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As a brit i loved The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.

So so so good.

My question is - how much of the britishisms did you get? You were playing a character who didnt understand and i want to know how "method" you went with it.

Add. Massive fan too :)

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What will be the first thing you do after your surgery? (and presumably the years of physiotherapy)

I find your candor and courage very inspiring. :)

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I'm not an expert in anyway or form but i have been pregnant twice.

The first time was during the swine flu outbreak of 09 and the second time was during the ebola outbreak

I was 6 months pregnant when i received a vaccination for swine flu.

By the time you get a vaccine it will have been trialled and tested and they wouldnt start giving it to people until it was ready.

  • i keep seeing pregnant ladies writing on these covid forums so I'm going to add something I wrote a few days ago to someone else.

Please try not to panic.

You are healthy. Your baby is and will be healthy.

This sub however is not at all healthy. (And reading articles that say "could" or "may") are not good for you.

For your mental wellbeing -Your hormones are going into over drive.

So far, children have not been affected by this disease in a very severe way. Young people are doing very well with this disease. Please try not to panic.

I have a 10 year old and a 4 year old and when i was pregnant with the 10 year old it was at the height of the swine flu epidemic and My son was born during the 2015 Ebola outbreak. The media was in a frenzy both times. So i totally get how nervous you are.

Being pregnant has been very nervewracking for me.

** -take prenatal vitamins.

-make sure that you are well hydrated

-wash your hands/use hand sanitiser. (Set an alarm to wash your hands. Try not to touch your face)

-try to avoid unnecessary contact (bump rubbing by strangers for example was something i was advised by my midwife advised I avoid.)

-They are working on a vaccine so please make sure that when it becomes available both you and baby get it.

Please try to enjoy your pregnancy.

Congratulations too.

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Hi Juliette.

Big fan!!!!!!!!

I have honestly loved you in everything ever.

Which movie had your favourite wrap party, uh, party? Was there ice cream and if so what flavour did you choose?

Best wishes.


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Xxxxxxx Thanks for replying xxxxx You have made my fucking evening.
Eeep! Love from london!