I was born and raised in Colombia and have been a model all my life. In my early career I was a Telenovela (soap opera) star and I competed in beauty pageants. The porn industry has always intrigued and excited me and one day I decided to take the leap. I definitely prefer being a Pornstar over mainstream acting. I love exploring my sexuality and meeting my fans.

Thank you all, I’m having so much fun! Some people have been asking about where they can see more of me. I’ll be doing a LIVE CAM SHOW tonight at 7:00 PM EST, and you are all invited!**


English: https://twitter.com/EsperanzaGomez/status/811384495886794752

Spanish: https://twitter.com/EsperanzaGomez/status/811384051072372736

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TellMeToMyCrotch2729 karma

Was it difficult to adjust to having sex with a film crew around you?

Esperanza_AMA3144 karma

Is just to love what you do and enjoy it, believe me when you are having fun you forget all the people around you.

tommyboy02082662 karma

Do you allow your husband to sleep with other women?

Esperanza_AMA8501 karma

no sleep, he can have sex with other womens but no sleep. is a deal.

sdgoat2495 karma

What's some Colombian food I should know about? Because I feel like I'm missing out on some delicious food.

Esperanza_AMA8358 karma

of course me! i am the most delicious thing you can tease from Colombia!

nickpiscool2438 karma

Hi Esperanza, what is your favorite type of sandwich?

Esperanza_AMA5826 karma

my favorite is chiken sandwich

Arvind_Roopun2425 karma

Is there anything that you really don't like doing during filing porn?

Esperanza_AMA4847 karma

yes it is, i don´t like the anal sex there.

IWatchTheAbyss2172 karma

How awkward was it at first starting out your job as a pornstar? With all the camera crews watching you have sex

Esperanza_AMA3573 karma

My first time I was so nervious, because it was with one of my husband´s friends and i was felling shy about show all my body to every and each one of the crew and cameras there.

VoiceOverDan2467 karma

Wait...was your husband's friend acting, producing, directing...i need to know.

Esperanza_AMA9478 karma

he was the actor who fucked me.

ifedthefish1979 karma

If you could do a sex scene with anyone, who would you choose?

Esperanza_AMA2832 karma

I have to say johnny sins, he so fucking hot!

Sancho1281801 karma

Did you ever have sex with your fans? Is that a common occurrence in adult films?

Esperanza_AMA2657 karma

No, the industry only accept actors.

maxmoonlight1735 karma

Do you often get confused with Sofia Vergara?

Esperanza_AMA2719 karma

yes sometimes and is so funny but i feel good about it.

Dusty_Ballsak1499 karma

Your hip action is simply incredible! How often do the men lose their load early because that feels so good?

Esperanza_AMA2282 karma

hahahaha Thank you, mmm yes, it happend sometimes.

skunz1450 karma

Hello, thank you for doing an AMA. It's great you enjoy your job, do you have any funny behind the scene stories of being on set?

Esperanza_AMA4934 karma

yes i have a lot of funny memories. one was when an actor who has to fuck me was some kind in love about me and he cum 3 times so we had to change him for another actor

steelbeerbottle1368 karma

What were some perks of the porn industry over the entertainment industry?

Esperanza_AMA2102 karma

well the most important is the time, an entertainment production takes so much more time than a porn one.

TalkingBackAgain1335 karma

Esperanza, you look amazing, what was your most sexually gratifying experience in porn acting?

Esperanza_AMA3074 karma

Hi love, and thank you; the most gratifying experience... is look at my husband reactions when he is watching my movies.

o1oo1294 karma

Does you family know? How do they feel about it?

Esperanza_AMA2417 karma

Yes, of course, my family knows and they are my biggest support. They are so proud about me and my career.

dem9301205 karma

Do you ever go on dates with co-workers? What happens on set when a guy can't get an erection? What is your favorite type of fry (french, tater tot, curly etc..)

Esperanza_AMA2525 karma

No, I had never go on dates with any of my co-workers, is not usually i mean everyone there is so horny and want to fuck so is more frequent premature ejaculation.

DickFeely1117 karma

For those of us not familiar with your adult work, which scenes were your particular favorites to perform?

Esperanza_AMA1763 karma

lesbian scenes

Blayblee1044 karma

Hi Ms. Gomez, thank you for doing this. Is there more drama between the actors on the set of porn or of telanovela?

Esperanza_AMA2009 karma

Hi Blay, is more drama on a telenovela set for sure. that´s the reason why i preferred porno.

command_porn968 karma

In case anyone needs to research her work, or "inspiration" for a question.


Esperanza_AMA1192 karma

in that case you can come to my show tonight login to chaturbate.com/esperanzagomez

mavmia729 karma

How do you react to the negative responses by people who hate the adult film industry?

Esperanza_AMA1299 karma

I´m so politycal about it, if someone don´t like it, it´s ok, and if they try to be unrespectful, i just ignore.

NuckingFuts95692 karma

Who is your favorite pornstar to do it with? And what is your favorite position?

Esperanza_AMA1007 karma

my favorite pornstar is johnny sins and the position all kind of missionary.

Dehalo649 karma

I was unaware of you. Now I will be following your work. As for a question, do you like bananas?

Esperanza_AMA939 karma

thank you Dehalo, i hope you enjoy it. and Yes, i like bananas.

nobilified560 karma

Esperanza, you are so beautiful. I would love to handpaint a portrait of you as the mona lisa after christmas. Do you have a fan mail address?

Esperanza_AMA505 karma

Yes love, you can write to [email protected]

Sancho128518 karma

Do you do lesbian scenes? Is that something you were interested in before or something that you had to do for the job?

Esperanza_AMA886 karma

yes i do, i like it a lot, and is job but also a pleasure.. sex is always a pleasure.

goyotes78498 karma

Are your costars suprised by the size of your clitoris when they first work with you?

Esperanza_AMA726 karma

everyone is surprised about it.. is biggest than other so.. everyone feels curious about it.

HauschkasFoot483 karma


Esperanza_AMA1299 karma

is not relevant for me. ones feels different than the others but i love penises so.. who cares?

mistamal461 karma

How much more time in the porn industry do you estimate you must do before you can retire and never have to work again?

Esperanza_AMA689 karma

i did not think about it yet, i keep feeling comfortable about myself in front of the cameras so, i think i will be here for a long time as the industry want me in the productions

NuckingFuts95448 karma

What is your opinion on the peace deal with FARC?

Esperanza_AMA992 karma

I don´t like to talk about politics but i want the same thing than the 90% of people ... Peace.

slumdog-millionaire379 karma

How does working in porn alter your romantic relationships if at all? Has it ever soured an existing or potential relationship? Would you prefer to date someone who doesn't recognize that you've been in porn?

Esperanza_AMA752 karma

I´m married and my husband is my fan number one!! i feel proud about my job i love sex and i don´t think i should hide it.

buttsexparty376 karma

What is your favorite part of your job?

Esperanza_AMA560 karma

is not just one, i love my job, i love sex and i enjoy everything that i do for the industry.

rkfig376 karma

Is there anywhere other than Las Vegas where you do events where you get to meet fans? Asking for a friend, of course...

Esperanza_AMA527 karma

yes, of course i do, i went to Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and i can do it in any place where i being hired.

Minsc_and_Boo_300 karma


Esperanza_AMA484 karma

ok, about how long i hope to be here for a long time as the industry required me and i won´t to do anal on set.

Moondo13280 karma

Do you have any scenes coming up with Brazzers?

Esperanza_AMA326 karma

not by now.

throwaway12334569342256 karma

do you escort?

Esperanza_AMA326 karma

No, i don´t.

bladeovcain234 karma

Hey thanks for doing this AMA.

Are there any rituals you partake in before and after doing a shoot?

Esperanza_AMA391 karma

no rituals before or after, before put on my make up, braid my hair and wear the outfit. after take a bath and come back to the hotel.

CarmeloManning226 karma

Does it feel strange that millions of people know how you look naked?

Esperanza_AMA367 karma

no is not, well, may be the first time i felt shy but now i feel so good being naked in front of people.

Mark_It_Zero_Donnie202 karma

Do you prefer tacos or burritos?

Esperanza_AMA404 karma


GrandMoffEvers197 karma

What do you feel is your best work?

Esperanza_AMA532 karma

porn, absolutely sure.


hola Esperanza que tal fue el cambio a porno para tu marido? como manejan los celos y fidelidad? el tmbn puedo estar con otras?

Hi, how was the switch to porn for your husband, and how to you guys handle jealousy and fidelity, and can you husband sleep with others?

Esperanza_AMA336 karma

My husband is my unconditional company and support, so our relationship is free of troubles about my job. We have a open sex relationship.

savageyouth169 karma

Would you consider an Operation Christmas 2.0 where you go out into the jungle with a camera and fuck FARC members to get them to come home? Operation XXXMas.

Esperanza_AMA159 karma

I would not consider it. I know it could be a good cause, but I do not think it can be possible.

DrMantis_T156 karma

what do yo like about camming? what are your camming plans for 2017?

Esperanza_AMA304 karma

I like about camming that i can interact with my followers and fans, they can tell me their most dirty and hottest fantasies and I can do it for real at the same time.. God, that´s fucking crazy. And about my Plans for 2017 i´m working on my own webcam studio project in associate with one of the best and respecful companies in latin america AJ Studios.

MoreLikeBadGuyGreg68 karma

People must tell you that you look like Sophia Vergara. How do you feel abour that?

Esperanza_AMA168 karma

i feel good about it. i mean she is hot so feels good.

fabescobedo58 karma

Que otros projectos aparte de Porno te gustaria seguir?

Esperanza_AMA92 karma

En realidad esta es la industria que me apasiona, tengo varios proyectos pero todos encaminados hacia el entretenimiento para adultos.

themsuboy14 karma

Would you do a foot fetish video?

Esperanza_AMA23 karma

yes, it will be great for me, i have a lot ot followers who likes my feets so yes.

fabescobedo1 karma

Te gustaria estar mas seguido en CB?

Esperanza_AMA2 karma

si, claro que me gustaría pero no sola, por ahora prefiero hacerlo en compañía ya que no soy muy ágil en el manejo de la pagina.

fabescobedo-3 karma

Porque eres muy grosera con tu vocabulario mintras follas?

Esperanza_AMA11 karma

Por que es la manera en la que me gusta expresar placer. y lo disfruto.

mud_born-15 karma


Esperanza_AMA12 karma

sorry i can not got u :/

tokeaphatty-21 karma


Esperanza_AMA23 karma

hey !! i'm doing my best, thank you for being patient .