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I was sneaking up on a bear

Well there's your problem

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Any Hellboy is gonna look like Perlman-Hellboy because Perlman is Hellboy.

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Dude that's a badass fuckin scar! What would you say has been the most difficult thing about interacting with other people? I've heard some people with serious diseases and injuries say they stopped talking to their old friends just because they couldn't stand the way they looked at them.

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First of all, thank you so much for creating some of my favorite shows. They have so much rewatch value and have really helped to make some of the roughest times in my life bearable. I've always really enjoyed the art direction of the Stargate franchise, possibly more than anything else. Is there any part of the franchise that you are most proud of/like the most?

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God I hate those. They really itch like motherfuckers when you can't shave your legs and the hair slowly grows back while they're periodically squeezing and moving.