Hey! I'm an 18-year old college student in the Philippines, and I was stabbed in a mugging incident!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/BMo7Z

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Lun061083 karma

Were your exact words before being stabbed, "What are you going to do stab me?"

nxcto594 karma

sort of xD

anothernewone2499 karma

what are you planning to throw next time you play rock paper scissors?

panda52501134 karma

Maybe that's how this whole thing started. A game of Rock Paper Scissors but the other guy came prepared.

Hubbli_Bubbli38 karma

Why didn't he bring paper?

nxcto72 karma

Paper is overrated

ionwesker316 karma

Did you die?

nxcto208 karma

dead inside

MossRills243 karma

What did it actually feel like?

nxcto601 karma

i did not actually realize i was stabbed, so when they ran, i chased them. later in the hospital, the pain started and i can only describe it as blinding. each time i took a breath, it felt like something was digging into my lungs.

Inferno_Chemist793 karma

Being stabbed and chasing the guy is metal as fuck

serfdomgotsaga280 karma

Looks like you're just introduced to the magical thing called adrenaline.

Bacon_Grenades104 karma

Can't wait to see the look on his face when he learns about PCP

magyarszereto67 karma

He probably won't have a face by the time he's hanging out with the PCP crowd.

nxcto121 karma

honestly at the time, all that was on my mind was getting my phone back. it was my first smartphone ever, and it was a gift from my grandma.

Nekopawed160 karma

Gifts from grandma are sacred. It is understandable, but remember you are the best gift a grandma can ask for, so stay safe.

nxcto12 karma

Thanks, man :D

AK_Happy99 karma

it felt like something was digging into my lungs.

Was it a pair of scissors?

Jeiseun23 karma

Oh you,

nxcto25 karma


ToddtheRugerKid24 karma

Holy shit. Is the Philippines just full of badasses? You're getting stabbed, not feeling it, and chasing your stabbers, and your president is throwing people out of Helicopters.

PistolsAtDawnSir44 karma

Ever watch old episodes of COPS? People get stabbed all the time and they almost never realize it or they're up walking around like business as usual. That's why experts always say that carrying a knife for self defense is a terrible decision as it will never stop an attack because the attacker won't know they're wounded until way later when you're both in the hospital dying of stab wounds.

nxcto12 karma

Oh wow. I didn't know about this. Thanks for the info man!

BlackKidGreg197 karma

Did you ask the muggers to cut it out?

nxcto42 karma

i wish i did xD

shartoberfest166 karma

Are you ok? Are you doing this from the hispital?

nxcto236 karma

i'm fine, this happened three months ago :)

molstern30 karma

How long were you in the hospital?

nxcto42 karma

four days

HarmlessKitten120 karma

Do you want to stab them back?

nxcto149 karma

They were caught the next day, but honestly I didn't feel anything towards them. I just wanted my phone back.

remotely_sensible61 karma

Did you get your phone back??

twominitsturkish25 karma

OP plz.

hushfap10 karma

It was latest iPhone 3

nxcto45 karma

Nope. They sold it for parts the morning after. They were caught the same afternoon.

hibernatepaths87 karma

Can you describe the altercation? Did they ask for money? Did they just jump out and stab? How did you react, and what did you say?

Was there a struggle, or just a stab-and-run? How did it play out?

nxcto163 karma

hey, sorry for the late reply xD

So, I was walking home and I noticed immediately that three guys started to follow me. This was already a huge red flag but then there was a guy up ahead so I was thinking "if they do anything, this guy will probably help." So when I walked past the guy, he walked away. That's when the three guys surrounded me. They wanted my phone and my bag, which had my laptop and money in it. I tried to act tough but deep inside I was scared shitless tbh. "Give us your phone." they said. So I was like "What, you're gonna stab me?"

They responded by saying "If you scream, we'll stab you." So that's when I decided to hand them my phone. Then they told me to give them my bag. I resisted, because my laptop has my life in it, so they got mad and just tried to pull it off me and run. As they did, I managed to grab the strap of my bag (it was a messenger bag), and pulled it back. They fell, and that's when they got REALLY mad, so they pushed me. At the time being, I thought that they just beat me up after they pushed me, but that's when I got stabbed. Then a car passed by, so they got scared and ran, leaving my bag.

So I got my bag and chased after them. I don't know the exact distance but it was pretty lengthy. While I was chasing them a guy on a motorcycle offered to help, but before I could climb on the motorcycle, the guy pointed out I was bleeding. Thankfully the area they ran to was near a hospital, so I just ran to the ER immediately.

Hope this answers your questions xD

CylonRaider41 karma

The motorcycle guy didn't take you to the hospital!? Hope it was like across the street.

nxcto40 karma

It was, actually. If you want a map, I can provide one

hibernatepaths13 karma

Thanks! I'm surprised you chased three guys that tried to mug you! Adrenaline is a crazy thing. Glad you are ok now. Be safe!

I'm traveling to the Philippines very soon. I'll avoid any dark alleys while alone. :)

nxcto9 karma

Thanks, man! Keep safe. As long as you avoid those places, you'll be safe. But always take a cab home. :D

imronburgandy98 karma

Did your massive balls slow you down when you chased them?

nxcto7 karma

They didn't, thanks for asking

TwelveString87 karma

What are your thoughts on the safety of running with scissors now?

nxcto19 karma

Don't do it kids....

dwincelowicz8486 karma

Isn't this pretty commonplace in the Philippines? Duterte maybe mistook you for a drug dealer, so he "took matters into his own hands" and tried getting you off the street? :P

In all seriousness, though, I hope you recover quickly, and stop walking home alone at night.

nxcto164 karma

the guys who mugged me were drug addicts, they were caught the next day xD and yeah i'm not walking alone at night anymore c;

WanderingDonkey72 karma

I've never been stabbed before, can you describe the pain?

nxcto156 karma

at first you don't even realize it, but when the adrenaline wears off, it's horrible. i couldn't breathe, since they punctured my right lung, so they had to attach an oxygen tube.

WanderingDonkey22 karma

So how many stitches did you end up getting?

nxcto21 karma

two. it sounds like nothing tbh, my stitches on my chin had five

kvlt_ov_personality51 karma

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Also, sorry you got stabbed. Sounds like it was kind of a bummer.

nxcto26 karma

pepperoni, man. it's a classic.

and thanks xD

Tgunz031146 karma

News says they used an ice pick. Yall have snow in the Phillipines?

nxcto97 karma

Nope, which is funny. I saw a scissor blade but apparently the police found an ice pick, so that's what was on the news c;

mit-mit45 karma

My friend was recently stabbed in a random attack in broad daylight, they're okay, but I was wondering if you had any advice I could pass on about allowing yourself to move on and feel safe again after an attack? Is there anything you wish your friends/family would have said or done for you?

I'd love to help them as much as possible, but it's obviously a tricky situation! Glad to hear you're doing better :)

nxcto12 karma

Hey man, I'm sorry for the late reply.

If I'm honest, I still feel panicky when I'm alone and someone comes close to me. I'm always on guard, now.

My friends have been supportive of me. I think the best piece of advice they gave me was that I didn't stop trying. I've never really known if I wanted to be alive, but after that incident the answer was pretty much cemented in my mind. Now, I try to be as positive as possible, because if the muggers had just decided to stab me an inch or two longer, I would've died.

Tell your friend that it's okay to feel paranoid. It's okay to be scared. What matters is that they are safe, and okay. I'm still a bit paranoid, but I try to calm myself down. I have a few guidelines that I use whenever I go out.

1.) Never go someplace alone. 2.) Be at a place with many people, or at least a security guard. 3.) Keep calm.

I'm sorry if this wasn't helpful at all. Have a great day! :)

ubix26 karma

Were you stealing Duterte's fentanyl at the time?

nxcto41 karma

nope hahaha it was finals week, and i was out late studying with friends. i decided to walk home xD

Oiiack20 karma

What are you opinions on the anime "Kill la Kill"?

nxcto4 karma

Never seen it. I was interested in watching it, though.

AstoriasStar11 karma

as a student of psychology, did this give you some realizations?

nxcto5 karma

Truthfully, it did. I was having my own mini bouts of existensial crises. "Do I want to be alive or not?" was a common question on my mind.

CaptainOfCrush6 karma

Will you consider taking up some Filipino martial arts like Panantukan now?

TheSixthVisitor5 karma

Even though the Philippines has their own martial arts, it's easier to find a place that teaches karate, judo, or Western-style boxing. Usually, people that teach the local martial arts live in the mountains, squatters, or provincial towns. I've found it's easier to find a teacher overseas than it is in the Philippines.

nxcto4 karma

I'm not an athletic person, but I did consider it once. But like TheSixthVisitor said, it would be more practical to pursue karate/judo, since the teachers of Panatukan are hard to reach.

Chukedog6 karma

How close was it to hitting a main vein/artery?

nxcto11 karma

I'm not too sure, but my right lung was punctured. Blood was flowing into my lungs, so there was a chance of me having a collapsed lung. I recall the doctor telling me that my lung was 14% flooded with blood, and if it reached 20%, they would have to do an operation to drain it.

BlubberCabinet5 karma

How will this change your attitude in the future?

nxcto3 karma

Well, I've stopped staying out. When it's 9 o'clock or later, I take a cab home now.

Masculine_Apricot5 karma

Do you like Duterte?

nxcto3 karma

As a person, no. As a president, I can find both good and bad things to say about him.

BlueShadesTM3 karma

You wanna go into exactly what happened start to finish and what you were thinking at the time the events unfolded?

Also it sucks that you got targeted man but good thing you made it out ok. Very interesting ama :D

nxcto11 karma

Okay, so I was walking home. I was with friends at a local 7/11 near my place, so I decided to save a few coins by walking. I had eaten quite a bit, so I decided to burn those calories as well.

I had already noticed that three shady looking guys that started to tail me, so inside I was already starting to feel paranoid. Ahead of me, someone was outside of a house, just smoking. I assumed he lived there, so I thought that if something did happen to me, he'd see and call for help.

When I walked past that guy, he immediately started to walk away, to the direction where I had just come from. That's when the three muggers pushed me against a wall, and pressed the tip of the blade on my chest. I had learned later from the police chief that all three had weapons, one ice-pick, one knife, and one scissor blade.

In my mind, I was already starting to feel panic. I waited for them to say something, but my hands were already moving toward my phone. When I had my phone in my hands, they said to give it to them. That's when I asked if they were gonna stab me. They replied by saying, "If you scream, we'll stab you."

So I pleaded to give me my SIM card. They told me to shut up, and hand them my bag. Now, my bag had my laptop and all my money in it. My laptop has my entire life in it, so I told them no. They got pissed and threatened to stab me if I didn't give it to them, so I pleaded them to just go away, since they had my phone already.

I was already thinking of ways on how to escape, but by this time they were nearly face-to-face with me, so I couldn't do anything. They had also restricted my arms, by holding it. When I didn't do anything, they just said, "Just take the bag and run!" So they tried to pull my bag off of me, and run.

The strap of my messenger bag had just gone over my head when they started to run. I managed to grab the strap, and pull on it hard. The guys were thin, so they were pulled backwards. That's when they got mad. I heard one of them curse as they pushed me onto the ground.

So, at this time my mind went completely blank. The only thing that was on my mind was "Don't get stabbed." I thought they were just beating me up, since I felt the punches and kicks. At this time, a car passed by, and it slowed down just the tiniest bit. I felt a sliver of hope, as the three ran as fast as they could. The man in the car didn't stop, or get out of it. He just drived away.

I grabbed my bag that they just left on the street, and screamed as loud as I could for help. Then, I put my bag on, and chased them. I screamed at them to stop, to give me back my phone. I don't know how far I chased after them, but it was of considerable distance. As I was chasing them, a guy in a motorcycle offered to let me ride on his motorcycle and chase them.

I said yes, but before I could hop on, the guy pointed out that I was bleeding. That's when my blood ran cold. I lifted my shirt, and there it was. Blood was pouring out like a tap out of my body. The first thing that ran through my mind was to put pressure on it, so I pressed my hand against the hole as hard as I could.

Now this is the part where I got lucky. The area where the three ran to was near a hospital, so I thanked the guy on the motorcycle and just ran towards the hospital. The guard at the gate saw me and opened the gates, yelling at me to go to the ER. I burst in, and all the staff and patients had stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

Mind you, at this point, I still was not feeling anything. Then, a nurse ran to me and told me to sit down. He asked me what happened, and I told him. That's when two more nurses arrived and had me lie down on the stretcher.

At this point, the pain had started to creep into my body, tiny but piercing. A doctor rushed over to me, and asked if I had a relative I could contact. The closest relative I had was my grandmother, but she had a stroke earlier this year. My sister was next, but I had not memorized her number, and it was about 1 in the morning.

Thankfully, I memorized my friend's number. The doctor called her, and that's when I asked to talk to her. At this point, the pain was starting to get unbearable. Each time I took a breath, a sharp jolt of electricity ran through my body. As I spoke to her, it sounded like I was dying.

Here's the thing: I study out of my home town, so in the time I was at the ER, I was alone. After the call, I was given oxygen through a tube, and told to wait.

The story is a bit longer, if you want to hear more, tell me! Thanks btw :D

BlueShadesTM3 karma

That was an interesting read man I'd love to hear more!! I love how you asked for your sim haha But in all seriousness fuck those guys for robbing you and fuck those guys for not stopping and offering to help, maybe they didn't notice but still.

nxcto4 karma

Thanks man, it kinda sucked that someone could have helped but didn't xD

I'll finish the story later, I'm kind of tired :D

Jrodvon3 karma

Hey I don't know if this is you. But I remember you told me that you started skateboarding after your surgery and played basket ball with your poop bag hanging out. Don't your parents also own a hotel? :0 maybe it's a different Filipino kid I'm thinking about.

nxcto5 karma

Not me bro xD

yamuthasofat3 karma

Was getting stabbed worth all this karma? Asking for a friend

nxcto5 karma

tbh idk man xD

ElfenSky3 karma

What do you mean with scissor blade? Cuz to me, this comes to mind and I highly doubt it's what you meant.

nxcto8 karma

Imagine a pair of scissors. Imagine the two blades separated.

corroded2 karma

how were the criminals caught? and since they were addicts, are they still alive lol

nxcto7 karma

They tried to rob someone the next day. Thankfully, a policeman was in the vicinity and caught one of them. The one that was caught told the police the names of his buddies and they confessed that they were the ones who held me up.

hopingyoudie2 karma

Why didnt you just shoot him?

nxcto3 karma

I'm not American

ohailmhic2 karma

How long did it/will it take to recover? Did it hurt more going in or coming out?

nxcto3 karma

I was in the hospital for 4 days, but I was told to lay off anything that could get me tired for at least a month.

Neither. I felt nothing the entire time xD

sillypickle6262 karma

Did it hurt?

nxcto3 karma

Immediately, no. At the hospital, like a bitch.

obviouslynuttrolling-14 karma

Are you sure this was an accident? It seems like this was on purpise!

nxcto16 karma


bootyeaterlmaoo-18 karma

Did u deserve it?

nxcto30 karma

tbh idk but it was a wake-up call