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Xanrax8 karma

Hello! Awesome to see you guys doing an AMA. I saw you at MAGFest last year and then again when you came to Maryland with NSP. Both sets were really fun and I'm sure I'll catch you again when you're in the DC area. This AMA is great timing because I just opened my mailbox and got the signed CD today! Wasn't expecting it til later this week. I have a few questions, hopefully not too many.

1) A lot of your music is really electronic, but what I really like is how much funk is in every song. Meouch's bass specifically is incredible, I find myself really listening to those bass lines during the songs. What bands do you draw inspiration from when you start trying to tie the funk into the music?

2) How did you guys get involved with NSP? Did you contact them or did they reach out to you guys?

3) Have you made it to Japan yet?

Anyway, thanks for doing an AMA and hopefully will see you in concert again soon!