I've been doing this job since last september, I thought about doing this AMA, as i believe some of you would want to know more about living/working in a Hostel.

Proof: https://postimg.org/image/8jg4cqh5j/

EDIT: Extra Proof https://postimg.org/image/o64wf21q1/

EDit2 Since some people are asking the name of the Hostel, and others even want to book for some nights: "Shiado Hostel", just google it my friends, and if you actually come, pls tell me you found us in this AMA

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OhMyHek1148 karma

Is it true that on any given night there is always an Australian in every hostel anywhere on earth?

Theinnkeeper271070 karma

Myth BUSTED we currently have no Australian in the Hostel (but we've had a few), and before you ask: Yes most of them were surfers No they aren't upside down neither have pet kangaroos

Kolipe31 karma

What percent are from Adelaide

Theinnkeeper2725 karma

I think we've had one guest from adelaide!

Kolipe21 karma

Hmm. The majority of aussies I meet are from there.

Also I stayed at your hostel in June and will be staying there again for a night or two before making my way to Porto for NOS Primavera!

Theinnkeeper2741 karma

Just google shiado hostel, stay with us and dinner is on me

lonesome_god16 karma

Follow up question:

Is it true that on any given night there is always an Austrian in every hostel anywhere on earth?

Theinnkeeper2725 karma

Sry my friend :C another myth bites the buster

sred4246 karma

Going to Lisbon in a couple weeks. Any pro tips for a long weekend trip?

Theinnkeeper27658 karma

1st of all: confortable shoes, it's always either up or downhill in Lisbon (its called the city of the 7 hills for a reason) Check de Lisbon Aquarium! it's so awesome, i'd go there everyday if i could. Get yourself a Pastel de Nata at a place called "Manteigaria", ask for some cinnamon to put on top of it ;) So many things, I'll just list some places i think you really need to visit; - Estufa Fria de Lisboa - Estádio da Luz (my team's football stadium) - Tower of Belém and the Jeronimo's Monastery (they're close to each other and the whole area around is interesting aswell) - The Castle (yup we have a castle in the middle of the capital how awesome is that?) -Miradouro de Santa Catarina, and the "Portas do Sol" -Alfama

IDK i really am in love with this city, there's so much to do and see,

Do you already have a place to stay?

epsilonrho640 karma

Do you already have a place to stay?

Smooth. r/sales

Theinnkeeper27436 karma

Well it doesn't hurt does it? guilty though

Valmond174 karma

Pastel de Nata

That's gods gift to people not even liking desserts...

Theinnkeeper2782 karma

Yes it is... Yes it is...

xxxJackSpeedxxx20 karma

We stayed in the Alfama... that's not a place to drink heavily and then try to find your room afterwards.

Theinnkeeper2731 karma

if you like challenges r/MazeRunner

DR_COOL20 karma

I was worried about the hills in Lisbon - Do you know of another tourist-friendly city / area in Portugal that's not quite as hilly? I've always wanted to visit / live in Portugal, but I have a disability that makes up & down walks difficult.

Theinnkeeper2734 karma

Figueira da Foz (where i come from) check it out

QubaHQ16 karma

That whole "city of seven hills" name is so funny. In the past decade, among other places I lived in Istanbul and in San Francisco and both use this nickname, too!

Theinnkeeper2730 karma

we also have A bridge just like the SF's Golden Gate!

slurp_derp27 karma

You da real MVP....

Theinnkeeper2731 karma

No slurp, you're the real MVP

MrParas_Jasal236 karma

Sweetest conversation/person you've ever encountered?

Theinnkeeper27556 karma

Oh so so many, but I'd say this one korean girl who came here almost crying cuz she was lost, she stayed with us for a week and gave me a good luck charm that was a gift from her mom. we still talk sometimes. but saying goodbye to the "good" guests is a bit sad sometimes..

johnnyknack190 karma

Could I get a pepperoni pizza and a beer please? I'm in room 22.

Theinnkeeper27300 karma

OH johnny i've told you already, your card didn't come through you're lucky i let you stay there

unicorn_potential149 karma

Who was your least favourite guest and why?

Theinnkeeper27339 karma

yeah... there was these group, two couples they tried to get away without paying and when we confronted them they tried to blame me, luckily my boss trusted me and backed me up, I still remember their names and faces perfectly, I was so mad, I really wanted this job, and this could've ruined my lifeplan...

adudeguyman109 karma

What is your lifeplan?

Theinnkeeper27436 karma

right now, stay in lisbon, go back to school, a masters in marketing or something like that and get a Ferret

anallergytoanalogy160 karma

what will you name the ferret?

Theinnkeeper27676 karma

Bóris, cuz well, that's my name, and people will get confused

http_401175 karma

As I was reading this thread I imagined you as a pretty, cheerful girl with a welcoming smile. I will adjust accordingly going forward. I think I'll give you dark, wavy hair and nice abs.

Theinnkeeper27116 karma

tall blonde-ish guy the abs not so much xD

CherryBlizard53 karma

Some day when I buy my ferret I will name it Bóris in honor of you.

Theinnkeeper2780 karma

of all this AMA this was the one thing that made me happier

thejesiah18 karma

What is your lifeplan?

Have dreams myself of owning/running a hostel or sorts some day.

Also, do you do stay-trades with other hostels around the world and basically sleep free any time you travel?

Theinnkeeper2735 karma

Back to college next year, geting a pet ferret, conquer the world. I've heard about the stay trades, but not all hostels do that im afraid :C

dgcaste0 karma

Where were they from?

logiccraze7 karma

Where were they from?

Yeah, where were they from? Their behavior is entirely caused by where they come from!

cttime6 karma

Only if they are from America and it's a bad trait.

Theinnkeeper271 karma

they weren't from America, and that's all i'll say

AstoriasStar139 karma

Strangest story/experience you would like to share?

Theinnkeeper27417 karma

Well I do have a couple (or more) of funny ones, I think one of my favorite would have to be the one about this Austrian guest who was staying here a while ago (mid octobre i think):

I started my shift at 09:00, and right away a guest asked me to go to our storage room, to put away some luggage of his, while we're going down the hallway i start hearing a weird sound, and then I see the said guest leaning on a door, I thought he was drunk and throwing up or something, but he was actually taking a piss, the poor fella was so lost. I stood there for a sec, confused, and all of the sudden the door opens, a lady comes out of it, sees the guy with his "thing" in his hand still going, and starts screaming, the guys starts screaming, there's pee flying around, meanwhile the 1st guest (the luggage one) was just there laughing, idk felt like I was part of one of those weird renaissance paintings. I had to throw him out of the hostel though, i kinda felt bad, he was a nice guy, just drank a few too many... but i had to. The lady got a total refund btw.

eph5032122 karma

why are hostels in Lisboa so great? I feel like I had my choice of 10+ fantastic, cheap options when I visited - nothing like comparable cities across Europe.

Theinnkeeper2795 karma

We are in fact known for haveing some of the best Hostels :D

duaneap117 karma

Are people banging like all the time? I noticed in some of the hostels I've stayed in in Europe, it's treated like a seminary but others were basically swingers clubs. What's your experience in this respect?

Theinnkeeper27175 karma

In this hostel i haven't seen (or heard) nothing like that, at least not in the dorms, we do have 4 private rooms, and there, boys and girls, there is where the magic happens ;)

duaneap49 karma

How do the private rooms work? I was in a hostel in Zagreb where it was a "private room" but that just meant small. As in, it was co-ed, like all the large dorms, but there were only 4 reasonably private beds. They were freaking awesome.

Theinnkeeper2768 karma

Well the privates are in fact a bit more expensive, basically we have to types of private bedrooms: with two single beds, or with a double bed, basically is much more similar to what you'd get in an hotel, I don't think they're small at all

MarioSeabraCoelho98 karma

Have you ever let out a fart so nasty people from adjacent tables had to leave?

I fucking remember, Bóris.

Theinnkeeper2743 karma

I actually have to behave here :C

dimplejuice74 karma

How is the Portuguese economy doing? I recall it was lumped in with the PIIGS debt crisis a few years ago. Many tourists and occupancy?

Theinnkeeper27172 karma

The economy is just starting to get back to its feet, slowly, but we're hoping for the best.

We have high expectations for 2017, Lisbon is getting really trendy as a travel destination, (cheap prices while being a European capital).

Last year Lisbon had more than 12 million visitors, that's more than the country's entire population!

skorge48431 karma

I'm actually moving to Lisbon in February! Greetings from the U.S!

Theinnkeeper2724 karma

come by the hostel and say hi

skorge4847 karma

Will do! I just have to remember to write the name of the hostel down...and learn decent Portuguese haha.

Theinnkeeper278 karma

whenever you want : [email protected]

shreditorOG57 karma

Can I come visit?

Theinnkeeper2764 karma

Of course you can!!!

throwwawayy_lmao54 karma

What's the most common thing people ask that you hate?

Theinnkeeper27136 karma

I'd say its mostly two things: People all the time ask me to do stuff that aren't really part of my job, like doing their dishes and carrying their luggage,just minor stuff like that, they even get upset when i tell them i can't help with that,i think this mostly happens because they're used to Hotels and don't really understand the difference between those and a Hostel. The other thing is when they ask me where to buy drugs xD and that leaves me in a really unconfortable situation

throwwawayy_lmao111 karma

If someone asks for drugs, just say "look for the orange cross" and watch people get confused and look for an orange cross

Theinnkeeper27109 karma

That's brilliant and I promise that I'll do it from now on thanks !

FatCatsRCool48 karma

Do you plan on working in hostels in other countries?

I stayed in the G Spot hostel in Lisbon about a year ago and it was easily the craziest and most fun hostel from my trip.

Theinnkeeper2737 karma

Nope, unless if I go there as a workaway, meaning i could stay for free for a short time as long as I helped by working a couple of shifts or doing some chores.

Mentalpopcorn47 karma

How great is working at a hostel for your sex life? I worked at a hostel in the States for a year, and for whatever reason the guy working front desk at the hostel is apparently a great choice for sex over vacation because I had a new hook up every couple of weeks.

Theinnkeeper2756 karma

I don't think it has helped at all, maybe my "game" isn't that good, i'm a bit shy tbh, idk

cosmos_jm40 karma

How do you feel about Lisbon's status as a mere City-State in Civilizatuon VI? I've conquered it so many times, made it part of my empires, but I was worried about the effect on its people. :P

Theinnkeeper2768 karma

We actually like you a lot cosmos, you're a great leader! \o/

DonTaico36 karma

Hey, thanks for doing the AMA! For people interested in traveling and are worried about staying in a hostel for the first time, what advice would you give them to help them feel more comfortable with the experience? (Like sharing a sleeping space with others for example)

Theinnkeeper2758 karma

You're welcome and sorry it took me so long to answer you, I just got you lost ( i didn't think i'd have so many questions) Personal tip: try to figure out if you're staying in a quiet hostel or a party hostel. The one I work in is really really quiet. Just be friendly with everyone, people will feel bad with being asses to someone who's been friendly to them, don't hesitate if there's something going on that you dislike, (ie: lights on in the middle of the night, noise in the bedroom,..) just talk nicely and 99% of the times people will be comprehensive.

anallergytoanalogy34 karma

Do you ever worry that Portugese Man O' War jellyfish will somehow get in your hostel?

Theinnkeeper2754 karma

Every single day, i can barely sleep, everyday we hustle

Stambro132 karma

Out of all of international travelers you come across, what group seems to be the worst nationality to deal with? And Why?

Theinnkeeper2768 karma

I was waiting for this question since the i started the AMA - And I'm sorry to disappoint, but there isn't one, portuguese guests are a bit awkward though.

shinrikyou26 karma

Asked by a portuguese: what makes you say that?

Theinnkeeper2758 karma

Answered by a portuguese (in english so that the others here understand) the portuguses guests are way more demanding and usually think we're working FOR them, and everything is waaay more formal, But even saying so it doesn't mean they're (we´re?) that bad, its mostly just awkward i guess

heart_stretched24 karma

I am coming to Portugal in Summer and would love a simple city list to follow. I am currently thinking North to South as my cousin lives in Faro, but what is the best way to experience your lovely country?

Theinnkeeper2757 karma

Vila-Real->Porto->Serra Da Estreal-> Coimbra->Lisboa+Sintra-> Alentejo in general, just pick some random places, the food is great->Faro You could totally stay in this hostel wink

Frostonn22 karma

  • You hang out with those crazy drunk Australians over at the G-Spot?
  • How tight are those buns/quads with those ridiculous hills?

Theinnkeeper2753 karma

HAHA no, no, but I've heard the parties there go a bit crazy.

Tight af wink

richter24520 karma

North American here who recently had the pleasure of traveling to Lisbon over the summer, question: How is it that literally every single piece of barbecue pork I had in Lisbon tasted phenomenal?

Theinnkeeper2722 karma

You'd die if you tasted my grandma's food then XD

iamoldskool13 karma

How much to torture and kill an American, and how do you cover it up?

Theinnkeeper2716 karma

I'd play any football, european football, not handegg "football", then i'd throw him .... jk we don't do that in this hostel

runnerengineergal11 karma

Do have any advice for someone that is looking to travel alone for the first time? I really want to go traveling in Europe for a few weeks by myself but I've never traveled internationally before so I'm a little scared to commit to it.

Theinnkeeper2715 karma

travel light, no valualbles just in case, do your research first! and stay at Shiado HosteL XD

crustymonday10 karma

How did you get this job? That sounds really cool. Could a foreigner come in and work at a hostel?

Theinnkeeper2737 karma

So, i wanted a job in Lisbon, i stayed in another hostel for 2 days, i printed like 100+ CV and went asking for a job door to door, and everytime someone would talk to me i made sure they listened to everything I had to say, then I just got call a couple of days later asking me to come to lisbon again for an interview, and BAM Got It!

There's a thing you can do besides this, we only have up to 4 workaways, people who work just 2 night shifts a week and in exchange they get to live here "for Free" google "Workaway Hostels" ;)

illmasterj7 karma

People in the industry are saying that OTA's (Airbnb/Expedia/Booking.com/etc) are hurting businesses. Are you for/against them and do you guys try to get direct bookings or leave it up to the OTAs?

Theinnkeeper2711 karma


Ok so here's what's going on, we work with booking.com, expedia and a couple more booking companies, the airbnb hurt the busines, yeah, and there reason why, is that there was no legislation regarding airbnbs and stuff like that, that meaning they didn't have to obey safety features, they pay insanely low taxes, and so on and so on, the thing is Portugal is now solving that and it will for sure make it less worthy for people to go to airbnbs, their price will rise, and they wont be able to secure as many properties, as the rules will change.

thank you so much for the questiom

piraptedpi4 karma

Hello from Terceira Azores!~ How does one go about getting a job as a receptionist? brigado

Theinnkeeper2715 karma

So what I did: I really wanted to work in Lisbon, part of my plan for the next few years, so i just printed like 100 copies of my CV and went door to door asking for a job, first intervew I got after that, and i was hired right away. just go for it

Tylotriton3 karma

Do you have advice for how an American could get a job working at a hostel in Europe (or at your hostel)?

Theinnkeeper2711 karma

You could easily try to stay as a workaway i think :)

bowlthrasher2 karma

Do you ever have problems with drug use in the hostel?

Theinnkeeper279 karma

Nope, we're running a really quiet hostel here, just some drunk people now and then, but we manage it

SheriffLevy2 karma

Have you hosted Andres Nocioni?

Theinnkeeper272 karma

I don't think so sorry xD you should stay with us next time

fqtbrqt2 karma

Is it in Lisbon the same as in the Hostel movies?

Theinnkeeper273 karma

God no thank god xDnot because that would be bad its's just that the movies are terrible

-cwl-2 karma

Hi, thanks for the AMA! My question isn't about Lisbon, but the Azores. Do you have any thoughts about best hostels there? I'll be visiting this month. I'm hoping to maybe get to the mainland too.

Theinnkeeper272 karma

I've heard great things about the Marina Lounge Hostel, haven't been there yet though, but some of our guests here were.

SuperFat_Jellyfish2 karma

So. You're an actual Innkeeper?
I assume you are portuguese, do you have latent passion for masonry? Did you do any construction work before that? Btw I gotta say that proof: not sure how it proves you work in an hostel.

Theinnkeeper278 karma

I guess I am Yup, I am portuguese, no construction work, sorry to disappoint, I am quite confortable around tools and doing some minor home improvement, but that's all.

About the proof, yeah i get what you're saying I just couldn't really come up with a better idea for it, (that's our living room btw) if you have any other viable idea i would provide extra proof

clea2 karma

Right then. Can I make a booking please? There are two of us and we'd like to stay for 5 days - maybe a week at the beginning of April. How much would that cost us? You are in Chiado, yes?

Oh, and what can you tell me about Lua da Bica?

Theinnkeeper273 karma

Do you really want to make a booking? :O I'm in Chiado yes, i'll had an edit so that you can check the hostel i work in!!!

torontomammasboy2 karma

Do you offer ready made meals? And whether the answer is yes or no can your kitchen acomodate special diets?

Theinnkeeper272 karma

we offer breakfast, but we do have a full functioning kitchen where you can cook your specual dishes, :D

Theinnkeeper272 karma

Guys, since we're here check out the hostel I work at: Shiado Hostel

johnthesavage92 karma

Você é português?

Theinnkeeper272 karma

Sim, Fgueirense e Benfiquista

PUTINsTiTs2 karma

Can we get some proof besides a couple pictures of walls ?

Like you behind a desk in uniform or SOMETHING !

Theinnkeeper275 karma

The thing is we don't wear uniforms it would be just a random guy behind a desk, i'd really show more proof if I knew how, believe me...

Orcapa1 karma

Do you have age restrictions? I stayed in hostels in the UK when I was 40, and am interested in touring Europe some more.

Theinnkeeper272 karma

Nope not at all :)

sbay1 karma

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I am staying in a hostel called lookout Lisbon. Any idea how is it like?

  2. Is theft s problem in Lisbon? Should I be worried?

  3. Is Nazare worth s day trip?

Theinnkeeper273 karma

  1. sorry but i don't know that one ( boo the competiotion boo, (honestly i don't)) 2.Theft imo isn't a problem in lisbon, at least not in the areas where tourist usually go
  2. Nazare is nice but Sintra is better (IMO) and alot easier to go to.

Redditor_Nr441 karma

Are any big Celebrity were in your Hotel?

Theinnkeeper272 karma

not really, I thought that by this time at least a couple of them would show up :C

Fresh_Coffee_0 karma

Best and worst guests by nationality?

Theinnkeeper273 karma

i really don't know: MY top three were: A korean girl who tought me how to cook korean food and gave me a lucky charm her mom had given her. A north-american old couple who stayed here a couple of times, we had really nice and long talks. Three brazilian friends who invited me to go to the aquarium with them and came back to the hostel one week later, (actually changed they travel plans, just to be with us again!)

pussgurka0 karma

Do you have any other proof you can supply? It looks like a regular house.

Theinnkeeper276 karma

I just added a picture of our entrance it has the hostelworld sticker i thought that'd do it, I honestly am not sure of what else i could come up with as evidence,