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TheForeverAloneOne13 karma

I just read youre a 27 year old female with dogs to feed. are you cute and single?

ferriswheel15 karma

I just read your username, lol

xerro6 karma

So... Asking for a friend. Can we get some kind of discount code for first time buyers?

ferriswheel8 karma

I don't want this to turn into a sales thread because I'm being accused of that..so if you DM me I'll send you one but I don't want to post one.:)

roastedbagel4 karma

Thanks for the proof, didn't expect the shoutout on the homepage ha!

So, is the viagra you guys sell real? Also, what do you do there exactly and what's the environment like?

ferriswheel22 karma

I wasn't sure how else to send proof, so that was an awkward conversation. "Really, ferriswheel, dick pills?"

The viagra is real, but its the generic version, and a ton of generic meds are made in places like India, so it makes it really cheap to get.

I do customer service, which means I answer emails/calls/etc from people who either breathe creepy into the phone or are really embarassed about asking questions. I try to make it as low-key as possible. We do get a good amount of older women calling and basically speaking in code, asking about viagra for their partners. :-D

Edit: The environment is pretty fun. It's a small company so it's me and a few co-worker..'dicking around' for a lack of a better word. It's actually like living in a real life meme

zestaytaco4 karma

well since your site is down . do you know if your site sells any pain medication?

ferriswheel31 karma

I guess there was unexpectedly large volumes of traffic. I told our web guy the website needs Viagra to stay up and he didnt think I was funny. THeres some pain meds, but nothing controlled substance.

can-fap-to-anything3 karma

My dick is so hard I need some relief. Get me some pain meds!

ferriswheel6 karma

Your username makes this comment so realistic

mattschinesefood3 karma

Hey op, did you know that we gave the site the good ol' reddit hug-o-death?

ferriswheel4 karma

I saw! I also learned what the reddit hug-of-death is. I've been a redditor for 8 years and somehow have missed this phrase entirely.

Vandergrif3 karma

Could you please get people where you work to type properly? I can live with the dick pill emails - but I can't stand the 2nd grade spelling ability. I get it with the spelling of Viagra (v1agra), but the rest... I mean come on, what are you people - Nigerian princes?

ferriswheel2 karma

"Please take these ten million dick pills that my granfather inherited to ME" lol

mojoman5662 karma

What is your best selling Dick pill?

ferriswheel4 karma

I think Cialis is more popular than the viagra now.

OverallBusinessGuy2 karma

1) Can you share some revenue numbers and how well are you doing? 2) Can you tell me what are the converting ways to sell it? I honestly never thought / pretty sure these "Viagra" spams don't work, or do they?

ferriswheel14 karma

Honestly, I'm not sure what kind of money they're making, as they've never shared that with me. They pay me regularly, so I know they're doing alright (I would assume) But it's a pretty small company. I do know however that some of those kinds of sites literally make millions of dollars a week. How, I'm not sure. We mainly sell viagra and cialis, and a lot of it is florists who order viagra for their wedding events and stuff because viagra keeps flowers "up" longer. So, I guess they do work, in general:)

Beo16 karma

Whoa, florists use Viagra? That's cool.

ferriswheel5 karma

I guess a lot of "organic" type florists who won't even use styrofoam use viagra to keep them upright. Sketchy aint it?!

Relavent-Username2 karma

How long have you guys been around for? Also I hope the reddit traffic coming your way helps you guys out. Who knows maybe your AMA will lead to a promotion!!

ferriswheel1 karma

Three and a half years. I guess the reddit traffic broke the server for the moment. I don't know if Reddit would take too kindly to a promotion, but i can send people discount codes. (for dick pills or otherwise, I'm nobody's mama here!) but all joking aside if someone legit needs some meds and I could help them get it then cool