UPDATE: We're gonna wrap this up everyone. Thank you so much for hanging out with us, and thank you for your continued support!

As a last note, we did the AMA here because we wanted to reach a wider audience, but there's a r/twrp subreddit with amazing mods that you should all go check out!

K byyyyye xoxoxo

We're a four piece retro sci-fi themed band based out of Toronto, Canada. Our music is a blend of 70s/80s disco, rock and funk. We just released an EP called "Ladyworld", and a music video for one of the tracks called "FOOD BAR". We also frequently collaborate with Ninja Sex Party, the LA based comedy duo, and are working on our second cover record with them!

Listen to the EP: https://twrp.bandcamp.com/album/ladyworld

Watch FOOD BAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpaXl8CdwzM

Do you live in LA? Come see us live at The Regent Theater on January 27th: http://www.theregenttheater.com/event/1383972-twrp-ladyworld-ep-release-los-angeles/

Other links:




PROOF: https://twitter.com/TWRPband/status/822909776921137152

Join our reddit community at https://www.reddit.com/r/TWRP/

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dj3hac1111 karma

I thought you were TeamWin of Team Win Recovery Partition for rooted android devices.  

Do you get this often?

TWRPband217 karma

This and Team Wolf Role Play.

akimuta99 karma

I first just wanted to thank you guys because Ladyworld was the pick-me-up that I so desperately needed, especially at the beginning of the semester. Your music always puts me in such a good mood and I can't wait to see what you have planned for the future.

Speaking of Ladyworld, what is everyone's favorite track from the album?

I can't wait to see you live in LA on the 27th! I managed to persuade a bunch of my friends to come with me so it'll definitely be a great experience!

TWRPband81 karma

Body Image - Sung

Body Image - Meouch

FOOD BAR - Havve Hogan

Atomic Karate - Phobos

Brankles94 karma

Will Phobos ever eat the pepper?

TWRPband98 karma


Wildbagel61 karma

Hey guys! Big fan here. I saw you guys in October in Chicago last year and I count it as the number 1 concert I've been to, and I've had my fair share. I saw the frickin Spice Girls.

Anyway, on to my question. Doctor Sung, what kind of vocal warmup do you do before shows, if any? You sounded tasty af in Chicago and I have been in love ever since.

P.S. My birthday was on the 12th and Ladyworld was the best gift I'd ever been given. Atomic Karate is my SHIT.  

TWRPband66 karma

Glad you enjoyed the new EP! To prep for live shows I boil my tube and do a bunch of push ups.

FreeTheManz56 karma

Hey, I'm a huge fan from Nova Scotia. I was telling my drum teacher about you guys cause we were gonna try playing one of your songs a while back, and when I said Tupperware Remix Party, he said he was in a band with one of the guys before you started TWRP. His name is Mark O'Leary. I just thought how cool would it be if my drum teacher knew a member of TWRP right?! So does that name ring any bells for any of you? And if so, any cool stories from back then? Thanks, you guys rock!

TWRPband108 karma

902 represent! If you're from Halifax, chances are that you'll meet many people who know us. It's a pretty small town and the music scene is even smaller. That said... keep it secret... keep it safe.

WerBlerr56 karma

Are you guys thinkin about japan right now or what

But for serious, I'd love to know about the process of creating/making your costumes. How'd you come up with the ideas/designs? Did you make them yourselves? Did you know from the start you wanted to be in costume?

I love LadyWorld btw, hopefully seeing you guys in LA :)

TWRPband101 karma


What costumes?



TWRPband69 karma

We'd ask him but he's still locked up in our underground bunker back in Toronto, and he's not allowed out until he's done the video he's working on.

Jewflakes43 karma

How was your experience on Canada's got Talent? I found a video of your audition, but can't find any more information! Thanks for doing this AMA.

TWRPband54 karma

It was very impromptu and weird! Didn't think it would really go anywhere but it did.


a_disgruntled_muffin42 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing this AMA, love your music. My question is, what inspired your unique look and sound?

TWRPband110 karma

This is how everyone looks and sounds in the future!


OhMyStarLord41 karma

When will you be releasing a Dr. Sung Work Out Routine? I would pay multiple installments of 19.99 plus shipping for that!

TWRPband72 karma

The thought has crossed my mind... if anyone would watch it I'd do it for charity.


mssjaxxon40 karma

Is there any way you guys would be able to sell vinyl records of your music? I think it would be super cool and I would buy the fuck out of them!

TWRPband94 karma

We totally have plans to sell vinyl, hopefully sometime this year! Keep yer lookin' balls peeled folks

4runamuk36 karma

How did you all get together? (Also, how'd you come up with the name?)

TWRPband155 karma

Sung and Hogan met at drum camp (millions of years ago), and became fast friends. One night, after watching Interstella 5555 high af and eating an entire bag of Riesen, the two pals joked about making a ridiculous band. Literally the first name that came to mind, with absolutely zero thought or hesitation, was Tupper Ware Remix Party.

semisocialhobbit35 karma

Why are you so obsessed with dads? Also will you ever do a full led zeppelin cover (i hear dads love them)

Thx xoxoxo (none for sung)

TWRPband64 karma

Shut up dad! Stop embarrassing us in front of our fans.

We've jammed the first 30 seconds of Rock N Roll, and that's about it so far.

ArcadeTales31 karma

Hey guys, I absolutely love Ladyworld! I was wondering if FOOD BAR was written just so Sung could have an excuse to get a snack while on stage? Love you guys <3

TWRPband55 karma


gompers10130 karma

Hey TWRP I was just watching the video playing at MagFest 2016 and I was wondering what your proudest moment as a band was?

TWRPband72 karma

Jamming/performing with Col. Chris Hadfield (former commander of the International Space Station) for the purposes of world improvement.

parietal_eye27 karma

What does it feel like to be so overwhelmingly cool and handsome?

TWRPband46 karma

This shit just comes naturally yo... was born dis way.


kvlia26 karma

What are you guys overwatch mains?

TWRPband86 karma

Roadhog, Soldier 76, Lúcio


Reinhardt, Zarya, McCree


Counter Terrorists




TheHeroOfThymeee24 karma

What is the most difficult song for each of you to play live?

TWRPband80 karma

H - Second half of Pale Blue Dot because of the kick pedal rhythms

P - Atomic Karate because the style of playing changes every couple of measures. Lots of switching back and forth.

S - Japanquest due to physical exhaustion

M - "Nothing is difficult for me"

Schmoooopp23 karma

Your music has meant so much to my gf and I and we can't wait to see you live in Los Angeles next week.

  1. Is there any plans for you to appear in any live music videos like with NSP? Your clothes are too good not to show more often.

  2. Is doctor snug actually vegetarian?

Hope to say hi on the 27th, thanks guys

TWRPband30 karma

  1. Yes absolutely, working on that all the time.
  2. Yes, for most of his life.

otter_be23 karma

If forces of evil conspired to strand you all in the wilderness, which animals would you befriend to help you get home?

TWRPband57 karma


Liquid-plumber23 karma

Hey guys thanks so much for making such amazing music! Your latest albums been super fun to listen to! Anyways the questions:

1.) As funky musicians that have traveled across time and space to fight boredom, do you have any advice for new, non-time traveling musicians who are just starting out and want to be able to make and perform music to?

2.) This one is for Lord Phobos: as a fellow guitarist, what do you use for amps/effects to achieve the tone you do?

3.) Do you think you guys could do a show in the New England area?

EDIT: formatting

TWRPband33 karma

1) I would say learn an instrument until you're proficient enough to play the kind of music you want to play. Also just listen to as much music as you possibly can as it will always keep you inspired! 2) Mostly just a Kemper - which does an amazing job emulating amps. The sounds are usually based on Marshalls for distorted stuff and Fenders for clean funky stuff. 3) I hope so! Hopefully someday soon.


HeyItsQuinten19 karma

Hi. First off I wanna say that I love LADYWORLD and Atomic Karate is probably my favourite track, along with Ladyworld and actually the whole album. So how did you get your inspiration for Atomic Karate and how did you go about writing it?

TWRPband28 karma

Instrumentally, inspiration came from listening to a lot of J-Pop. Lyrically, inspiration came from an old TWRP show poster made by Lazerhorse where Sung is reading a huge book called "ATOMIC KARATE".

startrotters19 karma

hey lads. i already did this in meouch's ama awhile ago, but just wanted to thank you guys again for being such an amazing positive influence in my life. ive traveled to dif states and another country to see you, as well as to meet my amazing partner i met through your music. <3 anyway, got some real important questions for yall:

what are your favorite cryptids? what was your fav video game of 2016, and what are you looking forward to release in 2017?

hope to see you in austin soon! <3

TWRPband32 karma

DS - mothman, Xcom 2

CM - samsquanch, latest CS:GO patch

HH - kraken, Overwatch/Witcher 3

LP - yeti, Omnibus

HeyItsQuinten18 karma

When is Commander Meouch going to get a promotion in rank?

TWRPband54 karma

When I stop mouthin' off to the top brass

sardinewhiskers17 karma

How did you and NSP become so close? How did you all meet?

TWRPband43 karma

We were searching our own name on YouTube years ago and NSP came up in the search results.

newtxtdoc17 karma

Casual Question: What are all your favourite colours?

TWRPband35 karma

S - yellow

P - red

M - blue

H - black

galaco16 karma

Hi guys! I just wanna say thanks for always being so kind to me the handful of times we've met! You've got no idea how much of a difference you've made for me. 😳

My question: Do you you have to 'step into' your stage personas? How do you feel your presence there differs from every day life?

Thanks for doing this AMA and always making time for your fans!

TWRPband26 karma

This is who we are, and what we do!

doc-highkicks16 karma

What does FOOD BAR taste like?

TWRPband30 karma


homophobos16 karma

When any of you are feeling down, what's sort of your go to pick-me-up? Love you guys, and love the new EP <3

TWRPband31 karma

Drugs... hard drugs

Corodim15 karma

What advice do you have for someone who struggles with lyric writing?

TWRPband42 karma

Don't be too hard on yourself or your ideas, and don't take yourself too seriously.

Brankles14 karma

How long does it take you guys to write a song?

TWRPband45 karma

We just wrote 4 in the time it took to ask this question.

warddraws14 karma


TWRPband14 karma



otter_be14 karma

Is ZAKK a fully transcended unpaid intern?

TWRPband34 karma

If our interns were anything remotely like ZAKK they would be very, very well paid interns. ZAKK is a champion.

tushy_face14 karma

How does one become an unpaid intern? :O

TWRPband36 karma

They are bred for that purpose

Syssin14 karma

Love you guys! Since we hear some saxophone in Built 4 Love, ever thought of adding more jazz instruments to songs? Such as Trumpets, Trombone, Tuba, Barytone sax etc? Also, what is the future like?

TWRPband35 karma

I've been trying to get the boys to go full jazz for ages... one day... one day


Ruccy13 karma

Hey everyone! Super big fan of you guys, found your first EP on Bandcamp back in 2013 and been a big fan since. I'd like to know: How's Lazerhorse's next music video for you guys coming? Really excited for it!

TWRPband21 karma

We've got some pretty fun stuff to announce regarding that. You'll be hearing/seeing more very soon.

TullTour197213 karma

Hey space-bros! Big fan! Was curious, did any of you take any music lessons when you were younger or did you teach yourselves? Thanks! Hope you guys can make it back to the Chicago area again soon!

TWRPband30 karma

We all took lessons at some point or another. If it wasn't for the awesome teachers who helped us along the way we would still be scrubs!

otter_be12 karma

You each get a dessert named after you. What's in the dessert?

TWRPband39 karma





Dystopian Paste (Soylent)


Donair Sauce


LyriaNewf11 karma

Yay! So happy you guys are still here (just got back from marching in Toronto - awesome day)... :)

Here's a couple questions... Leanor (aged 5) would like to know: Doctor Sung, why do you have a light in the centre of your armour? And (i quote), why are you "interested" in it? Also, what are you a doctor of? (she doesn't believe you're a doctor of theoretical syntax like mummy... not cool enough!) :/ Thea (aged 4) would like to know: Lord Phobos, do you play other instruments? And, what was your favourite subject at school/university? Brandon (aged 4) would like to know: do you have any pets? Because we have a Newf... randomly... Me (aged ???), I would like to know: How did you guys get involved with the Generator Event? Saw you there in Nov and as a result I went to the Opera House gig (amazing btw).

Thanks in advance. I'm a big fan, and so are my kids... watch this space (that it, your Facebook page) for some pretty crazy cosplay this Halloween ;) Bye!

TWRPband13 karma

Good on you for marching!

DS's chest light is his prismatic core - it interests him because without it he would stub his toes in the dark. He is a doctor of experimental high kicks.

LP plays lapsteel guitar. His favourite subject was astronomy & science.

There are some cats in our lives.

Generator came about when Chris Hadfield's son stumbled upon the video for The Hit.

Stay rad!

AtomicAnvil11 karma

Pie or cake?

TWRPband17 karma


Soulaire11 karma

Ladyworld seemed to focus on a theme more than other EP's, with songs calling back to each other and flowing like an album. Do you think future releases will follow this format, or is it more about writing whatever comes to your head? For Ladyworld, was the theme deliberate from the start or did it kinda grow up as you developed more songs?

TWRPband21 karma

Some of our favourite albums do this, having the tunes transition from one to another. We'll do it when it makes sense!

Rynoodle10 karma

Hey, I've got two questions

1) Do you have plans to work on more music videos in the future? I loved both The Hit and Food Bar's music videos, and I'd love to see more. Specifically I think an Atomic Karate video would be super rad

2) What're your guys' policy on copyright? Of course no one can rip your music without credit or anything, but what about using your songs as background music or outro music for a Youtube video or something?

Thanks for responding in advance, and thank you for all the hard work you guys put into your work. I've had Ladyworld on repeat all week, and I've recommended it to anyone that'll listen. Keep it up, you guys are an inspiration!

TWRPband12 karma


2) If you're not making off of our recordings and credit is given, then it's pretty chill. It's when money comes into the mix that it gets all janky.

Cliffbruce10110 karma

Hey its me, your boy Cliffbruce. When can we do 4v4 starcraft games again?

TWRPband15 karma

Anytime, anywhere YOU SCRUB!!!

series0fnumbers10 karma

Was there a specific situation that inspired the song Body Image?

TWRPband48 karma

Not really. Just super not down with body shaming or bullying.


Sythricus9 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing another AMA! Ladyworld was amazing and you guys killed it at the Opera House on the 14th!

Now, I love all of your EP's, but I really loved "The Device" and thoroughly enjoyed hearing it live when I saw you guys for the first time in March at that small Branford train station coffee house.

So my question is, "Will you ever include more 'The Device' tracks in your shows? Or is it all just going to permanently be from '2nite' onward?

Once again thanks for the AMA and all the great tunes! Keep rocking you awesome, funky, space nerds!

TWRPband15 karma

Nothing's off the table, but we tend to want to play out the newest, funkiest jams we got!

Monochrome_Jones8 karma

Hey Meouch, how do you keep your mane looking stylish and luxurious?

TWRPband15 karma

Goth Juice

bearrorism8 karma

Dr Sung, when you record your talkbox tracks, do you record the DX100 melody track separately and run it through the talkbox after, or just all at once?

Meouch, between your Music Man and your Jazz bass, which is your favorite to play?

Please come to Michigan again!!

TWRPband26 karma

The talkbox is done live.. synth > tube > mouth > mic! Also we used a Minimoog on LW this time around, which is a far far better synth source for the talkbox.

The MM for thumpin' and the Jazz for finger blastin'


ajree2108 karma

You guys were my most listened to artist this year on Spotify! My girlfriend and I travelled all the way to Chicago from Fargo to see you guys jam with NSP. Any chance you'll be swinging through the far northern States again in the future?

TWRPband12 karma


cherubot8 karma

any info you can give us about the set list for the show this friday?

TWRPband52 karma

Staind - It's been a while

Staind - It's been a while

Staind - It's been a while

Staind - It's been a while

Staind - It's been a while

Staind - It's been a while

Staind - It's been a while (12" club mix)

Staind - It's been a while

Staind - It's been a while

Staind - It's been a while


Staind - It's been a while

Staind - It's been a while


Staind - It's been a while

BasileusOmniworks8 karma

What's it like working with Ninja Brian?

TWRPband24 karma


homophobos8 karma

does Body Image still apply to non-ladies? as a non-lady, I have been wondering if the song is for me as well..

TWRPband13 karma

It's for everyone!

TWRPband6 karma


Xanrax8 karma

Hello! Awesome to see you guys doing an AMA. I saw you at MAGFest last year and then again when you came to Maryland with NSP. Both sets were really fun and I'm sure I'll catch you again when you're in the DC area. This AMA is great timing because I just opened my mailbox and got the signed CD today! Wasn't expecting it til later this week. I have a few questions, hopefully not too many.

1) A lot of your music is really electronic, but what I really like is how much funk is in every song. Meouch's bass specifically is incredible, I find myself really listening to those bass lines during the songs. What bands do you draw inspiration from when you start trying to tie the funk into the music?

2) How did you guys get involved with NSP? Did you contact them or did they reach out to you guys?

3) Have you made it to Japan yet?

Anyway, thanks for doing an AMA and hopefully will see you in concert again soon!

TWRPband23 karma

I'm a huge fan of Parliament, Brothers Johnson, Michael Jackson, EWF


The_Funyarinpa7 karma

Hey, just found out about twrp recently through nsp and am digging ladyworld. I also really like what you guys brought to Cool Patrol and I know you guys are probably going to go around with nsp when the new album is out. So when you do, are you going to drag them back here to Toronto? The show at the Opera House was amazing and I'd love to see all you guys again!

TWRPband15 karma

Brian barely killed anyone in Toronto, so I think that's a sign he liked it. I'm sure we'll all be back together in Toronto at some point!

Playsesh7 karma

Are you guys going to play in New York one day?

TWRPband13 karma


minihorse__7 karma

How do you feel as being called only a backup to NSP, and people not respecting that you make your own music?

TWRPband14 karma

We cry.

TheContractGamer7 karma

First off, I wanna say that you guys are so incredibly talented and I love your work! Second, how does it feel to be able to work with Danny and Brian and know that the entire NSP fanbase is in love with yall? Third, have you guys ever thought of coming to Oklahoma? ;)

TWRPband9 karma

  1. Thanks!

  2. Feels good man!

  3. Maybe one day! Working on Spring tour dates now.

Pixel-px6 karma

Hi guys! Big fan, I just have one question for Doctor Sung. What kind of keyboard do you use in the recording studio/concerts?

TWRPband9 karma

Moogs, Nords, Junos, Virus', too many to count!

racecarart6 karma

What are your favorite animals?

TWRPband28 karma





Fur devils




Teo-McDohl6 karma

Doctor Sung, how are you able to do those insane high kicks?

Meouch, Havve, Phobos, how do you guys feel about Sung's high kicks?

TWRPband32 karma

Fuckin' show off...


InfravioletUltrared6 karma

Were you surprised by the reception of Ladyworld, and the amount of responses that were expressions of gratitude in the hours and days that followed?

Also, I was wondering on my first listen to the album, was "Body Image" a collaborative effort in writing, or one person's?

TWRPband16 karma

We were happy that most people seemed receptive to the super-posi vibe of the EP - it was a slightly different direction for us, and though some fans didn't dig it quite as much, we felt humanity needed a bit of a pick me up after a bit of a rough year...

Body Image was 100% collaborative; we each wrote our own parts.

leeline6 karma

what sort of terrible tv shows do you all secretly love? and what sailor moon characters do yall think you're most like?

TWRPband12 karma

My Cat from Hell

TheWorldmind6 karma

Why is the B so damn sticky?

TWRPband14 karma

Sung loves to eat Cinnabon right before each show

thegangnamwalrus6 karma

What went through your head throughout when you guys were featured on Storage Wars Canada?

TWRPband20 karma

"My dad's gonna love this"

kaiteycat6 karma

I have two very important questions. 1) What does the Japanese in Atomic Karate translate to? And 2) for Food Bar, which came first: the song itself or the concept of work-out goofs (for which a song was needed)?

TWRPband11 karma

The Japanese in Atomic Karate is intended to be a loose translation of the english spoken part at the start. For FOOD BAR, the song and theme came simultaneously. We knew as we were writing that it needed a music video, and sent our concept off to Nathan Boone (who nailed it) almost immediately.

mord336 karma

a little late to the party, but im squeezing in at the last minute: would it be okay to use your songs for practicing animation? body image has inspired me to the point that i'd love to make a music video for it.

TWRPband9 karma

As long as you're not making any money from it, go ahead!

TheSquash25 karma

Hey Twrp! Love your music. I had 2 questions. 1. What are the odds of getting to meet you and say hi at the Regent Theater in L.A. next week? 2. Why don't you guys upload to soundcloud anymore? Thats all, I'll be seeing you guys live next week, can't wait!

TWRPband13 karma

  1. You never know!
  2. Soundcloud seems to be dying for most part, all our music is streamable on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc.

AwesomeEjm5 karma

Before anything, I'd just like to say that you guys are awesome and I'm a huuuuge fan! I do have one question. You guys are Doctor Sung, Commander Meouch, Lord Phobos, and Havve Hogan, right? What are everyone's first names? (apart from Havve Hogan, of course)

TWRPband21 karma

Those are our first names!

hofnerbassist5 karma

Hey TWRP! I'm a big fan of what you guys do, and I enjoy listening to whatever you put out. I'm curious, how come you guys only put out EP's? You guys could definitely put out a killer LP if you wanted. Why do you choose not to?

TWRPband19 karma

No real reason! We like to work at our own pace, and we love exploring different production methods and techniques. Doing EPs is a great way to do that. We'll do an LP when it feels right!

chensley5 karma

Any plans on announcing a bunch of stops in the U.S. like last year? I caught you guys in Kalamazoo and Baltimore and it was a blast.

Also, I was drunk in Baltimore and accidentally smacked Sung's ass when putting my arm around him for a pic. My bad

TWRPband6 karma

Most definitely!!!

No worries... I was drunk and slapped his ass too


gabrielv04105 karma

Are you guys ever going to do a live show outside of North America?

(Love the new EP btw)

TWRPband21 karma

Hopefully this year!

allyjyoung5 karma

Hey space dudes, I got a few questions if that’s okay! :D

壱) Favorite song by Phil Collins?

二) If you could only listen/play one daft punk song for the rest of your lifes, which one would it be?

三) Have you guys tried Carne Asada Fries? If yes, how would you compare them to poutine?

TWRPband19 karma


Digital Love

Never tried!

ZEN7975 karma

My signed copy of Ladyworld is coming in the mail today but my mailman walks very slow. In order to get my hands on some sweet jams early, what should I do to get him to walk faster?

TWRPband17 karma

Get him to listen to FOOD BAR

DLMX6445 karma

Will we ever see a comic or a short series about the origins of TWRP, how all four of you magnificent future studs met, began playing music and fighting unrighteous foes?

TWRPband8 karma

Abby Howard did something like that sorta.

ninjafromtheabyss5 karma

1) Are you guys going to perform in Chicago? 2) Did you like the sign my boyfriend and I made for the Toronto release party?

Ps. Love you guys and your shows are AMAZING!!!

TWRPband9 karma

1) 2017

2) You rule!

Pandorable775 karma

Hi TWRP! Fans of you guys since I bought Sex Is A Machine That Likes To Dance EP years ago and I've been stoked to see you guys start to get the attention you deserve!

Sad I couldn't make it when you were last in Chicago though, hope you come by again soon! Two questions, do you ever plan on rereleasing/perhaps rerecording some of your older work? And secondly, which band that you haven't worked with already would be your dream collaboration partners?

TWRPband17 karma

Ghost - we are also ironic occult enthusiasts.

AngieScribblez5 karma

Hi guys!

My husband and I are huge fans. We're so excited to see you guys on Friday for the third time.

What are your favorite movies? Video games?

See you on the 27th!

TWRPband13 karma

Big Trouble in Little China!

TheOsttle5 karma

Hey guys! Just got my CD in the mail today and I'm jamming out right now. As an aspiring musician, can you give us some insight into your creative process?

TWRPband21 karma

Our creative process revolves around deadlines. We do things backwards - we book the release date and THEN write and record the songs.

xdt3655 karma

Thanks for taking time for the AMA, my question is, what is everyone's favorite song to perform live?

TWRPband16 karma

H: Food Bar P: Ladyworld S: Body Image M: Makin' a Move

ninjabernie4 karma

Hey, I was at the Wiltern show you guys did in LA, what was the name of the instrumental track you performed with Brian and are there any plans to release it??

TWRPband6 karma

Fugue in P Minor

sardinewhiskers4 karma

Who would win in a fight: Ninja Brian or Havve Hogan?

TWRPband16 karma

Pray this never happens. For all of humanity's sake.

UltraGame4 karma

Would you guys be interested on adding your music for download content to Rockband 4?

TWRPband6 karma

That would be sweet.

Skookly4 karma

First thank you so much for the music. I really love it and this EP has been on my phone playing on repeat since it dropped. But for a question! What is one thing you guys would really like to accomplish as a band that you haven't yet? Any dream venues or genres you want to break into that you haven't crusaded your way through yet or people you wanna work with? Love you guys!

TWRPband11 karma

Four words...

TWRP: Live from SPACE

Crazyfacejohnson4 karma

Hey Twrp! Im a big fan of you guys and nsp. I went to the chicago concert and heard you guys call one of the guitars a dad guitar. I was wondering if that was a reference to Flight of the Conchords and if so what your favorite song by them is?

TWRPband5 karma

FOTC rule!!! Carol Brown is a deep cut we love

Matt_Man_944 karma

What do you guys have to do to keep Ninja Brian from murdering you guys when you collaborate?

TWRPband15 karma

Ninja Audrey likes us too much for Brian to kill us.

Edin_Jacko4 karma

Hey guys, any plans to turn Groove Crusaders into the saturday morning cartoon it deserves to be?

TWRPband18 karma

Ummmm, already happened... don't you REMEMBER ?!

TherenArima3 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for the new EP! So sexy.

Meouch: Fellow bassist here. Got any tips and/or sites to check out for tips to create licks as dank as yours?

TWRPband14 karma

Stevie Wonder's left hand!

kyarw103 karma

Hey guys! I'm a big fan! I have 2 questions! 1.When you guys start touring again are you coming to the DC/Baltimore area? I'd really love if you did. 2.This one's for Meouch. I've wanted to start playing bass for a while. I already play violin and I've started playing ukulele. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start out with playing bass guitar? You guys are awesome and I got my CD in the mail today and I just wanna say thank you for being such an inspiration! You guys really made my birthday this year!

TWRPband8 karma

  1. Absolutely

  2. Be prepared to suck heavily at first... especially since you're switching from the smallest 4 stringed instrument, to the biggest! Good luck!

greedy_racoon3 karma

How would you guys say your musical style has shifted throughout the years, from The Device all the way into Ladyworld?

TWRPband8 karma

We all listen to tons of different music. Whatever we're all jamming out to together at the time ends up influencing the music we write.

MemeBoiii3 karma

Hey guys. Loving the new album. What is your favourite meme of 2016?

TWRPband5 karma

Hamster Dance

hfxcosplay3 karma

Favorite song from the 80's that no one know about? I love that not all the songs on Under the Covers with NSP are obvious.

TWRPband8 karma

Newcleus - Automan

Ke-203 karma

Hey guys! It seems like you explored different musical themes on different EPs, IE Ladyworld was more pop-y than precedent, Guardians of the Zone was 100% funk-y, and the Device was way more rock/electronic. Are there any musical styles you didn't delve into yet that you plan on, or you'd be interested but didn't have the chance yet?

TWRPband11 karma

Post-bop Clown-Core

SSJBobert3 karma

Hey guys! Love your stuff!

I have a question for Have Hogan, when you cover Rush songs how much practice does it take you to learn the drum parts?

Also, come to NYC, baby!

Thanks guys, keep rocking on!

TWRPband21 karma

I tend to play pretty reserved drum parts in TWRP, (since everyone else is going ape-shit), so it's a change of pace to learn a Rush song for sure. I spent a lot of time listening to/playing prog music when I was younger and it's somewhat familiar territory, but it still takes time to learn all those specific parts. Rush fans are also insane and know every single note Neil plays, so I have the fear of their wrath to motivate me.


h4mb0n3r3 karma

hey dudes! loved ladyworld so much, thank you for it!! do you have any favorite comic books or horror movies?

TWRPband12 karma

Alien, The Witch, The Thing, Hellraiser, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 3, The Fly, etc, etc

Croutonz113 karma

I know you guys play shows in Halifax, any plans to continue heading east and playing a show in nfld?

TWRPband4 karma

We'd love to play the Rock! Not sure when it will happen

_Cierra_3 karma

Will you guys ever do a US tour? And if so would you come to Portland OR??!!

TWRPband6 karma


Th31rishL4dd3 karma

Big fan. 2 questions.

1: What is your favorite song that you guys have ever made?

2: How do you slap bass so funky like you do? Its super groovy man.

TWRPband10 karma

FOOD BAR is the best song we got!

Practice, practice, practice, practice

Squirlypuffs3 karma

This AMA is so rad, and love the new EP atomic karate is my fav. What video game characters do you guys think represent yourselves?

TWRPband13 karma

Earthworm Jim


The guy from QWOP


Shy Guy


Johnny Cage


PatchesJHollin2 karma

What trials did Commander Meouch endure to gain such otherworldly bass skills?

TWRPband6 karma

Sold my soul to a Demon ages and ages ago...


cactuspulp2 karma

Do any of you guys play any brass instruments? Have you ever thought of implementing them into your songs? I know it's not electronic, but it'd be cool if it could fit! Love you guys. The bass line in groove crusaders makes me feel spicey.

TWRPband7 karma

Havve plays the sickest air-horn I've ever heard!

funnyjokemans2 karma

Hey guys, I love your work and I just wanted to ask phobos how did you get access to guitars in space aswell as when did you start playing guitar?

TWRPband7 karma

In a parallel universe somewhere far far away, Guitar Center is an omni-universal corporation with stores across all potential spaces and times.

Starting playing guitar at age 11


allyjyoung2 karma

Also, are you guys enjoying this Californian rain?

TWRPband8 karma

It's objectively good for the whole drought thing... but this place is turning us into weaklings. It SUCKS!!!!!

Jklindy2 karma

Loved Ladyworld. What song was the most fun to record? And did you use any new or interesting gear on the album?

TWRPband8 karma

We switched it up and used a Minimoog for the talkbox and all the keybass this time around. Love those synths!

doc-highkicks2 karma

will you be going on tour again soon for Ladyworld?

TWRPband9 karma