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Thanks for doing this, guys! I've been listening to TTT for days, and Life Party is the grooviest fuckin thing I've ever heard.

I listened to the album for the first time when I was in the shower. Imagine for a moment that you've just finished shaving everything below the neck, and you're covered in coconut oil like some kind of fat slippery slug. Suddenly, the most jammin' song you've ever heard comes on and you have to know the name immediately. I almost died slithering out of that shower to find out what song it was.

I would liken Life Party to be the Topanga to my Corey.

Anyway, here's my question. My cat loves flippin' his turds all over the fuckin' place in his cat box. I tried to get a cover for it, but he still tracks litter out the front.

Meouch, could you please recommend me a cat litter that will cut down on this? When I last saw you in concert, your feet were as clean as your funky bass lines. Thanks in advance!

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Hey guys! Big fan here. I saw you guys in October in Chicago last year and I count it as the number 1 concert I've been to, and I've had my fair share. I saw the frickin Spice Girls.

Anyway, on to my question. Doctor Sung, what kind of vocal warmup do you do before shows, if any? You sounded tasty af in Chicago and I have been in love ever since.

P.S. My birthday was on the 12th and Ladyworld was the best gift I'd ever been given. Atomic Karate is my SHIT.  

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Like this?

Should I get original, or cacao? Marbles is a fancy boy, and I want him to have the most splendid pooping experience.

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Thank you for answering! You guys are a gift sent from a higher power.

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