It's been a couple of years since my last AMA but I thought I would update anyone that was interested with my disorder. I have a hormonal disorder and I was prepubescent until I was 20 years old. I took testosterone to induce puberty and now take it to live as a healthy adult male. I did an AMA one year into my treatment while I was pretty much in the middle of my "puberty" but I'm very much developed now and wanted to answer any questions people may have about my disorder and how I've changed since I was first diagnosed.

Here's my initial test results and the pills I used to take. I now inject testosterone.

Edit: Woah, I went to bed and came back to a lot of questions. I'll try and answer all of them.

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Forestman881464 karma

Most of us go through puberty when we are still way to young to fully understand what we are going through. Do you know how your experience was different given that you were (presumably) more mentally mature when you did puberty? Like, were you better aware of the sexual attraction/urges than most of us were or are you just 8 years behind everyone else?

20yearsyoung2371 karma

I was very aware of how horny and sweaty I became during and after the testosterone kicked in. It was still quite overwhelming. Testosterone is a game-changer. It took me from a whiny and feeble boy and turned me into a confident, cocky and stubborn man. Before the testosterone therapy, I wanted to be a man so much and after the testosterone kicked in I became more assertive, stoic and determined. I was aware the whole process but it was still a very surreal transformation.

20yearsyoung1524 karma

To be honest I was a very stubborn child but testosterone didn't help that.

Tablesafety285 karma

That's wild and fascinating how such a large change can occur in ones personality and you are completely aware but all you can do is watch as it happens.

20yearsyoung562 karma

Like any drug, you might know what's going on but you still gotta ride it through.

102349612395612034116 karma

do you notice any muscle growth with the testosterone?

20yearsyoung319 karma

yeah absolutely. I put on quite a bit of muscle. I'm still quite weak compared to other guys my age but I am twice as strong as before therapy.

Teekayuhoh124 karma

You got to understand what being a man is about before you had to become one. Is that kinda how it was or am I off point?

20yearsyoung194 karma

I didn't know what being a man was but I still had quite an open mind going into my therapy. I became something I only had an idea of. Being a man is a bit like I thought it would be but there's also a lot of bad and good surprises.

Teekayuhoh99 karma

What's the best and worst in your opinion?

20yearsyoung305 karma

I get absolutely horny sometimes and act like an idiot because of it. The good is being able to assert myself and tell someone when they're wrong.

Bone3ater148 karma

Honestly, the hornyness was kinda ridiculous for me too (and I imagine every boy in puberty). I remember being in class and everything in my mind focused about how hot my female classmates were and how I badly I wanted to have sex with them. I'm glad it doesn't "take over" my thoughts anymore. Or at least not so much.

20yearsyoung68 karma

It's a bit easier but it's never the same as before puberty.

prxchampion585 karma

Do you now have a 12 inch penis?

20yearsyoung1766 karma

yes, almost, half.

RichSniper493 karma

Have your food cravings changed at all since the treatment?

20yearsyoung1019 karma

I no longer enjoy sweet things. I drink espresso, drink beer and love everything bitter.

ColourfulCynic462 karma

Do you mind if I ask how dating went, if at all, during your teen years?

20yearsyoung859 karma

I never dated anyone. I hardly had friends.

Skylorn443 karma

Thanks for doing another AMA! I've just flicked through some of your previous posts and I can't see that you answered/where asked, but when you began your treatment, and while you were going through puberty, did you find that you were having mood swings? Also, testosterone levels are linked with depression, do you think that you feel better - mentally - before or after the treatment? As in your general mental well-being, obviously you must be happier that you've gone through puberty!

20yearsyoung520 karma

I definitely am more mentally stable. My mood swung quite a bit while I was still developing physically with the testosterone. The testosterone was quite a rush and I did get quite moody and overwhelmed sometimes. Now I'm much more confident and dependent.

Skylorn115 karma

Good to hear! Glad it all appears to be working out well for you :)

20yearsyoung178 karma

thankya. my body is doing quite well. I have a cold right now but that's from burning the candle at both ends.

glipglopsfromthe3rdD397 karma

Super personal question, but have you lost the ol' virginity since starting the hormone therapy? I'm assuming you hadn't prior, since you say you had no sexual impulse.

Also, congrats on getting treatment. I also read that you got drunk with some friends after finding out you had this condition. What were their reactions? Were they surprised or had they been wondering as well?

Thanks for the AMA.

20yearsyoung778 karma

Yeah I lost my virginity about 6 months into my hormone therapy. It was time. I was physically and mentally mature enough.

Since my therapy I've distanced myself from most people I knew beforehand. I'm quite a different person now and don't associate with the same crowd that I was with before my therapy. I am much more social.

I'm in a relationship though and I only have time for my boyfriend and the people I work with. I don't tell anyone now about my hormone disorder since it's not that relevant to the person I currently am. I'm a much more secure person.

Omnishift579 karma

I'm in a relationship though and I only have time for my boyfriend and the people I work with.

When did you figure out you were gay?

20yearsyoung738 karma

When I was 18.

glipglopsfromthe3rdD119 karma

First off, thanks for answering!

Second, congrats on the whole virginity thing. Sounds like you approached it pretty maturely.

Third, distancing yourself from your pre-puberty friends was surprising to me at first but makes total sense - lots of us do that in the middle school/high school transition.

I'm glad you gained some assertiveness and confidence. I'm so happy that you've been able to get what you needed from the treatment.

Thanks again.

20yearsyoung141 karma

Thanks for your kind words. I just feel like a different person from the boy I used to be and the people that I was with had different goals to what I have now. I see them sometimes but we don't have anything to talk about. I mostly just work, see my boyfriend and drink with my work mates.

pac4912 karma

Do you feel like your condition impacted your sexuality in any way?

20yearsyoung22 karma

I don't feel like it did. I feel like the testosterone only exaggerated it.

Drrio-4 karma

I don't tell anyone now about my hormone disorder since it's not that relevant to the person I currently am. I'm a much more secure person.

That's... a bit contradictory.

20yearsyoung4 karma

I don't tell people about my disorder because it's private and doesn't concern anyone. It's a medical condition that doesn't affect anyone but myself.

NehForthTace351 karma

have you cleaned your room?

20yearsyoung323 karma

yeah I did today.

NehForthTace212 karma

thats good, because it was a mess in your original post

20yearsyoung319 karma

I share a room with my boyfriend now so I got to stay on top of these things.

prozacgod504 karma

I got to stay on top of these things.

.. the boyfriend or the messes ;)

haha good luck to you man!

20yearsyoung9 karma

hahah I liked that one.

faaaaaaaaaaaaam316 karma

Is this something you'll have to take for the rest of your life or will your body "learn" to produce enough Testosterone on its own now?

20yearsyoung500 karma

I will never produce testosterone so I will have to take it for the rest of my life.

ImIcarus161 karma

What would happen if you stopped taking testosterone?

20yearsyoung412 karma

I would become weak, moody and probably stop growing facial hair and be able to ejaculate.

edit: be unable to ejaculate*

Deathsnova240 karma

I'm 20 now and a late bloomer, I didn't have armpit hair until I was 18, I only shave twice a month but couldn't grow anything that would resemble a beard, and I have no signs of chest or back hair.

Do you think this warrants enough to get a prescription for testosterone injections from my doctor? I don't really care about any of those things but if it makes my penis grow 3 inches...

20yearsyoung466 karma

If you hadn't been through puberty you would have more to say than that. Lacking testosterone is more like living in a child's body with a soul-crushing feeling of insecurity and isn't the same as not being able to grow a beard.

TheThickAmusingEast103 karma

Did your situation have an affect on your penis like someone would assume?

20yearsyoung323 karma

Yeah, my penis grew from 3 inches to 6 inches over the course of the therapy.

Calamius457 karma

Testosterone use just went up by 6000%

20yearsyoung191 karma

more like 200%

Slutlala94 karma

How much facial hair do you have by now?

20yearsyoung188 karma

I can almost grow a full beard except for tiny patches in the middle of my cheeks. I don't grow a beard though because I believe I look better clean shaven. If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of shaving rash and ingrown hairs that would be greatly appreciated!

povacado152 karma

Hot shower just before shaving, go with the grain, and afterrshave lotion. A good razor is vital, dont reuse them too often.

20yearsyoung93 karma

I use and do all of that. I think it's the acne medication I take. It causes ingrown nails so I think it might cause ingrown hairs.

kaliena124 karma

If you really struggle get an electric. It won't get you as nicely smooth and you may have to shave daily however the hairs are left ever so slightly above the skin or at the skin. When you shave with a 3 or 4 bladed manual shaver you actually cut the hair that many times and it recedes below the skin. It then can grow back out badly. It's sharp as its freshly cut and below so it could grow the wrong way and irritate.

A single blade or a straight razor are also alternatives to a multiple blade. Less passes, less receding, less irritation growing back out.

That, and exfoliation for new hair foliciles. Those will still have to brave the trip to the surface. Ask a dermatologist if you would benefit from a chemical applied topically to help prevent in grown hairs.

20yearsyoung66 karma

Thanks man! I got a dermo for acne and I'll ask him next time I see him. I already had acne and got rid of that and now the ingrown hairs are a bit worrisome. I'll start exfoliating too!

CreepyPhotoshopper35 karma


20yearsyoung9 karma

I have a safety razor and use feather blades and still get ingrowns :S

Tacorgasmic2 karma

Use a good trimmer instead of shaving. My husband always had this issue when shaving, but it disappear when he started using a trimmer.

20yearsyoung2 karma

What's the price range of a good trimmer? I've been considering but I don't want to blow a few hundred dollars on something that makes it worse.

tbirdtj90 karma

Do you have photos from before and now?

20yearsyoung192 karma

Yeah but I'm not going to share them. It makes it much easier to answer questions.

Treefrogprince83 karma

Actually, you might be able to give some insight to a trans-boy. My guess is that they would experience similar effects when a biological female starts taking male hormones. What did it feel like to start taking hormones?

Edit: Major typo fixed!

20yearsyoung207 karma

I was gradually exposed to testosterone over the course of a year until I was at adult testosterone levels. I had a rushed puberty that was a bit faster than a normal adolescence. The first few months nothing really happened. Then I became hungry, sweaty and a bit horny after a few months. About six months in my hair started to thicken and my voice broke. From then on I just got hungrier, sweatier and hornier while my voice deepened and my body thickened. It was intense watching my body change so quickly. It was great having people treat me like I was a man after my voice broke. About a year ago (22) the physical changes all slowed down and now I a feel as though I'm just a normal 23 year old man.

CarmenTS81 karma

How tall are you?

20yearsyoung115 karma

I'm about 190cm now.

brusher8960 karma

Did you became taller after the treatment?

20yearsyoung177 karma

I had a great growth spurt after I started taking testosterone. I've grown from like 181cm to 190cm since I started taking T.

sherlip218 karma

Shit, you were already almost six feet BEFORE puberty?

Fuck me, I'm only 5'6.

20yearsyoung232 karma

Growth plates close when you hit puberty so I should have been quite short but I ended up 6'3.

Banana-hammock70 karma

How else were you affected by your growth plates not closing for so long?

20yearsyoung174 karma

My limbs are way out of proportion. My torso is tiny but my legs and arms make me look a lot taller. I have trouble finding pants that fit me.

scithion79 karma

What is your life expectancy relative to other men? Higher or lower?

20yearsyoung279 karma

Without the therapy my health would have slowly declined. The male body needs testosterone to function. With the therapy I'll live to whatever age my body allows with all the pizza and beer considered.

LumpadBFarby61 karma

How much weight have you gained since beginning testosterone? Since you have physically changed so much in a short amount of time, do you ever 'forget' what you look like? Have you encountered any people who haven't seen you for a few years and don't recognize you?

20yearsyoung175 karma

I've put on 20 kilos. I look at photos of the way I used to be an I'm astonished at how young I looked. Sometimes I meet people and they don't know who I am even though we were in highschool together for years. It's kind of comfortable though. I am a new person and I can leave behind the boy I was an focus on the man I am today.

Ditchwitchy61 karma

What coping mechanisms did you develop to deal with age-restricted situations and people not believing your true age? For example, buying alcohol.

20yearsyoung107 karma

I just reminded myself that I would someday hit puberty. Until the anxiety got too much and I googled my symptoms and went to the doctor and got a blood test. I have to remind myself of how far I've come since the days before the testosterone and now matter how bad I feel I will never have to live in a child's body at 20 years old ever again.

sunzilla19 karma

Your parents didn't think your lack of traditional male development was strange enough to warrant a doctor visit?

20yearsyoung24 karma

I love my mum and dad but they are oblivious to everything.

LarryPeru58 karma

Did you taste in music change after the testosterone?

20yearsyoung116 karma

It did but I don't think it's because of the testosterone.

scruffyfox29 karma

Did you have any sexual interest before the hormone treatment? if so, how did it change after? I noticed you're gay/bi, how did the hormones change your sex life? (feel free to answer as in-depth as you want :P )

20yearsyoung59 karma

I've become much more hornier but I was never really interested in sex before the therapy, just companionship.

ffsmd27 karma

First off, thanks for doing this AMA! I was wondering if you could explain any mental shifts that occurred as a result of undergoing puberty at such a late age. I know you mentioned getting more confident/cocky/etc, but could you got into a bit more depth regarding what that felt like? I'm curious about what role puberty plays in how we think and react to situations and if it is more of a physiological change than mental one.

Thanks for taking the time to answer all of these questions even if you don't get to mine!

20yearsyoung92 karma

Well it's a bit complicated summing up entirely my how I've changed mentally but I'll try to answer this questions with an example. I'm not that articulate.

I'm more in control that before. When you're a child, every emotion is intense and overwhelming. It's hard to control yourself. Immaturity is a lack of control. When I was happy I was ecstatic and when I was angry I was horrible. I would shout and scream either way.

While testosterone centered me. The chemical has a sedative effect. I feel the same emotions but they're more subdued and drawn out. Rather than a short and fast feeling.

But I've also changed slightly. Before when I was confronted with someone rude and hostile I would retreat, apologise and even cry but I am quite aware that I've become more assertive. I'm still affected by confrontation but I'm more in control and retaliate. I speak loudly and confidently in myself. I have the backbone to tell people what I think and feel.

wcruse9212 karma

When I was in High School I was a lot smaller before I started lifting and I used to be bullied and picked on for it.

Were you bulled in school your condition? And if so, when you started filling out from the treatment did it feel good to show up those people?

20yearsyoung28 karma

I was well out of high school by the time I started physically developing because of the testosterone but I was bullied in high school and I'm much better at dealing with dickheads now in day to day situations. I used to be quite meek and quiet but I am quite capable of telling someone that they're doing something inappropriate now.

bettyepallmall8 karma

I remember your previous AMA, glad things are going well for you. You posted body pics in the last one, any new ones?

20yearsyoung17 karma

I look pretty much the same. I little taller and skinnier but that's more from work than the testosterone.

macschmayonaise7 karma

Do you look a lot younger than you are now that you've hi puberty? If so do you think you will always look like 5-10 years younger than you are?

20yearsyoung38 karma

Yeah I look a bit younger. Having consistent testerone apparently makes you appear more younger and healthier. I have no research to back that up but testosterone does decline the older a man gets. However I'll be taking the same amount for the rest of my life. So I'm hoping I stay young and beautiful forever!

shyboyeric7 karma

I'm a transman and often like to tell people I'm just a normal guy with a hormone disorder (not in a serious way, but sometimes it gets people to stop asking questions). So I just have to ask, and pardon me if this seems rude, but were you born a cis male?

20yearsyoung25 karma

yeah I'm a cis male. I can be a little effeminate but most times most people can't tell that I'm homosexual.

theoryofdoom2 karma

What changes have occurred in your body since your last AMA? How do you feel about the results?

Have you noticed a change in the way people treat you now, versus before you began hormone therapy?

20yearsyoung9 karma

People treat me way better. I get respect from everyone I meet. Before the therapy no one took me seriously. How could anyone take a massive 11 year old man-child seriously? It was transitional period that made me feel like I was just pretending to be an adult until one day I felt comfortable and from then on I was an adult. I still look quite young but that's just my because of my skin and other genetics. However no one knows about disorder except for the people I tell. I'm very happy about this.

Nullius_In_Verba_2 karma

All I can think of while reading this AMA,I'msosorry...

I need a question.... ummmmm..... how do you feel about your new adult sweating and body odor?

20yearsyoung2 karma

I wear deodorant and have no problems.

alkalimedal2 karma

Random question, but when you say 6 inches, is that flaccid or hard?

20yearsyoung3 karma


PoppaDR3W1 karma

What's your protocol for TRT?

I have Secondary Hypogonadism, so although not nearly as extreme as you, I have a small idea what it's like. I'm on week 38 of TRT now. How long did it take you to see substantial effects and what were they (physical, emotional, cognitive, etc.)?

20yearsyoung6 karma

I take testosterone undecanoate 1000mg every three months. I started on on testosterone capsules and then gel and now the injections. The first substantial results came about 6 months into the treatment.

vtjfvkc11 karma

How rare do you have your steak now?

20yearsyoung1 karma

medium rare

Beer_n_golf1 karma

did you avoid gym locker rooms, or did you go in a corner?

Can you go through puberty physically, but not fully mentally? Like you have the body of a 20 year old, but not really the mind?

20yearsyoung2 karma

testosterone affects both the mind and the body so I don't think that's possible.