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LyriaNewf11 karma

Yay! So happy you guys are still here (just got back from marching in Toronto - awesome day)... :)

Here's a couple questions... Leanor (aged 5) would like to know: Doctor Sung, why do you have a light in the centre of your armour? And (i quote), why are you "interested" in it? Also, what are you a doctor of? (she doesn't believe you're a doctor of theoretical syntax like mummy... not cool enough!) :/ Thea (aged 4) would like to know: Lord Phobos, do you play other instruments? And, what was your favourite subject at school/university? Brandon (aged 4) would like to know: do you have any pets? Because we have a Newf... randomly... Me (aged ???), I would like to know: How did you guys get involved with the Generator Event? Saw you there in Nov and as a result I went to the Opera House gig (amazing btw).

Thanks in advance. I'm a big fan, and so are my kids... watch this space (that it, your Facebook page) for some pretty crazy cosplay this Halloween ;) Bye!