Hey there Reddit! On may 9th I started my cross country adventure from Charleston, SC. 1700 miles and 3 months later and I'm in Kansas, close to the Colorado boarder. I've wanted to do an AMA for a while but never had the time so I decided I had to make the time or I'd never get to it.

Some frequently asked questions:

Why? The most honest answer I have to this question is "I wanted to." Stuff like needing to find myself or wanting to get away are true in part but mainly I just wanted to go on an adventure.

How far do you walk a day? It varies. The most I've ever done in a day is 41 miles. I think I average about 24.

Where do you sleep? Hotels when I feel like spending the dough, campgrounds when there are some, dark places people won't stumble upon other times.

What do you do for food? I have soylent which is a meal replacement powder you mix with water. That makes about 80% of what I eat. Gas stations and fast-food makes up the rest. I also have 11 liters of water in Camelback's

Proof(hopefully): http://loganswalks.blogspot.com/2016/08/hi-reddit.html?m=1

Edit: gonna get some sleep now so I can walk some more in the morning. I'll answer any more questions as soon as I get up.

Edit 2: I'm back and have a full battery so I can answer questions all day while I walk. Hit me with your best shot.

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mcl9920 karma

How many Pokemon have you caught?

Jiitunary17 karma

416 I don't play much because it eats battery so fast

XxJonnyboixx1 karma

Trainer level?

Jiitunary3 karma

18 but I have like 500 pidgey candies and a bunch of eggs saved up. I'm waiting til Denver to cash it in

XxJonnyboixx2 karma

Do you hatch a lot of eggs? I'm lvl 21, with 857 caught.

Jiitunary2 karma

If I want to, I can hatch eggs faster than I can get them so I decided to save up and hatch all 9 with a lucky egg when I take my next break

LazzzyButtons7 karma

Two questions...

What kindness have you experienced from Americans on your journey? What unkindness have you experienced from Americans on your journey?

Jiitunary14 karma

Kindness all the time. People stopping to see if I'm alright or give me bottles of water. Buying me lunch or just straight up giving me money ( I'm keeping track of everything I get to donate to the national park service when I get through)

Unkindness: I had some one tell at me to get off the road once...

oversettDenee2 karma

I heard some homeless people get spit on a lot, glad you haven't been shamed just for looking like you're down on your luck.

Jiitunary3 karma

Haha I don't think I look homeless but I probably really do

oversettDenee6 karma

Ohhhhhhh man you gave me a laugh. "I don't think I look homeless"

Oh, maybe he doesn't look too bad, let's check out his blog...


Hahaha ohhhhhhh man. I really wish you the best man. Maybe next year or in a few years you can walk from the northern part of MN to Texas, I'll have a burger with you or something!

Jiitunary2 karma

Haha yeah I look pretty gnarly. Don't forget I have a baby stroller with a backpack in it as well

bethanyannmills6 karma

Advice for someone who has thought about doing something similar?

Jiitunary10 karma

Carry a backpack wherever you go and slowly increase the weight lol look at where you want to visit and try to think of what the best time to leave will be. Late March though early may is the best imo

oversettDenee5 karma

A few questions, how are you getting back home?

Besides walking, do you do anything else to pass the time? Music, taking pictures, reading?

What do you do to pass the time when you're not walking?

Have any organizations offered to donate $X per mile?

What family do you have back home and what do they think of this?

Ninja edit: I think what you're doing is really cool, though I don't have the self discipline or money to do such a thing.

Jiitunary11 karma

This may take a couple edits to get down.

While walking I usually listen to audio books or music. Or just think about some facet of my life I think needs attention.

When I'm stopped I usually browse the internet, read a real book(I'm working on Frankenstein atm), or do language lessons on memrise

No financial backing I just have a small GoFundMe I plan to donate to national parks on my site

My parents were against the trip but they got on board once I convinced them I was going no matter what their opinion. This way they at least get check ups where I am.

I'm not sure how I'm getting home yet but it will be in style.

And thanks for the support!

notyourmommassauce4 karma

How do you stay motivated to keep walking on days where you're exhausted? Somewhat related--how did you train for this one?

Good luck!

Jiitunary7 karma

Most days I don't have a goal. I just walk until I get tired or find a good place to sleep. I can walk pretty much all day now. If I get tired I look at my map to see how close I am to a town and make a decision based on that.

There's really nothing you can do to train except walk long distances lol.

11StormFonx113 karma

Craziest thing you've saw so far?

Jiitunary9 karma

I swear to god I met a man how was actually a fey creature in disguise. I'm not usually one who goes in for supernatural stuff but this guy was just...wrong

mrsgrundee8 karma

details please?

Jiitunary8 karma

I was in music shop in a small town in Missouri. The owner came to talk to me about his wares. He was a short round faced man that was going bald. But instead of a beard or mustache he had what looked like short whiskers. When he came up to talk to me I thought he had a cold or allergies because he kept sniffing but as we went on talking I noticed it was more like that fast sniffing dogs do and he was only doing it when he was close to me. He was getting my scent. I quickly finished up at the shop and got the hell out of there.

Night_chaser2 karma

Holy fuck... Do you still remember the shop's name/address? I wonder what he/it really is

Jiitunary3 karma

Unfortunately I can't even remember the new of the town lol everything blurs together eventually but I'm fairly certain it was near st Louis.

EDIT: it was the vintage guitar store in wentzville

Jiitunary1 karma

Good sleuthing but it wasn't them. I thought it might be the owner with different facial hair but no. When I went there was only one person there working and he wasn't in the video

MisterB2473 karma

Are you playing Pokemon Go while you walk?

Jiitunary2 karma

Not much, it eats a lot of battery and Pokemon don't spawn in rural locations

political_junkie762 karma

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently? Also is this something that is better done alone or with friends?

Jiitunary3 karma

I started out with just a backpack and got a stroller during my second week. I would totally start with the stroller from the beginning if I had a choice.

Also I thought of this yesterday, I wish I had a little book for police to sign whenever they stopped me. Or maybe just get everyone I talked to to sign it.

I'd recommend going it alone unless you are really, really good friends because you would probably get on each other's nerves a lot

sparkchaser3 karma

Also I thought of this yesterday, I wish I had a little book for police to sign whenever they stopped me. Or maybe just get everyone I talked to to sign it.

That is a great idea.

What has been your best meal so far? Worst?

Also, tell me more about the "fey creature". Sounds interesting.

Jiitunary3 karma

Worst was definitely a burrito Mexicana I had in Kansas. It had way too much guac. Best was a Japanese restaurant in downtown Nashville where I had unagi

I posted my interactions with the changling in another post. There's not much to add lol.

15yemenrd2 karma

Unagi is not something you have, it's something you are.

Jiitunary1 karma

I ate fresh water eel nigiri... What word did you think I was using?

sparkchaser1 karma

When you were in Kansas, did you eat at any of KC's iconic BBQ joints?

Jiitunary2 karma

I stopped by Arthur Bryant's because you sort of have to. It was good but I prefer Jackson style over KC style

Insanity_Fair1 karma

Best was a Japanese restaurant in downtown Nashville where I had unagi


Jiitunary1 karma

That was it! Thanks

Lepew12 karma

“He used often to say there was only one Road; that it was like a great river: its springs were at every doorstep, and every path was its tributary. 'It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,' he used to say. 'You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

I read through your IAMA and you made me think of this quote. I am going to give you a few deep ones to occupy your thoughts in the miles to come. I am interested in your answers.

What things did you not expect being swept off to?

What perspective do you hope to gain from this as you march off into the rest of your life?

Is this largely an unplugged experience for you? How has that shaped your thinking?

Are we as divided as a people as our politicians suggest, or have you found a common underlying theme for America that we can unite behind as a people?

Do you find yourself preoccupied with subsistence thoughts, or do you find yourself losing material awareness and drifting into ideas?

Jiitunary1 karma

Nothing really unexpected has happened so far but that's mostly cause I'm paranoid and expect bad things.

I hope the trip is making me better at being me I have a bad habit of changing myself for other people and I'd rather be more independent.

It's not really an unplugged adventure. I have my smartphone and a lot of power banks.

Most of my time is thinking of the future after the walk when I'm not actively cursing Google maps or looking for a place to stay.

Leroy--Brown2 karma

2 questions, super serious.

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses? What's your favorite cure for blisters?

Jiitunary2 karma

Horse sized duck no question. I wouldn't want to fight a thousand duck sized ducks much less something more dangerous.

Best cure for blisters is ignoring them til they become callouses

NorthSharks2 karma


Jiitunary7 karma

Pretty much everything. Relationships back home, future plans, what kind of food I want most, blacksmithing, jousting, video games, repairs I have to do, etc

Sometimes I just listen to music and think nothing

Pentatonikus1 karma

I like blacksmithing and thinking about it sometimes but I lack the tools and time to try it

Jiitunary2 karma

Me too! That's what I'm thinking about. How to do it for the cheapest possible.

nuclearmidgets2 karma

I've used a forge made from the deck of a lawnmower flipped upside-down, drum brakes as a coal catching system, and a hair dryer as the air source. You should be able to look it up on YouTube but it worked like a charm!

Jiitunary1 karma


cptcauliflower2 karma

How often did you think about quitting? Ever feeling alone out there?

Jiitunary4 karma

Probably every few days or so. It's less thinking about quitting and more thinking "I could get to Denver and then wait til spring to cross the mountains."

I don't get very lonely cause I have a phone and talk to people all the time

bteliende2 karma

What's your scariest experience during this walk?

Jiitunary2 karma

Guy offered to let me stay in hi yard. He seemed nice so I agreed then he started acting very sketchy so I made an excuse and left a he followed me in his truck

PangurBanHammer2 karma

I have soylent which is a meal replacement powder you mix with water.

How do you make that work for you? I've tried Soylent, but I would think the amount you would have to eat/drink in a day would be really kinda prohibitive with Soylent. I mean, the average while hiking the Appalachian Trail is something like 6000 calories a day, and that's a lot of Soylent.

Jiitunary2 karma

I just use a bag a day then eat fast food. I'd say I consume about 3k calories a day. If I'm hungry, I just make more soylent but a pack a day plus a couple packs of peanuts and a Gatorade will be good most days

LingLing_NorthKorea2 karma

What do you plan to do after you've finished your trip?

Jiitunary4 karma

Two things really stick out. Either open a Viking themed tavern/inn or get my teaching certificate and teach English as a second language.

microwave_burgers2 karma

How many times have you fallen over?

Jiitunary3 karma

On the trip? A dozen or so

byany_othername2 karma

Approximately how many bugs do you think you have accidentally eaten?

Jiitunary8 karma

At least five. Unless you count the ones I accidentally inhale through my nose. Then about 100

phd_dude2 karma

That much solitude has surely given you a lot of time to think. What are some of the deepest insights into humanity that you have discovered? Also, what food/restaurant do you crave the most back home.

Jiitunary10 karma

With my generally low level knowledge of how to build a fire, I'm still lightyears ahead of early man. That really got me thinking of how much information we have just because our ancestors collected it and passed it down. It made me feel like part of a legacy I hadn't given much thought to.

Food is definitely Bojangles. Haven't seen one in 2 months

MyAnacondaDoess1 karma

I work at bojangles, if you ever stop by NC I could hook you up.

Jiitunary1 karma

I was already in NC T.T Asheville was fun.

Kitten_of_Death2 karma

Some people who try these long distance journeys wind up getting killed by a car.

1) What are you wearing and or doing to make sure you don't wind up like so many bikers and joggers before you?

2) Also, is it just that we only hear about the ones who die tragically and so there is media selection bias? How many people are there pulling these stunts that we never hear about?

Jiitunary6 karma

Definitely bias. It's not hard to stay safe as long as you pay attention. I have a reflective vest for when I walk before sunrise

IronedSandwich2 karma

have you considered hitch-hiking around Ireland with a fridge? (after you've finished obvs)

Jiitunary2 karma

Well now I have... What size fridge?

IronedSandwich1 karma

like a normal one, not a fridge freezer. It's from a book

Jiitunary1 karma

Haha I suspected as much

Undeity1 karma

I've heard that many people who do this tend view the individual states like different countries by the end of their trip. Any opinions on this statement?

P.S. I'm planning on doing this same thing at some point. I hope to see you on the road.

Jiitunary1 karma

I hadn't really thought about it like that. I mean the people don't differ that widely but I would totally believe you if you dropped me somewhere in Kansas and told mi I was in a different country than Tennessee.

And good luck with your adventures. Let me know if I can help in any way

Jowobo111 karma

How long did it take you to save up for your adventure? Do you ever feel like quitting? How do your friends/family feel about you doing this adventure?

Jiitunary1 karma

I saved for about a year but I also had a little of just general savings.

My family disliked the idea at first but decided to get on board so they could keep tabs on me. It varies with my friends. Some say it's really cool and they wish they could do it, some say I'm stupid. I've even got 1 "this is a bad idea but I'll support your wishes" lol

jostark181 karma

Where do you poop?

Jiitunary1 karma

Restaurants and gas stations mostly

jostark181 karma

Most embarrasing moment ever?

Jiitunary1 karma

In 6th grade I went to my first school dance and decided to try to be outgoing and get a dance with a girl. I didn't have a crush so I picked randomly but it was dark so I asked the same girl like 4 times throughout the night. Well she finally got ticked of and yelled to leave her alone right as the music died. I just stood there with everyone staring at me until I slowly backed out of the crowd. I didn't go to anymore dances

mica12031 karma

Have you ever been given a wedgie lol? If yes by who/explain.

Jiitunary1 karma

I think I got one in like 4th grade. I don't remember much

CryptidGrimnoir1 karma

What has been the most interesting thing you've seen in your journey? Any interesting animals or rock formations?

Jiitunary2 karma

I saw an Asian blues guitarist in Nashville

Running4coffee1 karma

Having fun?

Jiitunary2 karma

Very much

ehdottoman1 karma

I assume your walk will be heading south now that winter is approaching, will you be getting into new mexico?

Jiitunary2 karma

I'm actually still on the fence about whether I should head south after Denver. If I do, I thin the closest I get to NM will be the four corners.

nbom1 karma

Which shoes/sandals?

Introvert/extrovert/ambivert? Do you talk a lot to people?

Estimated cost for now?

Jiitunary3 karma

I'm on my third pair of shoes. They're kernel mid high shoes that work pretty well. They're waterproof which is a big plus.

I'd say I'm more of an extrovert. I love explaining what I'm doing when people ask.

I'd say I'm at a little over 4k in cost which is way above what I expected but lower than what I prepared for.

nbom2 karma

Thank you for answering.

So you are the one who starts the conversion? I have done few trips on my own and ppl were usually nice but I always had problem to chit-chat longer that 5 sec or to start at all. :)

Jiitunary3 karma

No I'm pretty conspicuous. People always ask me where I'm from or where I'm heading. Which is a great opening to slip in my well practiced introduction.

Arsenic-bubblegum1 karma

Would you consider getting a dog companion for the rest of your trip? How many hippies have you met on your journey? Have you had an 'enlightening' moment?

Jiitunary2 karma

I have dogs follow me every now and then but I'd never get one to intentionally come with me for several reasons.

I'd say about a dozen hippies so far. It's hard to tell them from regular outdoors people til they show you their rock collection.

No big aha moments so far other than realizing I'm much happier without a few toxic people in my life.

Not_A_Skeleton1 karma

When do you thing you'll be finished? And then what, walk home?

Jiitunary2 karma

If I keep up my average, I should be done by mid October. I will take some sort of vehicle back. Whether it be plane, train, or cruise ship, I haven't decided

Damocles20103 karma

A cruise ship to Tennessee might be difficult...

Jiitunary3 karma

I'd go from SF to Miami then fly back

Damocles20101 karma

I should add - that I am in awe of your achievement no matter how you travel home.

Jiitunary1 karma

Well thanks !

n3rdfight3r1 karma

How many pairs of shoes have you worn through?

Jiitunary2 karma

I'm on my third and they're holding up quite well

Damocles20101 karma

So you actually started at Charleston SC?

Was it right on the Atlantic Coast waterfront?

Jiitunary3 karma

Yup and I'm going to end on a Californian beach so I go from coast to coast literally

sparkchaser1 karma

You said that you are wearing Merrels. If you did this again, would you buy those shoes again?

Jiitunary2 karma

Yeah my first pair lasted forever. I switched brands for my second Pair to save money but they only lasted like 3 weeks and weren't completely waterproof. So I went back to merrell and I'm so glad

aureli01 karma

So.... what size are the blisters?

Jiitunary1 karma

Its almost all callus now

Seaciety1 karma

When you say you sometimes sleep in "dark places people won't stumble upon other times," what does that mean? Have you been stumbled upon unexpectedly yet?

Jiitunary7 karma

Sometimes I sleep off on the side of the road, in forests, in cemeteries, behind stores. I've been caught twice, both times at churches. They called the police who made sure I wasn't wanted then they let me stay because I was a traveler looking for shelter and churches love that.

Seaciety1 karma

How freaky is sleeping in a cemetery?

Jiitunary2 karma

Honestly it's kind of nice. Apparently there's this new fad of putting glowglobes on tombstones though. That was a little freaky when I woke up before sunrise the next day

Psycho3511 karma

So are you technically homeless? Sorry if this is personal.

Jiitunary5 karma

Kinda I guess? Not really since I have the option and means to stop whenever I want

Psycho3511 karma

So what do you do for a living? How are you financially stable?

Jiitunary3 karma

I'm not! I'm hemorrhaging money. I was lucky though because my grandfather used to be a landlord so I got to live rent free while I saved money for the trip while working at a restaurant

_pope_francis1 karma

Have you encountered any hostility along the way (i.e. has anyone thrown anything at you, called you a name, swerved to look like they were going to hit you)?

Jiitunary2 karma

One guy yelled at me to get off the road. That's in so far

Nik33481 karma

For all this travelling how do you keep your gadgets charged, and where do you keep your money? (as in cash or credit?)

Jiitunary2 karma

Power banks, solar chargers and fast food restaurants

I pay for everything with a card but always have cash on me

xX420_CUNT_420Xx1 karma

What food do you crave the most?

Jiitunary3 karma

Probably either steak or my home baked Mac and cheese

T4COF4CE1 karma

I currently live in Colorado, would you consider going through Colorado Springs?

Jiitunary1 karma

It may happen but I'm currently thinking of going north from Denver to go around instead of over the mountains

T4COF4CE1 karma

When do you plan on hitting denver?

Jiitunary2 karma

Hopefully this time next week. I plan to stay in a hostel for at least a week to recover from everything Kansas and Missouri did to me

Still_Not_Sleeping1 karma

So are you avoiding the mountains?? For me personally stuff like that would be the highlight. I do a lot of hiking / backpacking in my free time, the only long distance walks I'd consider doing are through national parks.

Are you making any extra effort to see national parks and stuff?

Jiitunary3 karma

It honestly depends on the weather. I should get to Denver in the next week which would mean crossing the mountains in September. I've been told that this might be a mistake by more than a few people. I really enjoyed parts of the Appalachian mountains when I went over them though

thinkB4WeSpeak1 karma

What's your favorite state so far and your least favorite state?

Jiitunary5 karma

So far I'd have to say Tennessee was my favorite but I'm biased since that's where I'm from. It's just had the best scenery, the right distance between big cities, and I got interviewed by a paper!

So far Kansas has been the worst. It's boring to look at 98% of the time and the towns are 30-40 miles apart with no good places to guerilla camp in between

Tengodos1 karma

how did you fund this? I want to do this, but across europe. Also what language/s are you learning?

Jiitunary1 karma

Basically it's lucky circumstances, a wealthy grandfather, and a well paying food service job. I also try to be frugal

Oh and I'm learning German, French, Spanish, and qwenya while brushing up on Japanese

Tengodos1 karma

you think I could get a little from your wealthy grandfather haha? I have a great track record as a grandson...

Jiitunary1 karma

I could probably get you cheap rent in Elizabethton Tennessee xD

Tengodos2 karma

i'm actually from Tennessee. Born and raised in Memphis!

Jiitunary1 karma

Im actually pretty sad I didn't get to go to Memphis. I really like Memphis style barbecue but it was too far out of the way :(

Tengodos2 karma

if you do go, hit graceland and beale street!

Jiitunary1 karma

Will do

ScottyAmen1 karma

You have already climbed over 5600 feet above sea level. How does that strike you?

That's about a third of the way up the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains of North America. Any chance you might just go ahead and climb the rest of the way up Mt. Elbert?

Jiitunary1 karma

Hah that's awesome. I don't think that'll happen on this trip but I might do it for completion sake.

ampletime51 karma

Have you run into any predators? How much bear spray do you have?

Jiitunary1 karma

Just ran into a snake actually. I don't have any bear spray. I have a hand gun which was sufficient for black bears and dogs but I plan on getting some spray before I get too deep into grizzly country

champagnesupernov1 karma

Where is the best place where you have slept throughout your adventure?

Jiitunary2 karma

Inside, the hostel in Nashville was the best. I had great roommates and I was right downtown.

Outside, Webster state park in Kansas. They have an amazing lakeside primitive camping spot with a beautiful view.

Guerilla camping, Galway between st Louis and Kansas City, there was a sex. toy store next to some woods. I went in and asked the guy at the desk if could camp out back and he told me about a path that led to their giant billboard and a little clearing. But we never had that conversation

monkeybutt281 karma

What would you say is the prettiest part of your journey so far? And what state/area/region has the nicest people?

Jiitunary1 karma

I really liked the view at reelfoot lake in Tennessee. As well as some of the vistas going over the Appalachians.

For people, I'd say Asheville or Western Tennessee.

kconnors1 karma

How many times did the police question you?

Jiitunary1 karma

Nearly every day. I've been stopped 4 times in one day before.

kconnors1 karma

I figured as much. I guess carying weed wouldn't be a good idea

Jiitunary1 karma

Funny you should mention that. I'm right on the Colorado boarder right now. Soon all the weed will be mine!

Doctor_Bukkake1 karma

What inspires you to keep going?

Jiitunary1 karma

Someone said I wouldn't make it when I was planning the trip and every time I feel like quitting, I remember them. So spite mostly and the knowledge that if I give up now I'll regret it forever.

Doctor_Bukkake1 karma

Are you planning to go on similar "adventures" in the future?

Jiitunary2 karma

Most likely lol I'm not the kind of guy that likes to be in one place very long. I might do the Appalachian trail next

Doctor_Bukkake2 karma

Sounds great, good luck crossing the US!

Jiitunary1 karma


sseli1 karma

What do you use to carry your gear? Backpack, stroller/cart? Or do you have someone help you in a vehicle?

Jiitunary1 karma

I use a baby stroller lol

patrick04141 karma

What gear are you using? Backpack, shoes, cooking equipment ect?

Jiitunary4 karma

Well I'm not using any cooking equipment.

I've got two bags, one is a camelbak fourteener that I keep on my back with 3 liters of water and one is a Big ass kelty I keep all of my food and another 8 liters of water in. I push this one in a jogging stroller and yes I look like a crazy person

Shoes are merrell mid high shoes I got from a Cabela's. I'm not exactly sure of the make.

TheDiscordedSnarl2 karma

11 liters of water? That ain't light, dude... how much water do you go through?

Jiitunary2 karma

Depends on the heat of the day but I'd say 4 to 7 liters a day. The reason I have 11 is incase I have a long stretch where I can't refill. I've only run out once but I hope I never do again because it was terrible.

oscararosa1 karma

The entire continent of the country?

Jiitunary1 karma

Just the continental US. Atlantic ocean to Pacific.

leakes171 karma

Just wanted to say that I think your pretty fucking cool for doing this walk. I feel bad that you might be bored so here are some random would you rather questions I found online to answer: Would you rather be 5'4 or 7'7? Would you rather have legs as long as fingers or fingers as long as legs?
Would you rather sweat mayo or sneeze out mustard? Would you rather have an atomic wedgie that stays up your butt for a year or an itch on your back for a year? Would you rather speak any language fluently or be able to talk to animals?
Explain your answers as well please #BORED

Jiitunary1 karma

7'7. Being tall can be inconvenient but it's better than being short.

If I had to choose, I'd go with fingers as long as legs because it'd be easier to fix

sneezing mustard is obviously the better choice because I sweat so much every day while walking and I've sneezed like twice.

Itch on my back. I don't have a good reason for that one.

I'd pick languages every time. I'm a linguist.

ItIsJustALullaby1 karma

First off what is your main source of money? And also have you ever thought of doing this with someone else(friends, family, etc.)?

Jiitunary1 karma

I've answered the financial part already.

I actually started planning this trip with a friend but she ended up having a lot of good things happen and wasn't able to go

jostark181 karma

Do you have social media? Like what do you look like?

Jiitunary1 karma

There's a few pictures of me on my blog. one got posted in the thread I think

TheJanitor50001 karma

Do you never feel lonely?

Jiitunary1 karma

I miss particular people but I'm never like yearning for company. I don't know. I mean I can talk to anyone whenever I want. I can't imagine feeling lonely while that's true

VoltWolf1 karma

Are you worried about developing some sort of foot injury from this? Im kinda speaking from a skewed POV cause I've broken one ankle and fractured the other so it hurts to walk/stand for an extended period of time.

Jiitunary1 karma

Sort of I already had a broken toe that healed wrong which is annoying. What I'm most afraid of is my foot getting infected while the balls of my Fe and losing a foot or leg. But I've had that fear for time since diabetes runs in my family.

TheLunatic191 karma

Do you think you could make it all the way up to Alaska?

Also, where are you planning on ending up? I live in the northernmost tip of the continental United States over in Washington, so that would be cool place!

Jiitunary2 karma

Definitely no Alaska. I'm thinking San Francisco

BatmanInMC1 karma

What do you carry around in your trip?

Jiitunary1 karma

Boring stuff mostly.

Food and water, Sleeping bag and tent, Fire starters, Extra clothes, Handgun, A rain poncho, Sunscreen, A couple books, And my phone plus all of its stuff.

Mohd05081 karma

Wut about alaska and hawaii?

Jiitunary1 karma

Plan to visit them eventually but walking to Hawaii seems difficult

samosnik1 karma

How often and where do you wank?

Jiitunary2 karma

Probably once or twice a week. But only if I'm staying at a hotel

monkeybutt28-3 karma

Your blog is sporadic and lacking content, but I'll bite...

How does your body feel? Have you noticed any changes (weight loss, aches/pains, etc...)?

Have you encountered anything dangerous? People, animals?

Jiitunary2 karma

Yeah I'm not very good at keeping up with my blog on a daily basis...

There has been some weight loss but nothing drastic, I try to make sure o get enough. I'd say the most noticeable effect on my body is that I've lost a lot of feeling in the balls of my feet but it comes back if I have a rest day. I still have good balance and can move all my toes.

I've only met one guy that gave me the creeps. I got attacked by a dog in Tennessee and got a couple scars to show for it. Overall I've felt pretty safe but I am a 6'2" haggard looking dude so that might have something to do with it.

my_hunt-7 karma

Why? You stupidly rich and white?

Jiitunary1 karma

I am white but not stupidly rich. When you take in rent, utilities, and food, I'm spending less than I would at home.

my_hunt-2 karma

So where the money coming from? Most of us can't just up and leave our life to go walking around

Jiitunary3 karma

I know. I was in a very special position where I had enough saved up, finished school, didn't have a career or lease, and didn't have anything holding me to one spot. I'm pretty lucky I got the chance