Danny MacAskill

Danny macaskill portrait by carroux.com lr
is a Scottish trials cyclist, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He works professionally as a street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd.

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Aye! Send it to Red Bull UK's offices c/o me! Thanks :D

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300 attempts at one trick can be quite normal! Other tricks in my videos such as the front flip over the ball onto the railway track in Imaginate took the same amount.

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the ball front flip to the train tracks took about 250 takes...it was a lot harder on the cameraman than on me! He was having to run up and down with a steady cam. We worked out he ran about 6 Km in about 2 hours. I was dizzy by the end

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For Way Back Home I planned to jump of the Skye Bridge which is 41m into the sea - but time on the project ran out and looking back it probably wouldn't have been a good idea!

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Iceland is definitely a place I want to visit. So hopefully I'll be there soon.

No Georgie, you're my inspiration :-)

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The only thing I'm any good at is riding is my bike...I'd like to get better at hula hooping!

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I have broken both my feet several times...I've got a pin in my right wrist, I've broken my left collarbone 3 times, most memorable break was trying to keep up with Gee Atherton in practice for a downhill race in California which ended with me breaking my collarbone for the third time in 6 months...

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Longest and most niggly has to be a torn disc in my lower back. I'm not sure how I did it exactly - but I'm pretty sure it was doing a drop in Glasgow.

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I'm usually the one who finds the music, but then it's me and the director who make the final decision