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I too am a business tycoon of a tycoon level business and want to know how this app will cut the wheat from the chaff, as I would be terribly remiss to find some layabout hussy attempting to swindle me out of my finery and wealth with their feminine wiles and debaucherous mannerisms.

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That's only an option for pastafarians, as the great noodley one desires.

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How are you not dead?

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I can't help but wonder if these devices are also partly designed to be shatter-prone on purpose - seeing as how many people consistently drop their phones and whatnot, and how often that results in either an additional source of revenue from double-dip buyers who outright replace a 'broken' device, or simply the slight bump from marked up refurbishing costs that are dumped on the consumer.

Interesting train of thought you've got in regards to heading in a softer direction though, as opposed to tougher. Though, if a screen were to be fabricated in such a way as to have some give to it, surely any force applied to it would instead be transferred through and applied to the innards of a given device, yes? It would be quite a fine line to walk, ensuring that such a screen had enough elasticity to roll with a punch, but not so much as to jeopardize protection of anything behind it - like a touchscreen. Still an interesting idea, though.

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How difficult is it to make touch screens that aren't shatter-prone? If I had to guess it's borderline impossible because of the number of cracked phones I see everywhere.