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ChrisHansenID216 karma

My sons have always had a dad on TV, so it was just a job to them, but when SP ran that episode, I was suddenly cool in their eyes.

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Well, there were undoubtably several humorous moments....I think one of them was when the guy walked in and said "you're Chris Hansen" before I could even say a word. Then he told me he watched the show all the time.

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I don't have the files in front of me, but in the original TCAP some 300 guys were convicted, pleaded guilty or no contest. Sentence ranged from probation and registering as a sex offender to 24 years in prison. In the recent Hansen VS Predator investigation, 11 men surfaced in 4 days. Already 8 have pleaded guilty. It looks like sentences will range from probation to 10 years. Stay tuned.

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We always have a lot of security when we shoot a predator investigation, but yes there were a few tense situations. Once, a guy was arrested before he could get to the house, a police officer himself, he had 4 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammo in his car.

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Hey! I think what I am most proud of is that I raise awareness and create a dialogue that doesn't already exist...whether for online sexual predators targeting children or financial predators targeting the elderly or killers. And yes, my shows have taken a lot of these guys off the streets. As for South Park...my sons always had a dad on TV, so it was no big deal to them. When SP parodied me, I was suddenly very cool:)