From a very early age I've always been fascinated with bikes and my happiest moments are when I'm listening to music and riding. My verification here:

'Imaginate’ has been my most ambitious and challenging project to date; two years in the making and the result of a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears. I wanted to move away from my previous riding clips ‘Inspired’, ‘Way Back Home’ and ‘Industrial Revolutions’ and produce something completely unique. I've had such a free-range to build the set ups, allowing me to do the tricks that have just been in my dreams until now. You can see some of my video responses here:

I'll be answering questions from 12 EST / 5PM UK - Ask me anything.

Thanks for all your questions. Just having a quick break but will be back in a bit to answer a few more of the below! Danny

Thanks very much for all your questions and comments. I'm heading over to Pink Bike now to answer some more questions:

Cheers, Danny

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teleekom287 karma

Hi Danny, I'm big fan of these kind of bike trial videos you're doing even though the most dangerous thing I did on my bike was getting down the street for milk. One of the most important part of these videos (apart from your riding obviously) is music. Everytime there is a new Danny MacAskill video I know, there will be some awesome new music I haven't heard of and I put a few bands into my music library solely because I heard it on your video. Especialy your Way Back Home clip was something I had on repeat for months, because the music fit so amazingly into the actual video. This is serious art mate.

I was wondering if you are in some way responsible for picking the music into you videos. Are they your favourite bands, or you just got to chose from a list of songs that someone hand it to you or is it only director's choice? Any wich way is it, the connection between audio and video in your clips is astonishing and I wanna thank you for that.

rolpheroo154 karma many attempts did it take to bounce from the ball to the track in your new video?

(New video brilliant btw, amazing what you did with the old museum, would've tried to sneak in after roller disco if id known lol)

DannyMacAskill320 karma

the ball front flip to the train tracks took about 250 was a lot harder on the cameraman than on me! He was having to run up and down with a steady cam. We worked out he ran about 6 Km in about 2 hours. I was dizzy by the end

Call_me_John111 karma

Hey Danny! I'll keep it simple: How many broken bones during the years? Which of these memories is your favorite?

Love your work, you're one of the reasons why i can't decide to sell my bike! Keep it up, you're an inspiration!

DannyMacAskill224 karma

I have broken both my feet several times...I've got a pin in my right wrist, I've broken my left collarbone 3 times, most memorable break was trying to keep up with Gee Atherton in practice for a downhill race in California which ended with me breaking my collarbone for the third time in 6 months...

jbamdigity1992 karma

Hi Danny, Honestly you are one of the main reason I ride, your first youtube video was one of the first ones I saw when I started riding bikes. I am now interning to become a mechanic at my local shop in Oregon..if there was one piece of advice you could give someone who got into riding later than most (i am 23, started at 20) what would it be?

DannyMacAskill137 karma

Just be patient, and keep having fun riding. It's a good idea to look after your body...but 23 is not that old!

smithje68 karma

Hi Danny, My family really loves watching your videos, especially my four year old son. He had two questions for you:

1) When did you start riding?

2) Do you want a beer? (this may mean that I'm a terrible parent)

My question is: do you feel more inspired by your bicycle and what it allows you to do or by the terrain and its complexities?

DannyMacAskill79 karma

I started riding at the age of 4, same as your son. But I didn't get my stabilisers off till I was 16. Yes cheers to the beer. i think its a combination of both things - and I find adding music into the mix while I'm riding helps me to come up with new ideas.

catch22milo65 karma

Hey Danny,

Aside from street trials, are there any other athletic endeavors that you excel at that you wouldn't necessarily be known for? On the flip side, any sports or athletic activities that you enjoy but are just terrible at?

DannyMacAskill226 karma

The only thing I'm any good at is riding is my bike...I'd like to get better at hula hooping!

LysergicAcidDiethyla45 karma

Danny do you like Talisker Whiskey?

Have you visited the distillery?

Skye is my 2nd favourite Scottish Isle (Mull can't be beaten, I'm afraid)

DannyMacAskill88 karma

It's delicious, you can't beat the taste of petrol and peat mixed together!

danny_babs45 karma

Hi Danny, Imaginate is ridiculously amazing. Jaw was on the table for the whole time watching

After seeing the painful outtakes, I wanted to know if you landed any of the tricks first time at all and if so how does that feel when it happens?

DannyMacAskill106 karma

Good question....if I land something on the first go it's just not hard I'll always add something on extra to make sure it's good enough to be filmed

liamc300037 karma

What made you choose a trial bike over the more popular bmx?

DannyMacAskill76 karma

I grew up on the Isle of Skye which is very rural and didn't have many street spots. I started riding mountain bikes which I enjoyed doing tricks on - and that slowly turned into a trials bike over the years

flippityfloppityfloo35 karma

Hi Danny,

I just watched your Imaginate video and I have no words to express its awesomeness. The colored pencil trick and the flip trick onto the train station platform were incredible. I hope it gets all of the views it deserves!

If you had to choose three of your favorite riders out there today aside from yourself, who would they be?

What sort of hobbies do you do when you're not biking?

And lastly, what's your favorite city you have visited?


DannyMacAskill78 karma

Favourite riders are Chris Akrigg, Alex Donahue and Martin Soderstrom. When I'm not biking I ride my mountain bike, and ride a moto trials bike...and my favourite city is Thaichung

cherouvim32 karma

Have you ever ridden with Chris Akrigg?

DannyMacAskill57 karma

I haven't ever ridden with him..but I would love to in the future!

stevis122125 karma

Are you an alien?

DannyMacAskill126 karma

Debatable...I am from the Isle of Skye

westerndjango23 karma

Hey Danny, how did the bounce ball trick come about? Was it something you thought about or was it a happy accident during filming?

DannyMacAskill61 karma

After my back operation at the beginning of 2012 I had to spend a lot of time in the gym doing rehab, which involved using exercise balls. One day I had the idea to do a front flip over one with my bike!

cherouvim23 karma

A bicycle rider who is interested in becoming constantly better by learning new tricks or perfecting existing ones has to deal with times where progress does not happen. Sometimes not only doesn't he/she learn new stuff but it seems that pulling "already mastered" tricks is hard. And these periods may last for days. The worst part is that frustration from those moments make these periods longer.

  1. Does this ever happen to you?
  2. If yes, how do you deal with it?

lkm81920 karma

What was the final push that made you decide to quit your job as a mechanic and ride full time?

DannyMacAskill47 karma

I was able through Cycle Scotland to do shows in schools all over Scotland, which first gave me the opportunity to ride for a living, and shortly after that the Inspired video came out

Castlekeepers18 karma

Hi Danny, it's David Win from Eilean Donan Castle here. Great to see you back in action at long last. I've been suffering with a herniated disc so I've every sympathy with your back issues. Love the new video and the series of how it was made. Two questions for you..... What happened with the airbag? Didn't see a shot in the finished piece where it might have been used.... Secondly, last time you were here at the castle you had a few stunts in mind for your return visit. Any more thoughts on that? I've been wondering for ages just what was going through your mind with that, and we'd be delighted to see you back at some point!

All the very best!


DannyMacAskill23 karma

Hi David hope the back heals up soon! The air bag was used in the warehouse as a tool to learn new tricks like the 360 flip onto the railway platform, but it didn't really have a place in the final edit. I'll hopefully get up to Eilean Donan to do some riding soon.

roflcoptocles15 karma

It's absolutely mind-blowing what you can do on a bike. I have watched and re-watched your videos in utter amazement and jealousy that you have the ability to do that stuff.

How did you learn to ride like that? Have you always been naturally good on a bike or did it come with practice?

What's the secret to getting so much air on your bunny hop?

What kind of bike set-up do you use?

Cheers man!

DannyMacAskill23 karma

Thanks. I started riding a bike when I was 4, actually my first bike was a present from my Aunt, and you couldn't get me off it. I guess a bit of it was natural, but I definitely practised everyday over and over again

DanniGordon10 karma

So, were you riding around Glasgow last Thursday? I was sure I saw you next to the O2 Academy in the early evening but then a mate of yours tells me you are over in NY filming just now? If you are in NY what are you filming and you should know you have a doppleganger who wears a Red Bull helmet!

DannyMacAskill15 karma

Yeah probably was me, I lose track of time!

fredfleet9 karma

Loved Way back home as well, one of the best videos on youtube.

How long does it take to film something like that?

Do you do a lot of takes to get the right shot?

Don't you ever seriously hurt yourself?

bestephe8 karma

Hi Danny,

I like your riding because it incorporates many different types of riding into trials, such as flatland, street, and even some park with the flairs and 360-flips that I see you have dialed now.

Do you ever ride or practice on more standard jumping and tricking courses, such as dirt jumps or bike parks, or do you pretty much ride street/trials exclusively? I would love to see an edit of you being versitile and tearing it up at the local bmx trails.

steenate7 karma

Will you ever be able to beat AliC in a game of BIKE?

DannyMacAskill5 karma

No he's much better than me

badondesaurus7 karma


DannyMacAskill10 karma

I think I've got a good gauge of what I'm capable of. for future projects it's important to come up with a great concept along with the riding. I wanted to have parts of Super Mario in my latest film it's definitely one to think about

sopaz7 karma

Hey Danny, another awesome video. Thanks to your videos (and Chris Akriggs) I recently got back into trials on an old Saracen MAD team - remember those?!

Couple of questions:

Are the pencils stuck down with insane amounts of Sugru? Where can I get a Balanced T-shirt?

DannyMacAskill21 karma

The pencils were held down with insane amounts of plasticine, we raided Toys R Us for as much as they had!

underraker996 karma

Hey Danny! Just wondering what your favorite spot to ride from your videos was, it seems like you've ridden many interesting spots but I'm wondering if they were your favorite due to the tricks you could do or just the general location.

DannyMacAskill20 karma

One of my favourite spots in the old mine foundations on island Razzsay off the Isle of Skye, the place was special to me because my friends helped to build all the jumps and the location had an amazing backdrop

macnicool6 karma

Do you enjoy the other disciplines of cycling, specifically track or road? and if so which other riders do you like (personally or just watching)?

DannyMacAskill4 karma

I don't often ride track or road. I was lucky enough to ride the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome which was pretty amazing, I'd like to have a few more runs in the future

sam2646 karma

Who's the coolest pro mtber you've ever met?

DannyMacAskill10 karma

Hans noway ray

Abarth155 karma

Your riding is a huge inspiration and it really got me to try to push my own skills. My question is out of all the stunts or tricks you have learned, which is the most enjoyable for you? Big thanks for the AMA and keep up the great work!

DannyMacAskill8 karma

Most recently learning to ride a loop the loop was a lot of fun. I was quite apprehensive riding it for the first time, but by the end of the day I felt confident to hit it. The feeling of riding it was like nothing else I've ever tried

jwkelly5 karma

Danny, I got to ask... the front-flip onto the exercise ball to the railroad rail tie. How? That shit blows my mind.

curiouscreative5 karma

I saw 'Imaginate' earlier and I thought it was amazing, especially the house of cards etc. It certainly is unique! What was your favourite prop?

JerkyJuicer4 karma

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into this?

I currently skateboard but I've borrowed a few people bikes at parks and I love it.

DannyMacAskill5 karma

Trials can be ridden on any small framed mountain bike, buying a 20 inch trials bike is probably a good start.

calleyswag3 karma

Just got done watching your video, super sick idea and completion of your wild imagination. Always enjoy your awesome tricks and crazy insane stunts you pull off. I can only wonder the amount of times you have fallen before.

got to know. what does a guy like you eat for breakfast every day?

DannyMacAskill12 karma

Lidl's muesli. It's delicious

DownButNeverOut3 karma

Hey Danny, big fan! What tips would you give to someone wanting to learn more advanced tricks in trials? Also is there anything youve found away from the bike that helps you develop your skills back on it?

DannyMacAskill10 karma

Learning flip tricks it's a good idea to go to your local skate park that has a foam pit, that's where I first learned to do front and back flips. For more advanced tricks, you first have to master the basics - it's all about working up to the more complex tricks, and they'll come in the end.

JohntheHuman3 karma

So glad I found out about this before it was too late.
Just watched Imaginate and it was amazing. Very well done.
A pair of my friends met you a while ago when you were in Cape Town, still very jealous of that.
My question is, do you ever do any other riding other than the trails and trials? Such as dirt jumping or downhill?
And, you look so happy when you are driving that tank, did they really let your drive it?

Keep putting out videos, they are always amazing.

peter2663 karma

Hi Danny I am a really big fan and I know you may get this alot but i am related to you. Im related to you through my great gran who used to be a MacAskill before getting married and it follows its way down making you my second cousin. Even ask your mum about Elisabeth MacDonald, you even went to school with her, shes my mum and shes from Glendale!

Really hope to hear back either on this or even email! [email protected]

DannyMacAskill16 karma

Hey Pete, I'll ask my mum and dad about the family tree! Hopefully that means you're related to Giant Angus MacAskill

_stay_inspired2 karma

Hi Danny,
I just wanted to say that me and my son Cooper watch your videos all the time. He is only 5 and obsesed. Thanks for putting a smile on our face. My question is how do you approach goals as a rider? Do you set short term and long term? Or do you just strive for 1 main goal?

ibenezliptak2 karma

hey danny i love your work and everything you do. and im super exited your on reddit! your last edit was absolutely amazing, i can't see how anyone could top that, i even watched it with my dad.

question: where were you 10 years ago in relation to who you are now?

gramoskrasniqi1 karma

Hey , Dany. I wanted to know how's the best way to get started for trialing doing some easy tricks.

Mental_Graffiti1 karma

Hey Danny, what's your favourite bike to ride on when doing insane tricks like those in your videos? How light is it?

badaboomerang1 karma

A simple question... What's next?

DannyMacAskill2 karma

My plan is to work on smaller videos in the future, one man and his dog style. I also want to make sure I get plenty of time to ride just for fun in Glasgow and have a good time

[deleted]-11 karma


rolpheroo-1 karma

Lol genius! Horses all the way for me (not that my opinion counts) ducks are vicious!

DannyMacAskill4 karma

you appear to have deleted the question...but on the question of fighting a horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses.. my answer is a horse sized duck. a 100 duck sized horses is like loads of piranhas, nibbling your ankles. Not nice. I hope I never really have to make this decision.