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Spleen_Muncher237 karma

LOVE your videos!

Would you make a video about riding one of these?

Spleen_Muncher103 karma

For $4,000?

EDIT: OP, I'm actually really curious. I'd like to know.

Spleen_Muncher7 karma

Halo player here. Did you get the name for the company from the old "Super Bounce" glitches in Halo 2? If not, where did the name come from?

Spleen_Muncher2 karma

Huge fan, Mr. O'Donnell! Absolutely looking forward to the proper release of Music of the Spheres that it deserves!

Odd question. What was it like designing the sounds for the Hunters, Jackals, and Flood? What exactly went into those sounds and voices?

Also, I'd love nothing more than to lock you in a studio with Dee Bradley Baker and John DiMaggio! How was working with them?

One last. Do you keep in touch with Mr. Jay Weinland? I'd like to think you guys are buds.