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Do you think the designers add features to characters based on your interpretations of them? Or is it the other way around? I've heard both sides.

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I have an interesting thought experiment for you!

If you could back in time to 14th century Europe during the out break of the Black Death, knowing what you do about contagious diseases, what would you do to try and save people?

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Do you think this militaristic conservation style should be applied to the whaling industry?

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My house has central air. In the summer with the AC on, the downstairs is freezing and the upstairs seems to never get cool enough. What am I doing wrong? Is it just the house? The thermostat is upstairs and we keep all vents closed in the basement.

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Hey Ann! Massive Fan.

What's a secret about touring life that regular people don't understand, but pros like you do?

Also, if you're ever in Toronto, the team at Rehearsal Factory would love to say hi!