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Nick, I'm a great admirer of your moustache. Since I assume it's all natural, what do you do in episodes where part of it needs to be burned off (Lil' Sebastian's funeral is on TV now) or removed for some reason? Do you actually have to mangle it and wait for it to grow back before you shoot another episode, or is there some kind of makeup trick to get that effect while still preserving the moustache's integrity?

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That scotch is like drinking a cigar.

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You know, I know it's not the point they were making, but an ounce is kind of a lot of weed. In New Mexico, an ounce would probably cost at least $200, maybe more than $300 depending on quality and location. If someone paid me that much money for a woodshop project I made in high school, I would be ecstatic. Seems like whoever gave him that weed really appreciated his craftsmanship.

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I don't think you should be disturbed by that. I did the "Bourbon Trail" a couple years ago and visited most of the distilleries there in Kentucky. The situation is nothing like the beer industry, where corporate takeovers have lead to cut corners and inferior quality everywhere. Most of the distilleries are still family run, with cellarmaster positions passed down through generations. There's still real craftsmanship there.

When you see how bourbon is made it makes sense why so many brands come from so few companies. The different brand names--say, Evan Williams, Larceny, and Elijah Craig (all made at Heaven Hill)--refer to different recipes, but there's no outsourcing involved. That part of Kentucky outside Louisville is hilly and rural, so the distilleries have a lot of space to set up their humongous warehouses. You could easily fit the nation's entire supply of Jim Beam on one plot of land, with plenty of room for the other brands. The master distillers have direct and complete oversight over every product they put out.

The whiskey ages differently depending on what part of warehouse it's stored in, which is how you get various labels of the same brand at different price points. Sometimes a certain batch is so uniquely amazing that they turn it into a limited run bottle. Some distilleries rotate their barrels for consistency, but others don't.

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By "flew into," do you mean perched on, or collided with?