I did an AMA a couple years ago and wanted to give an update on what's been going on, including leading in a new romantic comedy film abeautifulrisk.com

EDIT: Aight homies, logging back off. But again, I'll continue to check in. Thanks for the love and curiosity. And if you hadn't already, check out abeautifulrisk.com! Later!

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caitybailey30 karma

Was filming in Rome an amazing experience, and do you like spaghetti?

claytonsnyder27 karma

Filming in Rome was incredible. I'm part Italian and some of our distant cousins live around Lake Como, so during a weekend that I wasn't filming I went with my parents to go visit them, and since then I've learned Italian and have visited them several more times. Part of that also ties back into this romantic comedy I'll be starring in. I have this huge Italian family I get to banter with, so really looking forward to that

and123w14 karma

You didn't answer the most imporant question.. Do you like spaghetti?

m1irandakills4 karma

Probably moms spaghetti

Gr8ful_Head19 karma

Will there ever be a reunion show? Like with all the Lizzie McGuire cast in their 30's?

claytonsnyder49 karma

My guess is yes. I think all the cast is down for it, it's just a matter of producers making it happen. We missed the 15 year mark, so I guess we'll wait until 20 (2021?) and see what happens

kcanada208 karma

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm holding you to this.

claytonsnyder6 karma

Cool, I can be held to seeing what happens ;)

iRepice14 karma

Were you and Hillary Duff ever a "thing"? Did you guys ever get romantic?

claytonsnyder51 karma

A popular question, but no, never a "thing". Although, she did join me and some friends to a school dance in middle school. I was still attending public school at the time. That poor girl. Everybody in the entire gym just stood and stared at her lol

Son_of_Kong5 karma

McAuliffe represent!

claytonsnyder1 karma

lolololol yyyyYUP

retardcharizard1 karma

How did being a reasonably popular show like that affect your school life until you stopped going to public school?

claytonsnyder3 karma

I didn't stop going to public school... until college when I went to Pepperdine. But it was definitely interesting to be pretty much unseen at campus to then everybody watching you all the time. People acting like they're friends when we had never spoken. Cray.

enigmaticephraim13 karma

So how does it feel to have posts about you on /r/ladyboners ?

claytonsnyder20 karma

so long as they're ladyboners and not harlotboners, I guess that's cool

rickmuscles12 karma

Is being a child star frustrating because cynical people assume you're a fuck up?

claytonsnyder22 karma

Nope, because people who would assume such things aren't worth my energy. And if you know much about me post-Lizzie, I don't think you'd come to that conclusion.

WhoreOfLegends11 karma

Do you remember your line when Lizzie's mom asked you what you did to have such great hair?

Paraphrasing here but 'lather, rinse, repeat. I don't repeat'. That stuck out to me as a kid because I never repeated, either. I didn't get how that gave you great hair, haha.

Also, a quick Google didn't turn anything up but was 'turn it on it's siiiide' your line, too? In response to someone trying to fit a basketball in their locker. The sayee was using their knowledge of fitting a football in their locker to help.

The more I think about it that might be from That's So Raven but that shit still cracks me up.

Edit: My bad, it is That's So Raven.

claytonsnyder3 karma

I enjoyed you typing out your thoughts very much. Thank you. And yes, that would totally be something Ethan would have said haha

Blueberryhazlenut9 karma

How much fun was filming the Lizzie McGuire movie in Italy?

claytonsnyder21 karma

it was all the fun. I really wasn't in the movie that much so I had a ton of freedom to explore and travel. Was awesome, and the first of many time back to Italy, including studying abroad in Florence and playing professional water polo in Sardinia (we also travelled for away games all around Italy/Sicily)

Blueberryhazlenut3 karma

That sounds so much better than saying I was apart of that movie!! Getting to travel around and even going to school sounds like it left a mark on you!

claytonsnyder12 karma

IT SURE DID. At times I wonder how life would be different if I kept with the momentum from Lizzie McGuire, but from my path I've been able to see and do so much, learn so much, cultivate so many incredible friendships, I wouldn't change a thing.

Litafan237 karma

What are you up to now??

claytonsnyder14 karma

I've been real busy with various projects, but the biggest one would be a romantic comedy I'm involved with. Some friends and I wanted to revive the genre, because romcoms are super fun. And we wanted to have a really original story that emphasized diversity and family. The working title is A Beautiful Risk.

Studios can be funny in how they select what projects to produce, but it usually comes to the bottom line. Will it make money? So while we're doing something that's not a cookie-cutter formula, we decided we wanted to find a way that it's something people are wanting to see. So, we decided to open a Kickstarter for it to show tangible support for the project. You can check it out at www.abeautifulrisk.com. Let me know what you think!

JungleCruiser4 karma

Bruh. Just watched the Kickstarter Video. So dope!

claytonsnyder9 karma

Bruh! Glad you enjoyed it! Would mean a lot if you'd be able to contribute a bit. The important part is our number of donors so that when we pitch to studios they can see tangible numbers who would want to support this kind of project. And share with other friends/family who'd be interested!

gusmoreno156 karma

What are some of your favorite Romcoms?

claytonsnyder11 karma

What I've learned from working on A Beautiful Risk (abeautifulrisk.com) is that they take on so many forms. I didn't realize that some Charlie Chaplin films or A Princess Bride could be considered a romcom, but hey, they're comedies with romance. The first one that comes to mind is Crazy, Stupid, Love. I love how the stories weave together so seamlessly, and each character is so specific in what they want and it's fun to see them each implement tactics to achieve their goals.

CartoonBear6 karma

How do child actors manage school and all that while filming?

claytonsnyder18 karma

Typically, kids are either homeschool or go to a private school that can easily adapt to the student's filming schedule. Also, minors are required 3 hours every day on set with the on-set tutor to help them with their schoolwork. Unfortunately, my teachers weren't quite prepared for my circumstances, so while they could give me some reading and homework in advance, not being in class made it really hard to keep up. So while I barely passed middle school, after the show ended, I got a 4.17 in high school.

Lordsofexcellence6 karma

Are you on the drugs now cause of being a child on Hollywood?

claytonsnyder20 karma

...who told you...

LayanSS926 karma

Hey Clayton,

I grew up watching Lizzie McGuire...best memories!

What do you enjoy about acting on a series vs. a movie? Is there one you prefer more and why?

claytonsnyder8 karma

Hello LayanSS92,

Glad I could be a part of some best memories :)

They're quite different. Think of series like a 9-5 and a movie like a vacation. TV can have a lot less preparation as scripts can be turned around fairly quickly and can have multiple revisions made in a relatively brief period of time. It's not uncommon for actors to learn their lines the morning of shooting that day's scenes. I definitely support putting as much time in as possible. A film allows you to plan ahead a bit more, may involve more travel, but can be a lot less predictable. They each have their constraints of time and resources. TV also potentially allows for more stability, but if you're a series regular that is a major job. A film may be more seasonal, but some people work on multiple films at one time. Before this new golden age in television, I'd say film. But now TV is so frickin good. For me it's more about the quality.

OrangeLimeZest4 karma

Worst child related experience?

claytonsnyder12 karma

I'm assuming you don't mean experiences of me dealing with children. Daycare can be quite a chore.

Fortunately, I don't recall any real traumatizing event. (Sorry I don't have anything juicy.)

At the time of the show, I'd get recognized pretty frequently, which was great when fans were cool/nice/respectful. But there's something about being a public figure that gives people a sense that you are an open target for opinions and/or to make fun of. I don't know what drives people to that. Insecurities, I guess?

Also, it was hard to make genuine friendships from scratch. Because there would always be a filter of being that guy on that show, as opposed to just Clayton. But that was another benefit of staying in public school - my close/true friends became very apparent, because they didn't care one bit about it haha.

My water polo teammates called me Lizzie, but that ended when I became an upperclassman and team captain.

OrangeLimeZest7 karma

I do mean dealing with children.

claytonsnyder7 karma

I haven't had many problems with children, but it can get pretty hectic where I do Kids Ministry, when the Aide:Kid ratio gets a little out of hand. I'd say craft time can be much, as sometimes the craft can include gluing, paint, and at the same time we give out snack which is cheerios, chex, or goldfish, and a cup of water. Basically, it's damage control for a half-hour, but it's always fun and worth it

Sarbear1433 karma

What is your favorite Disney movie?

claytonsnyder18 karma

A Goofy Movie

worff3 karma

What did you do after the show ended? Do you still stay in touch with the rest of the cast?

claytonsnyder11 karma

The show ended right before going into public high school, so I was relieved as going to public school and playing water polo and being on the show was quite taxing. Then the movie came up.... sooo, did that.... Then I decided I'd focus on academics and athletics until later. Later is now. :)

Yeah, I'm in touch with a few people, mostly Jake Thomas (Matt, the little brother), Carly Schroeder (Melina, Matt's "friend") and Lalaine (Miranda). I've seen Ashley (Kate) and Kyle (Tudgeman) around, but haven't kept close touch with Adam (Gordo) and Hilary. Adam is in New York, I believe, and Hilary's been quite busy what with her multiple albums and shows and having a kid

monohedron3 karma

Thank you so much for doing this and for answering as in-depth and personally as you have.

How are you doing today?

claytonsnyder3 karma

No problem! It's fun to share insights. It's how we learn, you know? I'm great, thanks! I'm actually headed out right now for a voiceover audition and will be back periodically to answer any more questions. How are you?

monohedron1 karma

Yeah for sure, life is all about sharing experiences with one another. I'm doing fantastic, it's been a good day for me. I taught some music lessons, and now I get a chance to write more of my novel. How did your audition go today?

claytonsnyder1 karma

Very cool! Audition went well, thanks. A promo spot for Hulu. I get a whole lot of voiceover auditions, but they ain't easy to book!

What kind of music? And what's your novel about?

daffodilhill3 karma

Was it flattering to be considered the "hot guy" of the show?

claytonsnyder3 karma

I mean it's better than being considered the opposite. Yes, it's nice, but the real fun was just hearing girls scream. Never quite understood that reaction but they sure were fun haha.

gonenutsbrb2 karma

Hey Clayton, I went to college with you and worked in the control room while you were on camera up in the CCB (Go waves!).

Question: There's definitely the stereotype about child actors that you answered someone's question on earlier, and every interaction I had with you definitely countered that stereotype. Is there anything in particular in your upbringing or choices you made that sets your experience apart from other child stars who may have had more problems?

Hope you are doing well, it was always a pleasure working with you!

claytonsnyder1 karma

HEY! AYO WAVES!! Thanks for hitting this up!

I really, really appreciate you saying so. I think it had to do in large part to my upbringing with my parents, and going to public school. My parents raised me Christian, so I had values set in place there. And my close friends from public school - the real ones - kept me humble haha. They never let it get to my head. I think taking time away from acting and being able to develop as my own as a person. Playing water polo also definitely taught me a TON about character, respect, hard work, etc.

Hope to see you around campus!

christameff2 karma

Do/did people sometimes treat you like an idiot in real life after playing one on tv?

claytonsnyder3 karma

I would get asked, "Are you really that stupid?" to my face by complete strangers. So I'd say, "Yes." and leave it at that.

jirotirano2 karma

What's your new movie about?

claytonsnyder9 karma

Sup Jiro. The film is about managing cultural identity and family tradition and how that relates to your personal life and the one you love. Our team wanted to accomplish several things: 1) tell an original story (lots of reboots going about), 2) support diversity in film through casting (ex. we have an asian romantic lead, not something seen too often), 3) tell a story that roots back to family. Especially in these chaotic times, it's important to tell stories that send the message we'd like to see more of. We believe in inclusivity, diversity, and family. This film celebrates these things. And if it's something you're into, please consider contributing even a small amount to the kickstarter. We need that to show studios it's what people want to see.

_karass2 karma

could you explain your views on the relative advantage of assessments and using them to measure proficiency or growth?

claytonsnyder6 karma

There is an advantage to assessments, relatively, because without assessment, there is no opportunity for measurable and quantifiable growth. Scheduled or routine assessment from personal habits to employees are critical in targeting areas needing improvement to achieve higher levels of excellence and quality.

Gr8ful_Head2 karma

Have you ever thought about being in animated Disney movies?

claytonsnyder1 karma

I ABSOLUTELY have thought about it. They got some pretty fantastic actors they're working with, but I'm definitely wanting to work my way into that circuit. Would be phenomenal.

The_Swarm_Hut1 karma

Do you think Ethan and Kate (Lizzie McGuire Movie) are still together?

claytonsnyder2 karma

... did they ever get together? lol

Alicricity1 karma

Do you still keep in touch with the main cast members?

claytonsnyder3 karma

Yeah, I'm in touch with a few people, mostly Jake Thomas (Matt, the little brother), Carly Schroeder (Melina, Matt's "friend") and Lalaine (Miranda). I've seen Ashley (Kate) and Kyle (Tudgeman) around, but haven't kept close touch with Adam (Gordo) and Hilary. Adam is in New York, I believe, and Hilary's been quite busy what with her multiple albums and shows and having a kid

Alicricity1 karma

I always thought Lalaine was the coolest best friend ever haha. That's really awesome to hear that you all still keep in touch, even if it's minimal!

claytonsnyder3 karma

Haha, totally. A part of her is definitely found in the character. She's the kind of person who'd never judge you and would just wanna hang out and want the best for you.

cuddlebuddies011 karma

You ever think there might be a revival of sorts down the line? Obviously can't be until Hillary is done with Younger, but with all of these other revivals...

claytonsnyder3 karma

The term "revival" is a bit broad, I assume you mean for a full series, like Fuller House. I'm not sure about that, I think Hilary seems set on moving on to other things, and power to her for that. I wouldn't mind it myself, Ethan was a super fun character to play haha. It really comes down to producers/executives believing that it would make business sense. Which, honestly, it would. But I'm keeping busy with other things, like a new romantic comedy film I'm in that's in development. You can check it out at abeautifulrisk.com. Lemme know what you think

cuddlebuddies011 karma

Definitely will and thanks for answering the question! I think even a small 3-part/4-part series would be fun like Gilmore Girls. Best of luck to you.

claytonsnyder2 karma

You're welcome! Yeah, the executive producer of this project I'm working on now (abeautifulrisk.com) is a huge Gilmore Girls fan, loved the reboot. I may have to check out.

But I may watch more of The Magicians instead...

creamjeez1 karma

Hey! What's your most memorable story about being recognized in public?

claytonsnyder4 karma

In my youth, my friends and I had Disneyland annual passes and we'd go hang at California Adventure and watch The Fenians play live and just hang out and act stupid. Then the show hit and suddenly public appearances weren't what they used to be. I was walking in Tomorrowland and somebody recognized me and screamed, which drew heads, then a crowd started to form, which got more people's attention. I was signing tickets, maps, books, shirts, shoes, hands, foreheads, (may have been a cleavage or two), and that's when I stopped going as much. It wasn't an unpleasant experience, but I went to have fun and hang out, and I couldn't really do that there anymore. So I began opting for the local ramen house instead.

creamjeez2 karma

Thanks for the reply :) That must have been really surreal at that age!

claytonsnyder2 karma

You're welcome! Yeah, really was. I remember knowing that autographs were a thing, but... why would someone want me to write my name on something... and then they'd cherish it? Ultimately it didn't matter, because sometimes it would literally make someone's day. To bring people joy, in whatever means it comes by, is very fulfilling.

HouseZanotta1 karma

Do you watch Game of Thrones? Ever applied to any role? What are your favorites tv shows?

claytonsnyder2 karma

Frickin love it. Unfortunately I didn't have an "in" for that casting. There are many characters I'd love to play, but simply am not fit for, be it for age, height, etc. I frickin love The Hound. Energy-wise... I actually see myself as a Robb Stark or Daario Naharis.

HouseZanotta2 karma

I can really see you playing Robb Stark. Or Renly :p

claytonsnyder1 karma

Actually I was going to say Renly as well haha

liamquane1 karma

Hi Mr. Snyder As an actor, what us the best thing a director can do for you on set? Thanks :~)

claytonsnyder3 karma

Hello there.

With a background in water polo, I really value teamwork and leadership. Each member of a cast and crew has an integral role to the making of the film, but ultimately, we look toward the director for leadership. The most important thing to me is respect towards me and others, that includes how you interact but also with your concern for everyone's safety. Ideally, the AD should take care of that, but if the set does not feel safe, that ultimately lands on you. So have a great AD! It's fun to be creative with a director and discover together how to make the story pop, but ultimately the director HAS to have vision and be able to lead the team to what she/he wants for the final product. I would rather have a rude director who knows what they want and can achieve it, than a really nice director who doesn't have confidence in what they want. The director is the leader, and must lead. That also goes for attitude. Leadership sets the tone. If the director is angry/frustrated/anxious/nervous/whatever, the rest of the set will adopt that tone. Keep your cool. Stay positive. Do the best that can be done. Hope that helps. :)

liamquane1 karma

Any advice for getting a project funded?

claytonsnyder2 karma

Sure! Have rich friends! Haha. In all seriousness, it starts with the content. I assume by project, you mean a film. In that case, it starts with the script, the story. It needs to be at a place where when someone reads it... their first reaction is "Yeah, I want to see this!" The content comes first, and then you need to be able to communicate that story, whether you do it graphically with concept art, or shoot a trailer... something that can be shared easily online. You need to find different communities that may be interested in that story, topic, or theme. Make friends, make fans. Garner support. Start social media pages. There's a lot you can do, but ultimately you have to find a way to see what your film is, or at least what your intentions are and why yours stands out from the rest. Crowdfunding is one way to go, but it definately is work, and takes a lot of TLC and planning. While the promo video is paramount, it's only a small facet. It also depends what your goals are with the film. Are you just wanting to share a story? Are you wanting global distribution? That way you can communicate to potential donors what their benefit is. Maybe they want a profit, so you can make a deal where they get a percentage of proceeds. Or it could be a story for a certain cause, and you can get people involved who will donate on behalf of spreading the message along. It's one of those things where there is no right way. It's part of the business.

liamquane1 karma

What has it been like producing a series?

claytonsnyder1 karma

Very challenging but very fun. It helps to have someone like our executive producer Richard Allen who has gone through these hoops before to help benchmark the process and assign tasks to the team. My role as a producer is to provide creative input on the project and how we move forward, as well as getting done whatever needs to get done. I was able to provide a lot of favors from friends who had talents in front of and behind the camera for our kickstarter video: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tarangray/a-beautiful-risk?ref=user_menu


I remember you're from Long Beach CA, me too! Where did you go to high school?

claytonsnyder2 karma

Seal Beach ;) Los Alamitos! Go Griffins!

SGT_Crunch1 karma

If you could have any job, in any field, what would you choose?

claytonsnyder2 karma

Actor. ;) But after that, probably a water polo coach. I would love to travel the world and coach water polo. Someday :)

bhoward19961 karma

Hey Clayton My dad used to work with your brother Doug. Are you still playing water polo?

claytonsnyder1 karma

Very cool! Want me to say hello on his behalf? And yes I am, for the LA Athletic Club laacwaterpolo.com

TheEstherCutie1 karma

Have you ever thought about taking your film to Sundance? You could do it man!

claytonsnyder2 karma

Well, we do not have a film... yet! That's what the kickstarter is for - to have a platform where we could show tangible numbers to studios so that they could see people are wanting to see the kind of film we're wanting to make. If you haven't seen our campaign, check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tarangray/a-beautiful-risk?ref=user_menu

forava71 karma

if you could change one thing in the past, what would it be?

claytonsnyder2 karma

I would have slept more.

Foxmanded421 karma

is your father named Stuart, by any chance?

claytonsnyder1 karma

Nope. :)

soy_papi1 karma

Did the Duff ever do anything which was kinda hot but kinda gross?

claytonsnyder2 karma


papiecon-3 karma

Did you bang Hillary Duff?

claytonsnyder4 karma

gonna ignore that

heraclitus33-3 karma

Do you think lizzie mcguire looks better with her plastic surgery?

claytonsnyder2 karma

was unaware she had any. sooooo....

Vortex_Farmacy-8 karma


claytonsnyder17 karma

A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

Also, no. I did not. That's gross. Stahp.

Vortex_Farmacy-11 karma


claytonsnyder17 karma

Never took a liking to that "locker room talk", personally. Don't understand why it's fun or cool. Seems dishonoring and disrespectful, and certainly doesn't make me thing any more of the person "boasting".