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UPDATE: Thanks everyone, for showing up and your questions! I take none of this for granted. Any time people are interested in my art or what I have to say, I'm truly honored. All your questions, even the ones I didn't get to answer made me smile. Even the smart ass ones. Keep on being you and love yourself. I'm out! Peace! ☮

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MalloryKnox0709585 karma

My username's time has come!

With "Natural Born Killers", did you really grasp what it was saying in regards to the state of the media and violence in the media at that stage of the game? I feel like given the current situation of the US regarding violence and constant coverage thanks to social media and 24 hour news stations, Oliver Stone, and your characters, were well ahead of their time.

Also, I'm pretty much in love with everything you do! Thanks for being you, all the time!

Juliette_Lewis728 karma

1,000% think it was ahead of it's time. that's the brilliance of Oliver Stone at his best. He holds up a mirror to some really nasty elements. That movie was special in how he was shining a light on media sensationalism. I still think Killer's suicide notes, faces, and names should not be printed or put on magazines. Of course, we were doing a really broad version of that idolization.

docbrown_279 karma

What is your favorite memory of filming National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?

I just want to say thank you as a teenager from the 90s for movies like Kalifornia and from Dusk Til Dawn. I have some fond memories from that time. "Put your titty back up, Adele". :)

Juliette_Lewis334 karma

Any scene with Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid. I mean... they're both icons. I loved filming all the family stuff. I'm glad so many people enjoy it every year.

Meta4nicater242 karma

You are my new spirit animal. Can not wait to see you Thursday at The Fonda. Fuckin' stoked.

Question: My wife's friend swears she saw you busking at a movie theater yesterday in Hollywood and has made me promise to ask your AMA if that was actually you. So, do you busk on Hollywood Blvd in your spare time, and if so, why isn't there some sort of schedule posted about such things? ;) Thx

Juliette_Lewis443 karma

That was me! I was doing a dare that my director Henry Joost dared me to sing in a public place. It was at the Arclight. And even though I do this professionally, nobody knew I was doing this and it was absolutely mortifying. Glad your friend was there to witness it!

somebodydc172 karma

Hi Juliette. I loved you in Kalifornia. How creepy was Brad Pitt while making that movie? Did he stay in character the whole shoot?

Juliette_Lewis209 karma

That movie was so fun. It was mine and Brad's first characters that were totally different from ourselves. The director, Domenic Sena, it was his first big movie. He went on to do huge movies like Gone In 60 Seconds and he gave us a lot of freedom with dialogue and with our mannerisms.

humanefly162 karma

Do you believe in Xenu?

PainMatrix144 karma

She's answered that here. tl;dr She identifies as both a scientologist and a Christian but doesn't believe in the alien stuff.

I’m not sure how to segue into this, so I’ll just come out and ask. You’re a Scientologist, right? I am, yeah.

Do you celebrate Christmas? I’ve never been sure about that. Does Christmas count as a Scientology holiday?

Oh yeah. We absolutely celebrate Christmas.

So you have a tree with ornaments and eggnog and presents and Christmas carols that aren’t about Xenu?

I’m a Christian! I think there’s so much confusion because people don’t understand a religion where you can be another religion but you can still practice Scientology. That’s why it’s completely progressive. It’s just tools for living. It’s about understanding one’s self and others and compassion and how to communicate better and how to live in this troubled society. It’s really basic, common sense stuff. It has nothing to do with all this funny folklore that surrounds it. You could be a Jewish Scientologist or a Buddhist Scientologist or a Christian Scientologist or anything else.

Do you believe your ancestors were reincarnated aliens?

That’s not been a part of my experience, no. (Laughs.)

So... you don’t believe you came from aliens?

I was thinking about where that idea came from, and I was like, “Oh, maybe it’s because [L. Ron] Hubbard was a successful science fiction writer, so they’re confusing his science fiction with his other studies that have nothing to do with science fiction.” It’s like you thinking I might punch somebody in the face because I played somebody who punched somebody in the face in a movie.

That’s actually a pretty good analogy. I wasn’t expecting that.

I’m used to misconceptions. And honestly, I don’t care to explain Scientology to people. You can investigate it on your own. It’s not that difficult. There are Web sites and all sorts of resources. The one thing that troubles me is when rumor becomes hatred and prejudice towards a group of people. That’s when it becomes scary, when you have people trying to take away other people’s right to practice a religion of your own choosing.

Juliette_Lewis231 karma

Thanks for pulling my accurate quotes on the subject! You nailed it. :)

Sending you a cyber-hug and good vibes...

Frajer139 karma

Were you surprised by the controversy surrounding Natural Born Killers ?

Juliette_Lewis310 karma

I think so! At the time I had never seen journalists be so mad. I wish you would have been there at the press junket with me and Woody. They HATED us! That was the magic of Oliver Stone-- he was directly antagonizing them and every journalist I talked to was greatly offended.

VictorFries118 karma

What was it like doing the Gap commercial with Daft Punk? Get to talk with them at all or were they in costume the whole time?

Juliette_Lewis203 karma

That Gap commercial was so fun because Daft Punk was so new. I've since seen them on the road when I was touring with my band, Yes, I've seen them out of costume and they are so bad ass and originators of great music.

kpc45110 karma

You have worked with some of the funniest actors of our time, who in you opinion is hands down the funniest person?

Juliette_Lewis321 karma

Zach Galafanakis in Due Date. He was the only actor I could not keep a straight face off-camera when he was doing his take. I was already a crazy fan of his and the to work with him in person he's just so beyond and special. Louis C.K. of course is the same in a whole other way. But I gotta say Rodney Dangerfield is a huge highlight and he would be telling jokes in between me pretending to murder him.

icommentingifs106 karma

Oo I'm see a prescreening of this tonight!

What was your favorite project that you thought had a real chance never quite made it out the gate?

Edit: Why the downvotes? I asked a good question and she answered it. Reddit, you really confuse me.

Juliette_Lewis113 karma

The Other Sister that Garry Marshall directed is super close to my hear. The role was the most challenging I've ever played and had so much purity and goodness of heart. And I took it after a two-year break from show business. Garry Marshall was one of the kindest most loving directors who just wanted to make everyone feel good. He will be missed.

icommentingifs28 karma

Holy Crap you responded! Thank you! Garry Marshall is a legend. What a cool thing you got to work with him. I'm a huge fan of yours. Can't wait to see the movie tonight. Thanks again for the response! It looks like it's available on Amazon. Adding to wishlist :)

Juliette_Lewis45 karma

You're welcome! Enjoy the movie. Have a beautiful day. :)

notenoughspaceforthe95 karma

So what was actually eating Gilbert Grape?

Juliette_Lewis265 karma

Your guess is as good as mine, but I think the longing to be set free of his home-bound responsibilities.

liamquane84 karma

What was it like working with Meryl Streep?

Juliette_Lewis151 karma

Everything you would ever hope it to be. She's down to earth, funny, and she's mesmerizing to act next to. She shows you how you can maintain grace and integrity in such a silly business.

JimmyRUDEjam111 karma

What was it like working with Woody Harrelson on NBK? Did you ever see Rampart?

Juliette_Lewis164 karma

I fucking love Woody. Every time we see each other, it's like seeing someone you were in combat with He's a really, really special, courageous, out there dude. No I didn't see Rampart, I gotta see it!

drcrackenmeat74 karma

Any chance of putting the Licks back together?

Those albums were fantastic and not a bad song to be found. I saw you guys at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC, it had to be 10 years ago and you were fantastic. The club was a shit box but the show was amazing.

Thanks for the great music and memories!

Juliette_Lewis122 karma

Thank you so much for your love! I play my first show July 28th in LA at the Fonda Theater with a new band that is my dream band. We're playing some old Licks sons but a lot of new songs. The Licks was a very specific guitar driven rock, My new music is more blues inspired and inspired by The Kinks, The Zombies. I'm touring all over the US. I promise you'll love it.

BigBlueChevrolet29 karma

Is your new music available anywhere?

Juliette_Lewis54 karma

iTunes and go to JulietteLewis.com.

liamquane66 karma

Hi Ms. Lewis, can I ask; what is the best thing a director can do for you on set? Thanks! :~)

Juliette_Lewis124 karma

Validate your instincts and encourage truing new things in a take. I'm sorta anti-repetition. I like living dangerously though my characters which means doing things in a fresh, exciting, pure way.

wtfmynamegotdeleted64 karma

Damn! I'm never here fo a live AMA for someone I know! I don't even know what to ask. Shit!... Um... How are you?

Juliette_Lewis131 karma

Hey! You sound like me! I'm doing pretty good. After this I'm going to band practice and I love my rhythm section. Actually, I love everyone in my band so that makes signing and playing music really fun. Although, I do tend to stress out before a show. Thanks for asking! Have a beautiful day. Drink lots of iced tea.

FilmJenkins57 karma

Do you ever see yourself doing something drastic for a role, like shaving your head, undergoing 4 hours of makeup, or gaining 50 lbs, etc.? It could win you Oscars...

Juliette_Lewis117 karma

The funny thing about me is I'll go to the deepest, darkest places to be as honest as possible to find a truth within a character in the scene, but I'm not big into wanting to change my body and feeling unhealthy. For Natural Born Killers, I learned street fighting, shooting every kind of gun, and I love learning new skills. And for Secrets and Lies (coming out September on ABC) I interviewed detectives because I play a detective. I love studying for a role.

man_mayo53 karma

What's your favorite piece of memorabilia you've been able to take from one of the sets you worked on?

Juliette_Lewis189 karma

You're not going to believe this, but yearly, I kind of kick myself for not saving my scripts from Natural Born Killers, Cape Fear, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, with my personalized notes, lines I had made up, because at the time at 19 I had no idea how meaningful these things would be and when I was moving my apartment, I just threw them away. To answer your question, I have some pictures that are cool.

liamquane46 karma

What do you look for in a screenplay?

Juliette_Lewis75 karma

A story that really resonates and that I haven't seen before. That's what Nerve was to me when I first read it. A really fresh and exciting take on our social media culture.

Jess149144 karma

What is the best advice you've been given?

Juliette_Lewis165 karma

My dad, who never gave advice, once told me "Take your foot off the gas when you're going downhill." Another one was "Always give a really firm handshake and look the person in the eye."

huge_ox44 karma

Who's the best and worst people you've worked with? In any capacity.

Juliette_Lewis171 karma

The best? It's crazy because I've been so fortunate to work wth some of the most passionate, down to earth inspired individuals. from George Clooney, Leo DiCaprio, Oliver Stone, Kathryn Bigelow, Lasse Hallstorm, Uma Thurman, Robert De Niro, I could go on and on. The worst types of people... of course I will not name names, are those who sit in some delusional rarified air of entitlement. It's something my parents raised me without and something I've fought to avoid.

FilmJenkins31 karma

You played a DJ in Grand Theft Auto IV. Did they approach you to play another character in the game? Would you like to be a playable video game character?

Juliette_Lewis54 karma

How twisted is that? No, they have not approached me again and I've heard it's a pretty dark game. Would I want to play other video games? sure! It was to follow my criteria of coolness and amazingness.

wtfudgery29 karma

Who was the most memorable person you have worked with?

Juliette_Lewis100 karma

I gotta say, I mentioned a lot of amazing actors in other answers but Robert De Niro and the scenes we did in Cape Fear will always go down as the most electric and transcendental.

FilmJenkins28 karma

You were young when you emancipated yourself from your parents. On the other hand, I'm 29 and I still live at home. Do you have any tips on how to become independent?

Juliette_Lewis77 karma

Get the fuck out of the house! Haha I was a weirdo, but I always loved my parents.

PapaGator28 karma

Have you ever thought about using the voice you do for your dog Teddy in a cartoon? It would be perfect for a cartoon character!

Juliette_Lewis69 karma

It is my dream to be discovered and someone make me and Teddy into cartoons. And I will of course voice the characters. Please tell someone.

funkboxing27 karma

If you could portray any historical figure in their biopic, who would you choose and why?

Juliette_Lewis88 karma

Janis Joplin. Watch the documentary Little Girl Blue and you will know why she was a one of kind force in male-dominated rock 'n roll at the time. And she had so much powerful and good energy. And was quite a character. I relate to her because she was in a band for a long time. But normally I don't like to play actual, living people. Too much pressure.

jackwoww26 karma

Why do you still look like you're in your twenties? Do you drink the blood of virgins? jk

But seriously, exercise routines? Avoiding certain foods, alcohol, etc.? What do you recommend to stay healthy and youthful?

Juliette_Lewis60 karma

Wow! I so appreciate you saying that! That's really sweet. I love Barry's Bootcamp. But honestly, I gotta say youth is from the inside and I find as I get older I still work on letting go of and/or accepting pain as a part of life and try to nurture and give love and light. As cliched as that sounds, it's real. If that translates to looking young, so be it, but that's not my intention.

MissMahlia22 karma

So when's is the next season of Secrets & Lies coming out? You were seriously fierce as Det Cornell by the way. Absolutely loved the show & can't wait for more.

Juliette_Lewis32 karma

I'm so excited to say the second season is finally airing on ABC on September 25th! I love this cast. It's all super dramatic and unpredictable. Thanks for your interest. Have a beautiful day!

juggilinjnuggala20 karma

Any fun stories from Christmas Vacation the public might not be aware of?

Juliette_Lewis44 karma

Here's a fun story you may not have heard of. I was in a full Jimi Hendrix & Steve Miller Band phase at 15 so she we were on the Warner Brothers Lot, in between shoots I was rocking rocking out Purple Haze.

katievsbubbles19 karma

Hi Juliette.

Big fan!!!!!!!!

I have honestly loved you in everything ever.

Which movie had your favourite wrap party, uh, party? Was there ice cream and if so what flavour did you choose?

Best wishes.


Juliette_Lewis54 karma

Hi Katie! You're making me laugh. The best wrap party was From Dusk 'Til Dawn. It's caught on video in the documentary Full Tilt Boogie. Basically I did karaoke and I sang "What's Going On." We all danced and sang and drank and were merry of course.

imyourmomsfriend18 karma

I loved Hellion. Why decide to do such a tiny little independent film like that?

Juliette_Lewis45 karma

I never discriminate, I'm always looking for new exciting directors to work with and fresh stories to tell, both big and small. And I felt Hellion was that and I loved working with Aaron Paul and director Kat Candler.

Myfamismymotivation18 karma

What was it like working with Johnny Depp? Do you still remain friends today?

I loved all the movies you have played in, and look forward to watching Nerve. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer questions for us today. You are a true inspiration and role model!!

Juliette_Lewis42 karma

I remember me and Johnny used to listen to the Pixies together. I really liked making that movie. Johnny remains super unique, down to earth, and true to himself. I respect that.

I think you're really gonna love Nerve. Bring your friends! Hahahaha

docbrown_17 karma

What do you enjoy doing the most in your spare time?

Juliette_Lewis43 karma

I'm a big lover and believer of walking in nature. I really love going to places without cars and taking in trees, the flowers. In LA there's nice places like Griffith Park and strolling in the neighborhood with my parter ad dogs. It's the simple things.

KingXello17 karma

Hi Juliette! Big fan here ever since I saw, the imo underrated Aurora Borealis.

Question: Are you prouder of your notoriety in the music industry or the movie industry? Why?

Juliette_Lewis51 karma

I gotta say, any time I see joy and curiosity in a person's face when they tell me how I affected them through a live performance, song or movie, it lights up my life and I am so proud of both but probably music because I did that all on my own without any big business and I wrote the songs and everything is an extension of my creative voice.

sunbrick16 karma

What's a hidden gem of a place to experience in LA?

Something kinda gnarly and underground. I'm heading back there soon so want to do some cool stuff. Might even catch one of your shows!

Juliette_Lewis41 karma

I'm gonna say watching a movie in The Hollywood Forever cemetery. They'll play movies like Grease. It's such an event you can bring wine and food and friends.

liamquane14 karma

What was it like working with Martin Scorsese?

Juliette_Lewis46 karma

Totally liberating. I consider Scorsese the man who gave me my creative wings in that he let me try things totally different each time and encourages me when I needed it. Which is everything for a young artist.

Jess149113 karma

What book inspires you in your life?

Juliette_Lewis29 karma

It's called "Life Loves You" by Louise Hay and Robert Holden. I love all kinds of spiritual self-help books. Especially as I get older. I wanna read "The Happiness Project" next.

Jess149113 karma

What is your best memory from working on Nerve?

Juliette_Lewis24 karma

Working with all the actors in the film toward the end of the movie. I can't say what the scene is, it'll give the plot away. I just loved working with people who are inspired, good at their job and who are really giving their best. That was Emma Roberts, Emily Mead, Miles Heizer, and Samira Wiley that night.

AndreaFantomas11 karma

Hi J. I'm Andrea from Italy you recently played here with your band: how was your experience? (forget that terrible driver, a friend of mine.... ahahah)

Juliette_Lewis29 karma

Italy totally blew my mind. In Milan our crowd sang the most songs back to us and were off the charts wild. I have to do more shows in Italy and will next year!

t-sonis8 karma

First, I'm super excited to be seeing your live show again after like... 7 years? Can't effing wait! Do you have an opener lined up yet and will you be playing mostly new music (love Hello Hero!) or a good mix of new and older stuff?

Juliette_Lewis16 karma

I wanted The Kenneths to open up. They're from London, but they couldn't do it. I don't know an opener yet. You have to come to a show. Everyone who does always leave elated. Haha! Me especially. Here are the dates: juliettelewis.com/live - The set is so good its a mix of ferocious rockers, dance shit, and blues.

docbrown_7 karma

What is your favorite food?

Juliette_Lewis37 karma

Anything with butter. I probably need to go to 12 step for butter or Butter Anonymous. European butter is the best! The farming is more natural and organic.

JeffersonFull6 karma

Do you have any more plans to work with Omar Rodriguez Lopez on new music?

Juliette_Lewis10 karma

Not yet, but I a playing some of our songs from the Terra Incognita in the JLUS Tour dates. I am lucky enough to be playing with bass player, Juan Alderete from Mars Volta. So come to a show!