We are LoadingReadyRun, you may have seen us on Friday Nights, Unskippable, Strip Search, or CheckPoint. Each year, we play the infamously boring game "Desert Bus" as long as donations keep coming in. Donations go to Child's Play (www.childsplaycharity.org), a charity that provides video games, toys, and more to children's hospitals and domestic abuse shelters worldwide. While playing the game, we also host guests, hold auctions and giveaways, and delve into utter madness. In the 10 years we've been doing this, we've raised over $3.4 million for Child's Play. Check us out at www.desertbus.org or www.loadingreadyrun.com. We will be answering questions from 3-4pm Pacific, and the first half hour will be live on stream (follow along at www.twitch.tv/desertbus) Ask us anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/DesertBus/status/798711609006788608

We're answering these questions live on stream, and typing abbreviated answers below, we'll also append video answers as they're available.

Edit (4:30PM): James has had to take off, and I need to start getting back onto the stream, so we're going to call it quits here.

Thanks so much for your questions. the video answers should mostly be posted now, and I've saved a few particularly good questions, and if I can get the attention of the right folks for a few minutes I'll try to get them answered. (no promises, though, we're kinda in the middle of a thing.)

Thanks again, this was a lot of fun.

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SquirrelDragon114 karma

How lickable is this thread?

desertbusforhope99 karma


SquirrelDragon19 karma

I really appreciated the research-intense response (licking Matt's screen slew me!)

I encourage everyone in this thread to head over to desertbus.org and donate in multiples of $6. Add "AMA" to your donor tag and let's see how much money this AMA can raise for the children!

desertbusforhope22 karma

My poor monitor :(


TThor69 karma

Graham and Kathleen: raising a young daughter into such publically visible setting as streaming and Desert Bus for Hope, how do you balance that?

As Penelope gets older will you allow her to get more involved in LRR/DB and streaming in general, or less and explicitly keep her away from internet publicity?

Additional question, do you ever plan to revisit making full length sketches should a fitting script arise?

r4v542 karma

You've created a thing that has a really deep meaning for a lot of people, and people obviously connect with both Desert Bus and LRR. Your streams are all highly interactive, as well, which leads to folks feeling a stronger connection to you than they would a TV star or something.

That said, you're all individuals with your own lives. Is it weird being mini-celebrities, or at least the recipients of asymmetrical adoration? Sometimes I realize that I know a bunch of stuff about y'all and feel weird.

desertbusforhope32 karma

Graham: "A little, but I don't mind, I guess?"

So, because of all the content we've put out over the years, through podcasts and videos and so on, and sometimes it seems like many of our viewers know more about us than they know about their friends. The result is that when we meet people, they've spent a lot more time with us than we have with them. So sometimes when people come up to greet us it's like,

"Hi, I'm Graham."
"Yeah, I know!"

But we really like to meet these new people, and of couse the people that like the work we do often like a lot of the things that we like, so when we do get the chance to meet people that like our stuff it becomes really easy to make friends with them when we do have a chance to hang out.

So, we like to meet folks, but of course the dynamic is a little unbalanced, and appreciating that, is appreciated?

AdmiralMemo41 karma

Do you believe you'll surpass DB9 in donations this year?

desertbusforhope39 karma

We think it's possible. We don't think it'll be easy. That said, it's Desert Bus 10, and people like beating their previous high scores. So we think it's possible for sure.

That said, even if we don't, as of right now we've raised $326,000 - that's an incredible amount of money raised for charity, so it's no failure even if we don't pass DB9.

unpronounceableSA40 karma

What Desert Bus memes that have carried over from year to year are your favourites?

desertbusforhope40 karma



TALLY: I think Sweetening the pig has had one of the longest-lasting effects on Desert Bus

James: AAAAFFFFFRICAAAAA - this one is a lot of fun when we don't overdo it. But it worked great for Ashley's intro, and is just tons of fun.

jivjov34 karma

Is there any fundamental aspect of Desert Bus that you wish you could change, but can't because it is tradition and/or integral to the expectations of viewers?

desertbusforhope29 karma

Tally: The time of year is maybe something we'd change. November is a busy time of year, and we've run aground of Thanksgiving on a few years.

GhostofJeffGoldblum33 karma

How are you able to play this game for 12 hours at a stretch without going utterly mad?

desertbusforhope35 karma

Haha, the game is not fun. But it's everything that goes on around you is what allows you to play it for a length of time without being bored to tears.

chairofpandas30 karma

What do you do with all the hats used on Feed Dump? Do you still have them all, and if not, when was the last time you purged your collection?

desertbusforhope29 karma

Basically we collect all the hats we get for feed dump and hang onto them for a while. From time to time we perform a cull and keep the very best hats. The rest are sent to a farm upstate to charity. If we hung onto them all we'd have rooms that were floor to ceiling with hats, and it would just be untenable, but most of your favorite LRR hats are FeedDump Hats.

ChronosCrow29 karma

Any plans to turn Lava Bears into an official module?

desertbusforhope22 karma

Jer has thought about this, but at this point it seems like the only way to do this would be to hire a freelance writer to dig into the stream of the campaign and transpose it into something publishable, as he has too much on his plate right now.

MooseTetrino26 karma

I'll just get it out of the way:

What on earth triggered this in the first place way back in 07?


Have you got to the point where you're quietly wondering what is happening and why so many people throw money at you?

Probably the two questions that'll be asked most.

As an aside, thanks for this. Been watching myself since the first and an LRR fan since the end of Season 1/start of Season 2. Love you guys and everyone involved with DB. Thank you!

desertbusforhope26 karma

Matt: I fell behind transposing the answer on this one, I'll get the video up shortly.

The gist:

James and Paul were the originators. James wanted to do a fund raiser for Child's Paly, and things sorta came together from there. Child's play was started in response to a news article that was negatively representing video gamers, and Desert bus was developed as a response to the various groups that were advocating for the prohibition of video games due to violence back in the 90's. so they seemed like a good fit.

Paul wanted to do some streaming on the internet (and this was 10 years ago, so it was a pretty new thing), and thus desert bus was born.

Applesauz24 karma

Might we ever get purchasable shame ticket pads? I would love them for personal use when watching DB at home

KinoGami22 karma

Is this desert bus located geographically south to last years desert bus?

desertbusforhope26 karma

Yes. Our venue this year is one block south of our previous two.

Kelvara19 karma

Why do you care so much about children? What have they ever really done for us?

desertbusforhope56 karma

That's... a good question.

Desert Bus cancelled.

poppiestofpopquizzes17 karma

Hi Canada, this is your loud downstairs neighbors. Can you send us some Hope? We're a bit low at the moment.

desertbusforhope19 karma

Working on it. Tune in.

Booster616 karma

Why did you decide that for year 10 volunteers couldn't enter giveaways or bid on auctions? Volunteers bidding in a tense live auction resulted in some incredible moments in years past.

desertbusforhope30 karma

So, our decision was that Volunteers actually can still participate in Live and silent auctions (as long as they weren't involved in actually running the auction itself) because the operation of live auctions especially are pretty transparent.

For giveaways though, all of the winner selection takes place through a backend system that was built by our tech team. WE know that the selection of winners is random, but that's not necessarily clear to the viewers and to avoid any possible perception of unfairness in the result, we chose to restrict entry in giveaways and donation drives o viewers only.

8ryn15 karma

What's your favourite challenge you've participated in?

Love you guys! Well done for all your hard work over the last 10 years!

desertbusforhope23 karma

Bill getting so into "Don't Stop Me now" that he crashed was great.

Johhny is a big fan of having the exercise bike in - especially the fact that he didn't remember having done it while driving and only found out that it happened upon seeing the gif posted to chat was something else.

James liked cutting Tally's hair with the horsehead mask.

Ben liked the really goofy mortal kombat stuff.

Tara: In Desert Bus 8, being taken to the gay bar and fed grapes and stuff.

Matt: The Bus King Pageant stands out to me.

Tally: Ashton performing Baby Got Back in an Afrikaans accent.

Jer: The Werner Hertzog readings rate very high. Previously he had thought the twilight dress up challenge was his favorite, but having rediscovered the video again last night, he... remembers why he wanted that buried.

Godort12 karma

What was your favorite moment of DBX so far?

desertbusforhope29 karma

Zippotricks McEdgelord.


Dear Dr's LRR,

If you were a part of the DB overlay what part would you be and why?

desertbusforhope22 karma

The donation total. It gets poked, and I bet that feels kinda nice.

Martony12 karma

Did the advent of LoadingReadyLive impact the preparation of DBX? How about the opening number?

desertbusforhope20 karma

Implying we "prepared" for DBX.

more seriously, I don't think LRL significantly impacted the way we prepared for or ran DBX.

Desert bus is like a well oiled machine at this point...

It's a Rube Goldberg machine, but it's well-oiled.

MatthewGeer11 karma

Why the switch from 8 hour shifts to 12 this year? Will there be more codrivers next year? (Kate Stark needs a shift with Kathleen or Jamie.)

desertbusforhope21 karma

WE've done 12 in the past, we've done 24 in the past, shift durations have never been locked, it's always something we're willing to play with. We didn't think that 8 hours quite gave the drivers time to make the shift their own. 12 feels like a better duration for the drivers, without pushing them so hard that they spend the rest of the event recovering.

Hansmat11 karma

Is James excited to get an entrance this year?

desertbusforhope16 karma


James: I didn't really get an entrance of my own, but being able to initiate the event with a great opening number, which was my idea, was pretty great.

Peter200lx11 karma

Are you expecting any crazy live auctions from the Penn & Teller call-in?

desertbusforhope16 karma

We never know what to expect. :)

Therberus11 karma

Why is Beej ?

Bonus, why is glass shark ?

desertbusforhope19 karma

He just is.

EBugle11 karma

Do you guys envision seeing yourselves doing Desertbus 20?

desertbusforhope16 karma

We have no idea. That's a long way off. Let's see how Desert Bus 10 shakes out first. :p

c14rk010 karma

Since the local news has confirmed that you now get $20 million a year for Child's Play...how long does this mean you have to bus for?

desertbusforhope22 karma

So, our formula is such that each hour costs 7% more than the previous hour, with the first hour of driving costing $1. This leads to exponential growth in the cost of hours the longer we play.

$20 million dollars takes us to somewhere around 8.5 days, which is about 2 days longer than we go now.

Basically, the formula works.

Booster610 karma

If you could have any celebrity guest call in to desert bus, who would you choose?

desertbusforhope17 karma

This year, Lin-Manuel Miranda was at the top of our list.

Others we've had on the list, but not been able to book yet include Nathan Fillion, John Cena (memes!), and some others that we're hopeful we'll manage to connect with someday.

SAJewers10 karma

Best Meme/Injoke from this years' Desert Bus?

desertbusforhope26 karma


desertbusforhope22 karma

Incidentally, the bone zone rates a solid 7 on the Turner Lickability Scale.

cheeto_jack10 karma

Of all the prizes you have auctioned off, and given away over the years, what have you wanted to keep the most but were not able to?

desertbusforhope18 karma

I barely remember all the things we've auctioned off over the years. THere are a lot of magic lots we've done, like the foil sheets that I'm sure several of us wouldn't have said no to. and Matt has a MIGHTY NEED for some of the Ken Steacy original works we've found new homes for.

Really though, we're pretty thrilled to be a conduit for our items to find new homes where we'll know they'll be loved and appreciated.

Eggnoggin9 karma

Hey LRR! Big fan. Today you auctioned off a tour of Wizards of the Coast. Have you ever considered donating a tour of The Moonbase? Seems like it'd be fun!

desertbusforhope18 karma

The moonbase is... not actually very big. It'd be a short tour.

wonderloey9 karma

Dear Drs LRR,

If you had an actual doctorate, what would it be in?

desertbusforhope21 karma

Underwater basket weaving.

Kyroswolf9 karma

Dear Dr. LRR,

Has anything gone horribly wrong, but you managed to not show it on stream or were otherwise able to cover for it?

desertbusforhope16 karma

There are always little things, but honestly, nothing huge.

Exploding_Lobster9 karma

Is Alex ok? He was hallucinating earlier, did he get home ok?

desertbusforhope17 karma

He's not here right now, so my assumption is yes.

waxfutures8 karma

Have any of you reached peak bus yet this year?

desertbusforhope18 karma

It's only Wednesday :[

SmallLady8 karma

Why doesn't James do a 24 hour shift anymore?

desertbusforhope20 karma

He got too old. We all got too old.

Angel_Feather8 karma

If you could add one feature to Desert Bus, what would it be?

desertbusforhope16 karma

Oncoming traffic. Burnout-style.

QMi68 karma

What comments in the after Desert Bus survey have surprised you?

desertbusforhope11 karma

The addition of the chat monitor was a recommendation of the survey. We were surprised that we hand't thought of it ourselves. It was an obvious add, and a huge improvement.

MomoconCostumes7 karma

Typo or nefarious reason why MomoCon doesn't appear on the LRR wiki for DB9 Prize Sponsors? ;P

desertbusforhope8 karma

Likely an oversight. We're sorry!

rebornflames7 karma

Long time crafter, first time questioner. I've been making sprites for Desert Bus for a few years and am always amazed at the variety of other prizes that people donate to the cause.

What is the most memorable prize you've auctioned off or given away in ten years of Desert Bus?

desertbusforhope17 karma

The two that come to mind are Penn auctioning off the trip to Vegas and then tripling it.

Also the houseboat. It was a damn houseboat.

kamiakuyami7 karma

Is there a specific time when you upload the streams to loadingreadylive or just when you have them ready?

desertbusforhope9 karma

When they're ready.

We're working towards a consistent schedule.

tordre6 karma

Would you rather 500 duck sized busses or 1 bus sized duck?

desertbusforhope14 karma

Definitely 500 duck sized busses. Jer might differ.

madsenkd6 karma

Pokemon Sun or Moon? Also: which starter?

desertbusforhope11 karma

James: Sun

Matt: Moon

The only starter I'll ever accept as legitimate is squirtle.

Keroan6 karma

Dear Drs LRR,

What is one thing about Desert Bus that has surprised you the most?

desertbusforhope13 karma

The generosity of the community. People coming back year after year to watch this nonsense. It will never stop being a delightful surprise.

Fenebae6 karma

How long are you guys looking to run Desert Bus? Is it something you could see going five years or even ten years down the road? Maybe pass it down to the LRR babies someday? Love you guys lots, thank you for all the work you do! .^

desertbusforhope7 karma

We don't know. Our focus is on DBX right now, then we'll figure out what 11 looks like.

sajuke6 karma

Have you considered doing a "Desert Bus Zero" which would be similar DB1 in order to return to a more simpler time?

desertbusforhope18 karma

Every year, about halfway through planning that year's desert bus.

IMatilla5 karma

Are there any plans to do Loading Ready Live on DB?

kataanglover110 karma

To be fair, Desert Bus is like one really extended Loading Ready Live

desertbusforhope11 karma

This is pretty much our answer, yeah.

desertbusforhope8 karma

As answered by another user below, Desert Bus basically is a big LRL.

Spud4974 karma

You know Kimjongillia from insomniac gamers holds the record for most points in a single run right? I believe he got to 4 points on his own. Coulda been 5 though.

desertbusforhope8 karma

That's pretty impressive.

Obi-Wan_Canadian4 karma

Will there ever be a Loading Ready Run hat or toque?

desertbusforhope8 karma

There have defiinitely been one-off, hand knit LRR touques or hats. whether those will ever become an official thing? Who knows.

mowdownjoe2 karma

For everyone in the room, favorite things to watch on Netflix? Also, why is it Bojack Horseman?

desertbusforhope4 karma

It's not bojack horseman.

Prof_Falconer2 karma

In regards to Desert Bus itself, I have a gameplay question:


desertbusforhope6 karma

Space jump, sadly, was not an included feature in Desert Bus.