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I was watching an episode of his in between Maury for the first time in years and I was so confused because I've only ever known him as a chef...did not understand how that occupation translated into cheating stories and stripper love lol

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Thank you for you service. What did you do after you left active duty?

P.S.: you look crazy young for 82!! haha

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Sorry you had to go through that but glad you are still here! I have frequent debilitating migraines and after reading your responses and some of the other questions I'm a little concerned...do you think it was the stress of the conversation you were having and trying to subdue your frustration that might have initiated it?

Also hello fellow MD-er :D

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I live in PG county! (Upper Marlboro). I can imagine that would definitely be a stressful enough situation to trigger it. In a way I suppose it's a good thing it happened when it did ? My migraines hurt all over my head, mostly in the temples, behind my ears kinda and in the bridge of my nose.

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I always thought Lalaine was the coolest best friend ever haha. That's really awesome to hear that you all still keep in touch, even if it's minimal!