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You're telling me I clicked on an AMA about a male model, only to find out he's running a non-profit in my town? What a way to start the day.

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Mayfair did produce a Cones of Dunshire game, but they subsequently lost the Catan license for North America when Catan GmbH went with Asmodee. Now that Asmodee has bought most or all of Mayfair's board game assets and licenses, there may be hope yet, though it might be a bit late for striking while the iron is hot.

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Like this \ / ?
or like this ¯\ /¯ ?

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Nancy: I'm late.
Phil: What?
Nancy: I missed my period.
Phil: What?
Nancy: I was at work and on my break... ...and I took a home pregnancy test from aisle 11.
Phil: The ones on special?
Nancy: Yes! And it came out blue.
Phil's wife: Why is she telling you this... Phil?
Phil: Because I'm... I'm her boss... ...and we have a health plan.
Phil's wife: Son of a bitch! You screwed this little girl in my father's store?
Phil: No, no, no!
Nancy: It was in his car!
Phil's wife: Oh, Jesus!
Nancy: And I'm not a little girl. I'm 20.

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Yeah, but where else you can get someone with twice the range of Kristin Stewart at such affordable prices?