UPDATE: Hi Reddit, Brad Wright here. That was a blast! I answered as many questions as I could... Remember to watch Travelers starting this Friday on Netflix!

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seismicor61 karma

Hello and thank you for making StarGate, my favourite TV series of all time. My question: will Stargate return in any capacity in the future?

BradWrightAMA62 karma

Hi! I'm sure Stargate will return in some form in the future. It will likely be a reboot either of the original movie or of the series. I'm hoping its the series of course! It's up to MGM. If they do it, I doubt they'll ask me to be a part of it, though. They'll want a fresh take.

DemIce26 karma

Hi Brad,

First, thank you for the many, many years you worked on Stargate. You helped create a lasting legacy in a science fiction series that few others have been able to achieve, and have gone above and beyond in extra features that really make DVD and Blu-ray purchases worth it over streaming options.

There's so many questions I'd like to ask you, especially as follow-ups to the sort-of-AMA you had on Joseph Mallozzi's blog back in 2009, but I'll limit myself to one (okay, three, but they're all tied together) that /u/JosephMallozzi (in a comment to one of his posts half a year ago) suggested we should really be asking you, that comes courtesy of /u/fzammetti :
What the thinking was behind Destiny's mission? What was the signal? Where was the main theme of the show going to land?

Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to Travelers on Netflix :)

BradWrightAMA3 karma

I think I've answered that above.

TeamRush201618 karma


You must have known that this question was going to be asked! I believe there was a five year plan for Stargate Universe and unfortunately the series was brutally cut short. If these series had continued how would you have imagined the endgame playing out? Did you also have any other short-term or long-term arcs for the series? Finally I would like to thank you for all of the amazing and inspiring characters that you have had a hand in.

BradWrightAMA28 karma

We did have a plan. It's sad that we didn't get to play it out. Maybe someone at MGM will realize that the crew are still in suspended animation. I'll leave that door open and not explain what we had in mind!

Slanderpanic15 karma

Hey, Brad. I'm a huuuge Stargate fan and I'm looking forward to Travelers. My questions:

Where do you think Universe would have gone in season 3?

Do you think Eli lived?

What did y'all plan on doing with the Atlantis crew?

BradWrightAMA24 karma

Of course Eli lived! He fixed the pod and is in suspended animation with the rest of the crew waiting to be revived...

We hoped to do a series of Atlantis movies, but as I said earlier, market forces made it financially impossible for MGM.

Aerron14 karma

Of all three SG series, which was your favorite character and why?

BradWrightAMA25 karma

Too many favorites. Loved writing Daniel. McKay too. But I loved the dynamic between Young and Rush. Two great actors too.

trsohmers13 karma

I just have to say that Stargate SG-1 is my absolute favorite piece of media, and it was an amazing experience to grow up with (started with SG1 when I was 6, Atlantis premiered when I was 8). Thank you so much for your critical role in my childhood which gave me not only ~400 hours of entertainment through the three series, but a launching pad for my interest in science, history, and teamwork. Two questions:

  1. What "serious" episode (not Wormhole X-Treme! or 200) was the most enjoyable to write? Not necessarily your "best" epsiode, but one you enjoyed the creation/execution of?

  2. "Lost City" part one and two are high up on my favorite episodes list, and would have been fantastic series finale and/or movie (though glad it didn't have to be). Is there any chance for a release of at least these episodes in HD (as Seasons 8 through 10 have), in a similar way to Children of The Gods: Final Cut? Based on the performance of the remastered Star Trek: TNG on Blu Ray, I'm not counting on a full rerelease of the series anytime soon, but I know I would pay top dollar for it :)

Thanks again to you, /u/josephmallozzi, Robert C. Cooper, and the rest of the Stargate gang!

BradWrightAMA12 karma

I loved writing Stargate Continuum.

You'll have to ask MGM for the second question.

sgannon20012 karma

Hi Brad

Can you give us a summary of Travelers? (or is it Travellers?) i.e. What would get us interested in watching.

How do you get a sci-fi show made? Seems like a hard thing to get rolling. How did you get a foothold? How many hours did you need to put in? etc.

BradWrightAMA26 karma

Travelers is about people from the future taking over the lives of people from the present in order to save the world from the terrible future they've left behind. But really it's a character drama. Please just watch the first episode and I think you'll like it. Better still, binge the whole thing!

shivan2112 karma

Where did you get the idea of the way Travelers get to past and do you have all potential logical holes in it covered?

BradWrightAMA18 karma

Travelers began as a notion about social media. For the past ten or fifteen years we've put ourselves out there on many platforms, but is it a reflection of who we really are? Or what we want the world to think we are? That was the original idea that I spun into the concept for Travelers. Hundreds of years from now, those facebook (and reddit) posts will still be out there.

shivan2111 karma

Hi Brad! How did the idea of creating the SG series arise and how hard was it to push it through?

BradWrightAMA15 karma

Jon Glassner and I were both working on the Outer Limits for MGM when the original film came out. We pitched MGM that it would make a great series, but they were way ahead of us and asked us to partner up. Showtime bought two seasons of the show at once! Not a lot of series get that kind of green light.

seismicor11 karma

Who came up with the Ori's and were there other ideas who would "replace" Goa'ulds as villains?

BradWrightAMA11 karma

That was all Rob Cooper.

shivan2110 karma

I saw Christopher Judge and Richard Dean Anderson together in an episode of MacGyver, is that how they met? And how did you meet them, what were the circumstances of their casting in SG-1?

BradWrightAMA28 karma

Rick was already an executive producer, so he was there when Christopher came in to audition. I remember what he said when Chris walked in: "Hey, how 'bout working out a little? Don't you care?" Chris just laughed. He nailed that audition.

seismicor10 karma

Are you still friends with Richard Dean Anderson? Would you work with him on another project of yours?

BradWrightAMA26 karma

I love Rick but we haven't seen each other in a while. I never get invited to conventions! We've exchanged emails for years though. He was a pleasure to work with and I included him in every Stargate thing we did.

highglossenamel9 karma

who's your favorite classic sci-fi writer and what work from them originally published before 1970 should I read?

BradWrightAMA10 karma

Oh, great question. I loved Azimov, but when I tried to go back and re read it does feel dated. Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle are great, especially together. They teamed with Steven Barnes to write my favorite SF book of all time "The Legacy of Herorot" which I would love to turn into a movie someday.

slicer4ever8 karma

Hey there brad, big fan of stargate and scifi in general. Since it looks like others have asked most of my SG questions, My question is there any fun storys of behind the scenes you have for travellers you'd like to share before the series hits netflix?

BradWrightAMA19 karma

One fun fact: I had pitched Travelers to most of the big linear networks in the U.S. but after I developed the show at the CFC in Canada I took it to Netflix. They understood what I was going for and appreciated that we had a whole season of stories, not just a pilot script. When we were developing the show I said "Let's make a show that we'd like to watch on Netflix." I'm very grateful that we are going worldwide in a couple of days. Excited and nervous!

shivan218 karma

What was the most funny story you experienced with Rick during SG-1 shooting?

BradWrightAMA16 karma

Rick is always funny. He can't help himself. But "Window of Opportunity" when he drove golf balls through the gate... that was fun.

shivan218 karma

What theory of time travel does Travelers hold? Do every action in the past immediately changes the future? Can a traveler cause changes that make it impossible for a traveler being sent back and thus create a paradox?

BradWrightAMA9 karma

I don't want to say too much, but I will say that even our characters are taken by surprise at how time travel works in this show. I will also say that we have a complete set of rules that we follow to the letter. One of the main rules is that the future can only self travelers back to a time after the most recent traveler. So there are no "do-overs" in our show.

UltramemesX7 karma

Just wanted to thank you for creating the best sci-fi tv-series i've ever seen. The first time i started with SG-1 and then eventually ended with universe was a fantastic journey! It's a shame universe ended abruptly, and it's widely agreed it got easily SG-1 tier good during it's last episodes. I wish it only had continued for a bit longer and i'm sure it would perhaps even still be running. Do you keep in touch with any of the stargate actors still? Thank you and merry christmas!

BradWrightAMA11 karma

Amanda Tapping directed our season one finale of Travelers! She did an amazing job too. Merry Christmas backatcha!

Stella607 karma

Hi Brad, I'm very much looking forward to Travelers when it drops this weekend! As a longtime Stargate fan (and author...) I have three Stargate related questions: 1. Was the script to the third SG-1 movie ever completed? 2. Has there ever been any discussion about novelizing the story intended for the 3rd movie? 3. (Sorry for this one...) There was a scene in the third movie (according to Joe Mallozzi) that would have made the Sam and Jack relationship canon...can you speak to how that was going to have been done?

Thanks so much!

BradWrightAMA13 karma

Unfortunately "Ark of Truth" and "Continuum" were among the last successful direct to DVD movies made. We really wanted to keep going, and even kept the "Atlantis" set up for months so we could make that movie too, but the bottom fell out of the DVD market just as we were in the planning stages.

2cool4life7 karma

Do you think the large hadron collider is really just a stargate?

BradWrightAMA16 karma

Maybe the stargate should be called a small hadron collider.

Heltihes6 karma

Hi Brad, Thank you for SG1, it is my favorite show ! :D The 3rd Stargate movie (Stargate: Revolution) will most likely never be produced, I would very much like to know what you had in mind for this movie. Is there any chance we could know more about this story ? I would love to read the script. Or maybe a comic, or a book... :)

BradWrightAMA9 karma

Keep in mind, I don't own Stargate. That's a question for MGM.

shivan216 karma

Have you ever wanted for the SG-1 team to be cast from protagonists of the original movie?

BradWrightAMA8 karma

That wouldn't have been possible. Besides, I love our cast. Who knew they'd be on television for ten years?

notanimposter6 karma

First of all, thank you so much for creating some of my favorite shows. They have so much rewatch value and have really helped to make some of the roughest times in my life bearable. I've always really enjoyed the art direction of the Stargate franchise, possibly more than anything else. Is there any part of the franchise that you are most proud of/like the most?

BradWrightAMA10 karma

I loved the Destiny. It was a piece of art.

infinityxero6 karma

DeLorean or TARDIS?

BradWrightAMA18 karma

In "Travelers" we never see the mechanism that sends our team to present day, because we never see the future. We've hinted at it, and talked a little about what it's like, but since the show takes place in the here and now, we only ever see the Travelers arrival. But if you're asking my preference, I'm a DeLorean guy.

shivan216 karma

How do you remember working on Outer Limits? I remember it as a great and innovative series, what did it mean for canadian sci-fi creators such as yourself at the time?

BradWrightAMA6 karma

Outer Limits was the best gig a writer producer could have. It was like making a new pilot every week. We had so much fun and I learned so much... Best job ever.

JohnnySkynets6 karma

Have you seen Black Mirror yet?

Caught up on Travelers BTW and really enjoyed the season so far. The trailer is giving some the impression that it's an FBI procedural but I thought you did a good job of focusing on their mission and it never really feels like a procedural show. The characters reconciling their personality with their host's life is pretty interesting. Marcy's situation is particularly compelling.

BradWrightAMA8 karma

Loved Black Mirror. Marcy's arc is my favorite.

seismicor6 karma

What is the question fans ask you the most?

BradWrightAMA8 karma

Where do you get your ideas?

MorgenGreene5 karma

What did you think of the idea of Dean Devlin rebooting the Stargate series with his own movie? Was you surprised by the backlash against it from a lot of fans of your series?

BradWrightAMA16 karma

I actually appreciated the support from fans. Maybe MGM will think of rebooting the series instead.

dirtcheapstartup4 karma

What should we expect from Travelers that won't be obvious at first? Love your work btw!

BradWrightAMA6 karma

Travelers has many twists but it's so much more about the characters. Time travel is well trodden ground, (especially this year) but I think our show is different from the others. I can only ask you to check us out and see for yourself!

knightmustard4 karma

What is your favorite episode of anything you've been apart of?

BradWrightAMA15 karma

Wow. That's a tough one. Of SG-1, probably 2010. Of Atlantis, "The Shrine" and Carl Binder's episode of SGU called "Epilogue" was my favorite of that show. I love all the Travelers episodes but my favorite is 111, called "Marcy" followed by "Bishop" (109) and my pilot episode. Nick Hurran absolutely knocked that out of the park and elevated the material. We were lucky to have him create the look of the show.

shivan213 karma

Would you say that SG-1 is rather an american or canadian series?

BradWrightAMA6 karma

Well, I'm Canadian. Our studio was American and so was some of our cast, including Rick of course. But most of the writers, directors and crew were Canadian.

Scotty07093 karma

Are you still in touch with Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie? What do you think of their show Dark Matter?

BradWrightAMA10 karma

I golf with Paul all the time. Well, when we're not crazy busy on our shows. Love Dark Matter and I know they're having a blast making it.

shivan213 karma

How would you compare american and canadian sci-fi? I would say american is more special-effect and instant action oriented while canadian has more of a special mystery underneath, do you feel it the same way?

BradWrightAMA7 karma

I like to think that good television is good television, wherever it's made. Travelers is good television.

ChuckEye3 karma

Were there any particular commonalities you noticed writing for Forever Knight and Highlander? Seems like they'd have a similar formula with the immortal protagonist and the flashbacks to previous eras of their lives.

BradWrightAMA7 karma

I was a freelancer on both of those shows and it was years ago. I was grateful for the work, but only did a couple of episodes.

ooryl22 karma

Hi Brad! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work over the years. The various Stargate series have had a major impact on my life since I was first introduced to them back in 2001 or so. My favorite memory has to be watching Continuum from the deck of the aircraft carrier in San Diego in 2008 at Comic Con. I was there with the Stargate Worlds crew, being a forum moderator for the game back when it was still in development. I snapped what is my favorite picture while working at the booth the day the cast and crew were doing autographs. http://imgur.com/cU6X3j0 I've managed to get everyone's autograph on it except the elusive Martin Wood. Someday I hope to run into him at a convention to finish off the photo! I was introduced to my wife through someone working at SGW, so in a way I'm quite grateful to you for my family! I don't really have a question at this time that hasn't been asked already, so I just wanted to share my story and say thank you for all you've done!

But apparently I do have to ask a question to submit this comment, so other than Stargate, what is your favorite Star-named franchise?

BradWrightAMA10 karma


AzuraHatesScamps2 karma

What type of bagels do you prefer?

BradWrightAMA4 karma


confusedhelpplshelp2 karma


BradWrightAMA3 karma

I have too many projects of my own to try to do!

vortish1 karma

Love stargate huge fan why was there never a cross over between SG-1 and Atlantis?

BradWrightAMA13 karma

There was! I wrote it. It was called "The Pegasus Project" and of course Stargate Command is featured in SGU.