EDIT: I have to run! I am in Bangkok and my Dad booked a boat cruise. I'll come back and answer some more questions over the next few days. Thanks guys, this has been fun!

Hey guys.

I am the creator of the show PLEASE LIKE ME. I also write it and am the main character (Star? Am I the star? I am no Taylor Swift or Nothin') I've also directed a few episodes.

PLEASE LIKE ME Season 4 is currently playing in Australia at 9:30 on Wednesday nights on the ABC. Every episode ever is available for free on iView.

It streams on AMAZON in the UK. They have every episode ever and are releasing Season 4 as it goes to air in Australia.

The first three seasons are streaming on Hulu in the USA. I don't have announce-able news for Season 4 in the USA. I am sorry! I know this is frustrating I promise everyone is working to get it out ASAP.


(My proof is on my twitter: https://twitter.com/joshthomas87)

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weirdinnit229 karma

This is a question and an apology in one. I am a 23 year of Melbournian who around 5 years ago saw you leaving the peel nightclub and shamelessly ran towards you screaming "josh thomaaazsssssssss" as you gave me a look of terror and hailed a cab. Firstly, I want to apologise for this.. drunk, 18 year old me was an embarrassment And secondly, I wanted to ask what you tend to do in situations similar to this? Do you ever feel flattered by crazy drunk people, or is it mostly just super irritating?

Ps I love your show It is amazing

RealJoshThomas188 karma

If I was on the street in the middle of the night I would have been scared, just quite genuinely afraid.

GrayCosmonaut125 karma

Josh, American who loves the show. In particular, as a gay man in his mid-twenties it's nice watching a show without LGBT tropes being shoved down our throats. Two questions 1) Favorite winter cheese? It's a matter of life and death 2) What classic witty Josh comment can I make to convince my American friends to watch. No pressure

RealJoshThomas165 karma

WHAT IS A WINTER CHEESE AND WHY ARE CHEESE RELIANT ON SEASONS? Is this a thing? This seems like a thing I would know about.

JK7r27 karma

its a cheese you eat in winter. winter cheese

RealJoshThomas81 karma

You can eat any cheese in the winter? My cheese preference isn't seasonal.

Delice de Bourgogne is obviously the best cheese.

Where are you from?

missmeff35 karma

I'm pretty sure it's a cheese made in winter- when the milk is creamier and fattier. Tends to be aged for longer, also.

RealJoshThomas115 karma


duder-reese54 karma

Hi Josh, love the show! As someone with mental illness myself, it's really inspiring and refreshing to see an honest TV portrayal of how it affects sufferers and those around them. Did you initially set out to make a show that talks about life in such a raw way, and challenges viewers as much as Please Like Me does? Or did it just kind of go that way given the autobiographical nature of the first season?

Also, who has been your favourite co-star to work with?

Thanks for making such an incredible show, and being an incredible human x

RealJoshThomas63 karma

Tom and I have been best friends since I was 12, so he gets to be favourite.

The show deals with mental illness because I had experienced it and felt like it was important to talk about and felt like I knew how to talk about.

shrewsquad46 karma

Hi Josh, I'm a huge fan of Please Like Me. In what ways are you different from Josh on the show? Do you think that writing it has helped you understand yourself?

RealJoshThomas74 karma

Its so hard to know how well you understand yourself because maybe you are being delusional or maybe you are being self-loathing. I just don't know.

Dain4243 karma

I'm sure that I don't want to see spoilers, but I'm also sure that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell you how much of an impact your show has had on my boyfriend and me. There are so many times when one (or both) of us completely relates to something that one of the characters in the show says or how they react. We also live in an area in the US without much of an active gay community, and your show has been a bit of lifeline for us at times so we can feel some small connection with other LGBT people. Thank you so much for what you do.

One of the small things I really enjoy is the way the opening credits and the music fit naturally into the action in each episode (the hiking scene was particularly clever). I was kind of wondering about how you chose "I'll Be Fine" and how did you decide to do the credits the way you do?

elblues3 karma

So much this.

If Josh sees this I just want to give a shout out to Bryony Marks... Love her scores.

Been listening to them on spotify since I don't get season 4...

RealJoshThomas10 karma

Yes! Listen to her scores on Spotify Etc they are LOVELY.

EleventhHourGhost42 karma

Josh, love ya work mate. I just wanted to say thanks for such a great show. Not just for the non-standard, honest LGBT characters (which I appreciate), but also for the honesty around mental health. Some stories, especially the episode "Scroggin" (just Josh and Mum hiking through Tasmania), have felt very real to someone who had to grow up with a Mum who suffered depression.

So thanks, mate.

Since this is supposed to be used to ask a question: I saw some blow-back you had recently about the line about bi guys in the past. In your reply (which was good, by the way, and I totally understand what you were trying to say, I think) you spoke about TV Josh in the third person. I was surprised to find that I had made the classic mistake of forgetting that even though this is pretty real content, it is just a character you are playing there, if only one who seems very similar to you... So, do you find difficulty keeping that separation? Some people close to you would obviously know what's really you and what's just drama for TV, but I imagine that not everyone would get that difference...

RealJoshThomas39 karma

Haha yeah, it is hard. And when people meet me they have per-conceptions and some are true and some aren't and it's a weird thing to have to navigate.

PLMfan38 karma

American fan, your humor is greatly refreshing in such a dull world. I'm curious as to what you do to your hair now since it has improved so much. And are you still dating that one guy that made a cameo in season 2?

RealJoshThomas90 karma

Yes I am still dating him! His name is Josh and he is perfect. That cameo in season 2 (We go on a date and he tells me he had a Reiki massage and I tear him apart and he leaves the date) is based on our first date! But instead of getting upset he stopped getting Reiki massages. I wanted to give him the opportunity to play out that day as if he had left- like a sliding doors moment. His performance in that scene is so good I think - his disdain for me really leaps off the screen. Yikes.

japinthegap38 karma

is it just incredibly gratifying to cast hot boys to be your love interests on the show?

also, the camping episode with you and rose is one of my favorite episodes of tv ever! season 4 is chalking up to be great so far! :]

RealJoshThomas114 karma

We don't usually intend to cast such hot boys, I just always think they're the best at acting. I've been questioning lately whether my judgement gets swayed by symmetrical faces.

Also we don't ask them to take their shirts off, a few times we've gotten to set and the boy has taken his shirt off and he's so fucking ripped and I've just felt a bit embarrassed that everyone thinks this is the boy I think I deserve.

atomicpang37 karma

What made you guys choose the intro song "I'll be fine" and how often do you guys jam out on set to it? (Because you know we all do every episode).

RealJoshThomas78 karma

I can't believe I am not sick of this song yet. I truely love it.

I stumbled across it on Triple J unearthed.

mrsaintjacob35 karma

I'm a writing professor at a university in Florida. My students have a hard time conceptualizing and managing time in their fiction. I use your show as an example to teach about how much time we use to tell a story. Your show covers hours in some episodes, and seemingly weeks or months in other episodes (I'm thinking of season 3 episode 1: covering the beginning of Arnold and Josh's relationship). How do you decide what's important to cover in an episode?

RealJoshThomas48 karma

Season 1 all the episodes occurred over a day or 2 and I found it so challenging. Almost all TV does this, which forces you to cram a lot of plot points into one crazy weekend. It feels a bit unreal to me. Then in Season 2 I realised WE DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT IF WE DON'T WANT TO. What I try and do if we will span a long period of time is have a strong focus - so that episode is (mostly) Josh and Arnold. The most recent Episode of Season 4 is (mostly) just Josh going on various dates.

crazytail230 karma

Why can't your character seem to move on?

RealJoshThomas43 karma

Interesting, what do you think he can't seem to move on from?

hanann9328 karma

Hi Josh,

Just have two quick questions-

  • What melb suburb is the show mainly filmed in? We are always trying to work this out!

  • Also, favourite cookbook?

Thanks :)


RealJoshThomas23 karma

Oh it's filmed all around, that's why you can't figure it out.

curdlake28 karma

Thank you thank you thank you for the show! It always makes me feel better. My question is: have you ever thought about directing a film? And if so, what kind of film? From Russia with love. x

RealJoshThomas68 karma

Hello! I get so excited when people in Russia are watching the show because it's ILLEGAL! How thrilling I get to be illegal.

I have thought about doing lots of things. We're still not sure about a S05 of PLM, when that gets sorted out I'll update my resume and go door-knocking.

curdlake19 karma

Yeah, illegal! But I'm going to order all the DVDs one day, I promise

RealJoshThomas37 karma

I don't mean illegal because you are pirating it, I mean illegal because its gay in Russia. If you live in Russia you have permission to pirate my gay show.

SgtDreadnought27 karma

Hey Josh, thanks for doing this. When you were on Talkin' 'bout your Generation, was the constant bickering between you and Shaun Micallef all in good humour on both sides, or was Shaun simply a prick?

Edit: This is a genuine question, your reactions were often convincing to the point that I felt bad for you. But it could simply be a testament to your acting skills.

RealJoshThomas32 karma

Haha I think it was good humour? I hope so!

putins21 karma

This show has defined some really key moments in my life -- so much that happens is extremely relatable. I have two little questions:

You keep pushing the boundaries of Australian TV - what's the network reaction like and is there anything they have completely vetoed that you were disappointed by?

How much was the Season 1 discovery of Josh's sexuality like your own?

Thank you!!

RealJoshThomas53 karma

Once the Americans made us VFX (CGI) tom's dick smaller (he was wearing underwear) because they thought it was too distracting. I fought and I fought and I lost. And people think I'm not a good friend to TOM.

To actually answer your question - Both networks are pretty chill and let us get away with what we like.

The Season 1 discovery is a bit different to my own - in real life I met a boy and fell in love with him and it convinced me to hunt him down and come to terms with my sexuality. In PLM we had to get this all done in around 7 minutes, so instead of JOSH falling in love he met an incredible handsome man which forced him to come to terms with his sexuality quickly or miss out.

Ultimatelee21 karma

What was it like working with Gina Riley? She's an amazing Aussie icon, and I was so pleased to see you'd made her part of the show

RealJoshThomas32 karma

YEAH WE LOVE GINA RILEY. She was really quite nervous which I did not expect. She's A+

michael-schofield21 karma

In PLM, I found it interesting that Josh and Arnold were so quick to explore an open relationship. How prevalent do you believe non-monogamous relationships are in the gay community, and what made you want to put something like that on the show? For what it's worth, I thought it was a cool move :)

RealJoshThomas44 karma

Yeah, I think really common. I think when you grow up being told you will marry someone of the opposite sex and get married and have kids and have to come to terms with the fact that isn't true then it's easier to question the other relationship rules, like monogamy. Arnold makes this point in the show and JOSH disagrees with him, but in real life I take ARNOLD's POV.

Drunkcity20 karma

what should I do with these old chicken bones from dinner?

RealJoshThomas41 karma

You should make a stock, obviously.

bennymank19 karma

Hey, I've been loving your show! Been watching it in iview, and as always, you're incredibly funny but in a real and not cheap-laugh kind of way. Just wondering if you've got any tips for Australians interested in getting into TV writing/directing? Or at least, how you got there?

RealJoshThomas29 karma

I started as a stand-up.

The shows I have seen get made are usually because someone at the network is a fan of the person wanting to make the show. They get really passionate and convince everyone else at the network. So: If you want to make a show you have to make fans.

How do you make fans? I dunno.

MongooseBrigadier18 karma

Josh, I'm a massive fan of the show. Love the existential dread and really clever way of covering mental health issues in a super non-judgmental and dreary way.

My favourite episode is Scroggin in season two, where your character and his mum are walking through Tasmania. What was filming that like, and was it based on a real experience?

RealJoshThomas37 karma

My mother and I have never been on a hike, I did that hike with Hannah which triggered the idea. (It also triggered the idea of adding Hannah to the cast.) Some of the things said about mental health are from my personal life and some are from research that we did - it was a really interesting process writing that episode because I had to try and answer 'Why do people try and kill themselves?' Of course, there is no answer. But I needed a point of view, and I hadn't ever seriously tried to answer it for myself after my mum's attempts.

Filming was interesting, it was national park so we could only take a crew of 11, including cast. We had no wardrobe department and I did my own make up. (The scene where JOSH and MUM are swimming was shot with full crew near melbourne because Tasmania is freezing)

ando1818 karma

Will Caitlin Stasey be in anymore of season 4?

RealJoshThomas16 karma

Yes but not heaps, they are drifting.

Fuckimobsessed18 karma

Whew this took me so long to find!! Josh I want to say a thank you for your mum's character on the show, I'm 17 and bipolar and really love having her to relate to (even if mine is a little more subdued) also! I need to know, what happened to josh and Claire? Is the friendship just ending because Caitlin moved to LA? And tell John I love him thanks

RealJoshThomas52 karma

So, there are 2 things happening with Claire.

One is that it's getting increasingly difficult to schedule with her because she is off in Hollywood, I'll be honest.

But also I sincerely believe her storyline, I've enjoyed her drifting in and out of JOSH's life. A lot of my high-school friendships have panned out like that through my twenties.

I don't really like how serialized TV shows keep all the characters all the time, that's not how the world works.

braxxytaxi15 karma

did you break up Josh/Arnold just so you could have a bit of fun with casting some absolute hunk-of-spunks? also what is actually going on under the covers during sex scenes? how are these scenes filmed? do you keep your pants on out of courtesy to the other actors? genuinely curious. thanks!

RealJoshThomas38 karma

YES WE KEEP OUR PANTS ON. OF COURSE! If you see bums then the boys are wearing socks over their penises. If you don't we are in our underwear.

seeyanever14 karma

Hey Josh! Big gay fan here in Canada. I especially love how I panic every time I hear the grindr notification.

Question: do you think there are any big differences between the Australian and North American gay dating/hook up experiences, or are things pretty much the same?

RealJoshThomas40 karma

Americans never want to use condoms.

invisiblestripeyguy13 karma

Is there much of a real life inspiration for the Josh/Arnold relationship? I've been in one for 5 years which is similarly frustrating at times. Curious to see whether it's possible for it to get better and/or how ending it works out. The practical reality of loving someone who has mental health issues doesn't get a lot of airtime.

RealJoshThomas21 karma

Just every relationship I've ever been in or seen.

lauram7713 karma

Hi Josh, it's 2:08 a.m. in Canada and I'm going to go to bed after I send this so...

I really like your show! I reviewed the premiere of this season and enjoyed it. Although, I have to admit I don't know how I feel about the latest few episodes. I guess what I'm trying to ask is...

Why couldn't Josh/Arnold be endgame in your world? I think that whole breakup could've been avoided if they talked to each other like human beings. Was it the plan the whole time to break them up for some other drama? I want to suggest this show to my friends but it's hard to know that I was invested in this relationship only to have it feel like severely wasted time. Sorry for being rude, I really do love your show. I say all of this as a huge fan of the first three seasons. I'm just finding this season a bit hard to like is all. I am looking forward to the rest of the season. And I am continuing to tell my friends to watch it.


RealJoshThomas37 karma

Hi Laura,

The sadness and loss you feel for their relationship to me says we've made you feel how people feel after a break up and that is what we wanted to do.

I don't think because they broke up that their relationship was a severe waste of time, they shared some beautiful moments together. They both learnt things from each other and grew and changed and then they stopped loving each other and now it's time for them to move on.

The thing is: people break up. I know you think it is my fault because I am the author but it is not my fault, it is JOSH and ARNOLD's.

worcestershiresauce112 karma

How do you feel about getting attention in real life? People I know who have seen you around said you seemed really awkward when people approached you to say hi. Would you rather people left you alone? Or is it just a bit obnoxious at times?

RealJoshThomas37 karma

I generally like compliments and people on the street are generally coming to do compliments and it is nice.

I am an awkward guy and sometimes people meet me and I am awkward and they are surprised and it is just so surprising to me that they are surprised.

The 3 things that are hard with people coming up to me in bars/shouting at my from across the street are: -Sometimes I am busy, or am having a shit day and just don't have the time/ brainspace to stop be lovely. -Sometimes I am out with friends and they want my time and it can be frustrating for them and I have to manage that. -I don't know that the person approaching me isn't going to hurt me. I'm an out gay man on TV and there have been a few times when people approach me to hurt my feelings.

I often get told people met me and I was a cunt and I just never mean to be.

japinthegap11 karma

do you actually make all the dishes that are in the episode titles? and which dish has been your favorite so far?

RealJoshThomas38 karma

Ahh I get asked this a lot and I don't make the dishes but I hate telling people that because it is just so CUTE to me that people think i am on set baking.

pooshoot11 karma

Are you really that mean to Tom in real life? Also, will we ever see Geoffrey back on the show?

P.S. I saw you in a red cardigan getting money from an atm on Rundle st about 8 years ago.

RealJoshThomas18 karma

Geoffrey is back in ep 5 of this latest Season.

Corlee9810 karma

What's the real chance of a season five? I'm asking for a friend! Or that's what I wan't you to think.

RealJoshThomas26 karma

We had a sense that this might be the final season so it is written to end, if necessary. We hope that it isn't the end and are trying to work something out. x

naysayshey10 karma

When I write tv shows with myself in mind, I often worry about being too self indulgent or if I can perform the role. Also, I worry my jokes aren't funny!

Does this happen to you/how do you circumvent self doubt when creating?

(also I love your show so so much thank you for making it)

RealJoshThomas47 karma

Yeah, it's really challenging.

There was 2 weeks where we are editing episode 1 and every time we watched it through JOSH spends a minute dancing with a teddy bear on the bus and... it's just really hard to watch yourself do that and decide 'is this fun for other people?'

Self doubt is... everyone has it. EVERYONE. I think every writer feels like everything they've written that was good was a mistake. I have a self-portrait of Dr Seuss on my while called 'An artist worrying about his next book.' He drew it while he was writing 'The Cat in the Hat.'

Chillscape10 karma

Hey Josh! I've seen you at YahYah's a couple of times, how do I say hi without being weird?

I love how Please Like Me is able to talk about and broach subjects that are normally taboo on TV. I especially love the candid(ness?) of the episode with Josh and his mother on their hike. Did you deliberately go into the show wanting to talk about these topics or are you just talking the opportunities as they arise in the storyline?

RealJoshThomas20 karma

I go to Yah Yah's to dance with my friends and anybody, if you want to come say hi come and dance with us you are welcome.

joeydball10 karma

Have there been any audience reactions to characters or stories that have surprised you? My friends and I have very different opinions on Patrick, Arnold, Tom, Hannah, and pretty much everything that happens. Have there been reactions you've wanted to respond to or explain?

RealJoshThomas45 karma

Yes! There has been many, many times this week I've wanted to go on the internet and stand up for JOSH. Everyone is hash-tag team Arnold but I think both ARNOLD and JOSH have behaved pretty poorly this season. It is my view that Arnold had fallen out of love with Josh but wasn't brave enough to do the break-up. Arnold stopped being playful with JOSH and kept trying to starts fights because he was pushing JOSH away. The internet doesn't seem to see it like this. BUT... we try very hard to keep the waters murky about who is 'good' and who is 'bad'.

I love all the characters and think they are all good, like most people

scottybomber9 karma

Hey Josh! Do you have any plans to return to stage stand up any time soon? Love Please Like Me! Cheers

RealJoshThomas24 karma

I think my stage shows got a bit shit, to be honest. And now when I go on stage I feel a bit sick in my tummy and just want to be in bed.

Maybe I will return in a few years when I get my confidence back.

Pinion928 karma

Hello Josh! This is my first ever Reddit comment so I hope you feel honored. For all I know I'll have to create an account to post this.

I've been watching the show since the very beginning, which was initially illegally in the US, and then when it went to Pivot I rewatched it all again to make up for the originally illegality. I've been so happy every time you've come back for another season. I got introduced to Clairy Browne through this show, and I've gotten friends into it, and I guess I just want to thank you for creating something that feels so real and evocative of struggling through your twenties to some extent. At my worst moments it has really helped me to feel less alone, so thank you.

I guess if I want to know anything, it is what are your own television influences? Have you ever seen the British comedy Grandma's House? I sometimes feel your show and it are like siblings.

Thank you again.

RealJoshThomas18 karma

I saw GRANDMA'S HOUSE just before we shot the first season of our show and COULD NOT BELIEVE THE SIMILARITIES.

I love that show. I hope I get to kiss Simon Amstell one day.

JK7r8 karma

whod u say is the best kisser in please like me?

RealJoshThomas36 karma

Me, obviously.

groundr8 karma

Hi Josh, love the show.

It's a cheesy question (not winter cheesy, whatever that is), but what would be your favorite episode or storyline arc thus far? I have quite a few episodes overall, but just to highlight two I loved: (SPOILERS AHEAD FOR OTHERS: Champagne with Josh + Claire post-abortion, and Scroggin' with Josh and Mom post-Ginger's suicide)

As an aside: I think you and your team did an amazing job with Ben's storyline with whole cerebral aneurysm thing. It honestly gave me flashbacks to my own joyous (he says facetiously) hospital times.

RealJoshThomas9 karma

Ahh I don't have a favourite, it's hard for me to see the show clearly after having worked on it.

Lukas_958 karma

Has directing a few episodes of the show given you a new perspective of your character? Has it changed the way you'll write for him in future episodes?

RealJoshThomas14 karma

It's definitely taught me a lot of technical things about acting but I am not sure it made me reconsider my character.

PeterRed8 karma

Hi Josh! Simple (or not) question here, but what has been your favourite joke in the show so far? Thanks in advance!

RealJoshThomas49 karma

This is not quite answering your question but... Matt Saville who directed most of the eps reminded me of this joke I cut from Ep 1 Season 1.

Tom: But you've had sex with so many girls! Gah! What a waste of vagina. Josh: Tom, Vagina isn't a finite resource. Okay? It's not like I could have given the vagina to a homeless person.

Is this funny? Should I have left it in? There are a LOT of vagina jokes in that ep already.

lucyrosebutler8 karma

Basing this question off the last episode where Josh dates a bunch of guys, so it seems that you kinda know how the game works: how does one date? Especially if you're painfully awkward and can't finish a conversation without making the other person feel uncomfortable?

RealJoshThomas33 karma

OKAY, here is my best dating advice: be yourself.

Everyone says this with the implication being that who are is GOOD, that is not what I am saying. You, like me are probably a bit weird.

But if you be yourself and go and meet as many boys/girls/etc as possible then sometimes you will meet someone who's 'theirself' matches your 'yourself' and have a lovely time. Maybe for a night, maybe forever or maybe for 17 minutes.

HaC3rPr08 karma

What inspired you to get the idea to make PLEASE LIKE ME?

RealJoshThomas45 karma

Haha, it's about an awkward gay boy with a bipolar mother. I didn't look very far for inspiration.

Ax_Dk7 karma

Hi Josh,

Love the show, was in brissy a few weeks ago on tinder and someone came up using your photos... Or was that you?

I swiped right though so all good!

RealJoshThomas8 karma

I have not been to Brisbane for a few years.

dis_connecting7 karma

i'm sure you guys have a lot of laughs on set, what's your most memorable laugh while filming??

also, was the EXCRUCIATINGLY awkward christmas dinner inspired by real events? i KNEW you'd never forget the gravy!

RealJoshThomas15 karma

That Christmas dinner never happened but also it feels like every Christmas dinner I have ever been to.

katlii7 karma

Hey Josh, long time Reddit lurker here but I’ll come out of hiding cus I’m just such a huge fan of the show and have basically forced half my friends to watch it. Also not usually one to use the fact that it is my birthday today as manipulation but, well, PLM is like the Beluga Caviar of TV shows. Two questions: 1) Who’s your favourite character from the show? 2) Who do you love more – Tom or pancakes?

RealJoshThomas9 karma

Sometimes I feel real sincere love for Arnold when I am writing him but he is not my favourite character. I don't have a favourite.

ando187 karma

What tv shows are you watching at the moment?

RealJoshThomas30 karma

I just watched 2 seasons of VEEP in 2 days which was INTENSE. Especially after this latest election.

I LOVE what I've seen of 'Crazy ex-Girlfriend.'

And I LOVE Silicon Valley, which I've seen most of.

This latest season of GIRLS was A+ and I watched it while sick which is heaven.

I like 'Last Man on Earth' even though I think it's maybe a bit misogynistic. (It's easy for me to set misogyny aside because I am a boy.)

sdemed7 karma


What inspires your choice of food names for the episodes? Do you come up with the food first and then theme the episode around that or vice versa? Also, if you could make one entitled Poutine (it's a Canadian delicacy, google it) then I'd love you forever.

Thanks -Stephen

RealJoshThomas12 karma

Ahh usually we work backwards from the script.

We do spend too much time some days decided what people will be having for dinner.

pretty-little-angel7 karma

Did you go into this season expecting to see a "backlash" from some fans regarding Josh's behaviour toward Arnold?

RealJoshThomas14 karma

I presume you mean JOSH. I do wish I had seen more backlash from people about JOHN's behaviour.

I have experienced this before with Geoffrey.

It's hard for me to understand why people think Arnold has been such an angel this season, TBH. He used to be playful with JOSH but now whenever JOSH does oversteps the mark (or is late for dinner) he gets shot down.

It is my view that ARNOLD isn't in love with JOSH anymore and is trying to start fights to convince JOSH to break up with him because ARNOLD doesn't have it in him to do it.

JOSH doesn't manage this well, of course.

walknorthward7 karma

Big fan of the show Josh. Just wondering.. I've always been curious about Josh's (the character) attitudes (unconcious or otherwise) toward race? From the last episode on his date, it was portrayed humourously but seemed like he lacked a kind of sensitivity or even any experience with regular non-white dudes

RealJoshThomas11 karma

Yeah, I love this question!

JOSH thinks racism is bad, and has probably signed some change.org petitions. He would get into a fight with someone wearing an indian headress on halloween.

All his friends are white.

WHY? Is it because he is racist and doesn't realise it? Is it because society self-segregates?

I don't know, but almost every white person I know is like this.

evincing7 karma

Hey Josh,

First, your show is super rad & important to me & my bf, us being v. anxious boys.

Second: I am having difficulty pitching your show to my friends in a way that convinces them to watch it. I may need to stop leading with 'THIS IS A V. IMPORTANT REPRESENTATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS & POWERFUL ART ETC.' What's your elevator pitch to get people on board?

RealJoshThomas9 karma

I've never been able to pitch it either.

FinnSke6 karma

Hi Josh!

I once asked at a live show in Brisbane about 5 years ago, how old were you when you first masturbated and I'm still waiting on an answer.

In lieu of an answer to that, do you have anything in the works for after Please Like Me?

RealJoshThomas13 karma

What did I say back then?

I just don't know, TBH. I'd tell you, I just don't know.


mossienator6 karma

as somebody who has never seen the show, I'm interested in all the hype friends of mine have around Please Like Me, what do you think this show has that makes it so popular? (aka why should I watch it ;) )

RealJoshThomas15 karma

I know it's honest and it comes from the heart. I hope it's funny. I hope every episode has something in it that is surprising, that we haven't done before. Or, better yet that TV hasn't done before.

byenameis6 karma

Can I pet John?

RealJoshThomas24 karma

If we pass each other on the street and John is there and you don't pet him I take it as a personal insult.

chitonya6 karma

Is the character Niamh based off a real person and what's her story?

RealJoshThomas14 karma

She's based on a string of girlfriend's Tom had who I don't think were very nice to him.

I think one of the big mistakes we made with PLM was making her so outright villainous. That's why we brought her back I wanted to try and give the audience a chance to see the world from her POV. Also Nikita, who plays NIAMH is a really tremendous actor.

rubzdubz6 karma

Would you agree that the tone of this season (S4), at least so far, is quite different from previous ones? What influenced the new direction?

RealJoshThomas13 karma

I think all the seasons have a different tone, it's part of the challenge of moving the show forward and not being repetitive. Also Josh isn't 21 anymore, his world is different.

sadswa_ns6 karma

Is Ben bi/pan or doesn't choose to label himself? Having a character like him on the show is fucking awesome representation, so thank you for it!

RealJoshThomas14 karma

Ummm, I am not sure he would have a label for himself. He is dating a girl at the moment because he met a cool girl.

literallydeadtome5 karma

OK, I'm late to the party, but here's something I've been wondering for over a year now. When you told Tom he would rue the day he ate your truffled macaroni and cheese, was that a play on the word roux? This is important.

RealJoshThomas3 karma

Yes, but mostly for my own amusement.

Corlee985 karma

Is there anything you want to do on the show but couldn't?

RealJoshThomas5 karma

Kiss Troye Sivan.

Honeyysweet5 karma

Hi josh I'm drunk right now at my sisters 9th birthday party, should I tell my crush I like them??

RealJoshThomas39 karma

How old are you? I guess not very because you said 'crush' but then you are drunk so it's hard to work out.

Just grab them by the pussy, that's my advice.

rubehh5 karma

Are you ever going to upgrade your website?

Surely you had to try to make it this terrible. Is it a part of your quirky aesthetic.

RealJoshThomas10 karma

What is the point of of a website? I have twitter/FB/Instagram.

JK7r4 karma

what socks color are you wearing atm??

RealJoshThomas7 karma

Black. Are you into socks, or?

just-the-friend4 karma

Hey Josh, Just wanted to know what humbles you?

RealJoshThomas10 karma


purethrill4 karma

Did you do a stand up routine at an amateur comedy night at the Indooroopilly Pig n Whistle in like 2004/05?

I was there and remember an underage guy absolutely killing it. He had to have his mum there because he was under 18. A lady heckled him and he said "thanks mum".

Later on when you were on Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation I wondered if it was you that night at the Pig. The age and the location line up. If it was you, you were fucking hilarious.

RealJoshThomas7 karma

Yes it was definitely me and I was definitely better at stand-up when I was 17.

ehftlf3 karma

will you ever consider continuing doing youtube videos?? i really enjoyed your "see you l8er alligh8er" series!

RealJoshThomas7 karma


commonbirdclub3 karma

Hello! I just discovered Please Like me this year and it's easily one of my favorite shows I've seen in forever. Are there any plans to release it on DVD in the US? I would love to buy it on DVD and will get the Australian version if I must, but if there are eventual plans for region 1 DVDs, I'll hold out for those.

RealJoshThomas4 karma

Ahh, I don't see a DVD release happening in the USA. If you want to buy from Aus hold out for a box-set.

tristango44713 karma

Was the episode 'Natural Spring Water' based on real events?

RealJoshThomas10 karma

Do you mean 'Have you taken MDMA?' Yes, for the sake of art.

We did not end up in hospital.

The Arnold taking the MDMA in spite of his anxiety disorder is based on real life.

lucyrosebutler3 karma

Can you please explain the picture of the king/queen cat who looks like they hate the world and everything it?

RealJoshThomas8 karma

I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS IS THERE. It's just on the phone, I think?

loolem3 karma

what shows inspred you for the tone that you create on please like me? also What has been the most positive change (change that has recevied the best results) in your stand up comedy?

RealJoshThomas5 karma

Ahh it sounds real pretentious but we tried not to reference any shows when developing the tone, we tried to focus on my life/standup.