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Finding oil on Mars would be amazing scientifically and super beneficial for manned missions.

(edit: I get the joke but it this would be huge)

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Rock walls are expensive and partitioning lands can be important.

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Blasphemy! Long live the headphone jack!

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Exactly- I might have buried the lead lede there.

Not only that, it would be suuuuuper useful in building materials and supplies. If we had that easy of access to carbon and such, cultivation would get easier and thickening the atmosphere/adding greenhouse gasses is more feasible.

Edit: I should point out that some hydrocarbons are more potent for creating the greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide by many orders of magnitude. Methane, for example, is ~86 times stronger of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Here's a popular mechanics top 10 greenhouse gasses feature that's relevant.

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that movie is called Blade.

it's obvious now that you mention it but I'd never considered it that way. I didn't count on having an epiphany when reading an AMA, good on you. LLaP