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You can cut the shit out with all the ads and just give us porn. That's why beeg.com is 150% better.

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Hey Vic. First off, good on you.

Secondly, on the subject of unionization - do you really think its worth it? I was in IBEW (while working for the behemoth that is Verizon) for a while, about 15 years ago. It cost me ~$10 per week, which at that time was a lot more money to me than it is now.

I found that the only thing the union was really good at doing was being a little bitch about something. It seemed to me to be akin to a little kid throwing a tantrum in a store because they didn't get the toy they want, hoping that they're incessant crying would eventually mean that the parent gave them what they wanted. "We dont like working conditions so WE'RE GONNA STRIKE!" or "You don't pay us enough so WE'RE GONNA STRIKE!"

Usually, the union and the company came to an agreement that wasn't what either of them wanted. But IMO this only enforces bad behaviour on the company - it says that "as long as you're a little flexible, we'll continue to work for you". At the end of the day, you're still doing work for a company that sucks and treats its people as shitty as it can get away with. Why would you even want to work for that company? You're only enabling them to continue to suck.

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Hey op, did you know that we gave the site the good ol' reddit hug-o-death?

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I like it too but despite that we still got trump.

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Sucks man, get that shit cut out asap!

Can you compare the pain you experienced to normal ball pain? Like a ball to the nuts, or that random phantom ball pain that so many guys seem to get?