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Have you considered taking up a teaching position? As far as I know Greendale Community College still hasn't replaced their Grifting 101 professor.

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Why do I experience 'now'? 'Time' makes a lot of intuitive sense in terms of being what separates events. But I'm interested in why our experience of an apparent 'now' has such total primacy in our conscious experience. Only think I can think is sort of an anthropic principle answer- that there has to be a now that we can experience so we're experiencing this one because we can, but that doesn't really satisfy me.

Just an open ended question, looking for any thoughts or research direction, philosophical or physical, to help me explore this question.

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Right on.

But that was a Community reference. Wasn't sure if you were a fan but if you're into comedy and scams this episode is for you. Though also just treat yourself to the whole series, it's hilarious.

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Haha. Experts have leveled these sorts of criticisms against me throughout my career, as soon as I began to question them.

That tends to happen when dilettantes 'question' experts in a field they started studying two years ago.

FYI, for my quantum project, I have been talking to David Albert, Tim Maudlin, Sabine Hossenfelder and other genuine experts. I interviewed David Bohm, whom you mentioned, in the 1990s, as well as John Wheeler

Name dropping people you've 'been talking to' doesn't improve your credibility. I'd be curious what these individuals had to say about your understanding of their work.

After reading this AMA it seems like you're trying to be the Jordan Peterson of 'science writing'.

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No, some are genuinely interested in these subjects.

Some people actually study topics with the intent to understand them, not just to sell themselves as a valid source of opinions about them.