommend using Skyscanner and Google Flights to find the cheapest dates and then if you’re going to super budget, search them in Momondo, it’s a bit of a pain because you need to search specific dates but the fares are usually a bit cheaper!

secondsteep6 karma

What about cheapoair? I've been buying crazy cheap tickets from them for almost a decade.

FlightGuruCheney1 karma

I’ve actually never used them! I’ll definitely keep an eye out, Thanks! :-)

charlottes-www5 karma

Hey Cheney! I'm off from London (any of the airports) to Bangkok in July for a month. How cheap can you get tickets for me? Thanks! :)

FlightGuruCheney7 karma

Okay so July is not the cheapest time to fly as I’m sure you know! Best I can find is £357 return! Hope this helps! (http://www.momondo.co.uk/flightsearch/?Search=true&TripType=2&SegNo=2&SO0=LON&SD0=BKK&SDP0=02-07-2017&SO1=BKK&SD1=LON&SDP1=02-08-2017&AD=1&TK=ECO&DO=false&NA=false)

npozz4 karma

Do you think flights get cheaper or more expensive the longer you wait to book them?

FlightGuruCheney3 karma

I think in Europe (especially for flights within Europe), flights tend to get cheaper until about 2 weeks before booking. Flights within or from the US are definitely cheaper to book in advance. It’s a bit risky to wait that long though, as if the flight is near full, those price are going to keep rising. I usually say book 1-3 months in advance for within Europe, 3-6 months for intercontinental.

fantasysocks4 karma

Thanks for doing this OP! I'm hoping to go on holiday to Australia this summer. When should I book my flights do you think?

FlightGuruCheney7 karma

Ohh I’m very jealous! Honestly I’d start looking around now. I usually recommend 3-6 months before an intercontinental flight, but summer is always difficult because it’s so much more expensive on average. Just make sure you set up a lot of alerts and do some manual searching on skyscanner, google flights etc. when you have time and if anything jumps out to you as being feasible and cheaper than normal, I’d go for it!

fantasysocks3 karma

Huh. My friend had told me I should wait until the last week and hope the airlines have unsold inventory they try to offload for cheap. Is that bad advice?

FlightGuruCheney6 karma

Oh wow. Uh yeah, I really don’t recommend doing that if you definitely want to go. It’s possible they might but it’s unlikely and I definitely wouldn’t bet on it!

chemicalsisters3 karma


FlightGuruCheney1 karma

Yeah I have heard of them, am a fan! I know they search for Europe deals as well, but the more people that are searching for these deals the better for everyone. :-)

FlightGuruCheney1 karma

I'm a big fan of that site! I know they search for Europe deals as well, but the more people that are searching for these deals the better for everyone :)

mrshmu3 karma

Hi Cheney,

I'm looking to book an inexpensive flight from Toronto to somewhere fun to explore with a backpack. I have a flexible schedule and focusing on mid to end of May and the beginning of june. Any thoughts on destinations that would be great to watch for deals?

FlightGuruCheney3 karma

I would say Mexico, I’ve seen a few deals from Toronto lately, and there is so much to discover around this country :)

mgross19803 karma

Do you find cheap flights to the states often like Atlanta or Charlotte?

FlightGuruCheney6 karma

Honestly it’s pretty rare. Both of those airports have an airline that essentially has a monopoly on the flights coming into and out of that airport, American for Charlotte and Delta for Atlanta, which means there’s less competition and no need for lower prices. :-( They do crop up occasionally but it’s pretty unusual.

imjessica813 karma

Do you have any tips for finding cheap tickets in the states?

FlightGuruCheney9 karma

Southwest website. They don’t share their deals with third party sites.

DashingForth3 karma

Hey Cheney!

I'm looking to fly from Berlin to Hanoi, Vietnam around April/May to catch up with my brother that I haven't seen in some time.

I am perfectly willing to travel within Europe to make it cheaper.

Do you know any tips, tricks or actual flights I can use to make this affordable?


FlightGuruCheney3 karma

Hey! Okay awesome, being willing to travel around Europe makes it a lot more affordable. I recommend using Google Flights or Skyscanner to find dates then to make it even cheaper try searching in Momondo. It can be annoying to use cause you need to put in specific dates but it does work. How long are you wanting to go for? Maybe I can find something for you! Had a quick search; best I can really find is €453 from Frankfurt or €442 from London. Not sure if that’s good enough to help! ( Frankfurt - http://www.momondo.co.uk/flightsearch/?Search=true&TripType=2&SegNo=2&SO0=FRA&SD0=HAN&SDP0=18-04-2017&SO1=HAN&SD1=FRA&SDP1=03-05-2017&AD=1&TK=ECO&DO=false&NA=false)

Dannyboy13023 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I experienced recently when flying from the U.S. to GB flights were significantly cheaper going into Manchester rather than London. Are there any other highlight locations you know of that may mirror this feature?

FlightGuruCheney2 karma

Strangely, in the UK, one of the cheapest places to fly out of is Inverness, Scotland. Might be one worth searching! Same with Cologne in Germany!

flashcardwarrior3 karma


FlightGuruCheney4 karma

Get one of your organs removed (or a few), hope the bag of coke doesn’t explode. Good luck?

Amaturus3 karma

Are there any tricks for business class seats? My company allows business class for international flights >8 hours, but we also have budget pressure.

FlightGuruCheney1 karma

Although, I have seen error fares for business class seats that were cheaper than economy. They are pretty rare though and honestly, finding cheap business class flights is even more luck based than finding economy ones! Just try searching business class flights on Google Flights or Momondo I guess!

SomeIrishDrunkard3 karma

As a person from Ireland currently living in Australia, What would be a good way to lower ticket prices for such a large distance ?

FlightGuruCheney3 karma

Weird answer but I’ve been noticing a lot of cheap flights from Kuala Lumpur to Dublin lately. Like as low as €400 return. So if you can find a relatively cheap fare from Australia to KUL, could definitely be a lot cheaper than just paying whatever it costs to fly on one itinerary from Australia to DUB.

IEatSnickers3 karma

I read someone post something on Reddit about getting extremely cheap business tickets like Europe -> East Asia for €300 or something like that, but he never updated his post with a method. Do you know of any way of getting cheap business flights?

FlightGuruCheney1 karma

Hey! For business class fares that cheap it’s an error fare and appears randomly. For cheap flights for Europe to East Asia in general, I’d just individually search the airports or countries you’d be willing to fly out on Skyscanner so, search from Germany to Thailand, Malasyia, China etc. then repeat with Austria for example. Then search the cheapest dates from that and put them into a site like momondo and you’ll usually find something. I’ve definitely found some flights from Europe to East Asia for under €300 including some awesome ones to Tokyo!

MadDany942 karma

Why are cheap flights so hard to find?

FlightGuruCheney1 karma

They are not that hard to find once you’ve learned some tricks :) and are flexible with your dates and locations.

MaxTheWolfSuitKing2 karma

Any cruise tips?

FlightGuruCheney1 karma

Ha actually yeah. Cruisenation.com has some incredible deals, seems slightly dodgey as you need to book over the phone but my friend has been on one so I promise it’s legit!

bananechka2 karma

You said that clearing cookies doesn't matter, but does it matter what browser I use when booking flights?

FlightGuruCheney3 karma

In my opinion, I don’t think it does. I’m very attached to Google Chrome though so I might not be the best judge but I’ve never seen any evidence that it changes anything!

omnidot2 karma

Hey Cheney!

A friend and myself really want to take a fun adventure somewhere this June/July. We had originally thought rural Japan, but prices during that time were rather unsavory.

Do you have any suggestions for a unique adventure suggestion? Two rules: can't be north America, cannot be somewhere seasonal cold. Flying out of Toronto.

FlightGuruCheney1 karma

Hey! Slightly random, but how about the Azores? They’re beautiful, definitely unique and far cheaper to fly to than rural Japan in summer! Check out these flights for €424! I’m tempted to go myself this summer!


dubdubdub32 karma

I work in the hotel industry, so lodging is cheap for me. I'm a US citizen, and would like to travel basically anywhere else in the US whenever I can. If I don't have a destination OR date in mind, and my days off rotate so it could be any time of the week. Do you have any advice for getting deals to random places, or is there a number I could call to find the cheapest flight out of my home airport?

FlightGuruCheney2 karma

Hey! So I recommend just going onto Skyscanner and searching from your home airport to everywhere then selecting “Cheapest month”. Then if you want to find some even cheaper flights for not much more work, stick those dates into Momondo or Kayak and see if they show up as cheaper!

AdClemson2 karma

Whats your relationship with Dick?

FlightGuruCheney3 karma

He’s just a friend, I swear.

raisedbythemoon2 karma

I'm terrified of flying. What seat on the plane has less turbulence?

FlightGuruCheney6 karma

The best seats on the plane for reduced turbulence are those directly over the wings of the plane :)

Dam0cles2 karma

I tend to shy away from using cheap airlines, because it seems most of them have horrible terms for their workers and I don't want to support that business model. It seems like you can still manage to snag some good deals though. Tips on how you can navigate offers where the lowest price isn't necessarily the ultimate goal?

FlightGuruCheney1 karma

Hey! So Google Flights is super useful for this actually, as you can use their price comparison graph while excluding certain airlines.

jansjannsen2 karma

Do cheap flights to India ever pop up?? Trying so hard to visit a friend there, but €525 is the best I've found and it's a lot :-(

FlightGuruCheney2 karma

They sure do! Where are you based? I saw a €204 return to Mumbai from Amsterdam a few weeks ago! There’s regularly ones in the €300s from quite a few airports in Europe!

glovecompartments2 karma

What's the #1 mistake that normal people make when purchasing flights?

FlightGuruCheney4 karma

Great question! I think people too often just search their dates once, in one place, and accept whatever price shows up. That’s bad! A lot of times if you book too early (like 9 months in advance) you’ll pay way more than if you’d waited. Set up a Google Flight alert for your route and have a “great” price in mind you’d be willing to book at, then hold out until 4 months or so before your departure date. Also be sure to search Momondo and SkyScanner separately since different prices can show up there sometimes.

combatjohnny2 karma

London to Israel?

FlightGuruCheney1 karma

Gonna need more details! Time of year? Length of trip? Where in Israel?

athermalwill2 karma

I fly the same route most of the time. There are multiple options, i.e. Carriers, airports, to get me there. Any tips for maximizing my results?

lianeliade6 karma

And don't forget to collect miles, if it's still a thing. Much controversy around this lately

FlightGuruCheney2 karma

Absolutely! Air Miles rock!

FlightGuruCheney2 karma

Is the route intercontinental or within Europe? If you know your dates in advance, I’d definitely set up some alerts with Skyscanner or Google Flights. If you’re flexible, even better, set up a really flexible alert if possible but I’d just keep an eye out 3-6 months before for intercontinental and 1-3 months before for within Europe, a lot of it is just searching again and again unfortunately though! :-)

thickner-4 karma

Do you believe in climate change? How do you justify this level of flying if you do?

FlightGuruCheney2 karma

I do not own a car and I always buy the carbon offsets :-)