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There was a story not too long ago here on Reddit where a man was courting a woman in a bar. He said you offered to be his wing man, to which he declined.

Were you trying to bang his girl?

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What is the most surprising/interesting thing you have learned about the past?

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A related question(s). What made you decide upon the proximity sensor as a toggle for beme and not a shake sequence or button to be able to free users to different camera positions without having to have a finger in an odd position on the phone.

What happens if a user accidentally takes a video they do not want on the internet? (Say a nip slip happens or something like that). Is there a timer or something?

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What if i told you that yo u can get ripped AND eat muffins AT THE SAME TIME!!

All you got to do is pay pal 49.95 usd to my paypal and we can get started on YOUR life journy to greatness.

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Whats up Aaron. How is it going?

If i may ask, what in your mind is the key to staying positive as well as being successful.

Great hearing from you again. I hope to see more of you.