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He might seem as well-intended, but make no mistake, he's trying to attract you to buy his bootcamp. Almost all of the AMA's are to promote something.

No sensible company would ever consider hiring you with only these "bootcamps" and they're usually seen as waste of time ['cause they are].

These are the people who didn't make it in the industry and are back at teaching and they might be good, but understand he's doing this AMA to promote his bootcamp.

He will say that "no, I wanna help", but get real.

What you need to do is get some fucking books, follow the codex and start doing stuff right away, then optimize, ask for opinions & code review and move on from there.

Actually, fuck the books, just follow any tutorial and then search for specific stuff.

Publish your work under a portfolio and if you're skilled enough, sky's the limit.

Please don't get involved with any bootcamps or so called "zero to hero" programs.

Treehouse is a great resource, honestly, if you wanna get up-to-date information and be part of a big, active community.

I haven't used it myself, but I did teach myself html/css/js*jquery in the span of 2 weeks, where I was able to write my tiny own bootstrap, optimize CSS for heavy cpu renders and other arcane things. It's all in putting in the hours, nothing else.

It took me a lot to understand the floats and how everything flows in a row, so, you'll have lots of WHAT-THE-FUCK-WHY moments, after which you'll still be confused, but don't worry, in time, it starts to make sense.

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Awesome, thank you. I'm still wondering about the ways of marketing it. Practically, there must be 500 brands, but everyone seems to market it via, well, just spam!

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1) Can you share some revenue numbers and how well are you doing? 2) Can you tell me what are the converting ways to sell it? I honestly never thought / pretty sure these "Viagra" spams don't work, or do they?