Thanks for joining. Throw your queries at me. And please enjoy ALL of Season Two of B$P on starting TODAY 10/13.


EDIT: THANK YOU ALL for asking me Qs. I had fun but must dash now. Watch BAJILLION on; you can see all of Seasons One and Two!

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LabeSonofNat82 karma

Why do you make Scott do so much mattress shopping?

kulapvilaysack83 karma

Not my fault he put it in his marriage vows!

GeneParmesian61 karma

Kulap, can you give us an ETA on when Jason Mantzoukas will inherit the Comedy Bang! Bang! throne and your marital bed?

kulapvilaysack52 karma

I cannot.

DormantDoormatPart257 karma

How do you juggle work and family?

kulapvilaysack74 karma

Basic toss and catch.

qber0534 karma

Dearest Kulap, do you think that you'll finally get to see the inside of dragon manor?

kulapvilaysack46 karma

I don't. And I think he's right to keep me out.

neptune_pirate32 karma

Kulap! I watched the first episode of bajillion online and it was wonderful. When will we be able to watch all of it down here in Canada?

kulapvilaysack30 karma

Thank you. I don't know when the show will be available outside of the US. I hope soon!

ckk52429 karma

How much of the show is improve vs scripted?


kulapvilaysack45 karma

The show uses written outlines, a road map if you will for the improvisors with suggested dialogue to use or not use. The actors never have to improv plot, but they improv most dialogue.

feverously28 karma

Hi Kulap!! I'm a big fan of yours. I was very sorry to hear about Rocky. Do you have any cute/funny stories about him that you can tell us?

kulapvilaysack54 karma

I miss my little guy more that I can communicate. Everything about him was cute and funny. #31daysofrocktober forever. furever. sorry.

ElijahTwurke27 karma


What's your ideal breakfast?

kulapvilaysack41 karma

Bacon... fresh fruit... almond milk latte... changing my mind. A dim sum feast.

cloroxed27 karma

Widow Howlapp, how long will you morn the death of your husband, Hot Saucerman?

kulapvilaysack71 karma

Until Jason dies.

medicatedmonkey26 karma

Are you going to be in season two of Love? I'm so excited for it. Any fun stories with Paul, who's like a regular Walter White in here.

kulapvilaysack33 karma

I am! Ever so briefly.

Paul used to watch Rocky and I wouldn't except payment so I would buy him groceries like I was his mommy. Once I bought him a multivitamin.

marvin_sirius24 karma

Why is Paul F. Tompkins not in every scene of every episode?

kulapvilaysack54 karma

He needs rest. Stars are just like us!


Heynong man

Do you have any other projects in the works with seeso or otherwise?

Also how can a Canadian watch Bajillion? I've seen 2 episodes and it had me crying laughing but that's all I could reach.

kulapvilaysack28 karma

Thank you!! I don't have any other projects with Seeso, this one keeps me pretty busy. I still am working on my documentary, ORIGIN STORY. Check it out on

FrankU_MajorityHwip19 karma

Would you like to accompany me on a trip to Sandals Jamaica?

kulapvilaysack21 karma

Throw me some dates.

courtiebabe42017 karma


kulapvilaysack35 karma

I wanted to do a Childrens Hospital, Burning Love, Reno 911! type show and I genuinely love real estate realty shows. It started with creating the characters and the scenarios they could misbehave in.

dewgin8617 karma

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

kulapvilaysack27 karma

Working with incredibly talented, good people.

DanEngler17 karma

While watching the shorts leading up to S2 (like this one) I realized that it would take very few edits to ensure Paul never blinks on Bajillion. Is Dean Rosedragon canonically some sort of alien or android, and does this come into play during the Predator episode?

kulapvilaysack25 karma


bananaracket16 karma

Hi Kulap! I love Bajillion and Who Charted, thank you for making great stuff! Off topic question: Where do you shop for bras? As a woman with giant cans (32H) who often fears they will one day smother me in my sleep I appreciate seeing women on TV who are also living dat life, but I am always interested in where they shop because finding the right bra is a real QUEST!

kulapvilaysack19 karma

I hear ya, sister.

I love FREYA, their an English bra and swimwear company. The website is great!

dingus_mcginty16 karma

What does PFT smell like in real life?

kulapvilaysack37 karma

Cloves... a hint of Vanilla and waft of Yosemite sequoia.

CapedDebater16 karma

Sorry if it's too personal, but do you have any memories you could share of Harris? He means a lot to a lot of people here.

kulapvilaysack30 karma

Sitting on the floor of his house talking about the girls.

DwayneTheCrockPotson15 karma

Kulap you are the greatest. Any plans for more silly Christmas songs like the CDR radio ones?

kulapvilaysack23 karma


The holidays are coming up...

whhs5514 karma

KU! What is the strangest thing you've ever seen Howard Kremer do? I really look forward to listening to y'all every week on Who Charted

kulapvilaysack38 karma

Greetings Chartist!

Reveal that he was holding his contact in his mouth and then put it in a cup of water.

Also when his tooth fell out during a live show.

Chtorrr14 karma

What is your favorite fun fact about BAJILLION DOLLAR PROPERTIES$?

kulapvilaysack25 karma

Our show is filled with so many fun facts... to pick. I guess the top of my list is that Tom and Ben really have mono brows.

cartsandrafts13 karma

Hi Kulap! Thanks for doing an AMA, you're my favourite person!!

My question is- how is origin story coming along? Do you have a tentative release date? I'm so excited!!

kulapvilaysack23 karma

Aw, thank you!

We are still working on it. It's my personal story and I want to get it right. I'm hoping to submit to festivals fall of 2017.

CapedDebater12 karma

What's it like getting to go to work at the Earwolf studios? Are all the different hosts pretty good friends? Do you guys get together and play kickball or have a holiday party?

Sorry to hear about Rocky.

kulapvilaysack20 karma

Thank you. RIP Rocky.

Job site is pretty chill. I'm close with a lot of the hosts and would like to become BFFs with The Hollywood Handbook guys.

I'll share that we have a holiday party every year, but I won't tell you which one.

twoVices11 karma

The Hollywood Handbook guys

I think the best scenario you could hope for is a "weird science" type relationship.

kulapvilaysack16 karma

Is Sean the hot lady?

abracadavertla12 karma

Hey Kulap, did you get a look at Howard's second headshot that he talked about on the newest episode of Who Charted? What can you tell us about it?

kulapvilaysack22 karma


kulapvilaysack11 karma

Thank you, loves! xoxo

salzcamino11 karma

What's your fuck style?

kulapvilaysack17 karma

Standard OS

cloroxed6 karma

Are you poppin' my stones?

kulapvilaysack21 karma

Is a podcast co-hosted by Adam Scott Aukerman.

eddswift10 karma

Hey Kulap, I'll cut right to the chase: How much money do you make?

More seriously though, with so many hosts opting to put out show for free, do you see podcasting becoming a more bankable industry rather than a way for entertainers to promote other ventures?

kulapvilaysack10 karma

I think it's both.

ROKMONSTER71410 karma

Who's apart of the writing team and what goes into writing an episode?

kulapvilaysack19 karma

For seasons 1 and 2, Brad Morris was the head writer. Other writers: Kevin Seccia, Shauna McGarry, Kate Berlant, Jessica Gao, Alex Fernie and Seth Morris. Lot's of brainstorming goes into writing and episode, room bits, good crafty snacks, pitching jokes and typing them down.

yochristophales10 karma

Hi Ku! Any chance we'll see any crossovers for any of the SeeSo properties? I know so many actors crossover, but what about characters? Ill take my answer off the air. Thanks!

kulapvilaysack13 karma

I don't have any plan at this time.

DanEngler10 karma

During your interview with Alison Rosen, you said Seeso affords you the freedom to show sideboob and half-butt. Which half we talkin' here, top/bottom or left/right?

kulapvilaysack11 karma


Myolor10 karma

Hey KuKu, big fan of who charted and BDP. As a Minnesotan, what do you miss the most about living here? Spit it and quit it.

kulapvilaysack13 karma

Ha. I miss the seasons.

blue-sunday9 karma

Hey Kulap!

I know you've probably been asked this a whole bunch of times but how DO you juggle work and family?

kulapvilaysack11 karma

One handed.

Tanz149 karma

Kulap, why are episodes of Who Charted with Armen being berated by the guests the best episodes (Matt Besser's and Hot Saucermen)?

kulapvilaysack12 karma

I can't say, it can't be quantified.

ErikHandberg9 karma

Hi! The show is amazing and you are amazing. Question: Are you going to create or run any more shows soon, aside from BDP? And what was it specifically about these property reality shows that drew you to create BDP?


kulapvilaysack14 karma

Thank you! I like show creating and show running, so I hope so. I genuinely enjoy going to open houses and seeing how other people live. Plus there is a heightened reality when you are making such a huge purchase.

AngryBobVila8 karma

Hey, Kulap! What's an aspect of the entertainment industry you think will remain the same fifty years from now?

kulapvilaysack16 karma

Lawyers, Agents and Managers.


Where are you on the call sheet?

kulapvilaysack20 karma


damennis7288 karma

Hey Ku, You have so may projects going on! what is your secret for time management?

kulapvilaysack14 karma

My assistant Lauren Tyree.

jrokeach8 karma

When casting the show, were you specifically looking for UCB / Improv talent vs other types of actors? If so, why?

kulapvilaysack13 karma

Our show is semi-scripted, which means very improvised. I came up through UCB, so the people I go to first are my very talented friends.

GilliMarshall7 karma

What's the best kind of cheese?

kulapvilaysack16 karma

The kind that's in my belly!!!!

Roonil___Wazlib7 karma

Hey Kulap - I'm such a huge fan. I just listened to the most recent episode of "Alison Rosen is your new best friend" and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it - I laughed, I cried, and all in-between. I just wanted to say how relatable and sincere you always come across, and I don't think I'm alone in the podcast-listening community for saying how much we appreciate that about you!

My question for you - I remember you saying once (maybe on Who Charted?) that you met Scott on the episode of Mr. Show where he was the waiter in the "fancy" restaurant that has no bathroom. Could you tell us a little more about how you guys met? You two are such a power couple!

kulapvilaysack13 karma

Thank you for your kind words.

I had just moved to LA from MN after I graduated from high school. My roommate invited me to go see a taping of Mr. Show. She introduced me to Scott and the rest was HERSTORY!

thejjar7 karma

Hey Ku! Any update on origin story? I'm exited for it! I can't imagine how tough that whole ordeal must've been!

kulapvilaysack17 karma

IT. WAS. AN. EMOTIONAL. CLUSTER. FUUUCK. Still working on it. Hopefully I'll be done with it by the end of 2017.

BraveLilCoaster6 karma

Hey Kulap. When can we get to see Origin Story?

kulapvilaysack11 karma

I hope to be done with it end of 2017!

ralphman50006 karma

Greetings Chartist! How much unused footage do you have of Dan Adhoot and Tim Baltz making out on BJP$...will there be DVD extras??

kulapvilaysack13 karma

So much. Did you hear there will be DVDs?!!!! I didn't know we were making DVVVDSSSS!!!!

donutsandchampagne6 karma

What is your favorite comedy (tv show or movie) and who is your favorite comedian?

kulapvilaysack7 karma

Zach Galifianakis always. Watched Ali Wong's special and am now obsessed with her.

potacho6 karma

What is your favorite Scott Aukerman alternate name?

kulapvilaysack12 karma

Hot Saucerman, it's apt.

kulapvilaysack11 karma

Shot Clockerman

pootedesu6 karma

What was it like working with your husband on Bajillion Dollar Properties? Would you have preferred to work with him or without him on Season 2?

kulapvilaysack13 karma

I love working with my sweet bubby.

RobotSkeleton5 karma

Have you seen my keys?

kulapvilaysack10 karma

Front left pocket.

RobotSkeleton6 karma


kulapvilaysack10 karma


KelCougarMellen5 karma

Greetings chartist! Are you and H. Michael Kre making an appearance at now hear this w/ PFT ?

kulapvilaysack13 karma


potacho5 karma

How much money do you make?

kulapvilaysack12 karma

More than $5.

smish_smorsh5 karma

Hi Kulap! Do have any fond memories/funny stories of life in Minnesota?

kulapvilaysack15 karma

Did you know I worked at the Mall of America food court? Hulk Hogan's Pastamania!

Elleanor85 karma

Hey Kulap! Love Bajillion, what is a typical day like in the writing room?

kulapvilaysack9 karma

Pitching jokes, typing, pitching more jokes, various room bits, making fun of Kevin Seccia, re-writing, joke pitches, snacks, meals and cold brew.

oshoney5 karma

Chart time! What are your top 5 favorite songs right now?

kulapvilaysack11 karma

1-5... "Smooth" by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas.

ImHighRtMeow5 karma

Hi Kulap! Ive heard you're an avid reader, what are you reading now? Best wishes!

kulapvilaysack11 karma

I do like reading. I read Graham Hancock's MAGICIANS OF THE GODS. It was eh. Pretty academic and way too long. Tighten it up, Graham!

yochristophales5 karma

I sadly didn't start listening to Who Charted? until a few months ago. If I wanted to go back and listen to some, who have been some of your favorite WC? guests?

kulapvilaysack7 karma

We've done more than 300 so it's hard to say. Certainly Paul F Tompkins... BUT I gotta say, I love seeing Howard one a week. He's my favorite guest.

Roook365 karma

I noticed a plot hole in an episode. Who can I report this to?

kulapvilaysack11 karma

Your local assembly person.

Scarbane5 karma

Can I borrow some pizza?

kulapvilaysack8 karma

Only if you promise to give it back.

theMeddlerMan4 karma

Will we be seeing you in the new season of Bajillion, either as a new character or as Jason's assistant from season 1? And will you be bringing back actors as new characters in future seasons?

kulapvilaysack5 karma

yes and yes

dewgin864 karma

What's your favorite show? Other than your own :)?

kulapvilaysack9 karma

There's so much good TV. I really like Catastrophe, Atlanta, Better Things, Game of Thrones, You're the Worst, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bob's Burgers... I can't pick one right now.

medicatedmonkey6 karma

You're the worst is amazing, and no love for bang bang!?

kulapvilaysack13 karma

CRAP. Guys, I don't know my way around reddit, can I edit?! CBB ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!

MannequinFlyswatter4 karma

Be real with me. You down wit OPP?

kulapvilaysack12 karma

Yeah you know me.

MannequinFlyswatter3 karma

That settles that. Thanks so much.

kulapvilaysack3 karma

You are so welcome.

jrokeach4 karma

Kulap - Love the show. Can't wait to watch s2 this weekend.

How does creating TV for a streaming service like SEESO differ from that of cable or network TV?

kulapvilaysack7 karma

Thank you! Please do and tell all your friends.

I don't have experience creating a show for cable or network tv, but I do get to swear. Swears are funny. More importantly, they pretty much let me do whatever I want.

yankee234573 karma

Who is your favorite Bajillion character? Is a third season in the works??

kulapvilaysack4 karma

I can't choose, they might be reading this! Yes.

Boisenberry3 karma

Where are the Earwolf studios actually located?

kulapvilaysack9 karma

HollyWeirdAlville, USA

Raptohijack3 karma

Hey everyone! I’ve really enjoyed Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ as well as a bunch of other Seeso originals. I’m a comedy writer who formerly wrote for The Onion’s sister website, and was wondering how to transition into TV writing/ late night talk show. Any suggestions?

kulapvilaysack10 karma

Thank you! I have never staffed, so I can't be much help... if you have representation, go on a bunch of generals. If you aren't there yet, be generating material. Shoot stuff with friends. Post your writing. Be seen.

huskerdenton3 karma

Greetings Kulap--I apologize if this is a duplicate question, but do you have a tentative schedule for bringing Origin Story to the finish line? #ImWithHer

kulapvilaysack3 karma

End of 2017!! xo

kulapvilaysack4 karma


Wrong_Swordfish3 karma

You're a beautiful, talented, honest, saucy beast and I truly look up to you. Your interview with Alison Rosen was both heartbreaking and uplifting.

I saw the livestream feed of Who Charted and podfest and noticeably blushed in my living room when randy started to interview you. Did you properly scold Howard after the show?

kulapvilaysack5 karma

Thank you!!!

Nah, he apologized and I forgave him immediately. A Howard is going to be a Howard.

Cantkillabullmoose3 karma

Ku! What's your favorite part of directing?

kulapvilaysack7 karma

Working with the actors.

Pickleinspaces3 karma

Hi Ku! Thanks for doing this - outside of B$P, what is your favorite seeso original show?

PS I'd love to see more whooch taped! Your dance moves are too good to miss :)

kulapvilaysack7 karma

I love FLOWERS. It's like wow.

I also love to shake it. Thank you for seeing me.

aldoboom3 karma

hi kulap! i know you are proud of your laotian background. i am going to luang prabang in january. any must-sees or must-dos?

kulapvilaysack9 karma

I have never been and am jealous that you are going! I've only been south of Vientiane.

Go to the Plain of Jars!

hambeef2 karma

have you ever run a cool lap? Thanks so much

kulapvilaysack9 karma

I run hot, but I look good in Adidas... so yes.

llamafacelukas2 karma

What other shows are you currently working on that we can expect to see in the future?

kulapvilaysack7 karma

I'm working on more Bajillion!

JamesGandalfFeeney2 karma

Hi Kulap, what is your opinion on the recent Wikileaks releases of Podesta's e-mails?

kulapvilaysack5 karma

Hard to say what is modified and altered. Sputnik, the Newsweek writer saying their words are being attributed to the Clinton campaign by the Trumpster.

dont_worry_im_here2 karma

How do you get access to all of these homes that you shoot your show in?

  • Not Randy Denton, but still a solid Chartist

kulapvilaysack8 karma

Greetings Chartist!

We have an excellent locations manager, David Lyons.

normstafah2 karma

Is there blooper reel footage available anywhere? How do you feel about Disney Pixar creating fake 'blooper' scenes for the movie "A Bug's Life"

kulapvilaysack7 karma


Isn't Dave Foley the greatest. He's in Bajillion and it was thrilling to work with him.

There are lots of bloops and bleeps, but we haven't made a reel of them.

Dass_it2 karma

What was your favorite clip or scene from Bajillion S1 and S2, respectively?

kulapvilaysack3 karma

I am super proud of this show. I love the PREDATOR PARTY story in 207, all Todd the Janitor scenes, all Dean and the brokers one on one scenes, Casey Wilson and Tim Baltz in 201, Mandell Maughan and Randall Park in 208, Drew and Ryan dancing, Tawny and Dan singing... the list goes on and on.

fanistonforever2 karma

Hi Kulap any memories you'd like to share from the writers room also who was your favorite writer this year??

kulapvilaysack15 karma

We invented a game called Circle Jerk. Two contestants go up to the white board and draw a circle while the rest of the room is turned away. We then vote which circle is superior and name a winner. Then Alex Fernie aka THE CIRCLE JERK goes up to the board and circles what is wrong with each circle in a very rude manner.

We had tournaments.

herohomicide2 karma

Hey, Ku! Thank you so much for doing an appearance. I live for your excessive on/off-mic laughter. Two questions: 1. Any plans for a return of the holiday bindle/bundle? 2. Do you expect work with your show/doc/everything to chill enough that you might be able to do a few touring Who Charted shows?

kulapvilaysack5 karma

Greetings Chartist!

The Holiday Bundle is always available. Or at least I think it is. No plans to make #2.

I would love to do a few Whooch greasings.

SomewhatEnglish2 karma

Hi Kulap,

Can you please tell me how I watch B$P in the UK?

kulapvilaysack6 karma

I can't, but I wish I could. Hoping soon!

blabyrinth1 karma

Would you consider having u/StanGibson18 on your show?

kulapvilaysack1 karma

What unions is he in?