I'll start answering questions around 4:30 AM Pacific Time. Thanks for your time!

Edit: thought I might throw in some clarification so I don't have to later. I've worked in the lobby, on line, food prep, stocking, dishes, and drive thru. About 60% of my time working there has been working drive thru, because I suck at making the food. I won't answer any questions about recepies because I'm pretty sure that's in my contract.

EDIT 2: Holeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey shit. Front page. Sorry that I only answered like 8 questions, I made this AmA almost 20 hours ago and I havent checked reddit since. I'm going to be going through and answering questions again at 6am Pacific Time Tomorrow, the 23rd. Thank you to everyone, this is amazing and I'm sorry i wasnt there to give you the low-down on the taco industry. See you tomorrow, I hope!

EDIT TRES: Yahoo news front page? Pls stop. Also, I'm not gonna tell you crazies where I live. It's in Oregon. I'll leave it at that. Some of you with too much time on your hands would come order 3 pounds of sour cream and get me fired in the process.

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giantspeck5320 karma

Is it an unspoken rule at Taco Bell to ignore any part of an order that says "no sour cream"?

charonpdx4173 karma

I once asked for no sour cream. The guy read back "extra sour cream?"


TeddyHansen4609 karma

In his defense, our drive thru speakers are shitty as balls

TeddyHansen864 karma

I'm not sure why this is a thing. I know what you're talking about, it happens to me a lot as well. Sour cream is nasty, and if it ends up in my burrito, I'm 100% tossing it or giving it to someone else.

richtea_mcvytie2827 karma

What was the weirdest order you've gotten from people who are obviously stoned beyond belief?

TeddyHansen5361 karma

Judas Priest, man. We get some weird shit at 2 in the morning. Off the top of my head, here are a couple:

•Guy who keeps mistaking us for KFC (our building is about 60 feet away from one) and argues with us when we tell him he's in the wrong drive thru

•Guy last week who thought happy hour was 2am, not 2pm (again, he argued)

•Woman who ordered 4 XXL Grilled Stuft Burritos and paid for them in nickels and dimes, a whole fucking ziploc of them. She started crying halfway through her order. Not sure what the fuck was going on there, but I felt bad for her.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), stoned people make really good customers. They're mellow a lot of the time, and they become regulars more often than not.

TheLastofFood1120 karma

What is the craziest order you've gotten ?

TeddyHansen4191 karma

This same fucking guy comes in once a week asking for 2 taco 12 packs with all soft tacos with no beef, no lettuce, no cheese. He shows up at midnight and pays almost 30 bucks for a bag of 24 tortillas. Hell if I know.

charonpdx978 karma

Is this Matt's brother who works graveyard at the Taco Bell on Beaverton-Hillsdale?

TeddyHansen1101 karma

No, you're in the right state though.

elgatodelgatos554 karma

Is it difficult to light up and smoke on the line, since Taco Bells have no exhaust hoods?

TeddyHansen497 karma

I'm unfamiliar with this lingo, help me out?

elgatodelgatos418 karma

Kitchens have exhausts to blow out smoke after cooking.

TeddyHansen698 karma

Gotcha, I thought you were talking about marijuana. I'm not very familiar with the equipment itself, but I haven't noticed any problems with smoke. The kitchen can get pretty stuffy when we clean the grills though.

SmokeAbeer506 karma

do you blaze?

TeddyHansen971 karma

Not old enough. Never blazed. I may try it one day.

babyrobotman-19 karma

How stoned are you right now? On a scale of zero to Snoop?

TeddyHansen41 karma

Are you insinuating that I partake of the devil cabbage?

LargeMonty-40 karma

Do you find yourself questioning the choices you've made in life?

TeddyHansen37 karma

I'm pretty happy with where my life is at the moment. I don't plan to work at Taco Bell forever. I'm currently attending online courses for HVAC Training, this job is just to pay the bills. Things have been looking up for me recently.

skelebone13 karma

HVAC is a solid trade. My cousins run their own HVAC business. I'm an attorney. My cousins make 2-3x what I do, and they don't have 100k of school debt.

TeddyHansen15 karma

The courses I'm taking are only 900 a year. Considering you can make like 60k a year once you're fully in the business, that's a hell of a good trade

whoathereguycalmit-46 karma

Do you think your life is interesting enough that it will make people want to ask you dozens of questions?

TeddyHansen35 karma

Not really. That'd be pretty narcissistic. This AMA probably should have been posted on the Casual AMA subreddit, but hey, next time I guess.