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I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you for removing my caps burden, kind sir!

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Depression seems to be a recurring problem with a lot of redditors. Can you provide a few tips big or small to reverse depression in our day to day lives?

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I work in the hotel industry, so lodging is cheap for me. I'm a US citizen, and would like to travel basically anywhere else in the US whenever I can. If I don't have a destination OR date in mind, and my days off rotate so it could be any time of the week. Do you have any advice for getting deals to random places, or is there a number I could call to find the cheapest flight out of my home airport?

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At least politicians are open about their biases. I knew the downvotes would come when I realized my post wasn't an attack on trump directly

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Thanks for the awesome advice! It seems like it really is just a question of searching EVERYWHERE, early and often, so I'll keep it up! Thanks again