WOW 12 hours non stop question!

My short bio: I was born without my entire left arm, but that doesn't stop me from much. I recently started a new YouTube channel show off my ability to play video games using my foot!

Since I was born without my arm I've had 21 years of experience adapting to new situations and can do lots of things, like tieing my shoes or even do the monkey bars!. AMA

My Proof: How I took the picture

Edit: If I had a dollar for every grandmac comment i would have enough money to build a competing business that makes a grandermac that would only be available to one handed people

Common answers:

I'm right handed

Im ALL right.

I type 40wpm

an xray of me

I'll be posting a video demonstrating some of these answers so keep an eye out on my channel.

How I tie my shoes

Playing CSGO

Playing Dirt Rally

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iBurnedTheChurch2138 karma

Are you all right?

1armedfreak1024 karma

Clever, Yes!

irysh9387 karma

But your youtube videos clearly show a left foot.

Are you sure you're all right?

1armedfreak503 karma


popesnutsack2023 karma

Since you can't clap, are you the guy who whistles so loud at a concert?

1armedfreak3059 karma

Nope, I just awkwardly stand there.

Johnathon781117 karma

Has anyone ever said " yeah I'll give you a hand " and immediately apologized? If so, what were your feelings at the time?

1armedfreak1409 karma

Yes, things like that always happen. It doesn't bother because it's never in a mean way and I understand their intention.

hobopenguin792 karma

You sound like a very nice person.

1armedfreak4476 karma

u suk

rioryan457 karma

A buddy of mine is missing a hand and he'd always go out of his way to say "is that a hand joke??" It was pretty funny

1armedfreak883 karma

Excuse Me He's NOT MISSING A HAND HE'S HAS A LIMB DEFICIENCY, god some people are just so insesitive. /s

nabilux976 karma

Did you use it to guilt your parents ? "Clean your room" "Well I would if you had provided me with two arms, Mom" I would definitely have !

1armedfreak1304 karma

I was adopted so that line doesn't work too well

Reedit_girl319 karma

Why were you adopted? What caused the problems with your spine?

1armedfreak676 karma

Born in Russia with one arm, they're not too fond of physical disabilities there. Scoliosis

Reedit_girl248 karma

Apparently upper limb deficiency and scoliosis are linked.

What country do you live in now?

1armedfreak351 karma

the US

stramjummer708 karma


1armedfreak79 karma


TouchDads969 karma

Where were you born? I have a friend from Russia that was born without her right arm. Maybe you two could team up.

1armedfreak1227 karma

I was born in Russia! Live in California now though.

Reedit_girl952 karma

Would you consider a bionic arm?

1armedfreak1631 karma

Yes working on designing my own

Reedit_girl583 karma

What extra add-ons will you put on it? I'd have a torch installed, and a built in smartphone oh and a jingling chain sound to sound badass when you walk..

When the robots take over, which side will you be on?

1armedfreak1096 karma

I would add a cup holder. jk. I think I'll be a double agent in the robot wars.

Natheeeh1920 karma

I would add a cup holder

We call them hands :)

1armedfreak927 karma

pls stp :(

Sgtonearm01736 karma

I too have one arm. What's the best story you've made up when a kid asks you what happened to your arm?

1armedfreak1691 karma

Shark bite, or I say " Once I thought it would be funny to bully this kid for being different..."

TheLovelyFreja95 karma

I love you.

1armedfreak260 karma

u 2 bb

hexsticks658 karma

I was born without my lower left arm, cuts off from the elbow. What's the dumbest thing you've been asked? From personal experience I was asked if it hurt being born with it.

1armedfreak1597 karma

Hard to say, but I did get a detention for not taking my arm out of my sleeve.

TRX808391 karma

LOL can you explain further and how things went when the person(s) realized what they did?

1armedfreak825 karma

didnt see them after, i went straight to detention and they all laughed, still had to serve the detention though.

Ohyeahthisawesome491 karma

My good friends daughter was born missing part of a limb. She's 8, and getting really sensitive to other kids commenting on it, which they do, but I think mostly out of cutiousity. Do you have any advice for her to deal with this unwanted attention or for us adults to help her with this?

1armedfreak778 karma

Do not overly protect her there is nothing you can do about jerks and you just need to learn how to handle it, I got through it by becoming very witty always having a comeback.

You just kind of have to own it, once you have a talent it becomes much easier because the attention goes to that.

In public you just have to be confident, don't hide the fact your missing an arm, but don't draw unnecessary attention to it.

people will stare but there is a difference in a "What is that!" stare and a "Whoa I just realized that person has one arm, cool!"

Realtrain419 karma

OK. How the heck do you use the monkey bars??

E: spelling

Double edit: more spelling.

1armedfreak626 karma

Momentum, swing while pulling my knees up and let go at the peak of the swing and grab the next bar in mid air.

Realtrain264 karma

Wow, that's pretty amazing!

1armedfreak240 karma


Vinny_Gambini394 karma

How are you gonna eat those Big Macs I keep seeing on the front page that you need to hands for?

1armedfreak515 karma

I have someone with two hands feed me.

AllLinesDown219 karma

Haha I'd feed ya.

1armedfreak535 karma

thx bb

BriarRue385 karma

Not to be too personal, but how does having one arm affect your relationships (romantic, platonic, or sexual)?

1armedfreak656 karma

doesn't, people get over it really fast because its not a disability in the sense that it hinders my ability. Other than looking different it's not really that much of an issue.

Reedit_girl730 karma

At least you can cuddle without the arm getting in the way.

1armedfreak2046 karma

Ya your mom seems to like that. Rekt

Xaminaf376 karma

I think the real question is, were you fortunate enough to not be a leftie?

1armedfreak406 karma

Yes, that would have been very unfortunate if I were not!

Luvenis185 karma

But how do you know that? If you have lived your whole life with a right arm how do you know that it isn't because of getting used to it?

1armedfreak263 karma

Maybe I was left handed but I guess it doesn't matter now. My right arm just feels like the dominant one of that makes sense.

stramjummer300 karma

Have you noticed any advantages to having one arm?

1armedfreak1637 karma


1h8fulkat235 karma

Would you rather have been born without the arm or would you have wanted to experience having two arms and subsequently had to have it amputated?

1armedfreak715 karma

Ignorance is bliss, I don't suffer any emotional trauma that comes with amputation.

Reedit_girl229 karma

How do you keep the paper still when you're writing?

1armedfreak278 karma

Hold it still with the base of my wrist.

MeanMisterMustardCap226 karma

So technically, you are your own "right hand man," no?

1armedfreak937 karma

Ha ha that's funny, I'll kill you last.

JohnzelGrace218 karma

Do your shirts have two arm holes, or do you have special shirts with only one?

1armedfreak272 karma

Normal shirts

mynameispaulsimon120 karma

Do you pin the sleeve up or just let it all hang out?

1armedfreak227 karma

all hang out

obarnesmorgan158 karma

Doesn't it flap about in the wind?

1armedfreak1176 karma

I dont find my self in hurricanes all that often

notaverysmartdog198 karma

If you were a bird, what kind would you be?

1armedfreak1488 karma

the kind that flys in circles

Solar-Salor197 karma

Do you arm wrestle? Also why do you play video games with your feet and not one handed?

1armedfreak292 karma

My right arm is pretty strong. When I'm on someone else's system I don't user my foot as a courtesy. I'll have a video posted soon with me using only my hand, but it is not as comfortable since my fingers need to be in awkward positions.

AintNoFortunateSon195 karma

I like to sleep on my left side but my left arm is always in the way. I've long fantasized about being able to remove my left arm while I sleep and reattach it in the morning but alas, science has not quite caught up with my dreams. Could you tell me how nice it is to sleep on your side without an arm?

1armedfreak328 karma

very comfy, except there has been unfortunate consequences, my rib cage has started to flatten on my left side

Bob_Marley1158 karma

Can you play any instruments?

Any funny stories that involve your disability?

1armedfreak393 karma

Yes the piano, and yes I use my foot.

I got detention once from a sub for not "taking my arm out of my sleeve".

Also magic mountain wouldn't let me on their rock wall so I went somewhere else that had one, climbed it, and ended up in the paper.

Name_Checker_Outer184 karma


1armedfreak199 karma


teetopp155 karma

How can you be absolutely sure you were born without it, rather than your parents taking it away as a punishment when you were really young, and then forgetting where they hid it?

1armedfreak138 karma

could be, i remember my parents freaking out on my once for taking the last cookie

DPS2004140 karma

How hard is it to ride a bike with one arm?

1armedfreak239 karma

I have impeccable balance, but it gets tiring for my arm because I can only push or pull to steer versus 50/50 for each arm.

bach37strad95 karma

Do you use a hand brake or reverse pedal?

1armedfreak122 karma

hand brake

Reedit_girl128 karma

What inconvenience do you experience the most that we take for granted?

1armedfreak443 karma

Clapping or folding your arms are good ones. But number one by far is that I can't hold a plate of food and eat it I have to be seated. Can be very unfortunate if seating is unavailable. Also I need to go back for drinks too.

crlaqoEPhI5s112 karma

Have you ever broken your arm growing up?

1armedfreak159 karma

Thankfully no

Reedit_girl106 karma

Could you get a special one-handed gaming setup made?

1armedfreak232 karma

dont need one

gamageeknerd102 karma

So how has the McDonald's grand mac effect your life so far?

1armedfreak157 karma

Ruined it, I should give them a piece of my mind!

patentedleeches101 karma

How do you button your shirt?

1armedfreak244 karma

Try it is not too hard.

nerdherdbird95 karma

Do you feel like sometimes people are too sensitive to you and don't treat you like the normal person that you are?

1armedfreak193 karma

occasionally, but I have a certain dark humor that gets people past the overly careful behaivor.

PadlingtonYT90 karma

Do you feel like you are treated any differently from others? How are your experiences with the opposite sex?

1armedfreak178 karma

Yes at first but one people realize how quickly and efficiently I can adapt they become use to the idea. A lot of times my friends forget I'm missing an arm because it doesn't affect me in my everyday life.

UghYetAnotherAccount88 karma

What did you do with all the money you saved buying mismatched single gloves rather than pairs?

1armedfreak252 karma

Invested in a Left handed glove store

insert_attention79 karma

What other things have you had to adapt to in everyday life.

Whats the most difficult thing you have had to learn? And which took the longest.

1armedfreak208 karma

I can play the piano with foot assistance, I can also open doors with my foot for when I'm holding things. I can cut and shuffle a deck of cards. I can button my shirt. Tie a tie. Pretty much anything. Most difficult though was learning to use a manual can opener. Longest was tying my shoes but now I can do both quickly and with ease.

Daman15978 karma

You mention using your feet to assist with a lot of tasks. Do you have to take your shoes off a lot for this? Do you have a dominant foot? And how much can you do with just your feet?

1armedfreak158 karma

I'm barefoot all the time, I can walk on crazy terrain barefoot.

I am left foot dominant since I use it in the place of my left hand.

Piano, card tricks, games, opening doors, flip people off, those are just off the top of my head.

Trewdub76 karma

Sorry, this might be a blunt question but: how often do you find people looking at you strangely?

1armedfreak162 karma

all the time, mostly kids.

arthrinso68 karma

How do you clip your fingernails?

1armedfreak405 karma

I will them back into my body

AngryLurkerDude66 karma

How was it like growing up? Kids can be brutal when they are little.

Do you get tired of the one arm puns?

1armedfreak156 karma

It was tough but that only motivated me to get good at stuff, no longer did it become a matter of just being able to do something, I needed to be better than the people that were trying to put me down.

Djugdish52 karma

Can you juggle? I can handle two balls with one hand, but three balls would be a handful.

1armedfreak67 karma

Yes I can.

pumpkinmunch51 karma

How'd you take the picture?? Is someone holding the paper for you?

1armedfreak72 karma

No I'm holding the post it with two fingers and hit the button with a third

jlong36744 karma

Do you use deodorant on the area where the armpit would be?

1armedfreak42 karma

no but i do run a line down the middle inside of my shirt

princessnubz40 karma

Hey i also don't have the majority of my left arm. Can we hold hands?

Oh wait.


1armedfreak76 karma

we can still gaze longingly into each others eyes <3

Reedit_girl40 karma

Do you have a left shoulder? Can we get pics?

1armedfreak59 karma

I had a surgery a few years ago so here is an x-ray

Reedit_girl41 karma

When did they put all the metalwork in? How tall are you now?

1armedfreak83 karma

slightly taller maybe an inch.

Freddy_FranChini34 karma

How do you eat big mac's?

1armedfreak215 karma


Name_Checker_Outer34 karma


1armedfreak59 karma

not really because its not easy finding an amputee that is a professional actor/actress.

Gullpotet33 karma

Did you enable and disable caps lock for every word in the title? Or did you shift with your thumb and stretch your hand?

1armedfreak55 karma

stretch, I have a fairly large hand.

Mac266329 karma

Odd question. Is your left pectoral muscle significantly more defined than your right?

1armedfreak48 karma

there is no muscle there

shutts6726 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck that was missing a wing, or 100 duck sized horses that were all missing a front leg?

1armedfreak88 karma

100 duck sized horses because they would run funny and i could laugh while running away like a coward

prxchampion25 karma

How is your sex game?

1armedfreak190 karma

I dont know is your mom walking right yet

Jaspers4722 karma

How do you wear ties?

1armedfreak103 karma

around my neck

TeamMagmaDaniel20 karma

Are you right or left handed?

1armedfreak16 karma


RadleyCunningham20 karma

what is your absolute favorite joke of all time?

1armedfreak68 karma

your love life

FallingSarcophagus12 karma

Have you tried the Grand Mac yet?

1armedfreak35 karma

Yes took a lot of planning to fool the cashier into thinking I had two hands

Fir3Wolfy10 karma

What is your favorite go meal? Something you can easily prepare or eat while yunno, going places, doing things.

1armedfreak20 karma

a samich

Dwhores9 karma

Have you ever got around the problem of needing two hands for a Grand Mac burger, and if so what's your LPT for other one handed redditors who encounter this requirement?

1armedfreak27 karma

Roll up some news paper and stuff it in your sleeve, then tape glove (make sure its the correct hand) to the end of the sleeve. Next go to McDonalds and order the Grand Mac. ACT NATURAL the last thing you want is to get shot for impersonating a two handed person. Finally take your burger and leave the restaurant quickly and without raising suspicion. Now enjoy your Grand Mac!

lil_Tar_Tar7 karma

Have you ever tried rolling your own cigarettes and or "cigarettes"? If so, are you proficient at it?

1armedfreak7 karma

no but I could probably manage

Canucklehead996 karma

I'm assuming no two handed burgers?

1armedfreak14 karma

I do what I want

Atlanticall4 karma

My best friend's little sister was born without her left hand. Do you know her?

1armedfreak4 karma

I don't know, do I?

ghostofdevinbrown4 karma

Which hand do you use to wipe?

1armedfreak6 karma

Your mom usually takes care of that for me. rekt

FecklessLoafer3 karma

Did you leave your left arm up your mother's cunt?

1armedfreak2 karma

no but I might have left it in yours.

alex_york3 karma

Looked carefully on proof pic if he held it with his left hand. He didn't, checks out!

1armedfreak4 karma

how do you know I didnt photoshop

ChuckooLimey3 karma

What's your favourite sport to play ?

1armedfreak6 karma

I enjoyed street hockey.

Demderdemden2 karma

Would you rather fight someone with a leg sized arm or an arm sized leg?

1armedfreak5 karma

arm sized leg

zakats2 karma

How's your typing proficiency? I'm terrible at one hand typing so I generally opt for my phone (with the Google keyboard installed, using the gesture/Swype feature) for that if I find the need. Do you have a similar solution?

1armedfreak3 karma

I'm fairly fast on a keyboard, on my mobile I swipe

NewTypeDilemna2 karma

Are you able to eat a Grand Mac or is it working as advertised?

1armedfreak2 karma

Nobody can stop me from eating a Grand Mac.

weinerdudley2 karma

Are you going to reap the karma of the new "need 2 hands" Big Mac box?

You should.

1armedfreak1 karma

already rolling in it

1armedfreak4 karma

we need this #OneHandMac

WrekingWiking2 karma

Could you lend me a hand?

1armedfreak3 karma

Yes but I'll need it back by Tuesday

sneakyboii2 karma

Do you actually feel like you should have a left arm. like, there are some people who lost some body parts later in life who said that they still felt the sensation of the body part still being there. do you also have this?

1armedfreak6 karma

No i haven't, your talking about phantom limb syndrome.

RagingNerdaholic2 karma

Are you able to eat at McDonald's?

1armedfreak12 karma

If I were a fake arm yes, the secret is to act natural and they never suspect a thing.

matike1 karma


1armedfreak3 karma

we need to start a hash tag #OneHandMac

RydenJ-1 karma

What are your thoughts on the Grand Big Mac?

1armedfreak1 karma

It's pretty good

[deleted]-2 karma


1armedfreak2 karma

why you selling some?