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Uhavefailedthiscity1358 karma

How does it feel knowing you were part in one of the best wrestling segments of the last 10 years?

jameskelsey247 karma

Crazy cool. I had no idea it was going to be so good and so well received.

jeremyollar290 karma

How does it feel to be on the list?

jameskelsey286 karma

Very Scary, luckily it's a long list. I'm also really honored.

1MoreMatch247 karma

How does it feel to be the LAST person on the infamous List of Jericho?

jameskelsey189 karma

That hasn't occluded to me until right now. All I have to say is Whoa!

TheTrueFlexKavana85 karma

That's assuming that Kevin Owens is now not the last name on the list.

jameskelsey94 karma

True, as he should be.

advice543210199 karma

How could you not help The G.O.A.T in his greatest moment of need!?

jameskelsey467 karma

Dude! I weigh like 140 pounds. That could've been my spouse and I would've sat and watched.

stonecoldbobsaget147 karma

Were you worried that you were going to get a boner in front of so many people?

jameskelsey256 karma

No, but now I'm going to be next time.

TwinBlady128 karma

Did you interact with Chris or Kevin or any other wrestlers backstage? If you did, how was your experience of interacting with them?

jameskelsey321 karma

I did, Chris was great! Super fun, loose, high energy, ready for a great night. Kevin was fairly quiet and intense. He was very precise and wanted everything to be perfect. I really respected his work ethic.

jmsturm127 karma


jameskelsey161 karma

About what in particular? I definitely didn't know how things would end. In regards to the list, I was really hoping!

MorningCoffee10045 karma

So what kind of direction did you have?

slappyslug174 karma


jameskelsey87 karma

You win!

kirisatha9697 karma

How did WWE come to contact you? Who reached out? What was the conversation?

jameskelsey139 karma

WWE went through an agent that I work with from time to time. A little while before the event I talked with a producer and we went over some ideas for what I would do and how things would run.

G_Dubb91 karma

Did you know exactly what was going to happen beforehand? i.e - did you rehearse the segment with them or anything of the sort?

jameskelsey164 karma

Chris and I talked quite a bit, went through my blocking, etc. He's the one who came up with the green scarf idea. We didn't rehearse the whole thing, I just had a vague outline.

brenobah30 karma

Why was the scarf green?

jameskelsey95 karma

Those were the only kind I had, they go with my color scheme! And they stood out better for the camera.

shinelamont88 karma

How were you able to pull off taking out all that green string from your mouth? And how do you pull off that trick with the flaming rose?

jameskelsey109 karma

Years of practice!

fazzle1134 karma

Years of practice? I hear a nine year old can do that rose trick!

jameskelsey189 karma

I've not seen it, but I don't have the balls to call Kevin a liar.

123John385 karma

Are you able to make Roman Reigns disappear?

jameskelsey130 karma

I've heard of a guy. You meet him in the back alley with $1000 cash in a paper bag. They say he can make anyone disappear!

TheTrueFlexKavana85 karma

Now that Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens have divorced, who gets custody of Friendship the Magician?

jameskelsey132 karma

Definitely Chris. I could make him scarves for days!

copilot091027 karma

Will you be Chris's new best friend? It hurts to see him so betrayed. Maybe even a small show to get him out of his depression

jameskelsey28 karma

I'd gladly be Chris's best friend.

swathquack73 karma

How does it feel to have taken part in one of the most, no, THE most heartbreaking moment in professional wrestling?

jameskelsey52 karma

It's a tough burden to bear.

Anonim9768 karma

Aside from Chris and Kevin (it still hurts :( ) did You meet anyone else backstage?

jameskelsey117 karma

I saw pretty much everyone and said hi. Everyone (including myself) was very focused on doing a good show so there wasn't much time for anything besides a hello.

AntiAbleism68 karma

How's the WWE backstage area? Any secrets?

jameskelsey130 karma

Great catering! They went all out. Other than that, pretty typical. Hard working crew, press team, and performers getting ready to do their best for you.

JayCFree32452 karma

What food was being served at the catering line that evening?

jameskelsey122 karma

Everything. Chicken, ribs, fish & chips, sandwiches, desserts. Not like a high quality all you can eat buffet. But one you could pay 15 or 20 bucks for and feel really satisfied.

sairgem60 karma

Would you like to do a skit with Kurt Angle once he returns to WWE?

jameskelsey83 karma

Sure, WWE as a whole was great to work with. I'd love to work with anyone they wanted me to work with.

LemonStains57 karma

Do have any actual experience in the magic department or were you just hired as an actor?

jameskelsey136 karma

I am a professional magician, have been all my life.

an0nemusThrowMe220 karma

Really? I shouldn't be surprised..you did make a beautiful friendship disappear.

bastard :(

Vr3748 karma

Are you a wrestling fan? How was the experience of performing for thousands of people?

jameskelsey100 karma

I'm not a regular watcher but do enjoy it. It was a very fun experience. It was a great audience, their reaction at my making the list made the whole show that much more fun for me.

Vinnyboiler41 karma

Is Friendship really your name or did WWE just wanted to sneakily put friendship on the list of Jericho?

Or you wasn't, will you go around as Friendship now?

jameskelsey73 karma

It was Chris's idea. We both really liked it. I perform mostly for adults so "Friendship the Magician" would be a hard sell for corporate gigs and Weddings.

who1sJosh34 karma

Did you cry when Jericho realized that his name was on the List of KO?

jameskelsey42 karma

I didn't but it was pretty heartbreaking.

JedH4434 karma

What did you think of the Creation of Kevin artwork?

jameskelsey38 karma

I love it!

irregularcog15 karma

Was it a real oil painting?

jameskelsey34 karma

I think it was printed in but it appeared to be real canvas from the quick look I got.

Marth545432 karma

Do you have any favorite wrestlers in particular?

jameskelsey87 karma

There's a reason the Rock is where he is. The man is a god!!!

RA_Carson27 karma

You got to do two tricks which I get were supposed to be below par ... but if you had been able to do two tricks that really showcased your ability, your best two tricks, what would they be and why?

jameskelsey55 karma

For this event if I wanted to impress I would have done an escape trick as it fits the venue. I do a great comedy zip tie escape. I also do a multiple phase card trick that is face paced and involves a card traveling from one place to another over and over again ending with a vanish of the deck from their hands. I did it for the writers backstage, they flipped out!!! Always a crowd favorite.

mdbrennan53527 karma

Does a good magician reveal his/her secrets?

jameskelsey41 karma

samwise091226 karma

On a personal level, what are some of your favorite films?

jameskelsey48 karma

I'm a comedy buff. My Cousin Vinny remains the only movie I can watch as many times as I have and still be laugh out loud funny. I also really love Ferris Beuller's day off. As for modern comedies, Paul with Seth Rogen and Simon Pegg is high up there. I also really love comic book movies as well as comic books in general.

HeelJericho23 karma

Why didn't you stop him from attacking jericho!? You could have saved him damnit!!

jameskelsey47 karma

I am a tiny man!

neilson24121 karma

You mentioned that you were kind of a casual fan of the WWE--did you have an understanding going into the show how important that segment would be for their overall storyline? The betrayal was probably one of the biggest moments on a Raw in the past few years.

Also, did the WWE make you keep quiet about anything until the show?

(thanks for entertaining us and doing the AMA!)

jameskelsey23 karma

I knew it was big, but not how big. I was also not made aware of every detail unless it concerned me. They didn't ask too much of me but I know how to handle TV situations.

You're Welcome!

kroolz6421 karma

Did you speak with Vince McMahon at all?

jameskelsey37 karma

No, I didn't even see him.

DailyMash20 karma

I heard Jericho say something like 'what kinda magician doesn't make an elephant disappears in Las Vegas!' Can you make an elephant disappear? & If so do you think performing it would have kept the friendship together?

jameskelsey23 karma

Given the right budget, maybe. Houdini did it once. As you can imagine, it's not an easy thing to do. I mean, where do you hide an elephant? In your coat or something?

Vilinbynecesity20 karma

Are you concerned with your expected life span at all?

jameskelsey40 karma

A little more today than I was yesterday.

SkatzFanOff19 karma

Do you think Kevin Owens' 9 year old son could do the flash paper to flower trick, even though it involves fire, and kids shouldn't play with fire?

jameskelsey37 karma

Who knows, he is the son of a champ!

mxtrav17 karma

Are you a wrestling fan? What did you think about the segment as a whole?

jameskelsey31 karma

I only got to finish watching the segment when I got home, it was awesome. Really loved it!

JustASweetGirl14 karma

Did Jericho hold his "it" pose throughout the entire commercial break?

jameskelsey29 karma

I honestly don't know. I had to get all my stuff together after I left so I missed it. I have friends who were in the audience though, I'll ask them and get back to you.

sternlook11 karma

Who are your magic/illusionist influences? What got you into magic?

jameskelsey41 karma

Penn &Teller are a big part of why I do what I do. I really respect their honesty about the craft. The Amazing Johnathan is also a favorite of mine.

pizza8136 karma

Have you ever auditioned for Penn and Tellers Fool Us show?

jameskelsey17 karma

I have not. Fool us doesn't really have an audition process the same way AGT does. They kind of seek out who they want. I've had a lot of friends on it though.

pizza8135 karma

Anyone that fooled them? I love that show

jameskelsey18 karma

Steven Brundage is a very good friend of mine.

Capncorky11 karma

The crowd boo'ed your first trick(although they cheered another part of your act). Considering that you're in Las Vegas, were you expecting to get boo'ed for what Las Vegas probably considers a standard trick? What was it like to get boo'ed, and then cheered for?

I'm sorry that you made the list, and that Friendship is the last name on the list. I hope Jericho didn't cancel the check he wrote you. :(

jameskelsey34 karma

It was an interesting response. Part of the whole bit was that it was underwhelming, I think the whole environment supported that and I loved it actually. The crowd gave me lots of cheers and high fives on my way out. I really liked them.

Capncorky9 karma

I had the feeling that they knew a Las Vegas crowd would boo an underwhelming trick, so thanks for confirming that! I like that the crowd actually appreciated your role, I know I did!

jameskelsey17 karma

Yeah, I work Las Vegas crowds all the time, almost exclusively. I would have never started with something so cheesy in a real show.

10pmStalker14 karma

You saying wrestling isn't real?

jameskelsey21 karma

I'm not saying that at at all, just that for my part in the show I was asked to be a little cheesier than I normally would have been. The scarf trick was specially requested by Chris.

cookswagchef1 karma

If it makes you feel any better WWE edited the clip and added in a pretty good pop of cheers for your trick.

jameskelsey5 karma

I actually liked the response. When you work as hard as I did to be that cheesy, you want the appropriate response to match.

perpetuallyawake10 karma

Did you get to interact with Gillberg at all?

jameskelsey21 karma

I saw him but didn't have the chance to speak with him.

lincethan10 karma

Where did you enter the ring from?

jameskelsey23 karma

I walked up the stairs on the back right side of the ring and then through the ropes.

10pmStalker4 karma

Bottom rope or middle? Details, buddy!

jameskelsey16 karma

I think I went over the middle rope and under the top.

KingKongCoronado10 karma

What's a better magician movie, The Prestige or Now You See Me? And why?

jameskelsey26 karma

The Prestige. There's a message in it that I like about the importance of taking character seriously. My character is not serious but I do take it seriously. It's also just got way better actors and a better story. I do really love Now you See Me though. I had a gig once for the premiere of the first film with three other magicians in which we played "The real Four Horsemen" and I played the Jesse Eisenberg Character. We did magic for the theater before the film. It was a lot of fun.

scrochum10 karma

im guessing they didnt ask you to take a bump, would you have if they asked?

jameskelsey28 karma

Maybe, it would've been great to have that video for the future.

Ceejay_Breeze10 karma

How did this come to be? How were u reached?

jameskelsey15 karma

I was contacted through an agent that I work with from time to time. He hired me and then I talked with a producer about my ideas and then we went from there.

UnexpectedUrahara9 karma

How did your family/friends react to seeing you on TV?

jameskelsey28 karma

They were all really excited. This wan't my first time on TV but it was by far my biggest appearance.

etras999 karma

How do you feel knowing Kevin Owens' son can do your tricks?

jameskelsey20 karma

I don't know if I believe it, but I sure as heck ain't going to call Kevin a liar.

merrykieran28 karma

Which wrestlers were you impressed with their attitudes backstage?

jameskelsey30 karma

Chris and Kevin were the ones I saw the most as it was where I was supposed to be. Both were very dedicated to a great show. Chris was a very high energy and fun, Kevin very focused and precise. Kevin wanted every detail perfect. I really admired that.

mikey321878 karma

You were apart of a segment, that made us all cry in the end, have you no shame????

jameskelsey14 karma

I can only say I'm sorry.

biggnate8 karma

Jericho: Great friend or Greatest friend?

jameskelsey16 karma

Greatest, he was no nice to me before the show. So much fun to work with.

snoozeflu6 karma

Are you actually a fan of WWE or was this just a job for you?

jameskelsey7 karma

Both, I'm not an all the time watcher but I do enjoy it. I enjoyed it even more live and expect I'll watch it more often. Definitely one of the most fun events I've ever worked.

cgurts6 karma

When exactly were you told you were going to be involved in the segment?

jameskelsey10 karma

About a week ago.

paulthefonz5 karma

Did you know what was going to happen?

Who'd you meet?

Did they actually get you from craigslist?

Who hired you?

jameskelsey8 karma

No, I knew some of what would happen with my appearance, even some of that was impromptu, but didn't know any of what happened after I left. I saw and said hi to a lot of the guys backstage but Chris and Kevin were the only guys I actually worked with. I was hired by an agent I work with from time to time.

AyatollahHercules4 karma

Did you have any say in the tricks you would like to perform? Was the pay good for the gig?

jameskelsey8 karma

Chris requested the scarves trick special. I decided on the rose. Any pay is good for TV work so yes.

MrZubaz4 karma

Do you plan on making use out of the Friendship name at all going forward?

jameskelsey19 karma

No, other than that I'll put on my website that I appeared as Friendship.

EticketJedi2 karma

Did you grow up wanting to be a magician? Related, was there one particular moment when you thought 'ok, that's what I want to do'?

jameskelsey6 karma

No, I always loved magic and I always wanted to be in entertainment, but I was a musician, then an actor and the. I found magic as a career opportunity shortly after high school.

Icarus_Pulp2 karma

If you had to/could be hit in the face by anybody in the WWE, who would it be?

jameskelsey3 karma

That's like, no that is, asking what kind of death is preferable to me.

RyPlague2 karma

Am i too late?

jameskelsey3 karma


RobL942 karma

Hey Friendship!

Did you get to meet anybody backstage at all, or was it a kind of "in you come, in you go" moment??

jameskelsey3 karma

Mostly just Chris and Kevin. Everyone else I got to say Hi to but not really discuss anything with.

[deleted]0 karma


jameskelsey1 karma

Quite Scary, but also a total honor. Mixed emotions.

Uhavefailedthiscity10 karma

Are you officially going to change your stage name to Friendship The Magician?

jameskelsey1 karma

No, most of my work comes from corporate events and weddings. Most people wouldn't want a guy called Friendship the magician at their wedding.