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NZwoofer85 karma

What's the most common call out for this holiday?

runforestrun00207 karma

Unfortunately we see a large amount of cardiac arrests and mental health calls.

yunoeconbro76 karma

Can you chose to not work this weekend? Do you get paid extra?

runforestrun00196 karma

Personally I volunteered, I don't have any family engagements until next week and I wanted to give people a chance to be with their families. And yes, on calendar holidays we get paid time and a half.

yunoeconbro19 karma

HTx for reply. Is this a govt job or private? Are you unionised?

runforestrun0043 karma

I am a private service contracted by a county.

No we are not unionized. No need to be in my area.

runforestrun0075 karma

I've answered this question previously in the thread but I volunteered so others could spend the holiday with their families.

yunoeconbro54 karma

Ok, another one. Is/are there movies/tv shows that everyone in your industry generally likes because of its portrays of your job/lifestyle?

I'm a teacher, and there are tons of stuff (vice principals, bad teacher, community, etc), that we all like cuz, it's like... yeah, I know that guy!

Or maybe serious. I used to love Emergency 51 when i was a kid.

runforestrun0069 karma

Emergency 51 is the reason I'm doing what I'm doing!

Chicago Fire is more or less accurate in their interventions and procedures but lead you to believe that calls like that happen all the time.

There is a TV show that was on at one time about Fire/EMS/Police in New Orleans that's pretty accurate and most of the guys I work with enjoy watching that show.

Czexican61331 karma

Is that show Nightwatch?? I hope it is. I like Nightwatch.

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yunoeconbro31 karma

Another one. Do you think the nature of your job brings abnormal stress to your "normal" life? Has it been a problem? How do you handle work/life balance? Stress releivers?

runforestrun0046 karma

Everyone has a different way of dealing with stress, in EMS we tend to joke around a lot, and as providers we tend to have a crude sense of humor that many find repugnant. It's our way of compensating for the stress of the job. Of course we need our outlets, mine is range shooting. But the most important part of the job is leaving work at work, my girlfriend has the understanding that I'll talk about my day if I want to and she doesn't ask about it if I don't bring it up.

Ganjasauce30 karma

Do you carry a sweet switchblade or anything? IIRC EMT's are one of the few people that can carry a spring assisted knife on them...cuz of job stuffs. In my state, even with a concealed weapons permit, you still aren't authorized to have that kind of knife. I know benchmade [for instance] makes a special line of knives like that.

thanks for doin what you do.

runforestrun0045 karma

My service allows no weapons to be carried, if we feel we need protection Police are authorized to ride in the back with us. However I do carry a window punch seat belt cutter that could be used in an emergency I guess.

Merry Christmas!

Captain-Red-Beard14 karma

I have not once, in 10 years as an EMT, used either of those things. Even though they're always around. I always wondered why everyone had a seatbelt cutter, when almost everyone had shears in their pockets.

runforestrun0021 karma

I've actually been in a situation where sheers couldn't get the job done on a seatbelt. Glad I had my cutter with me.

tenel_ka2724 karma

How many times have you heard the Q word already?

From our rig to yours, Merry Christmas and enjoy the psych calls!

runforestrun0014 karma

Not today! But it was a "silent night"

Bad_luck_throwawayyy22 karma

Will you wish people a Merry Christmas tonight? And, do you carry candy with you en route? What kind?

runforestrun0037 karma

I will!

I do not. :( (Service policy)

If I did it would be Take5 candy bars!

Merry Christmas ambiguous username!

Edward_Strange21 karma

Granny dumping - is it something you see?

Allegedly in the U.K. some families feel they just can't cope with their very frail elderly relatives and due to a lack of social care over Christmas find ways to get them admitted to hospital for a day or two of respite enabling them to enjoy their or go away on holiday?

runforestrun005 karma

I've never seen it nope!

rainslaughter21 karma

What general advice do you have for people to stay safe during the holiday?

Edit: a word

runforestrun0080 karma

In no particular order...

Buckle up.

Drive sober. (Or get someone to drive for you. (That's sober.))

Drive a speed appropriate for the conditions (i.e. If you're passing people with flashers on you're going to fast.)

Take a CPR class, the 5 minutes of CPR you could give someone before we get there could make the difference between life and death.

Talk to people struggling with depression, this is the highest time for suicides.

paytonmaisy18 karma

What are the common personality traits you see amongst all/most of the ER staff (doctors, EMTs, nurses, paramedics, etc.)?

runforestrun0043 karma

Most I work with are very humble, but it truly varies. However I haven't meet a flight medic that didn't think their shit smelt like daisies.

DownRightAftCheck5 karma

I'm sorry, us pilots just seem to rub off on them!

runforestrun004 karma

Hey I love the pilots, guys we call for transfers are some crazy m**fers, they fly in the worst weather to get a PT delivered fast.

prdlph4 karma

What is a flight medic?

runforestrun0017 karma

Someone who is trained in critical care, often with the equivalent training of a nurse, that flies in a rotary and fixed wing transport. They often take critical patients from hospital to hospital or field to hospital depending on the severity.

1track_mind16 karma

How many tacos can you eat?

runforestrun0084 karma

Ask your mom.

noshore4me14 karma

With a van as your office, where do you take your restroom breaks? And what happens when you get a call when you're in the middle of a stubborn deuce?

runforestrun0038 karma

Fortunately I work out of a hospital as a base! However this is a double edge sword, while bathroom opportunities abound, we are asked to help the ER when they are busy (which is often).

But if the tones go off while dropping off the kids at the pool, pinch it off, wet wipes the shit outta that shit and get in the truck.

she_is_the_slaughter14 karma

Have you ever been unable to remove a patient from the home due to their weight?

runforestrun0030 karma

Yes, it required 3 police officers, our backup rig, and the fire department. (Around 700 lbs)

yunoeconbro11 karma

Will the Chargers move to L.A.?

runforestrun0048 karma

Who cares, the Packers got in the playoffs.

yunoeconbro4 karma

If the Rams and the Chargers combined their teams, could they beat the Cowboys?

Also, how do you feel about the cheese hat? I mean, it's a bit ridiculous, right?

runforestrun0018 karma

If the Giants beat the Cowboys anyone can. Including the Browns.

I'm a cheese head, I have one at home. Deal with it.

minkui11 karma

Have you ever worked on Xmas day in previous years? If so, what was the weirdest holiday-related incident you've encountered?

runforestrun0024 karma

Foreign object stuck well...erm...up a chimney...the culprit? A Christmas ornament.

stupidracoon11 karma

Paramedic here, but not on a truck today. I hope you stay safe and have a lot of station time.

Did y'all make your own Christmas feast at the station?

runforestrun0012 karma

Chili, sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, etc!!

trumps_rump10 karma

How'd you come about being an EMT? Oh and uh, merry christmas or whatever you celebrate.

runforestrun0023 karma

Well thank you! I celebrate Christmas....I am a Combat Medic in the Army and gained my EMT Certificate that way.

JaCoBaLlEn9 karma

What's your all time favorite soup??

runforestrun0010 karma

Cheesy potato from Outback Steakhouse

yunoeconbro9 karma

Keeping it alive. In your profession, is there a contingent of people that are doing the job, but really want to be doing something else? I mean, "I'm dong this EMT stuff, just till I can be a ....."?

Its common in my industry that everyone wants to be a big show international CEO, but they are "just teasing" until they magically learn how to become tycoons.

Happen in your? Want to be doctors or something?

If so, how do you feel about these people?

runforestrun0013 karma

I guess a lot of people in my company aspire to become flight medics but for the most part the people I work with are working in this profession because it's what we love (it's certainly not for the pay).

Edit: We are all for these guys, we love the people that aspire to be better providers and want to learn more!

CaliGozer3 karma

For me it seemed like 50% of the EMTs were waiting for a Firefighter position to open up.

runforestrun0010 karma

This is true, I will be applying for FF/EMT positions next year.

urButtStinks8 karma

With the opiate epidemic what it is in this country do you have to use narcan more often around the holidays? Do you think that police and fireman should carry narcan with them while on the clock?

runforestrun0019 karma

Our county is one of the more progressive and already has officers that carry the Narcan that can be given nasally. However some of the new synthetic drugs that are around us now aren't even affected by the drug due to the chemical make up of the compound.

The more we try to find better ways to save people, the more some idiots find new ways to die.

Gurid2237 karma

Medic here, work for a Level 1 Trauma hospital in GA. I finally have this holiday off and like you I normally cover for the guys with families so that's awesome of you. Merry Xmas from down south.

Have you developed any weird/bad habits from working in EMS?

runforestrun004 karma

Caffeine and nicotine

ChaplnGrillSgt6 karma

As an ER Nurse, you guys are my heroes. The amount of work you do and the shit you go through is astonishing. You make our jobs so much easier and all the EMT's I work with always seem to have a smile on their faces.

What should I expect for my first New Year's shift next weekend?

runforestrun0015 karma

Drunken assholes...

Drunken assholes everywhere...

paralyzingking5 karma

Any advice for someone starting a paramedic program in the fall?

Happy Holidays!

runforestrun0010 karma

I absolutely hate paramedic students that won't ask for help. If you don't know about something, ask. Your preceptor is willing to answer questions pick his brain about everything. If there are no calls ask for additional training or how you can help them.

Merry Christmas!!

MaDanklolz5 karma

How often do you get called out at night on Christmas? It's 1:30am where I am (in Australia so technically Christmas is over but anyway) and I can hear an Ambo, Cop or Fireman zoom past every 30 minutes. By contrast at this time on a regular day of the week we get one... I live near a main and busy road as well

runforestrun005 karma

Where I'm from about once an hour

therestimeforklax4 karma

Any drunk santas?

runforestrun003 karma

Not this year :(

dogasnew4 karma

Do you do field training, like showing up at fake accidents, for preparedness purposes?

runforestrun0010 karma

Yes, last fall we had a city wide drill simulating a fire at the jail

bubbafat11554 karma


runforestrun0010 karma

No Red Ryder BB guns here, we've seen an uptick in drone related injuries in the ER.

av8tor_1ab3 karma

Do you ever actually look for ICE contacts on someone's phone? Or in the freezer for documents?

runforestrun006 karma

Depends on how much we have to go on about a PT, it's more the ER Staff that looks for the way to contact the family of a John Doe. We look for med alert brackets or necklaces and in wallets and purses.

TaciturnWeirdo3 karma

How long have you been certified? I got my national license a few months back and have been working at stations with low call volumes. Any advice for a newbie? Wish I had something better to ask.

runforestrun006 karma

Going on 3 years, for a station with low volume, get in the back of the rig and pull EVERYTHING out, learn where it all goes and put it back then to it again. Be able to know what your medic is asking for and get it. Learn what exactly your scope of practice entails (i.e. Spiking a bag, placing 12 & 4 leads, etc.) Ask your on duty medic to run you through some situations etc!

IcedSickle3 karma

Why are EMTs always so attractive?

runforestrun0011 karma

Hiding behind the fire trucks at a fire allows for the steam to reach our pours with out the harmful smoke contaminates and thus giving us that amazing glow.

navin563 karma

Am I the only one who read this as Christmas ent ?

runforestrun006 karma


nekokbuns3 karma

Why is it that the EMT/FF squad goes to the grocery store driving either the ambulance or the truck? Do you guys finish up a call and just decided to grocery shop for the station?

runforestrun005 karma

Both are possible, we have all our gear on the truck at all times so if we need to get some food for the station we take the rigs so we can be dispatched at 100% strength if we get a call.

anonamys10003 karma

What's the schedule like where you're at?

Are you working a large metro area?

What is the majority of your runs?

I'm on shift as well for 24 hours doing fire/ems on this joyful day. Yall stay safe and have a merry christmas.

runforestrun003 karma

12 hour shifts that could be as long as 48

No it's a rural county service that services about 1500 calls a year.

Intra-facility transfers & cardiac calls

Merry Christmas, be safe!

TaciturnWeirdo3 karma

What do you watch on Netflix to pass the time?

runforestrun003 karma

The office for the 3 time.

smoking-hot3 karma

I have a DNR certificate. Where would you first look for it if my neighbor would find me in a near death state. I was told to put it in plastic and in the freezer. Is that correct? Merry Christmas to you.

runforestrun009 karma

Wear a med alert bracelet or necklace and have a copy of the DNR on or near your person.

Tstew723 karma

How extensive is the paramedic training and do you think it would be worth it for someone who is just looking for more training and experience in the medical field? I'm currently a undergraduate student and trying to decide if I want to go to med school or not. I feel that going through the training would teach me a ton and also give me a better idea of what I want to do.

runforestrun003 karma

EMT-B is more than enough, I used to be pre med and found out that I like the pre-hospital setting MUCH more than being stuck inside all the time. Feel free to PM me with any questions, it sounds like we are very similar.

oshkosh13463 karma

EMT here. Thanks for volunteering to work today. I have many times in the past. How busy is your service (call volume per year) and do you ever expierence weirder calls during a full moon as rumors suggest?

runforestrun003 karma

About 1500 a year for a rural county.

And no I see no correlation between the two, how about you, any crazy stories?

charonpdx2 karma

Haha! Low guy on the duty roster pulls Christmas shift!

But seriously, thanks for helping people, hopefully you have a quiet shift.

So, uh, a question… What kind of rig do you drive?

runforestrun008 karma

Why'd you have to say the Q word....

We drive a Ford F-350.

av8tor_1ab2 karma

Do you ever actually look for ICE contacts on someone's phone? Or documents in the freezer?

runforestrun002 karma

See another post in the thread about this thanks!

Shabahh2 karma

What qualifications do I need to be an EMT?

runforestrun003 karma

About a semesters worth of schooling, BLS (CPR certification), mandatory reporter certificate, updated Vaccines, a chauffeurs drivers license, and whatever else your service requires.

Edit: more stuff

taylorsloan2 karma

Hey, me too! Do you and your partner try to meet up with any other trucks for a meal or anything like that?

runforestrun004 karma

Our hospital sponsors a meal!

spuriousdunlin2 karma

whats the minimum age to become one?

runforestrun002 karma

18 I believe

officer-lim-jahey2 karma

Does your state require you to get an associates degree? My state does, which is really throwing a wrench in my plans to get EMT certification. But now, to my understanding, it's a nationwide certification. Can't get financial aid.

runforestrun003 karma

My state does not!

Sorry to hear that!

Ferretwithasnapback2 karma

Any advice for someone looking to become an EMT? I'm starting out by getting an EMR certification; how did you get your start?

runforestrun004 karma

I got my start through the Army but the EMR is a great place to see if you like Emergency Medicine

slackingatlazyboy2 karma

Do they give holiday pay/incentive?

runforestrun004 karma

Time and a half pay.

brokefam2 karma

Where are you located? How much do EMTs get paid there?

runforestrun003 karma

I'm located in the mid west. We make 12.50 an hour.

g6370 karma

If you're working today... What are you doing on Reddit. I hope you're not AMA'ing on the job?

runforestrun003 karma

All my documentation is done and it's been rather slow, it's this or Netflix.

sterlingarcher0069-1 karma

You killed someone yet?

runforestrun004 karma

I've avoided it so far.