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Ron Jeremy!!!

Hello from the UK

I would just like to let you know that your porn was the first I ever saw and i still remember it to this day, my friend found it in his loft (attic?) And we feverishly snuck it downstairs into his room so we could watch it, this was in the days of vhs so we had to remember precisely where it was wound before returning it, but I digress.

In the scene I remember you are fucking a busty blonde who has a beehive style haircut, she switches to a blowjob and just as you are about to cum you whip it out and stick it in her hair and cum all over it, she begins to cry with the line not in my hair, I have a date tonight

This line became legendary between me and my friend and as 10 year old boys we fucking laughed our arses off saying it at the most ridiculous of times, almost 20 years later and I still remember it and chuckle.

Thank you for the laughs Ron.

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A jury of your peers

looks around


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Zero hour contracts are literally the worst thing some toff ever thought up.

"We will abuse you whilst we need you, but then you can fuck off"

I laughed in the face of my old GM when he sat us down to try and explain to us why moving us to zero hour contracts would benefit "us"

Them and "stand by shifts" (hahaha haha) are the reason I will never step foot in a restaurant professionally again.

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raises $22m to sell chocolate bars in someone else's car, that they pay nothing towards

meanwhile kids go hungry due to "lunch debt"

just capitalism things