I started my career with Playboy doing makeup for the ladies living in the bunny house in 2009. In 2011 I joined the event body painting team. I left in 2015 due to family issues.


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Cronutsnparadise256 karma

Is there a body paint removal team?

OnceUponABj227 karma

If most of it doesn't wipe off from handsy people taking photos, we were always there to help them with removal. Some would just jump in the shower or wear it home after as well.

Joel_reddit7103 karma

Wait are you a guy or girl? I'm reading below that you have a boyfriend but that doesn't answer my question

OnceUponABj153 karma

I'm a lady.

treefiddytrowawaey30 karma

handsy people taking photos

So wait, people taking pictures would touch the models?

OnceUponABj52 karma

Put their hands on their waist, shoulders. Things like that. It wasn't a full body free for all but it didn't help with the makeup.

tityl9 karma

Finally, a situation where my hover hand awkwardness pays off

OnceUponABj9 karma

You are a blessing. I thank you.

GentlemanJoe228 karma

Did you ever paint the women as ordinary objects, so that Hefner would wander around confused, asking why there was a fridge in the billiards room?

Or perhaps there always was a fridge in the billiards room.

OnceUponABj200 karma

You expect me to ruin the secret now? You devil.

GentlemanJoe29 karma

I laughed out loud.

OnceUponABj40 karma

Glad to be of service.

SluggishJuggernaut174 karma

Did it ever get uncomfortable for you?

OnceUponABj275 karma

It was only uncomfortable the first time. Before Playboy, I didn't have experience painting on the naughty parts.

Toastbuns110 karma

Is there any technical difference between painting "naughty parts" vs other parts of the body?

OnceUponABj154 karma

Not a one

OrigamiOctopus132 karma

Who (in your eyes) was the most famous person you've painted? And did you ever get "starstruck"?

OnceUponABj302 karma

She's not playboy related but I got to paint Charlize Theron.

I got starstruck in the begining, but they are just people too. Once you get the job going it's easy. My excitement comes more from getting the call that I got the job in the first place.

W0LF_JK121 karma

What's the story behind your reddit username?

OnceUponABj502 karma

Tried to be cool. Failed miserably.

Khnagar93 karma

You bodypainted naked ladies at Playboy, you painted Charlize Theron, you've glued rhinestones on a vagina that wasnt your own and your username references a sexual act.

That makes you cooler than 99% of redditors.

OnceUponABj205 karma

Yet I'm single and live with my cat.

midnitte26 karma

says the girl guy who painted sexy lady naughtybits

Edit: oops

OnceUponABj23 karma

Point proven. We all make mistakes.

SluggishJuggernaut102 karma

Have you ever body painted a guy? How did that compare?

OnceUponABj209 karma

I've body painted several men. It's not much different. It was always more of an issue that they needed to fully shave before, and they would forget or just not do it. Body painting over hair just makes you look like a fuzzy mess.

Daewoo4091 karma

How good are you at face painting? Like...Could you do a mean tiger?

OnceUponABj340 karma

Heck yeah. I could also do a nice tiger.

tngamerjr88 karma

What was the weirdest job you have to do?

OnceUponABj268 karma

Glue rhinestones on a vagina.

Cronutsnparadise87 karma

Is body paint hot? It look as if it would be torture

OnceUponABj171 karma

If it's latex paint it can be quite hot. Mostly we used alcohol and water based paints, which weren't as bad. The only problem was if the girls would sweat, it would drip, or melt off. When we were painting we used their downstairs gym and they were able to keep it at a cold temperature. They seemed to have no problem with it, I was always freezing.

canteen_boy165 karma

It took me a few read-throughs to realize that "downstairs gym" wasn't an euphemism.

OnceUponABj8 karma

Sorry to burst your bubble. But I legit worked in the downstairs gym that was under the kitchen. They just pushed all the equipment to the side.

Pbjdonut78 karma

Was there ever a particular playmate that turned you on and made it difficult to do your work?

OnceUponABj220 karma

Nope! They were beautiful but this girl ain't attracted to the ladies.

OnceUponABj74 karma

Not once. I'm not into other ladies that made the job easy.

bobbyzee69 karma

How did you decide to get this job? Were you looking something else before you decided to take this one?

OnceUponABj151 karma

I got hired to do beauty makeup for some of the playboy girls to start. Halloween 2010 some of them asked me to do their makeup for a halloween party. The lead body painter at Playboy saw my work at the party, the girls gave him my contact info and there it was. I didn't actually apply for the job by any means. But I was given an offer I couldn't refuse.

SuperiorOnions43 karma

So the girls already had your contact info ;) How did you get into body painting to begin with? Was it something you saw yourself doing when you were younger?

OnceUponABj74 karma

I came across it as more of a hobby. For a long time I didn't think I was very good at it. I lacked confidence in my work. I didn't see myself doing it as any sort of profession until given the opportunity. I had to swallow my fears and just go for it. Thankfully it worked out! I actually went to school for peace and conflict resolution.

DidijustDidthat67 karma

I don't know anything about the bunny house apart from seeing it on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. What exactly is the dynamic there?

OnceUponABj121 karma

It a basically just a place that some of the playmates live that aren't (or weren't) current girlfriends. I would relate it most to a sorority. They had certain perks and certain rules to follow, but they were always a fun bunch to be around.

KareemCorn58 karma

Finger paint?

OnceUponABj196 karma

I like to keep jobs.

theoneyoutrust55 karma

I was a big fan of Playboy when I was younger. What was the lifestyle for them like? What cultural things are different within the house? Are there any funny stories or overall interesting happenings? And lastly, is there a robust amount of sexual tension as most people believe?

OnceUponABj112 karma

The lifestyle was basically like they had a sugar daddy. I tried not to pry too much, but of course I was curious myself. I will say there was sexual tension, but only at the parties. And they hired it. They would pay models and pretty girls who wanted to come to the parties for free to get naked and jump in the grotto. Or take their tops off and dance. If anyone was paying attention they could basically time when the next girl was going to strip down.

rogerrabbitrocks43 karma


OnceUponABj135 karma

I work as an animatronics artist for a theme park.


Do you have a degree? Could you get any jobs you have or have had without your degree(if you have one)?

OnceUponABj99 karma

I have a degree in peace and conflict resolution. I ultimately wanted to serve as a liason to parental visitations (when a couple was divorced and the court orderd for someone besides the other parent to be there during a day they were scheduled to have their children). I'm sure I could still get a job in that feild if need be. Animatronics are paying the bills for the time being :)

Keysar_Soze35 karma

Is there anything that made you go "Wow, I was not expecting THAT", being totally mundane or pretty outrageous at the bunny house?

OnceUponABj117 karma

There was a girl who said she was going to make 20 grand one night. We all laughed and said yeah right. The entire night we watches her walk from the dance floor to the hedges with different men. I'm guessing she met her goal.

username--_--3 karma

hedges? I don't get it.

edit: nvm, just read the below comments. Seems like it was sex for money

OnceUponABj7 karma


franchize032231 karma

Are you friends with any of the playmates you've painted?

OnceUponABj88 karma

One of them is a very good friend of mine. I was friends with her before I started working for playboy. She's the one who got me started doing regular makeup for the girls at the bunny house.

aagpeng20 karma

Do you have any funny or interesting stories you'd like to share?

OnceUponABj88 karma

I took my mom to the Playboy halloween party and dressed her up as Snooki. She was mad at me for weeks after because I didn't tell her there would be naked women there.

Clamdigger1321 karma

Why exactly did you take your mom? Was it a joke?

OnceUponABj71 karma

She wanted to see what I was doing for a living. I tried to tell her...

thestateofmay19 karma

Were they actually hot or were they more like one of those girls that wore a lot of makeup and had fake boobs?

OnceUponABj35 karma

There was a solid mix. Fake boobs seemed to be a constant.

Alexlam2418 karma

Do you do face painting at children's parties?

OnceUponABj22 karma

Only for family.

xoxotrouble16 karma

Some of the former playmates books have highlighted some drama and craziness within the playmate community. Did you ever see those negative interactions between the girls/did they talk shit about each other in front of you?

OnceUponABj46 karma

That drama was never really brought out around me. I've seen arguments here and there but they were very good about keeping the image of the mansion what Hefner wanted it to be.

I will say there were several girls who left the bunny house because they said they had cerfews and strict rules, but I'm not aware of exactly what those were.

PraxusGaming15 karma

Have you played No Mans Sky? If so how do you enjoy it? To much hype?

OnceUponABj8 karma

I haven't. Don't know much about it.

TeflonDapperDon14 karma

What did you hate about it if anything?

OnceUponABj24 karma

The long days were always a killer. But we'll worth it

DeadSOL8913 karma

Question: How's your day going? :)

OnceUponABj21 karma

Fantastic so far. I could use some coffee though.

Hatetwisters12 karma

As a former make up artist, how many pairs of lashes do those chicks wear(or individuals)?

What was your favorite piece you did on someone? Any lizard bird ladies or anything?

OnceUponABj25 karma

Holy hell how dare you bring up lashes? I honestly have no idea how they kept their eyes open. We usually did a double layer natural and filled with individuals.

I once did a QR code on some people for a promotional event. It was a simple idea yet was pretty difficult to carry out. I thought it was so cool though.

kavOclock2 karma

QR code cool! But I'm curious if there would have been a problem with needing to use your phone to scan it and "no pictures, please"???

OnceUponABj3 karma

This was for a different event that welcomed pictures.

Sawako_11 karma

What's the salary like?

OnceUponABj30 karma

It payed the bills. Still had to take a loan out for my car.

PlanitDuck10 karma

Which playmate was the most difficult to paint? Easiest?

OnceUponABj72 karma

Honestly most of them were really easy. Sara Underwood was by far the easiest. The most difficult wasn't actually an official playmate. She was just a girl they brought in to be at parties. It was difficult to paint anything because of the size and shape of her breasts.

Example: https://imgur.com/gallery/sH1e2

toxik0n9 karma

Hey! I've been face painting for about 10 years, mostly parties and festivals. I've always wanted to try body painting but it hasn't come up yet.

What are your favorite paint brands for body painting? Do you use anything special to prevent smearing, smudging, flaking?

OnceUponABj16 karma

I use Endura a lot. I'm also sponsored bu Temptu so I use a lot of their products because of that. I also use hairspray as a finish. It works wonders.

final_cut8 karma

What do you think of the new direction of the magazine itself? It seems to have lost it's focus on sexuality in exchange for coolness. Do you think it will last?

OnceUponABj10 karma

I haven't read the magazine in a good few years. But I think it is fading out.

goskinss7 karma

Did anyone have a stinky pussy?

OnceUponABj33 karma

Hygiene is prime. Please no one ever forget that.

Error_4O4_7 karma

Was there any job that you did that was particularly memorable? Any jobs that you are extremely proud of?

OnceUponABj12 karma

I did a body paint that was covered almost entirely in rhinestones . It was by far my favorite.

Poseidaonx37 karma

Have you ever had dirty thoughts during your work? Or did you see them as "material to work with"?

OnceUponABj23 karma

To me it's just an abstract canvas.

mrw927 karma

Are you married? If so, how did your SO feel about the job? If not, did this job affect any of your relationship?

OnceUponABj26 karma

I'm not married atm. I had a boyfriend at the time and it didn't affect much. Since I'm not into being with other women it didn't seem to matter.

RynearsonW7 karma

So do you paint away the buttholes, or is that done in post-production?

OnceUponABj8 karma

Don't hate on the buttholes.

smrjck286 karma

1.How much do you get paid? 2.What are the parts you have painted? 3.What is the reward, besides money? Why did you chose to be in the particular profession and what kept you going till you were forced to leave?

Sorry for so many questions but you do come from a unique profession.

OnceUponABj19 karma

TBH the pay wasn't the best. When I started I was in it for the experience more. It did get better the longer I was there though.

I left due to my father getting I'll. Family first.

yumheart6 karma

Do you think it's funny that so many people are assuming you're a guy?! Oh boy.

OnceUponABj32 karma

It could be worse. They could assume I was a gargoyle.

sweetykitty5 karma

What do you talk about while painting bodies?

OnceUponABj6 karma

The same thing you would talk about grabbing lunch with a friend.

iseetrolledpeople5 karma

Any story of a rude girl?

OnceUponABj32 karma

We had a girl who refused to go out to an event because she had the most painted on her of the group. She went in the bathroom and scrubbed off 4 hours of work. Feelsbadman

monkeybreath5 karma

What's your favourite paint to use (particularly for brush or sponge, not spray)? I'm looking for Halloween face makeup I could use myself. I'm tired of the crap I find at the local costume shop.

OnceUponABj10 karma

Wolfe has some really cool ones. Other than that I also use MAC and Ben Nye.

theqmann5 karma

Is the body painting you do mostly like photoshopping in real life? Meaning, it is just to hide/cover the negative parts and accentuate the positive? Or does it also include things like painting costumes or other things on the skin?

OnceUponABj7 karma

I mean I have done things to hide blemishes (everyone has them don't lie to yourselves)

But I painted mostly clothing items.

_lelouch4 karma

How were the hours of the job?

OnceUponABj17 karma

It was basically whenever they needed me I was there. On an event night would be 8am-3am. Other times it would be for 4-6 hours. It was all depending.

spread_panic4 karma

Did anyone ever fart before the paint dried, and it went everywhere?

OnceUponABj6 karma

They held it in.

vpate03 karma

Was it difficult for you to be that, I guess, so intently focused would be the way to say it, working with certain body parts for such extended periods of time?

OnceUponABj12 karma

It was only awkward when the person I was painting got awkward. Which was rare. They knew what they signed up for

june6063 karma

Do you know Jo Gair? If so, what do you think of her work?

OnceUponABj5 karma

I don't know her personally but i admire her work.

the_drew2 karma

Have you ever painted Marisa Miller?

OnceUponABj2 karma

I have not had the pleasure.

TheMoki1 karma

What was the pay like?

OnceUponABj21 karma

It came in money form. I enjoyed it.

needsaclevername77-14 karma

Did your job ever get you laid? Like when I was a lifeguard in college it specifically got me laid twice.

OnceUponABj6 karma

I tried to keep my work and play seperate as much as possible. So a no to that.

normalguy66-19 karma

Have you got laid with one of your clients?

OnceUponABj27 karma

I got a pedicure with one of my clients once. That counts. Right?

jrandomm-39 karma

Did you fuck any of them?

OnceUponABj18 karma

Nope. I keep it classy.