All man... No myth... THE LEGEND... Ron Jeremy here.

I have worked in the business for over 35 years, appeared in close to 2,000 adult films, directed 250, starred in 55 music videos, as well as 60 mainstream features.

Nicknamed “The Hedgehog;” I was ranked #1 on the AVN Magazine “100 Top Porn Stars of All Time” list.

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This is day 3 in a series of AMA's, live from the booth at the AVN Expo in Las Vegas. You can see Ron's profile here. Many thanks to the HotMovies team for making this happen today.

Let the mom jokes begin!!


Video of Ron playing the Harmonica during his AMA here

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EDIT: Thanks for the questions folks. You can see Ron's answers as videos in some of the replies. We're going to get Ron to answer a few more questions tomorrow, it's a shortened day at AVN but we'll get some more done!

Note: Ron wants to know how often he should do a Reddit AMA? You can answer in this post and we'll show him tomorrow.

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kayjay254752 karma


I recently switched jobs and I was thinking of rolling over my 401k from my previous employment into a Roth IRA. Do you think this would be a sound financial decision?

RonJeremyXXXX4755 karma

No idea I'd lead you in the wrong direction. Don't invest in Porn too much pirating

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Weeeeeman4621 karma

Ron Jeremy!!!

Hello from the UK

I would just like to let you know that your porn was the first I ever saw and i still remember it to this day, my friend found it in his loft (attic?) And we feverishly snuck it downstairs into his room so we could watch it, this was in the days of vhs so we had to remember precisely where it was wound before returning it, but I digress.

In the scene I remember you are fucking a busty blonde who has a beehive style haircut, she switches to a blowjob and just as you are about to cum you whip it out and stick it in her hair and cum all over it, she begins to cry with the line not in my hair, I have a date tonight

This line became legendary between me and my friend and as 10 year old boys we fucking laughed our arses off saying it at the most ridiculous of times, almost 20 years later and I still remember it and chuckle.

Thank you for the laughs Ron.

RonJeremyXXXX5821 karma

That's a very well known scene! That was a scene that Peewee herman was watching when he got busted.. Funny funny movie

whysocereus4123 karma

Hi Ron. Back in 2009, after a party at the Playboy Mansion there was an after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel. You stumbled into our hotel room when our door was open. You ended up hanging out for hours drinking with us and taking my friends 1 by 1 into the bathroom so they could "see it." Then you wrote me down your email address and asked me to send you all the pics I took and you would send me a DVD in return.

I never got my DVD... what the crap?!

Follow-up question: What all happened in that bathroom with my friends?


RonJeremyXXXX4372 karma

I remember! 2009 yeah? I remember there was no sex. We traded flash for flash. A few girls flashed their boobs and I flashed the penis.

Where are you based out of? We'll send you a DVD. Send this account a message.

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drmchan3503 karma

So when I was 15, I ended up getting on a flight with you at LAX and recgonized you but i was with my parents. If I said hi, it implied that I knew your work and would have been an awkward conversation with my parents, so I passed. But my question is do kids recognize you and come up and say hi? Does it get awkward?

RonJeremyXXXX14512 karma

I prefer it when their parents say hi. But the parents have a hard time doing it with my dick in their mouth.

LargeCzar3271 karma

Who did you fuck to wind up in Boondocks Saints?

RonJeremyXXXX6452 karma

The director Troy Duffy. I reminded him of his uncle.

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SillyFlyGuy2910 karma

Got any advice for us regular guys?

RonJeremyXXXX5728 karma

Edge it'll feel better... think of something disgusting... German shepherds.. don't think about being gay

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dick-nipples2718 karma

Do you still have feeling in your penis?

RonJeremyXXXX3978 karma

Yes yes... more than ever... I will admit, my dad 98 years old, he says you get a little shorter in height, and you get a little less hard, but he can still do it

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Pronage2552 karma

There was a story not too long ago here on Reddit where a man was courting a woman in a bar. He said you offered to be his wing man, to which he declined.

Were you trying to bang his girl?

RonJeremyXXXX2525 karma

When did this happen? I wouldn't have approached. If I did I would have offered a swap, or a vanilla swap, just play around a bit

(he meant wife swapping, and vanilla swap meaning no sex, just kissing/fondling etc)

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How did you get started in the porn industry?

RonJeremyXXXX3941 karma

Bend over and blow yourself, wear a rubber so you don't get infected. For girls it's easy, for guys you gotta bring a girl. Without a girl don't even waste your time

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RonJeremyXXXX2364 karma

Ron wants to know:

How often should I do a Reddit AMA? I don't want to saturate it or overstay my welcome...

slim3-162312 karma

Favourite pair of titties?

RonJeremyXXXX9522 karma

Christy Canyon, all natural DD. I got a quick glimpse of Jennifer tillys tits and they were great, I was looking for a extra for my movie I was in one time. Oh.. and your mom

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CapriciousCake2046 karma

What was your dream job when you were a child?

RonJeremyXXXX3389 karma

Selling ice cream in Cunningham park, queens NYC

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that_guy_fry1937 karma

Would you cast a guy with two dicks in a porno?

RonJeremyXXXX2160 karma

Yes. It would make a fortune. There was a company called Razor Time (sp? it's loud here) that did that but it was fake obv

LSD-DXM1721 karma

Tits or Ass?

RonJeremyXXXX7829 karma

maverickLI1611 karma

Which non adult film did you most enjoy being a part of?

RonJeremyXXXX2424 karma

Boondog saints for sure

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Daniel_Bobo_Kurlan1589 karma

How often do you have sex nowadays?

RonJeremyXXXX2758 karma

Once a day or two, I can't complain

true_spokes1587 karma

What is the most important non-sexual lesson you've learned during your career?

RonJeremyXXXX3402 karma

Check your blood pressure at least once every 2 months, it's free!

Stores provide it for free.

And it will save your life!

And it doesn't hurt, it kind of tickles.

2.. This is a lesson I've always known - Don't do drugs. Your body will get even eventually

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rhino8o1580 karma

Ron, how many vaginas have you penetrated? Did they all feel similar or vastly different?

RonJeremyXXXX4870 karma

There's a lot of difference, the bumps on the roof.. it's good... I don't care I just want a pulse, if she's breathing I'm going in

silent_ging001522 karma

What was the grossest thing that's ever happened to you while filming a scene?

RonJeremyXXXX3672 karma

People vomitted on a boat in Spain. Instead of blowing me she was blowing chunks

treyisajedi931316 karma

who is your favorite person to fuck?

RonJeremyXXXX2626 karma

Well the last time ink kept saying your mom, this time I'll say tabitha Stevens and christy canyons

Cyborgsumo1145 karma

What do guys take to shoot such big loads?

RonJeremyXXXX2311 karma

Peter north wrote a whole book. It's just metabolism. Two magic words: hold back. Get real close, stop, pause two hours... go back.. edge yourself to build up the muscle

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MaxGriefen1013 karma

Ron Jeremy, I am a sad fat loser in high school and you are my number one role model and inspiration. How do I get the ladies, Mr. Jeremy?

RonJeremyXXXX3276 karma



So why is it that in porn, women have to look like a Barbie doll, but most of the men look like they just came out of jail?

RonJeremyXXXX1396 karma

Sending you my "flower"...

Easy answer. The girl is the fantasy. The guys are just props. Look at Ed Powers. John Holmes. Max Hardcore. Etc. Etc.

The girl is the draw.

Now in the gay films, where the man is the fantasy, they're all good looking, strong, muscular.. They look they just came out of the gym not jail, because they did.

Jail or barbershop, doesn't matter

Ms-Anthrop875 karma

Hi Ron. Has there ever been any scene you refused to do and why?

RonJeremyXXXX1258 karma

There was an S&M scene, it was too strong. I'll do the playful stuff, but it's not really my thing.. In a 35 year career, and over 2000 movies, I only did S&M B&D TNA NBC ABC and IUD. IOU.

McSparkle782 karma

Does having sex become boring to you since you do it for work? Do you find your mind drifting off to your grocery list or what is going to be on TV tonight while having sex now?

RonJeremyXXXX872 karma

That's funny... I think the lord or Mother Nature wants us to be monogomous with the sex, and the opposite with your girl. Often sex lives get stale so it's better to shop around

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doctahdave747 karma

If one of your children wanted to enter the adult film industry, what would be your response (I'm assuming you have children)?

RonJeremyXXXX1436 karma

When you're over 18 I can't boss you around. There used to be some class in this biz, it ain't what it used to be. Pirates 3 got cancelled, work with your boyfriend it's not so bad that way

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trottinghorse720 karma

How many times have you seen a woman full on poop during an anal scene?

RonJeremyXXXX1299 karma

After much thought.. twice.. I warned the director it was the wrong position, I told him., He should have done doggystyle.. up and over her. Gravity will work in your favour.. When the girl is on top it's a guaranteed mess.. Never seen a girl poop with the up and over (from the top like) doggystyle position. Let gravity do it's job

rwgriffith715 karma

would you or have you ever let a guy suck that big ole dick?

RonJeremyXXXX1784 karma

Never. But you can be my first. Never, nothing wrong with it, but I don't bat for that team... YET!!

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vegetarian_foster648 karma

Kraft or Annie's Mac and cheese? Don't answer this wrong, Ron. There IS a right answer

RonJeremyXXXX1042 karma

I never heard of Annie. I'll go with kraft

autumngust564 karma

What's the hardest part of doing a shoot, besides your penis?

RonJeremyXXXX1429 karma

Ron just took a break to fondle a fan's wife and lick her tits before signing a picture..

The hardest part that most guys have problems with.. The hard part is STAYING hard.. Let's say you had sex the night before, you might be left with a small amount of sperm..

But even more important, lets say you haven't cum in a long time,, Yo have to go real slow and think of something disgusting... Getting it up is easy.

If your'e worried about blowing your load, when she gets on top it's so hard because you have no control over her.. you're like SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN AAHHHHHHHH

justSFWthings559 karma

Please, please, please, we've got to know.

What does Traci Lords taste like?

RonJeremyXXXX1375 karma

You mom.. hahaha..

firmretention529 karma

What is your favorite role you've ever played, and why is it Jizzmaster Zero?

RonJeremyXXXX459 karma

Second favourite... First was my role in Boondog Saints

EthanX08461 karma

RonJeremyXXXX878 karma

Maybe boats make her sea sick, and I make her sick

KadusFUCK457 karma

How is your friend that had the hoarding problem?

RonJeremyXXXX612 karma

We were on tv together Louise... she's doing good, she's very sweet

KaladinStorms407 karma

Hey! I met you once maybe 7-8 years ago at Paddy McGees in Island Park, NY , you came on your boat and you let me pet your kitten-tiger. My question would be how is he doing? Is he all grown up now? What else is he into these days?

RonJeremyXXXX545 karma

That's cool. I remember this. Larry Wallach is a US marshall for animals. He got me a license. To have baby wild animals up to 7 months. I had a cute baby tiger. He's now grown up and quite ferocious. Larry breeds them. You can see an adorable video of me larry the tiger and a poodle. Search for me and tiger vs. poodle

that's a great video.

JScottChrist404 karma

When and how did you lose your virginity?

RonJeremyXXXX1060 karma

Ok I'll ask this in a second but Ron is busy playing harmonica for a crowd! The American National Anthem. How perfect.

  1. And I did it backwards. I put the rubber on backwawrds. The lubricant was facing me.. I fucked myself

ithurts2bankok299 karma

Can you tie your penis into a pretzel?

RonJeremyXXXX833 karma

C'mon.. How can you forget. It was your teeth that did the trick.

CooterMcGillicuddy195 karma

have you ever peed inside a girls butt?

RonJeremyXXXX236 karma

He's gotta go through all 2000 in his head..

I couldn't, it's hard to shit and pee at the same time

I'm kidding. That to me is DEEEEEEEEEEEEEsgusting

ThreshingBee113 karma

Hey Ron could you give us a Twitter verification? You won't believe what some people around here can do with a photo.

RonJeremyXXXX79 karma

I'll check after

mugable62 karma

When do you see yourself retiring? Are you just gonna keep going until the equipment gives out?
Ps: loved you as Jizzmaster Zero.

RonJeremyXXXX94 karma

When my dick falls off!

Dugtrios2 karma

Are you going to answer any questions?

RonJeremyXXXX4 karma