I suppose most people will know me as someone who loves riding bikes and making films on YouTube. You may have seen some of my films like Imaginate, Way Back Home or The Ridge.

‘Wee Day Out’ is my latest project and was filmed over the course of the summer. Although I’m doing very abnormal riding, I set out to make a video that hopefully relates to the normal rider. Every rider has had to ride through a puddle when it's been a bit unknown how deep the centre of that puddle is, it just so happens that the puddle in my film is 6ft deep!

I wanted to do a video on the mountain bike again and give myself creative freedom with this film. It's meant to be a fun day out on the bike, so I wanted it to be quite light hearted. You can see the final clip here: http://www.redbull.com/danny

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/0ZuPT

I’ll be answering questions from 11am EST/4pm UK – Ask me anything

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Brutal_Engineer837 karma

Hi Danny! I have been obsessively watching your video for years and am always impressed with your outside-the-box thinking when it comes to new stunts. I loved Wee Day Out, particularly your slide on the log. Coincidentally I happen to also ride a Santa Cruz and also happen to have just started a company with my first product being a bottom bracket guard/chain guide designed specifically for Santa Cruz bikes with VPP suspension and single chain rings. It would have been perfect for that slide.

Can I send you a prototype? I can think of no greater honor as a professional engineer and mountain biker than knowing my favorite athlete gave my idea a shot! Thanks!

DannyMacAskill695 karma

Aye! Send it to Red Bull UK's offices c/o me! Thanks :D

Slushyforbrains277 karma

Hi Danny!

In a Facebook posting about Wee Day Out, you mentioned that you attempted that log slide trick around 300 times before nailing it. Is that normal for your tricks or was that one just incredibly difficult?

Thanks for making some of the most jaw dropping mountain bike videos I've ever seen. Best of luck to you in the future!

DannyMacAskill321 karma

300 attempts at one trick can be quite normal! Other tricks in my videos such as the front flip over the ball onto the railway track in Imaginate took the same amount.

Spleen_Muncher237 karma

LOVE your videos!

Would you make a video about riding one of these?

DannyMacAskill145 karma

I'm always open to ideas....

deankh183 karma

Hey Danny! Another fan here. Is there ever a moment where you considered a trick but just thought "that's not worth the risk"?

DannyMacAskill309 karma

For Way Back Home I planned to jump of the Skye Bridge which is 41m into the sea - but time on the project ran out and looking back it probably wouldn't have been a good idea!

drunkinnmunky116 karma

Love that tree flair!!! Thank you for turning me on to some great songs. Do you choose all the music in your videos?

DannyMacAskill147 karma

I'm usually the one who finds the music, but then it's me and the director who make the final decision

Wee_Tommy113 karma

If you've had one, what has been your most traumatic injury so far and how did it happen?

DannyMacAskill193 karma

Longest and most niggly has to be a torn disc in my lower back. I'm not sure how I did it exactly - but I'm pretty sure it was doing a drop in Glasgow.

PingPongPlaya1795 karma

Could you reply to this comment so I can tell my friends?

DannyMacAskill125 karma

No problem

Azumaluza76 karma

How did you learn to balance a you do? And bonus question, how was it like visiting Argentina on that abandoned town? That shoot was awesome.

DannyMacAskill87 karma

Practice, practice, practice!

DoubtIsThought65 karma

Hello Danny,

Would you ever consider riding the lava fields in Iceland? Also, there are a few canny MTB lines dotted around the Country.

You're and inspiration and I would love to meet you some day.


DannyMacAskill228 karma

Iceland is definitely a place I want to visit. So hopefully I'll be there soon.

No Georgie, you're my inspiration :-)

bigjamstone61 karma

How many bikes did you go through shooting 'wee day out'? can imagine 300+ takes for the tree slide didnt do the frame a whole lotta good? haha

DannyMacAskill145 karma

I went through two Santa Cruz 5010 cc's during the filming of Wee Day Out. One of which I drilled holes in and filled with sand for the puddle scene. The other bike is still going strong

civilservant201155 karma

Word. Loved the way back home. Great choice in music and even better bike skills. Do you do much biking in Canada? Cheers

DannyMacAskill97 karma

Yes, I've ridden in Vancouver and Whistler - and it's one of my favourite places in the world to ride.

Glaic54 karma

Ciamar a tha thu, a Dhannaidh?

DannyMacAskill56 karma


TheCancerWizard54 karma

Danny, super impressed with what you do, the question is, would you ever consider getting involved in a MacAskill Stunt Biking Video Game?

DannyMacAskill75 karma

I've not been approached yet, but I'm always open to ideas!

Mortensen50 karma

Hey Danny!

Where do you get the ideas for your more ludicrous stunts and how much prep goes into them?

DannyMacAskill70 karma

I often start with a concept that gives me creative freedom. With Imaginate for example we were able to build props which allowed me to try interesting new tricks.

Sometimes the tricks can take days of work to build and multiple days to land.

TSILF49 karma

How does working with Red Bull compare to when you were making videos and trying to market yourself without such a big sponsor?

DannyMacAskill132 karma

I actually still make all my videos with the same friends I started out with. Nothings changed, I still get the same fun feeling!

n3omancer44 karma

Oh, and whats the one trick you really want to pull off but have yet to manage?

DannyMacAskill141 karma

Ooooh - that would be telling! Wait for my next video...

aquacultural44 karma

Hey Danny!

Is there anywhere you've yet to ride that you would like to? Hope your day is going well!

DannyMacAskill85 karma

I'd love to one day visit Japan and ride both my MTB and trails bike!

MattBaster44 karma

Do you have a favorite outtake?

DannyMacAskill78 karma

Some of the bale crashes give you a small insight into just how hard it was

t2suave41 karma

What do you have planned for the future? Are you ever going to mellow out or is being a methodical madman all you know?

DannyMacAskill56 karma

I know that one day I'm not going to be able to ride at the level I am at the moment, but there are so many ideas I want to get done before then!

beaster111135 karma

Hey Danny. Love the videos. My first question is when did you start riding and when did you know you do it professionally? Also where is your favourite place (city/country/location) that you have ever rode?

Thanks for doing this and can't wait for any video you drop.

DannyMacAskill64 karma

I started riding trials when I was about 11. I turned pro in 2009.

One of my favourite riding locations is Aviemore in Scotland. It's where I used to ride growing up - check out this video. http://www.redbull.com/uk/en/bike/stories/1331794387601/watch-danny-macaskill-s-brand-new-edit-aviemore-spring

tacosNnachos18 karma

Hi Danny, thanks for taking the time to hang out! I'm curious, how much do you enjoy being part of the Red Bull family? From the outside, they seem like a great organization that supports not only it's athletes but also everyone involved, whether it's on the ground, in the air, or in space. Can you tell us why one would choose to join the Red Bull family over any other company that supports athletes in a similar fashion? What are the opportunities you are afforded through Red Bull that you might not get elsewhere?

DannyMacAskill15 karma

It's an amazing family to be with. They always surprise me with opportunities

abrahamf199118 karma

When you were born what kind of bike came out with you?

DannyMacAskill31 karma

A Raleigh Burner!

PossiblyNSA18 karma

Hi Danny, big fan of yours. I remember one summer a while back, probably about 8 years ago now, I was in Padstow, Cornwall, and saw someone who I'm quite confident was you doing some tricks with another guy by the slipway wall. I've never been able to find any news about it or anything, but I'm pretty sure that it was you. Was it you that day, or am I completely wrong? Obviously it was quite a long time ago, so I don't totally expect you to remember this, but it'd be cool if it was you.

DannyMacAskill19 karma

Sorry man - I've never been riding in Cornwall. But maybe one day...

MattTheJap17 karma

Hi Danny.

What's your favorite post-ride beer/drink?

DannyMacAskill63 karma

It's got to be Red Bull...summer tropical edition of course ;-)

p80c16 karma

Do you ever play around with other types of bikes, just to mix things up, like park/dirt bmx, flatland, anything like that?

DannyMacAskill22 karma

When I'm not riding my street trials bike, I'm on my MTB bike or my motorbike trials bike. I've never really been BMX or dirt.

ImNotTheBossOfMe13 karma

Hi Danny! You are one of the most impressing athletes I know! Now to my questions, any advice on learning to wheelie on a mountain bike? I can go 2-8 meters but that's it.

DannyMacAskill27 karma

Thanks ImNotTheBossOfMe! Ryan Leech has some great tutorials? The best advice is to go to empty which has lots of white lines and practice trying to make it a goal to wheelie one space, then two, then three. And just by repetition you'll get better

d3structiv313 karma

How many times did you fuck up hitting the fence in one of your other videos?

DannyMacAskill54 karma

I dont fuck up. First go every time ;-)

bojambo12 karma

Danny boy! as im a lad from paisley, what parks/areas around Glasgow would u highly recommend me to try out? also, i see you post when your out and about in Glasgow, do you have any go to area's in the city that you wished you could get shut down to film in?

DannyMacAskill16 karma

The Clydeside near the centre of town has always been a favourite spot of mine. And also on Buchanan Street

ShampooandCondition12 karma

Hey Danny,

Cheers for doing this!

1) Any chance you will do any more Streetlight Sessions? I attended the Manchester one just after Way Back Home and it was brilliant!

2) How was filming Concrete Circus? Would you ever do anything like that again?

3) What has been your favourite moment in your career since Inspired Bicycles came out?

Thanks in advance and I love all your work

DannyMacAskill13 karma


1 - Streetlight sessions was so much fun, and something I'd love to do again in the next couple of years. 2 - I enjoyed it as we had very low expectations of what we were going to make. It was also cool to be on the programme with some other athletes. 3 - That's a really tough one. There's been so many highlights over the years.

SOS_Music11 karma

Ever rode a penny-farthing? Could you think of a single stunt possible on one?

DannyMacAskill22 karma

Yes I have! A few times. I've actually riding a few and snapped the forts off them. I've managed to do wheelies and jumps off them

Pafrla11 karma

Are their any people you would like to make a future video with?

DannyMacAskill41 karma

Arnold Schwarzenegger!

hateshalldevour11 karma


DannyMacAskill29 karma

It's got to be Schnarff Schnarff, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Walkmen

crazyscot8810 karma

Do you still work in a bike shop?

DannyMacAskill35 karma

These days I'm riding my bike full time - but one day I'd love to start my own one!

MingyMogar10 karma

I’m Just wondering but was the case frontflip filmed at the quarry in Cambusbarron?

flyan8 karma

Hi Danny,

I grew up watching the likes of Martin Ashton, Jason McRoy and Rob Warner. Each inspiring me to better myself as a person and rider (drinker in the case of Rob). Who would you class as your biggest inspiration?

Keep up the great work pushing yourself and showing what can be done on two wheels.

DannyMacAskill13 karma

My biggest inspirations while growing up (and to this day) are:

  • Martyn Ashton
  • Martin Hawyes
  • Hans Rey
  • Ryan Leech

pfeifits8 karma

Hey Danny, my kids and I watched the Ridge in absolute rapture. What a beautiful video and amazing talent you have. What would you say the best way is to get kids into mountain biking (other than watching your videos)? Specifically, when they can't physically handle many of the trails, how do you help them enjoy the sport at their level and help them to progress in the sport?

DannyMacAskill11 karma

It's great to go out in the garden or the park and set up small challenges for them and their friends - such as trying to get up and down small bankings, curbs etc. Turning riding into a game really works.

vaustin897 karma

Love your new video, but the Drop and Roll one was hilarious! Any new video with the whole Drop and Roll crew?

DannyMacAskill8 karma

Haha! Thanks very much. Yeah, hoping to get some filming done in November or December

potatoschnitzle7 karma

Any tips on dealing with fear for a mountainbiker that has basically "stalled", partly due to moving from a big bike(DH) to a "do-it-all" hardtail?

DannyMacAskill12 karma

I'd say go out for a ride and session parts of the trail which test your skills. This is a great way to improve your riding and deal with fear.

Gwell92056 karma

Hi Danny, as a fan of both biking and film making I always enjoy watching your stuff. I was wondering what process you go through in planning a video such as "Wee Day Out" and how much say you get on the creative side compared to Cut Media/Red Bull MH? Thanks.

DannyMacAskill3 karma

I lot of the concept around the riding ideas tend to come from myself, but I work with Cut and Red Bull MH to help bring these ideas to life.

UnpaintedHuffheinz6 karma

Hey Danny!

Will you be at Rampage this week? Any chance you'd ever compete?

DannyMacAskill11 karma

One day they might accept me for a wildcard.. We'll have to wait and see ;)

TheTow6 karma

How did you get so fucking good at riding a bike? It takes a lot to be sponsored by red bull from what I've seen

DannyMacAskill8 karma

I've always loved riding, but being a professional was never a goal - it just happened!

Icanrightgood6 karma


I loved "Wee Day Out" and I'll be sure to tune in to your other videos. Your stunts are so crazy and fluid my girlfriend thought they were fake.

What kind of Santa Cruz would you recommend for someone new to biking? I'm looking to get one once I've sold enough body parts and dig through enough couch cushions.

DannyMacAskill8 karma

The Santa Cruz 5010 is a great all-rounder

drumschtitz5 karma

Got a good pal Gordon Dunsmore (Gordy) says he knows you. Got a message for him?

DannyMacAskill10 karma

Tell him that I want to see him back on a trails bike soon

Dan_Jackniels5 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?

DannyMacAskill18 karma

A hundred wee horses would be pretty nippy - so probably one big duck!

Dexy1015 karma

Hi Danny

What do you to to kick back and relax when you're not killing it on a bike?

DannyMacAskill16 karma

I spend a few hours a day browsing new music on Spotify. I call it music surfing.

JohnAngusBeaton5 karma

As you're from Skye, have you ever been across the water to Uist? Ever considered making a video in the Outer Hebrides? I think you could make an awesome video in the Outer Hebrides!

DannyMacAskill8 karma

Unfortunately I've never been out to the Outer Hebrides, but I'm planning a Wee Day Out there soon... ;)

goodguygregor4 karma

Danny! Envious of your skill and videos you have made for all of us fans. I'm a long time DH rider and minimal Trials rider. What was it like to ride with Hans Rey? I remember having a sticker that read "Put your chocolate foot forward" on my down tube of my first trials bike. A quote he has said many times.
Thank you for sharing your love and skill with us! Looking forward to more in the future.

DannyMacAskill8 karma

Hans has been a big inspiration over the years and riding with him and hanging out is always such a fun time.

MarthaFarcuss4 karma

Hi Danny

Do you still get the opportunity to ride on the streets, or do you get swamped by fans? If the latter, how do you practice?

DannyMacAskill9 karma

I often go riding late in the evening not because I'm getting harassed by fans but because it's quiet

Ochilmagic4 karma

Danny, How much would it take for u too take me and mountain bike somewhere haha?

DannyMacAskill11 karma

How much you got?

timmy18880 karma

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeear Danny, I'm a massive fan, and admire your skills, but how does it feel to know that you have become famous without being good looking but based purely on skill, you must be slightly disappointed? Congratulations.

DannyMacAskill1 karma

I'm quite fine with that! My looks would get smashed to pieces riding anyway!