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the_schmeez33 karma

Zordon was by far the coolest part of Power Rangers when I was growing up. Seriously, you have a 27 year old firefighter feeling somewhat giddy lol.

That being said, how did you get the role of Zordon?

The_RealZordon32 karma

A college friend working at Saban at the time called me about coming in for an audition. Unlike the other cast members - who went through rounds and rounds and weeks and weeks of auditions - the audition process for Zordon was very fast. I went in that night, read for the cast, director and producers as they were planning on filming it the following week. I went home and a few hours later got a call telling me I had the role.

the_schmeez17 karma

That's awesome. I also wanted to say thank you. My brother and I bonded over Power Rangers, it is one of the few things we agreed on as kids and still agree on today. So, even though I'm sure you didn't expect it to be so big, thanks for the Saturday morning memories. Definitely going to be reliving them with MMPR being on Netflix.

The_RealZordon15 karma

Thank you for allowing me to be :)

FormlessAllness25 karma

I loved the power rangers. I wanted to be one. I started doing martial arts because of them. Who was the strongest original ranger? I say the green one.

The_RealZordon22 karma

To be honest I don't have a personal favorite. I think that the characters were written and portrayed a certain way for a number of reasons - mostly to do with actors leaving the show and story lines having to be adjusted accordingly. Tommy's character tested very positively with audiences, which is why he was brought back after the Green with Evil arc

MajorParadox6 karma

I think the Green Ranger arc was my favorite one.

The_RealZordon9 karma

It was very popular

Uncle_Lenny20 karma

Hello Mr. Fielding, thanks so much for doing this!

I remember as a kid seeing the power rangers first movie, and noticing Zordon was different. And all my friends at the time commented on it too. Why didn't they get you to do the movies as well?

The_RealZordon21 karma

That's a good question - I think for two reasons - 1, they decided to film in Australia to save money and so hired a local actor there and 2 because I think (though I have no actual proof) that Haim Saban was sore that I left the show so early on. It wasn't because of the show or anything, I was just very unhappy living in LA. I did get a phone call about the movie when they were planning to shoot in CA, but then never heard anything more after that

SolidTurd61320 karma

Thoughts on Bryan Cranston's Zordon? And the likely rumor of him being the original red ranger for the movie?

The_RealZordon24 karma

I think its awesome they got someone of his caliber for the role, it shows they are wanting to give the character some serious weight. I have heard that rumor, but can't confirm as I know as much about the movie as you do :)

liamquane12 karma

What do you think is the most important thing in the world?

The_RealZordon29 karma

Compassion. Compassion leads to understanding. When we understand, we no longer are afraid, and when we are no longer afraid, we can accomplish amazing things

ManEatingCatfish10 karma

Hi there! I didn't grow up with the original Power Rangers (I was but a wee embryo at the time, I think...) but I went and rewatched them when I my childhood self found there was more than just Wild Force.

For a question, how about your top 3 favourite Power Rangers series?

The_RealZordon12 karma

Top 3? MMPR 'cause you know, I was in it and got to name them Power Rangers :) In Space because of the story arc and Time Force because the cast members are all delightful friends

gigglefarting1 karma

Did you keep up with the Power Rangers franchise for personal or professional reasons?

The_RealZordon2 karma

When I left LA I really didn't keep up with it. I had to do a lot of catch up once I started to do the Convention circuit.

CelticKillerSOB9 karma

Any chance of a cameo in the upcoming reboot?

The_RealZordon14 karma

I was never contacted about something like that, so no, you won't see me in it... ah well

chetstarr9 karma

I fell in love with Godzilla thanks to watching Power Rangers, so I wanted to ask, do you enjoy the Godzilla movies? Thank you for the memories

The_RealZordon15 karma

I loved Kaiju movies growing up - Godzilla, Rodan and Ghidora being personal favorites. I even got to meet one of the original Godzilla actors at a convention not to long ago - Akira Takarada - which was a big thrill

FormlessAllness2 karma

I love Godzilla. The five year old me would be so happy right now.

The_RealZordon1 karma

He is pretty great :)

FormlessAllness1 karma

Definitely. What do you miss most about the show?

The_RealZordon1 karma

What do I miss most about Power Rangers? Not much to be honest - as my character was only filmed one time, I never had the same experience as the other cast members. I wasn't on set every day and so never got to experience what it was like to feel a part of the team

MajorParadox2 karma

Did you like Pacific Rim? It definitely had a Power Rangers / Godzilla feel to it.

The_RealZordon11 karma

I did enjoy Pacific Rim

Sumuran9 karma

Power Rangers has a significant following and it seems the last few years in particular have had a huge surge in veteran Power Ranger actors come out to attend conventions. Does it surprise you a kids show you did in the 90s has had such staying power? Also, has there been anyone you really enjoyed seeing again since these conventions have brought so many of you back together.

The_RealZordon11 karma

It is pretty surreal and strange to be a part of a pop culture phenomenon. At the time I don't think too many of us thought it would last... it was just a job at the time. But those at the top knew they had something that would be special, mostly I think because of the merchandise. It doesn't surprise me that much however because a young kid myself I remember being very obsessive about the things I liked - and so understand the staying power and lure of nostalgia. Seeing Tony Oliver at conventions is always a highlight for me - was the head writer of the show when I was there, and a mentor of sorts

mifdsam2 karma

The head writer of the show had a very similar name to the most popular character on the show?

Was that deliberate? Or was it just a coincidence?

The_RealZordon1 karma

I'll have to ask Tony the next time I see him ... I wouldn't be surprised if they named him after him

nickihandley8 karma

Do you have a favorite part from the episode "The Wedding" with the evil Alpha?

The_RealZordon16 karma

Probably when he made Zordon wear all those ridiculous disguises

liamquane8 karma

Hi! What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? Thank you! :~)

The_RealZordon8 karma

The best thing? Give you what they want and how they see the scene playing out - and then allowing you the freedom to play a bit, try things, different line readings (if there is time)

SaburoDaimando6 karma

If you were asked to voice Zordon in an Animated Power Rangers film(Even one with a crossover with DC Comics' Justice League), would you consider it?

The_RealZordon8 karma

Yes I would. Though if it were done in association with Saban Brands, I'm sure they would have a say in who they would like to cast

thebayallday6 karma

What's your favorite sandwich?

The_RealZordon11 karma

I happen to really, really like a good Italian sub. Lots of Ham, capicola, hard salami and provolone, drizzled with oil and pepper rings - then baked until the cheese is melted and the bun is crisp. Its the best!

MajorParadox6 karma

I grew up on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. It's so awesome to see you around reddit! We've already talked a few times, but I thought I should ask a question here too:

If you had a chance to get a part as one of the rangers when you were a teenager with attitude, which one would you be?

Also, do you have Kimberly's number? I'm asking for a friend ;)

The_RealZordon9 karma

As a teen and a comic book fan I was always a Steve Rogers Captain America fan - so that part of me would say the Blue Ranger (also because I like, Billy was kind of a nerd myself in High School) but if I had time to choose - I think I'd say Black Ranger - Mastadon and Power Axe? That's a badass combination :) And no, sorry... no number for Kim in my phone, sorry!

bryton916 karma

I saw that you will be at the con in Philly, are there any other cons you plan to be at this year?

The_RealZordon5 karma

I believe so, though nothing is final at this time. I'm waiting to hear back from my booking agent - when I do know, I'll post dates and which ones on my social media

DeityLink775 karma

Heya Zordon! Do you pay Overwatch? Or any online video games?

The_RealZordon14 karma

I don't play Overwatch - though I do play some video games. I'm a big fan of Skyrim and the Diablo series

DeityLink772 karma

You should try it! Especially since you could play Zenyatta and let your Power Protect your teammates!

The_RealZordon10 karma

I think it looks a bit too fast paced for me - I played a fair amount of Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty back in my younger days though

Saucefest61025 karma

How do you feel about the death of Zordon at the end of In Space?

The_RealZordon9 karma

I thought it was handled very well. I thought Zordon made a noble sacrifice

liamquane5 karma

What was it like writing your first film?

The_RealZordon8 karma

It was a very fun collaborative process. Karan and I had a great relationship writing- bouncing ideas off one another. It is hard though. Sometimes you have to cut things that are too long or not necessary in order to make things work

MD_Fastpitch_Mag5 karma

Did you ever feel slighted that they used your image all that time for what seemed like nothing in pay?

The_RealZordon12 karma

Sometimes. But honestly, I don't dwell on it. I think I'm very lucky to have been a apart of something that's become a phenomenon an so meeting fans and conversing with about its positive impact is more important to me that $

liamquane4 karma

What is The Order??? :~)

The_RealZordon9 karma

The Order is a film with a number of former Power Ranger actors :)

batfirex24 karma

Hey mr fielding aka best mentor ever. Are you gonna be in the NYC area this year?

The_RealZordon6 karma

As of this moment, I haven't heard anything about being in NYC this year - my booking agent is still lining stuff up but right now, the best answer I can give is I don't know, sorry. Would love to though!

batfirex23 karma

Thank you for speedy response. Can't wait to meet you one day.

The_RealZordon4 karma

I look forward to it!

Scrw_loose4 karma

how long was your makeup session each day?

The_RealZordon5 karma

They only filmed the character of Zordon once for the TV series. All of the footage for the episodes that Zordon was in was taken from the stuff we shot the one day I was in front of the camera. If I remember correctly I was in the make-up chair long enough for them to shave all my hair off, apply some makeup, darken my eyebrows and glue my ears back... 40 minutes at the most

Scrw_loose4 karma

ouch. did you get paid for just the day or per appearance in the show?

The_RealZordon5 karma

Was paid for the day (standard day player non-union contract - if memory serves the show was non-union for the first two or three years) - was not paid per episode

viol8er3 karma

I've read a fair amount of stories about bullying on set(specifically of blue ranger actor), how much of this did you see and/or participate in?

The_RealZordon10 karma

As they only filmed my character one time, I was not on set with the other Ranger actors much, unfortunately. I do know that David did experience a fair amount of ridicule and cruelty however.

viol8er7 karma

Oh, that makes sense, it was a fairly lowrez look from what i remember, they didn't have to lipsync him at all.

Then how were the residuals? Keep you in lattes or pay the mortgage?

The_RealZordon8 karma

I got no residuals - they paid me one time and for the times I would do voice over - other than that, I haven't received any other compensation from the show

Sumuran3 karma

As someone who just recently found out you've written books, would you recommend a good place to start?

The_RealZordon5 karma

A good place to start? Do you mean writing or reading?

The_RealZordon5 karma

Just need clarification on what you are asking - are you asking whats the best way to start writing or are you asking whats the best one of my stories to read?

Sumuran5 karma

Reading, my apologies. Id like to know if you had any suggestions on where to start reading your books?

The_RealZordon7 karma

Very flattered you'd like to read some :) I have one full length novel, Vigilance - which is a superhero story. I also have stories in other anthologies and it just depends on your taste - Capes & Clockwork vol 1 & 2 are also superhero in theme but in a Steampunk setting - Delta Green, Blood Sweat and Fears both have horror stories - A Mythos Grimmy is Lovecraftian fairytales ... a wide selection to choose from

thecastroregime3 karma

Do you keep in contact with any of the other actors from the show? How has the show and its legacy affected you on a personal level (of course, you don't need to get too personal, haha)?

The_RealZordon5 karma

I do see the other actors frequently on the Convention tour - had dinner with Austin St. John several times a week or so ago as a matter of fact... how has the legacy of the show affected me? Well its actually allowed me to meet a lot of amazing fans, share their stories and also allowed me to give voice to encouraging others in pursuit of their goals and aspirations ... so in a sense I try to live up to what the character is for them, as well as for me ... not out of some vanity, but because I truly believe we are here to help, not hinder one another

nickihandley2 karma

Have you seen the Captain America Funko Pop?

The_RealZordon3 karma

Which one - there have been several

nickihandley3 karma

I saw one online today that looked like the ranger pops but it was Captain America

The_RealZordon2 karma

Not really sure what you mean, but most Pops are packaged the same

ohhcow2 karma

How much of the Power Ranger lore do you keep up with? Are you familiar with the storylines your character appeared in? Later seasons?

The_RealZordon5 karma

I must admit, past Space I'm not that up on what the other seasons entailed. I did watch a fair amount of MegaForce and Dino Charge, but if you try to nail me down on a question about a specific episode I will probably fail miserably :)

Wizz0g2 karma

What are your thoughts on the portrayal of your character in the MyWay entertainment parodies of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

The_RealZordon3 karma

That's an awful lot of colorful language thrown in ... lol. Can't tell if they are fans or really dislike the show entirely...ha!

ultrasuperman10012 karma

Are you still in touch with Saban? And have you done anything else in tv or movies?

The_RealZordon5 karma

I am not. Three years ago I was contacted by an ad company that did a commercial for a smart watch that used clips from TV shows showing heroes using wrist communicators and Saban gave them my contact info - but no direct dealings with Saban since I left LA in '93. I recently shot an episode for a web series called Strange Happenings and am currently working on the Order movie

nickihandley2 karma

When is Strange Happenings supposed to Air?

The_RealZordon2 karma

I hope soon, I know they are still editing and doing final production on the episodes so I'm hoping they finish by late Spring

nickihandley2 karma

Will it be available on Netflix?

The_RealZordon2 karma

That would be a question for the Strange Happenings team - you can find them at the link above

Parallax1511 karma

I saw you pop up in Super Task Force One which made me lose my mind, especially given the hilarious (and accurate) role of the man who created the powers. It was one of my favorite cameos in a movie!

How much acting are you still getting into and how often? I know I saw you in The Order movie coming up, I'm just curious if anything else is on the planner!

The_RealZordon3 karma

I don't act as much as I used to. I concentrate mainly on my writing these days. I'll be in the Order, had a small part in a webseries - Strange Happenings that should be online this year

majindutin1 karma

Unsure if this is still going, but wanted to ask, if it hasn't already; As the actor behind the character, did you have any particular feelings about the decision to kill Zordon off at the end of In Space?

I was wondering what insight you had on the decision, and how it came to be.

EDIT: Saw that part of this was already asked. Feel free to ignore me, lol.

The_RealZordon3 karma

I try not to ignore anyone or their questions :) I wasn't around or "on" the show when the decision was made to kill Zordon off. But as I said in another reply I think it was handled in a noble way

MrThunderkat1 karma

How much interaction did you have with the other cast members? did David Yost really get removed for being gay? did anyone say anything?

The_RealZordon2 karma

To be honest, when they filmed the character of Zordon they only filmed for one day - all the footage of him throughout the series was recycled from that footage - so unfortunately, my interaction with the rest of the cast was very limited - I was not around to see what went on the set as far as David experience is concerned, and so can't really speak to it - though I would not be surprised, as crew in any situation - be it theater, films, construction, or any big project involving a large number of people can get crude at times. I would not doubt that bullying went on

TheEstherCutie1 karma

Have you ever done any charity work? If so can you tell me a little about it?

The_RealZordon3 karma

I have participated in 24 hour improv shows to benefit the homeless and AIDS charaties, I have given blood and donated to the WWF - but as far as being involved in big, high profile charity events, no I can't say that I have

TheEstherCutie1 karma

Thank you for doing all that you have, I am the owner of PCG Magazine. We watch these ask me any things and do cover stories on them, if you're on Twitter we are there, keep up the great work!

The_RealZordon3 karma

I am on Twitter @Zordon2012 :)

TheEstherCutie1 karma

Excellent we just followed you. Feel free to check things out and if you're interested let's communicate more via DM. :)

The_RealZordon3 karma

Thank you for the follow, followed you back and yes, let's talk!

TDR14111 karma

Have you and any of the original cast have seen the new trailer? Did you all like it?

The_RealZordon3 karma

Yes, I saw the new trailer and am excited to see it on the 24th of March - I like how they are portraying Zordon

CurbYoEnthusiasm0 karma

What's your favorite racist joke?

The_RealZordon3 karma

I can't say I have one