My short bio: Chris Hansen is an Emmy award-winning investigative journalist, at it for three decades. He is known for the TV series 'To Catch A Predator' and more recently 'Killer Instinct'. He recently chronicled the puzzling disappearance of a young Ventura County, Ca. woman, Megan Barroso.

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Lizziedeee96 karma

What percentage of the predators you bagged actually saw jail time?

ChrisHansenID142 karma

I don't have the files in front of me, but in the original TCAP some 300 guys were convicted, pleaded guilty or no contest. Sentence ranged from probation and registering as a sex offender to 24 years in prison. In the recent Hansen VS Predator investigation, 11 men surfaced in 4 days. Already 8 have pleaded guilty. It looks like sentences will range from probation to 10 years. Stay tuned.

Bennytheowl73 karma

Any idea when Hansen Vs Predator will be out? Us Lornographers are desperate to see it chris! It's going to be the cleanest best pleasure.

ChrisHansenID67 karma

I know like it seem like it's taking forever, but I should literally know in a few weeks and be able to make an announcement. There is a network and there is a plan. It's just got to be finalized.

Empigee69 karma

When shooting "To Catch a Predator," were you ever concerned that one of the 'guest stars' would turn violent or take you hostage?

Also, what would you have done if someone famous had showed up, like a movie star or politician?

ChrisHansenID116 karma

We always have a lot of security when we shoot a predator investigation, but yes there were a few tense situations. Once, a guy was arrested before he could get to the house, a police officer himself, he had 4 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammo in his car.

KaneHau55 karma

It seems that true journalism is nearly dead in America. It is rare these days when people being interviewed are probed in-depth about the statements they make.

Do you agree with this? And, if so, what can be done to shift this trend?

ChrisHansenID76 karma

I think it's a valid observation.I don't think it's nearly dead, but priorities and budgets have shifted and there seems to me to be less substantive enterprise reporting and more easy quick turnarounds. Reporters need to listen and get into the heads of their subjects and not just read from a list of questions or so at least I have taught my younger son who started as a reporter this week after college.

aphoenix49 karma

While most of what we see is quite serious, there must be things that happen that are exceptionally funny. What is the most humorous thing that you've seen happen during 'To Catch a Predator'?

ChrisHansenID149 karma

Well, there were undoubtably several humorous moments....I think one of them was when the guy walked in and said "you're Chris Hansen" before I could even say a word. Then he told me he watched the show all the time.

evildrew44 karma

Hi Chris, why don't you take a seat? I grew up watching your work, so thank you! My question is, how do you quantify or summarize the impact of your work? Do you measure your success by how many people are arrested? Prosecuted? Convicted? What about the awareness you've built?

Bonus Question: How do you feel about the episode of South Park that parodied you?

ChrisHansenID103 karma

Hey! I think what I am most proud of is that I raise awareness and create a dialogue that doesn't already exist...whether for online sexual predators targeting children or financial predators targeting the elderly or killers. And yes, my shows have taken a lot of these guys off the streets. As for South sons always had a dad on TV, so it was no big deal to them. When SP parodied me, I was suddenly very cool:)

credy11 karma

I'm a big fan of your interview/interrogation techniques. When prepping for an interview, what sort of information do you look for to with hold until the end, and what sort of ques do you look for during the interview to reveal what you actually know about the subject? Is the timing more dependent on the subject themselves or production requirements?

ChrisHansenID22 karma

ironic you ask me that. Last week in LA I was meeting with 2 producers and a guy sitting next to us interrupted us to say he used my interviews teaching law students at USC. I thought that was cool. I prepare intensely and I have a great team doing research. The key is to listen and sometimes the most affective question is simply "explain....."

waltbomb9 karma

Chris, do feel that Netflix shows like Making a Murderer have brought a heightened interest to your new show?

Also, in light of all the horrible violence that has been occurring across the country, how do you plan to capture the eyes and ears of viewers while maintaining a deference to those who have been afflicted by recent tragedies like the Florida mass shootings?

ChrisHansenID14 karma

I definitely think that's true. Shows like that and Killer Instinct take people to places they'd never go where they see and hear things they wouldn't normally experience. You have to ask the hard questions with respect to create the right level of deference. And that's the goal here. I need the victim or victim's family to tell their story. It's ok if they cry, but you can't exploit it.

ksmitttyy8 karma

What's on your favorite sandwich?

ChrisHansenID24 karma

Turkey rueben or grilled salmon with tomato and onion. I do also have a weakness for tuna melts:)

ChrisHansenID7 karma

Thanks for all the great questions everyone! I'm heading to Investigation Discovery's Facebook for FB Live. Please follow us there or on Twitter @ChrisHansen.

AmericaLovesCorn7 karma

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

ChrisHansenID22 karma

I'll still be at it, looking for compelling stories. No retirement plans soon:) Bad news for predators of all sort!

grumpygrumpington6 karma

How's it going?

ChrisHansenID15 karma

Really well.... except it's hot as all get out here!

shouldbeworking231 karma

Do people come up to you and say "Why don't you have a set over there?"...?

ChrisHansenID6 karma

Ha! Everyday. Someone recently gave me a pillow that says "have a seat"

SandPocket0 karma

Hello Mr. Hansen! Hope you're well.

As a female, I LOVE Investigation Discovery! In fact, my Mom likes it, my step brother's Mother likes it, my grandmother likes it.... Women seem to love Investigation Discovery.

So my question is, do any of the ladies in your life watch ID? Do you have any theories as to why ID is so appealing to women?

ChrisHansenID2 karma

Good question! ID is now the number 1 rated network in the coveted demographic. My mother is a very loyal viewer:) I thinks it's just really compelling story telling and often some of the key characters or victims happen to be women.