Hi everyone! I'm Asa Akira. I'm an award winning adult film actress, published author, and I've had two dicks in my ass at the same time. Ask me literally anything!

My Proof: https://twitter.com/AsaAkira/status/762391737331507220

And here is the link to my new book, DIRTY THIRTY available now: http://amzn.to/2aREGr6

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kkardi4531 karma

If a guy on death row requested to eat you out for his last meal. Would you do it?

AsaAkira15715 karma

Sure, if I could record the whole thing for my website. He'd have to sign a release form.

dodsfall4300 karma

How many sides does a waffle have?

AsaAkira15214 karma

are you hitting on me?

CaKe32g4246 karma

Asa, how empowering is it to have a Twitter account for your butthole with over 2,700 followers?

AsaAkira15543 karma

it'll never be enough.

BoogieDownBX4140 karma


Do you remember the early 2000's much at all? (i barely do)

I used to puff with you and some of your friends at someone's apartment in downtown NYC back in 2000/2001, his name started with a J, and at the time you had a boyfriend who's name started with a C. We would usually puff in the stairwell.

I doubt you will remember me since we were teenagers and didn't hang out very often, but you always complimented me on my awesome joints and that has always stuck with me. You were really friendly and I will always remember that interaction :)

I find it kind of funny, but I can't bring myself to watch any of your movies, we barely knew each other but I still find it awkward because I knew you when we were like 15/16 lol

I hope everything is going well for you and congrats on your sobriety!

AsaAkira13882 karma

I practically lived in that stairwell and I'm a hundred percent sure I would remember you. Whats your name? Or some other way I can know who you are? I clicked on your profile but found no photos or personal info?

BmoresSpice4011 karma

What's one stereotype of pornstars (not sex related) that is the most true?

AsaAkira15392 karma

We have terrible taste in men.

Whatsgoodx6252 karma

Hey, How you doing??

AsaAkira15297 karma


comebackbabyribs3696 karma

How do you like your eggs?

AsaAkira16360 karma

un-fertilized, for now

sitdwnandhngon3480 karma

If you had the option to do a scene with literally any person in the world, but it was unpaid, would you do it? And with whom?

AsaAkira14959 karma

literally any president

---Driftwood---3261 karma

How old do you think you'll be when you have sex for the last time?

AsaAkira15091 karma


heywhatsmells3256 karma

What was your experience on the Eric Andre show like?

AsaAkira14637 karma

It was a lot of fun, but also really confusing. I had no idea what I was getting into, I thought I was sent there for a normal interview. What aired was such a small portion of what was shot - I went home that day wondering what the fuck I had just done.

GaryJones1265 karma

Yeah was the gnarly stench of his I've been hearing about as bad as it was hyped up as?

AsaAkira1188 karma

I didn't notice anything. I like a little stench anyway.

moralesivan3183 karma

What is a line you will not cross ???? And what is a line you hope to cross?

AsaAkira15541 karma

I don't do animals, children, or poo.

Annatar253134 karma

Hello, Asa. You are a favorite of mine. I want to ask you, have you ever hooked up with a fan? I can imagine you get asked to go out a lot by some of your fans, but have you ever done it?

AsaAkira15207 karma

At this point, I'll only fuck someone if they're a fan.

crazyblaze7132915 karma

You have one of the best personalities in the business. What keeps you at that level all the time? Also, can we have pizza some time?

AsaAkira15945 karma

Like most women, I save all my shittiness for my loved ones

aguyfrominternet2876 karma

How was having two in the butt at the same time?

AsaAkira14333 karma

I'm glad to have had the experience, but I don't feel the need to try it again.

bloodstainer2794 karma

Rate from best to worst:

  • DP one in each hole.

  • DP both in ass

  • DP both in pus

AsaAkira13864 karma

Exactly in that order

Callmepunn2851 karma

Have you ever experienced an accidental cream pie on set?

AsaAkira14117 karma

Yes, a few times. Luckily I'm on birth control and I have a great sense of humor.

thatguy90123691 karma

And really if anything, it's only a compliment.

AsaAkira14093 karma

I like the way you think.

ismyusernameclever2709 karma

Hi Asa. Do people ever try to use your being in adult films as an excuse to be creepy towards you? How do you deal with people like that?

AsaAkira14827 karma

I've only ever had one bad experience like this. A guy grabbed my boob in the airport. It was terrible and I cried, which is super disappointing because that's not at all how I'd objectively want myself to react.

slayerofscum2687 karma

If you had to get wined, dined, and sixty-nined from a historical figure who would it be?

AsaAkira14281 karma

clint eastwood

deb8er2676 karma

Do you often get recognized on the street?

Do people come up to you and say hi or do they just stare at you? If yes, is the conversation weird?

And also, have you ever had a kid come up to you?

edit: formatting

AsaAkira14727 karma

I do get recognized pretty often, and I secretly love it. When someone tells me they were just jerking off to me, it's my favorite. Kids come up to me a lot, which is awkward, but if anything I see it as a guarantee that I'll still have a fanbase (even if just for nostalgic reasons) when I'm old and fat.

sam14052610 karma

For the record, what really is your ideal penis/vagina and sex position?

AsaAkira13097 karma

Missionary and/or prison-style.

sleepmaster2k2250 karma

Does size really matter? How small is to small and when is it to much? Do u prefer guys who are average (4-6 inches) or someone large ?

AsaAkira13778 karma

I prefer average, because I like to fuck really hard. But the big ones look nice on camera.

bloodstainer2141 karma

What's the weirdest comment you've ever read about yourself online?

AsaAkira13374 karma

That my thumbs are terrible. It's a pretty common one, too.

yoursecretlovergirl12078 karma

How are you able to handle anal so well? I personally love anal, but can't do it often and never rough due to being very sensitive and easy to injure there. I want to do anal more in my work (I also make porn), but I just can't seem to toughen up my butt :( Do you have any tips on how to get more used to it so I can properly embrace my anal potential?

AsaAkira12549 karma

I'm giving a class on this on the 12th at House of Scorpio. If it goes well, I might do more!

aguyfrominternet2074 karma

What's it like directing porn? How is it different from directing other films?

AsaAkira13322 karma

Directing porn is cool, but I prefer performing. I didn't get into porn so I could sit behind a camera.

mysterymartha1986 karma

Hey Asa! You seem like an awesome person. How does your family feel about your profession, and how do you react to that?

AsaAkira13548 karma

My parents weren't thrilled initially, but they're ok with it now. They see i'm happy/healthy etc, so they can accept it. We don't talk much about work - but I prefer not to talk to my parents about my sex life anyway. And my sex life is my job.

InsertXX1912 karma

What is a "minimum penis size" you would go for in your personal opinion ofcours?

AsaAkira13172 karma

I have yet to come across one I find too small

delfino3191856 karma

Julia Ann, Lisa Ann, Mia Khalifa. You have to Kill one, marry one, fuck one. What do you choose?

AsaAkira13295 karma

Fuck Julia Ann, marry Lisa Ann, kill Mia Khalifa but only because I've never met her so I don't care as much

rd419831741 karma

Asa, you need to be on more podcasts (or maybe a youtube channel) - you're just too damn funny not to be. Any plans on doing more of that stuff?

AsaAkira12154 karma

I'm actually in talks for something like this right now. I'm super excited. I can't say much, but it is a podcast. We are discussing what it will ultimately be... any suggestions?

mewonfire1653 karma

Hi Asa! Huge fan!

What is a hidden fetish of yours that not a lot of people know about? Also, what is a dream or aspiration of yours you want to accomplish in your lifetime?

Thanks for doing this btw! :)

AsaAkira13554 karma

I could probably orgasm from cleaning my ears with a QTip. I've never tried. Guess I have plans for tonight now.

CrossFaded1513 karma

First off I am a huge fan! Your social media persona really reflects how much you love your job; what were your other career aspiration when you were younger? Do you ever still think about trying to do other things career-wise?

Also, tell me about your worst day of work as an adult film star.

AsaAkira14309 karma

Thanks! When I was younger, I wanted to first be ET, then a nun (only because I saw Sound of Music), then a writer. By the time I hit middle school, though, I knew I wanted to be a professional slut.

devilkingx21418 karma

If all porn (no matter the content) suddenly became legal everywhere in the world tomorrow, are there any types of videos you would start doing (that you don't already do now)?

AsaAkira14427 karma

A threesome with twin brothers in which they fuck each other before DPing me But they have to pay me the same amount of attention they pay each other or else I will get jealous and ruin the whole thing for everyone

greenb0yx1001221 karma

How much would you have to be paid to fuck a horse?

AsaAkira13124 karma

I'd bottom for a tax-free million


do you think the porn industry is running out of ideas for new creative ideas or do you think there are far more things that haven't been made into porn yet?

AsaAkira11868 karma

I think as long as we live in a world thats evolving, there will be fresh ideas for new pornos.

childish_breeza1169 karma

Hey Asa! If you were not an Porn Actress what would you do instead?

AsaAkira13843 karma

get fat

yadayadayada61160 karma

After probably trying everything from softcore porn to rough sex, do you enjoy softcore porn as much? Comparing hardcore sex to hard drugs here.
Who are your favourite pornstars to work with during lesbian scenes?

AsaAkira13637 karma

One time I fell asleep while shooting a softcore scene. It's very boring, and the rocking motion made me very sleepy.

powersurge281125 karma

What is your idea of comfort food?

AsaAkira12101 karma


positihv1019 karma

Hey Asa, You recently tweeted "I just purchased an SUV so good luck, Southern California.". How many Californians have fallen before your SUV so far?

AsaAkira11452 karma

I haven't been in a car accident in five years and six months!

jonmorrie265 karma

dont jinx it man

AsaAkira1578 karma

please knock on wood

rospaya987 karma

Love your twitter, Asa. As for questions... Not sure, what do dicks taste like? Are there tastes like ice cream?

With a survey rate of 900 dicks there must be some patterns.

AsaAkira12741 karma

I should let you know that 900 was a made-up number. Like give or take 200, i think. I've never experienced a dick that tastes like ice-cream but I do know that if a guy's jizz tastes delicious it means he might be pre-diabetic.

DobbyDooDoo1474 karma

I might be pre-diabetic, care to help me find out?

AsaAkira13757 karma

I'm basically a doctor

escoldn913 karma

Hi Asa, I was wondering do you have a favourite character or episode of Bojack Horseman?

AsaAkira11730 karma

Definitely Bojack. But I love all of them. I'd totally fuck Mr PeanutButter.

Slongo702869 karma

I thought you didn't do animals, children or poo.

AsaAkira13072 karma

I'm totally into cartoons though.

BallzDeepMcGee868 karma

Do you follow your own subreddit? Are you disgusted, intrigued, or have any other feelings toward so many men appreciating your assets and work?

AsaAkira12649 karma

I read every single thing that is written about me on the internet

SKIIFONIX859 karma


AsaAkira12428 karma

I always think the last movie I did was the best, so right now it's DNA (coming in september.) I got murdered and resurrected in it... A very deep plot, considering #porno.

Galveira816 karma

Besides Akira, what's your favorite anime?

AsaAkira12577 karma

I quit smoking weed ten years ago so I haven't really been watching a lot of anime. I recently watched Akira sober and realized I don't even understand it. Oh well, too late now!

BendOverAndIIlShowYa805 karma

Do you consider having sex for porn work, or is it more fun for you?

AsaAkira11217 karma

I consider it work, but it's still very much my fantasy. I feel very lucky that I love my job.

rodtransistor701 karma

Hey! Where do you see yourself in 30 years?

AsaAkira12062 karma

In my house, eating lots of carbs

oonniioonn631 karma

I've had two dicks in my ass at the same time

Ever use that as an opening line when meeting new people?

AsaAkira12001 karma

It's really more of a second-date kind of thing

junie213628 karma

how was your experience on the sex factor? the episode where the contestants chose their partner, was it from a pool of stars or any active star until an available one was found?

AsaAkira1673 karma

It was a lot of fun to shoot. They were each assigned pornstars

demodeuss585 karma

If you had to give up either junk food (yes, including pizza) or any and all sexual activity for the rest of your life, which would you sacrifice?

AsaAkira1904 karma

It depends. Would the food make me fat?

Marcovanbastardo538 karma

Asa does the rough stuff actually ever hurt that you need to stop or you that lubed up it's a piece of cake?

AsaAkira11082 karma

If I'm turned on enough, I hardly feel the pain/register it as bad. But if I'm not turned on, even a two inch penis fucking me super slowly with a gallon of lube will hurt.

Lilday526 karma

If I was stuck on a desert island and only allowed to take 1 porn movie, it would be probably one of your nuru scenes.

What would yours be?

AsaAkira1974 karma

That would suck so bad because once I've watched a porno twice, it pretty much loses allure for me. I guess I'd take one of my own for sentimental reasons. Maybe my first gangbang.

mattgresia496 karma

Do you have any advice on something to try on my girlfriend?

AsaAkira12306 karma

Buy her jewelry.

rhago32463 karma

I remember one of your tweets saying something like you can't wait to stop doing anal so you can stop eating kale. Does that help clean you out or something?

AsaAkira11028 karma

I think I said something more along the lines of: Once I quite porn, I'll never eat kale again. Dieting is the worst part of porn. I suppose it's a small price to pay to have my dream job, but I am so so so hungry. Like, all the time.

gapes1880 karma

it's worth it. you look really hot. but when you do stop dieting, I'm looking forward to your chubby porn.

AsaAkira12383 karma

i love you

CaKe32g394 karma

Having a dick (or two) in your ass, then immediately sucking on said dick(s)...that can't taste good, can it?

AsaAkira1908 karma

Depends on whose ass it's coming out of - I clean my ass before doing anal.

redthrow222185 karma

Real talk - whatever happened to DVDASA and when is it coming back?

AsaAkira1221 karma

Real talk, I don't know : ( DVDASA was my favorite part of the week. I am hoping we will continue it in some way or another, but right now, only time will tell.

BuzzLiteBeers133 karma

What is the strangest thing you've done on the job? The hottest?

AsaAkira1353 karma

I had skittles in my asshole once.

NonY450118 karma

What's your favourite cake?

AsaAkira1198 karma

that puertorican pineapple one, I don't know what it's called, if anyone knows what I'm talking about please tell me the name. (NOT pineapple upside-down cake, although that's good too.)


Hi Asa! I love all of your work!

Do you know how many men you have slept with or have an estimate? How many women?

AsaAkira1267 karma

I say "900" because I think it's a funny number, but the truth is I HAVE NO IDEA

sweetjoe22178 karma

Hey Asa ! What's a secret only a few know about you ?

AsaAkira1312 karma

I pee in the shower

Twincher8774 karma

Hey love your work!

  1. Who's cooler in person, Peta Jensen, Riley Reed, or Keisha Grey?

2 How to you like people to pronounce Asa?

  1. Is it hard maintaining a relationship in your line of work?

  2. What should I do with my life?

AsaAkira1126 karma

I've never met Peta, but Riley Reid is the most polite person in porn and Keisha Grey is really awesome.

gstarr0371 karma

What is your favorite part of the porn industry?

AsaAkira1246 karma

Probably 1) the exhibitionist aspect 2) the ability to fuck a variety of people constantly in a safe/controlled way

aejak67 karma

How muscular is your ideal guy?

AsaAkira1248 karma

I don't care about muscles.

Macasaurus60 karma

Love that you helped Dana out with her fundraiser, will we get progress updates?

AsaAkira1101 karma

Dana just had her surgery on the 29th, and they already look fucking amazing!

stoffles60 karma

As an Asian female who loves porn, I just want to say thank you for representing. And also thanks to your first book, I started taking psyllium whole husks and it's a miracle clean sweep for my booty. My question is about the porn make up. Do you enjoy wearing them or it's something you have to do for the camera? I think you are absolutely stunning and gorgeous naturally.

AsaAkira174 karma

I love wearing a lot of makeup. I just prefer my face with it, aesthetically. Whenever I get in a new makeup artists chair I tell them I want to look like a dragqueen. But in my every day life, I prefer to wear little to no makeup, only because it's better for my skin and also I'm lazy.

HaVoK7o941 karma


AsaAkira1111 karma

Probably Tomato Mozzarella Basil on sourdough? Or Peanut Butter and banana?

DrBodyguard40 karma

Hi, big fan of your twitter and your work.

Do you have any plans for retiring or shifting your career to different avenues any time in the near future?

AsaAkira1403 karma

I'm not sure I want to venture into a whole new career. My retirement plan is to get fat until I hit like 80, and then get hardcore into heroin til death.

but_a_simple_petunia28 karma

Do you and fellow porn stars actually enjoy the feel/taste of cum? I once shot my love juice on my face/mouth during one of my hormone-fueled masturbating rampages in middle school and did NOT enjoy the warmth and stickiness of it at all. Now I just shoot that shit in toilet paper and chuck it out, clean and simple.

AsaAkira171 karma

I enjoy what it represents

basketball_guy26 karma

Asa, can you double cross your legs?? Example

AsaAkira169 karma

Are there people who can't??

werealldeadramones25 karma

ASA! Your last book was great. I'm looking forward to the new memoir. Since you finished writing the latest one, what else have you been brainstorming? How's life with Tony? And what did you do today?

AsaAkira122 karma

Thanks! I'd love to do a fiction novel next.

aguyfrominternet15 karma

What's your thought on Sunny Leone working in Hindi films?

AsaAkira137 karma


cgmoro12 karma

I am engaged and still fantasize about a threesome with my soon-to-be wife. She seemed down for it when we first started dating, but over the years her interest has waned.

1.Whats the best way to bring this up again? 2. If she is 100% against it now, do I just suck it up and forget about threesomes? She is super badass and I would be a complete degenerate to leave her over this. 3. If she says yes, how can her and I woo you?

AsaAkira120 karma

the right gift will get u anything

cfallon111 karma

Brown or white rice?

AsaAkira144 karma

White, I'm japanese, hello

Andrija018 karma

Do you know where is Serbia? I am your biggest fan. Have you ever done pissing scene? How to prepare for pissing sex?

AsaAkira114 karma

I know where Serbia is and I have never done a pissing scene

2High4You19937 karma

is sucking dick one of your fav things too do? Or is pussy better

AsaAkira126 karma

sucking dick isn't even in the top 10.

tc1426 karma

What was it that got you interested enough to get started? Do you enjoy the sex? Are you Staying in the industry because of the lifestyle, the money, the fame or something else?

AsaAkira114 karma

I was always drawn to slut-types. Hookers, Strippers, Pornstars... I'm a little scared to leave porn, because I love it so much. I'm terrified I'll never find anything I love as much as porn.

Corner_Girl5 karma

What was your first time anal like? Was it messy, painful or were you prepared?

AsaAkira113 karma

It was an accident, and it was painful enough that I didn't try again for like 7 years

youlikepete4 karma

Did you ever sleep with David Choe? It doesn't really matter, but I really enjoyed DVDASA! Thanks for making that!!

AsaAkira12 karma


crackerjohn4 karma

First of all thank you for signing the Dirty Thirty books for the contest at r/asaakira! As a moderator of your subreddit I appreciated my copy as well http://imgur.com/a/WtFge The current Mods of your sub would like to add you as a moderator for your subreddit if you are okay with that addition?

AsaAkira19 karma

sure! I have no idea what any of this means, but I am not known for my great decision making skills.

Davidlpn2 karma

Hi Asa!! Me and my friend Jose are big fans from Spain! In your opinion what's the best place for a first date?? Beside that, could you send greetings to us? Today's is Jose's birthday!! Love you!! 😍😍😍😍

AsaAkira112 karma

DisneyLand, because 1)it's magical 2)the long lines are the perfect place to get to know someone. Also most of the rides are dark enough to get fingered

iamchristopherdorner2 karma

If you were trying to convince a girl to try anal, how would yo get to to overlook any preconceived notions she may have? And what would be your main selling point?

AsaAkira12 karma

"It only hurts the first twenty times!"

flammablepenguins2 karma

Can you describe your perfect day?

AsaAkira111 karma

DP in the morning, nap in the afternoon, pizza and television at night.

AsaAkira120 karma

I'm a simple girl.

AmandaTee_2 karma


Glad to have you back on Reddit! :D

I'm curious to hear if you ever thought about being a high-end escort/courtesan/companion? Why porn instead? :)


AsaAkira16 karma

I've escorted twice. For now, I've decided it's not for me.

DaBossMon1 karma

Hi Asa! Big fan, and I just wanted to ask: What's a location you've always wanted to fuck at?

AsaAkira12 karma

a sleepnumber bed (i've never been on one)

daveed20011 karma

What about you career do you think you are playing a part in to improve society?

AsaAkira12 karma

I didn't get into porn to improve society.