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I am a wheelchair-bound gearhead that built an amazing garage, with lifts and everything, so my friends and I can work on cars. Three of my neighbors are suing me to make me stop and tear down my garage, and they’ve even suggested that Jesus will kill me with his breath. It’s maddening, but I’ll try and explain.



Ask Me Anything http://i.imgur.com/Dqu7OGI.jpg"

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Meerkat23231485 karma

How did they get all that building code "evidence" without trespassing on your property?

Out4sumfun2765 karma

I allowed them to come into my building because i have nothing to hide. The Judge would have forced me if i didnt allow it and i didnt want to anger the Judge. Nothing to Hide!!

Kongbuck1301 karma

Mr. Williams, it appears that a court decision in your favor came out in June regarding the suit by your neighbors. Are they appealing or are they pursuing further claims against you?

Out4sumfun2192 karma

They are pushing further claims against me. They are attempting to have an injunction ordered against me by the judge and have my building torn down due to their misunderstanding of county codes. I am not a commercial building, i am a private garage.

linkstorageaccount1154 karma

Do you have a gofundme page so we can donate to help with your legal fees?

Out4sumfun1395 karma

yes i do. it is shown below. Thank you for your support.


LipstickSingularity1040 karma

What is their underlying motivation? Why do you think these women really care so much about shutting you down?

Out4sumfun2135 karma

They have nothing else to do. My closest neighbor is very controlling and jealous of my length and depth of friends. I am a personable guy that loves to talk with new people so i make friends easily.

soxtreme920 karma

What cars do you drive/have you driven? Just curious as a gearhead to know what someone so dedicated to fixing cars drives themselves.

Out4sumfun1648 karma

Due to my disability i am limited to certain vehicles. SO i drive a 2009 grand marquis. i get in on the passanger side, pull my wheelchair in and shut the door. Then i slide over to the drivers seat. Also i use hand controls to drive. Thank you for asking.

Deuce232896 karma

Settle a bet, is that garage attached to your house at all or totally freestanding?

Out4sumfun1045 karma

Freestanding at one end is 14 inches of separation and the other end is 18 inches of separation.

Diggie_Smalls824 karma

Do either of your neighbors who are filing these complaints have any background in city or county building codes and or permits?

Out4sumfun987 karma


turbo86798 karma

How nice do these women keep their lawn? Additionally, how many children have they shot to keep children off said lawn.

Out4sumfun726 karma

unknown LOL, that was awesome lol

rupeshjoy852766 karma

I live in the tri state area, can I come visit your garage? I don't know how to change my oil and I'd love to learn lol.

Out4sumfun1217 karma

hit me up on facebook, name is charles williams. i got the lift and i love to help.

GuzzlinGuinness757 karma

So at any point did they tell you upfront their concerns, like.. you know any reasonable adult would?

Or the sheriffs office just showed up with that civil suit one day completely out the blue?

Out4sumfun1073 karma

The Sheriffs Dept. just showed up and served me the papers.

cincodemayo420757 karma

Have you ever asked for monetary compensation for any repairs done for your neighbors/friends?

Out4sumfun1125 karma

Absolutely NOT!

Tuna_Sushi737 karma

It seems very odd to me that the women all of a sudden decide to be pissed off and then you get served papers. Was there a defining incident or some kind of altercation that started them on this path?

Out4sumfun1501 karma

Yes. in 2010 the closest neighbor asked me to join in a lawsuit with them for damage they had caused on our joint driveway. I had video showing when the damaged occurred which i showed to them and that was the trigger. The damage was actually their fault, and that started it all.

BigDogAlex701 karma

To your knowledge, what do these 2 women do in their spare time? Do they have jobs or hobbies?
Why do you think your situation offends them so much?

Out4sumfun2589 karma

my closest neighbor kept a record (which i have a copy of ) of my every move throughout 2 years. This mean camera surveillance and constant handheld video cameras from five different locations. I am their hobby.

Bang_Poon546 karma

Have you had a good relationship with these neighbours before the complaints or have they ever come to you to express their concerns before going to bylaws and such?

Out4sumfun927 karma

We had a great relationship for about 11 years. My daughter used to visit the neighbors next door to us and play with their dogs and in their pool. I used to help them tinker with their Kubota, Golf Cart, Motor cycles, construction trailers etc.

devilinabludress504 karma

If the judge rules in your favor, do you plan to seek restitution for legal fees incurred?

On a different note, Craftsman, or Snapon?

Out4sumfun809 karma

Snap-On all the way!!!

UncouthInlet496 karma

How many Trump signs do your neighbors have?

Out4sumfun706 karma


kuri21431 karma

How do you feel this situation is perceived in your local community? Clearly, the internet (and probably for good reason) is almost completely on your side.

Out4sumfun773 karma

I feel as if the community is afraid to back me because the do not want to persecuted by my neighbor causing the problems.

xeonsteel409 karma

How does this make you feel about people in general?

It sucks that people you considered friends are doing this as what I assume.... A money grab.

Have they said why they are doing this to you?

Out4sumfun785 karma

They want to police our whole county, not just my property. They have turned in other friends to the county, to no avail.

xeonsteel363 karma

I hope they lose, and the gofundme helps put this situation behind you. Just don't show them the same hate they are showing you. Be better than them.

Out4sumfun1861 karma

I do not intend to show them any hate because a man reaps what he sows.

piccolom381 karma

If you don't mind me asking, how long have you had your disability? It was very subtle in the video. If it was intentionally not mentioned, I applaud you and the video-makers! It is an issue that is not of any importance for the matter at hand. Regardless, I am still curious.

Did you build this personal garage so that you could work on cars on your own time with your disability? How has it effected your work?

Out4sumfun845 karma

In 1993 i cut a board in half ( while i was working as a carpenter). The board fell on my foot causing my blood to spasm. That lead to 17 vascular surgeries and multiple amputation. I have a permanent blood clotting disorder. (So i dont run around the house with scissors anymore lol).

Shinzon322 karma

If you had lived in a normal neighborhood and had this built, I could see their complaint having some validity. But you built this thing on land zoned for farming and there is plenty of space between you and them. What if you actually farmed? Would they complain that you had to plant crops and that they grew too loudly?

edit: spelling

Out4sumfun261 karma

I agree

Mr_Rotten_Treats270 karma

Why? I can see why if you're squealing tires all night but if not, no grounds. Do you have a lot of traffic?

Out4sumfun368 karma

no more traffic than my friends and family. i have alot of family that comes to visit from out of town but no one who i am not friends with or related to normally.

hungryfox77250 karma

If they can't pursue you legally, do you think they'll stop after the whole things gets sorted out by the Judge?

Out4sumfun288 karma

I honestly dont know

jesstrioxin235 karma

Was that a C-10 in the video? Was the top chopped? Looks cool! Can you share some details on that?

Out4sumfun470 karma

Yes, 4 inch chop, 3 inch drop. Louvered hood. frenched in antenna. frenched in tail lights. shaved door handles. 6.6 liter. it has a crane in the back for my wheelchair, although it is sitting on the work bench right now. until the motor is rebuilt. I have had to focus all of my attention and money on this civil suit

narrator_of_valhalla213 karma

How do you earn a living?

Out4sumfun537 karma

I am disabled, a bilateral amputee ( i have no legs) due to a work accident back when my daughter was 6 months old ( 1993). so i receive disability.

Maturepelican_69199 karma

Will you sue them back once you win?

Out4sumfun310 karma

My Attorney says that is not likely

Futant55147 karma

Will they have to cover your court costs if they lose?

Out4sumfun299 karma

Sorrily not, unless the judge decides that, but it is unlikley in our county.

phantom24019 karma

Not likely that you win, or not likely that you will file a counter suit?

Out4sumfun62 karma

Likley that i will win, but the Judge has the ability tomake them pay attorneys fees and that is highly unlikely. My attorney as i said earlier will revisit the thought after the judge has made his final ruling.

pooveyfarms185 karma

What kinds of cars do you like working on the best? What's your current "baby" project?

Out4sumfun332 karma

1967 Chevy c-10 is my baby right now. I havent had the funds to work on it lately due to this suit.

mikepellegreenbeans157 karma

Do you plan on driving that beauty possibly with hand controls?

Out4sumfun167 karma


HIL_H156 karma

I really hope this get resolved soon and in your favor. It's clear your neighbors have nothing better to do than make your life miserable.

As a fellow car guy, I am super envious if your dream garage. I've always wanted a lift. What's your favorite/dream car?

Out4sumfun190 karma

Shelby Cobra, although i couldnt possibly drive it because there is no where to pout my wheel chair.

mancini82155 karma

How often do you use your air compressor after 8 pm? Do you do any business out of your garage?

Out4sumfun289 karma

No business, due to my neighbors complaints i keep my noise to an absolute minimun and do not do anything after 8 pm

VivaceNaaris137 karma

Hey man, first of all I'm sorry this has happened to you, and it's really cool to see someone take their passion to the next level. With that being said, how did you get your start in the area that lead to this?

Out4sumfun240 karma

May dad was a master mechanic at Chrysler in Newark De until he retired. It has been in my blood since i was a kid.

Logruuf_The_Meta118 karma

Will you be pursuing for them to cover the legal fees once you win? I can imagine this has put a lot of financial strain on your family.

Out4sumfun213 karma

it certainly has put some stress on us. I would like to counter sue but it will be up to what my attorney says and what the judge in the current suit decide. thank you

Paulie36117 karma

a little off topic but I'd like to ask just to maybe take your mind off the situation for a second!

what do you prefer? GM, Mopar, or Ford?

What are some cool cars that you've had the opportunity to work on in the past?

Out4sumfun189 karma


Mustangs, olds 442, several chevelles

AutoMatty101 karma

How are these women financing this lawsuit? What do they do for work?

Out4sumfun190 karma

Closest neighbor, mother died and left her a small fortune in the 80's. Mr and Mrs. Cane are retired.

LostMyBeats70 karma

What levels of the judicial system will your neighbors have to cross yo finally arrive at Delaware supreme Court? Also, do you know if there's anywhere they can go beyond that point?

Out4sumfun98 karma

The judge in this suit would have to make an error in the law or maybe they can find some kind of loophole in his written decision.

flyingfalcon1247 karma

From one gearhead to another, good luck and keep working on em as long as you can. I get flak from my neighbours for my project being in the driveway. I wish I could have a shop like yours!

What's your dream car? Favorite car you've worked on?

Out4sumfun34 karma

Shelby Cobra

ManBearSteel44 karma

What kind of battery powered impact wrench were you using in the video? I have a Dewalt and love it!

Out4sumfun100 karma

Snap-On, is there anything else

Dynosmite32 karma

What's the nicest car that has come through your garage? Do you work on foreign vehicles?

Out4sumfun66 karma

My friend Bob's 69 442

duhzmin31 karma

How do you put the hoist arms under the lift points? No disrespect meant ,but I opt to use the drive on rather than taking a knee myself. Also it would seem your chair will soon need some new tires ;)

Out4sumfun82 karma

i hop in and out of my chair on the floor and then back up. it takes a toll on my body but i love to tinker on cars, it is my passion.

random_life_of_doug14 karma

Is this an home owners association after you? I hate those wretched things. I say as long as your not loud when its late then they should mind their own business. How do they claim your property and hobby effect them at all?

Out4sumfun41 karma

this is not a home owners association my daughter and i live in a residential farm area zoned AR-1. The people causing all the fuss are our neighbors directly to the right of us and one that is 800 feet away across the street (p.s. the ones across teh street cannot even see the house or garage from thier porch....)

OcelotWolf14 karma

What sparked your decision to build the garage addition to your home?

Also, I just wanted to say that that is the most beautiful garage I've ever seen!

Out4sumfun39 karma

My father was a master mechanic and so i am following in his footsteps as a hobby. Since i am disabled i cannot work in a auto shop.

TedwardfromIT13 karma

When was the day that you realised these crazy women had turned on you? Was it simply getting that legal notice or did something lead up to it?

Out4sumfun29 karma

it was the day the sheriff showed up

AussieLizard12 karma

When you say you have helped your neighbours in the past with mechanical things, did you ever help these women with anything?

Out4sumfun28 karma

Yes, the kubota, golf cart, motorcylce, trailers etc. where my closest neighbors

roidetective8 karma

In the video they had you appear to be removing lug nuts with some type of cordless impact wrench. Is that for real? Can't imagine a small tool like that removing lug nuts

Out4sumfun18 karma

YES ABSOLUTLEY. that is my snap-on 1/2 inch drive battery operated impact gun.

pengglong2 karma

does it make you somewhat happy that these women have spent over $40,000 pursuing this?

Out4sumfun4 karma

Absolutely not

killeryo82 karma

What's your dream car?

Out4sumfun3 karma

Shelby Cobra