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I'm an actor born and raised in Norwalk, Iowa. You may know me best as the pinnacle of superheroes (in my mind): Superman in the 2006 film "Superman Returns." You may also have seen me play a bad guy in NBC's "Chuck" or Edgar Wright's "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" or another good guy in the indie lacrosse film "Crooked Arrows."

I'm currently playing my second DC Comics hero on The CW's "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" (returning for its second season Oct. 13 @ 8p): Ray Palmer aka Atom, a billionaire physicist who created an exo-suit that has the ability to shrink down to the size of an atom.

I'm here to join you today from 10:30A PST/1:30P EST - 11:30A PST/2:30P EST to celebrate with YOU the 10th birthday of "Superman Returns" today. Ask me anything about the film or any of my other projects and I'll answer as many as possible.

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Updated at 11:39A PST/2:39P EST: Thank you everyone! So many great questions! I had a great time and look forward to doing this again.

Thanks for watching Superman Returns whenever you did over the last 10 years! I'm very proud of the film and grateful that it continues to be enjoyed after all this time. :)

Much Love, Brandon Routh

PS You're welcome to join other fans in sharing your favorite memories of/surrounding SR using #SupermanReturns10 on Twitter!

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BrandonJRouth1368 karma

I'm here by the way. :) Thanks to everyone who's here to participate!

dangergranger707 karma

Superman powers and the Atom's suit is great but nothing will ever beat Todd and his Vegan Powers. How did you like to play a character with such a silly power and where you aware of the Scott Pilgram comics before hand?

BrandonJRouth542 karma

LOVED playing Todd! I wasn't aware before getting the role.

Lois_Yao562 karma

Hi. Brandon .I am a fan from China. It's not easy to ask you some questions. Because of the limit of the Internet. And It's 1:30a.m in China. Everyone is sleeping in my dormitory, expect me. First of all, Thanks for your acting, I like you best. I have watch SUPERMAN RETURNS more than 40times. I love it. And then, may I ask you 2 questions? If you have the opportunity once again to play superman, what would you do to change the performance? What is the effect of the role of superman in your life? Thank you for your answer.

BrandonJRouth427 karma

Thanks for the question!

I wouldn't change much. However, I'd go back and film the Kent Farm House scene with Martha and Kal-El talking about his journey back to Krypton. It was the first scene we shot, and I was very nervous!

Superman has had a tremendously positive effect on my life and I'm so grateful for it. :)

BrandonJRouth562 karma

Thank you everyone! So many great questions! I had a great time and look forward to doing this again.

Thanks for watching Superman Returns whenever you did over the last 10 years! I'm very proud of the film and grateful that it continues to be enjoyed after all this time. :)

Much Love, Brandon Routh

suaveitguy522 karma

Any memories of Toronto from SPvTW? It was a rare film shot in Toronto, actually set in Toronto and is well-loved here for that reason on top of all the other reasons everyone else loves it for.

BrandonJRouth554 karma

Loved filming in Toronto! Had really great food and it's fun to shoot a film outside of LA--makes it feel more special...kinda like Summer Camp. :)

BrandonJRouth320 karma

Plus we got to be in the actual locations in the bookds!

Helmer86361 karma

Did they really shoot a bullet into your eye?

BrandonJRouth364 karma

Thankfully no. :)

aubietiger1928314 karma

What was your favorite episode and/or scene to shoot on Chuck? And did you watch the show before/after being on it?

BrandonJRouth363 karma

Daniel Shaw's first trip to the Buy More! Those were my favorite scenes as a fan of the show.

Strafe_Jog_Jump299 karma

Are you looking forward to the next season of Legends of Tomorrow? Do you think you'll be making appearances in the other DC TV universe shows? Supergirl perhaps?

BrandonJRouth516 karma

Very excited for Season 2! Going to be filled with fun new changes! I hope to be on Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl...make the trifecta! :)

suaveitguy248 karma

You were pretty hilarious on Lady Dynamite. What was the set like? It is such an unusual show, was any of that reflected behind the camera?

BrandonJRouth225 karma

Thanks! It was a lot of fun! It was a very relaxed set and environment. Lots of comedy is that way. And Maria is the sweetest and so incredibly funny!

thesiegeman186 karma

Do the decisions Ray Palmer make bug you sometimes? He seems to be the writers easy way out for them .

BrandonJRouth308 karma

Sometimes. :) Especially when he's the one screwing things up. But he usually fixes the problem.

gravedigger138186 karma

First a compliment. You're my 2nd favorite superman behind CR. Now questions

Do you own a superman suit from returns?

How often and how long do you workout in a week?

BrandonJRouth297 karma

He's my first favorite too. ;)

I don't have a suit.

Not that often lately. I'm leaning very heavily on my diet/nutrition to keep me in shape. Ideally I am lifting moderate/heavy weights 2-3 times a week and doing some burst (short interval training) too. :)

DesHarper159 karma

Hi, Brandon! Happy Superman Returns' 10th anniversary :) I have 2 questions about DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

  1. I really love the interaction between Ray and Mick. What was it like working with Dominic?
  2. What do you think Ray's doppelganger will be like?

BrandonJRouth227 karma

  1. Dom is so fun to work with because Mick has such a strong view point of his world. So I almost always know where Ray stands with him. Plus, we have fun scenes kind of taking the piss out of each other.

  2. A Daniel Shaw type character?

MsDemacia107 karma

Who's the funniest actress/actor you've worked with?

BrandonJRouth349 karma

Had a great time working with Justin Long, Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen on Zack and Miri. Was so fun to be on set and to work with Kevin Smith.

angryprincess2394 karma

First, I would like to say hi Brandon! I'm a HUGE fan and LOVED your version of Superman. You won me over as an actor after that movie. I've followed your career ever since.

My 3 questions are:

1) What was your favorite scene to film and what was the most difficult to execute?

2) How challenging was it to film the fighting scene between you and Lex Luthor where he stabs you with Kryptonite? (That's one of my favorite scenes lol)

3)If you had had the chance to step step in those shoes to continue the role, what would you have wanted to see happen? There was so much left open with him having a son and with Lois.

BrandonJRouth165 karma

Thank you!

  1. The scene with Kitty Kowalkski...flying out of the trees and landing her at the hospital. And the Jor-El speech from Kal-El to his son in the bedroom.

  2. VERY challenging! I was slogging through very cold water at 2am take after take. Getting choked, stepped on, swallowing water...but it was a very real scene, didn't have to do much acting...just reacting. :)

  3. I would want Jason to know his true father and Lois to be together. I like happy endings. :)

ETrujillo2383 karma

Brandon what are your thoughts on Tyler Hoechlin playing superman on Supergirl on the CW universe??

BrandonJRouth194 karma

I wish him the best and hope to meet him if Ray gets to crossover to Supergirl! :)

J_R_H79 karma

My family has been in Norwalk Iowa since the 1860's. It's so cool you and Jason Manoa are both from such a small farming town. Did you know any of the Hughes family growing up?

BrandonJRouth100 karma

Cool! If you are speaking about Howard Hughes' family, yes!

whowannaramp63 karma

Brandon, how's the cleaning lady doing ? Just thought to ask because it's Tuesday now and she had the weekend off.

Out of all the cast members from SPvsTW, who is actually the funniest person off screen ?

BrandonJRouth72 karma

Aubrey Plaza and Jason Schwartzman I think.

BrandonJRouth82 karma

And I've lost track of the cleaning lady...we amicable parted ways. ;)

BrandonJRouth40 karma

And I've lost track of the cleaning lady...we amicable parted ways. ;)

codenameasher56 karma

How are you today?

BrandonJRouth126 karma

Pretty good. :) Just still can't believe its 10 years since SR came out in theaters!

Gareth_hornwood54 karma

What's your guilty pleasure food?

BrandonJRouth116 karma

Pizza and Kettle Corn

bibisan2046 karma

Hi Brandon and thanks for your great work with Superman and Atom. My name is Alex and I have to say that I love Legends of Tomorrow thanks to you!

That being said, my questions are: 1) How did you feel when you fought the Leviathan in Legends episode 13 (heard it was mostly CGI there)? 2) What is that one iPhone app you can't live for? 3) What actor did you enjoy working with the most? (you can share more, I would be very interested in seeing the answer for this)?

Also, congrats for Superman!

BrandonJRouth88 karma

Thank you!

  1. I like my whole team, hard to pick just one. I'm going to go outside the box and say Emily Rickards as Felicity. This is because, I missed Arrow version of Ray, and Ray and Felicity's energy/chemistry is so different than any character on Legends, so it was nice to revisit that.

mrjakestark45 karma

Who would you rather fight, 100 Superman-sized Atoms or 100 shrunken-Atom-sized Supermen?

BrandonJRouth167 karma

Well, if I'm fighting as Brandon Routh, it doesn't much matter...I'm gonna lose. :)

brandonrouthcom41 karma

Jonathan (who is unable to be here live) asks:

1) Looking back on making the movie, what is your fondest memory?

2) The film contains a lot of spiritual themes and has some powerful symbolism. How significant was that to you? Were you moved by that? (Ex: Like when Superman falls back towards the Earth after having thrown New Krypton into space?) I particularly enjoyed seeing a superhero movie deal with such important topics.

Also I would just like to you, Brandon, for bringing Superman back to the big screen and for portraying the character in such a honest and pure way!

BrandonJRouth50 karma

Hi Jonathan :) 1. The energy and excitement of making such a big film--and playing such an iconic role.

  1. I think the spiritual themes are very significant. I think it added alot to the film and I'm not sure you can really get away with it where Superman is concerned. Thank you!

mrjakestark36 karma

Had you made a sequel to Superman Returns, which DC villain would you have loved to see/fight in it?

edit: a word

BrandonJRouth116 karma

Braniac and Bizarro

brandonrouthcom33 karma

Christina (who is unable to be here live), a fellow Superman Returns fan from Canada, asks:

Congratulations Brandon on this extra special anniversary of Superman Returns! Your portrayal of Superman continues to serve as an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you! I understand that much of the movie was filmed in Australia. Some of my favourite scenes are of Clark at the Kent farm where he can truly be himself. I have always loved the peacefulness of that particular Kent Farm setting. Can you tell us a bit about how the site was chosen for the movie and what special memories you have from your experiences on that location of the film set? All my best to you!

BrandonJRouth48 karma

Thanks Christina!

We filmed the Kent farm house outside the city of Tamworth. They grew corn just for it! It was awesome to be there...it was the real thing and the first part of the movie we shot! So that made it great, but also daunting as I'd never worked on a film before.

flickerish30 karma

Hey Brandon! First time I saw you was on Arrow as Atom. You do a terrific job at being this quirky billionaire/superhero. What has been your favorite project so far? With which characters that you've played do you identify yourself the most? Cheers from Portugal! :D

BrandonJRouth50 karma

Superman Returns has been my favorite project. I probably identify with Ray Palmer and Clark Kent the most.

angryprincess2324 karma

What would be your next dream role? TV or Movie wise?

BrandonJRouth69 karma

Comedy! Comedy! Comedy!

bostonberning23 karma

Hello Brandon! I love your work! I was wondering: would you ever be open to donning the superman cape and boots again? Also has anyone ever commented on your striking resemblance to the greatest ever, Christopher Reeve?

BrandonJRouth50 karma

Yes and yes. Pretty sure it helped me get the role. :)

4monica22 karma

Has it felt different being the Atom on Arrow and playing the role in Legends of Tomorrow?

BrandonJRouth48 karma

Yes. I think we will see more of Arrow Ray this season which I'm looking forward to.

laresek16 karma

Put all the versions of Superman in a room to have a fight. Who would win, and why?

BrandonJRouth83 karma

Me. :)

lampy812 karma

Do you have any interest in showing up in one of the upcoming DC/WB films as Ray Palmer?

BrandonJRouth23 karma

Would love that. :)

kryptonick90111 karma

This is AWESOME! I went to see Superman Returns in a full costume. 3 times on the opening day. Parent's had me take photo's with their kids. I honestly loved Superman Returns, possibly more so than all of Reeve's but the Richard Donner cut of Superman 2.

I think Henry's a fine Superman, no better or worse than yours, but your CK was more believable I thought. I know there was talk of a sequel to Superman Returns but that it fell through for whatever reason. Were you considered for, or did you consider auditioning for, Man of Steel? If so could you tell us a bit about that process? What were your impressions of Singer vs Snyder? (I actually wonder if Singer vs Snyder would make for a better movie than Batman Vs Superman!)

How early did production on Superman Returns begin and were you ever fortunate enough to meet Christopher Reeve?

BrandonJRouth9 karma

If I was considered for the role I was not told.

Pre production started about 8 months before principal photography...I started 4 into the pre production

jeb_manion11 karma

Is that story about your audition true. The one where you spilled those drinks? Also, I think you could take Tom Welling in a fight, just saying.

BrandonJRouth32 karma

I did spill some coffee when I first met Bryan Singer at Coffee Bean...not on purpose...just clumsy for reals. :)

Marroquina10 karma

Hi Brandon! After having played Superman and now The Atom, is there a supervillain you'd like to play someday? If so, who?

I appreciate you and your work! Much love from Amsterdam.

BrandonJRouth52 karma

Would be fun to play Bizarro. ;)

landonthequiet10 karma

what's something you haven't done yet but want to do in legends of tomorrow? what about something you'd like to do in general?

BrandonJRouth26 karma

Sword fight!

IndieKay9 karma

Hello, Brandon! Sending love from Thailand. :)

First of all, please convey my belated birthday wishes to Courtney and Happy 10th Anniversary of Superman Returns!

Here are my questions: - I'd love to see your wife guest star in the DCCWVerse. Are you up for this idea? - You've already read the script of Legends of Tomorrow Ep.201, right? ;) Anything you can share with us?

And please consider coming to Thailand, we'd love to see you at Bangkok Comic Con! Thank you. :D

BrandonJRouth20 karma

I'll pass that on to Courtney, thanks! She would be awesome in the DCCWVerse. I have great hope she'll show up someday. :) LOTS of time-travel in ep 201---a peak at several different times. :)

Black_Delphinium9 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA!

What is your go-to entertainment for long flights? Books, movies, music, games or sleep?

BrandonJRouth58 karma

I like to catch up on movies. I read sometimes, and sometimes play Hearthstone on my iPad. :)

SarahW788 karma

Hello Lovely, So Superman Returns is 10 years old this year. If there was one thing that you could go back and tell your younger self about what the future holds, or one piece of advice, what would it be?

Lots of love Sarah xxx

BrandonJRouth16 karma


Be more flexible of mind. Be open to new ideas and open to seeing yourself change.

brandonrouthcom8 karma

Lana Kristyna (who is unable to be here live) asks:

Hi Brandon! Big fan of yours here. Christopher Reeve and you are my favorite Supermen.

Superman being such an iconic and loved character there was a lot of expectation for the movie and the role of Supes. What would you say was the most challenging aspect about playing Superman/Clark Kent?

BrandonJRouth8 karma

Trying to embody the most powerful being on Earth!

Jon_solo_7 karma

What was your reaction when you first saw the A.T.O.M. Suit for Arrow/The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow?

BrandonJRouth15 karma

Thought it was so great! Looked awesome and was pretty mobile.

Curious_about_Cookie6 karma

What is your all-time favorite cookie? Is it a commercially made cookie or homemade?

BrandonJRouth23 karma

My wife makes these amazing cookies! They are like a Mexican Wedding Cake cookie...they go by other names. Like a pecan sandy, but with powdered sugar on them. :)

brandonrouthcom5 karma

Greg (who is unable to be here live) asks:

Hello Brandon! Big fan, you were awesome on Legends! My question for you is: when filming "Returns", what would you say was your favorite moment during production? And your most challenging?    Keep on being awesome!

BrandonJRouth7 karma

Having my parents visit was pretty epic! They stayed for a month, and it was amazing to share it with them. The wire work was the most challenging. 2 months straight of flying!

brandonrouthcom3 karma

Nathalie Aurora from Brazil (who is unable to be here live) asks:

Brandon what's your most treasured memory from the first day of shooting Superman Returns? Happy Superman Returns 10th Anniversary Mr. Routh, lots of hugs from Brazil.

BrandonJRouth13 karma

Writing in my journal while I sat in Clark's room upstairs. :)

kaleam3 karma

Hey Brandon! Hope you're having a fantastic day. I was wondering, as an actor, do you enjoy looking at your previous work? For example, you could watch Superman Returns as a celebration today haha. However, I know some actors find it uncomfortable to watch themselves. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us!

BrandonJRouth5 karma

Yes and no. ;) Depends on the project. And within the particular TV/Movie...the scenes. I like to watch my own work, but definitely cringe and fast forward at times.

falucious2 karma

Hi Brandon. Your hyper-serious character on "Lady Dynamite" was awesome.

What was filming the fart scene like? Did they play a fart sound when they were doing your shots?

BrandonJRouth6 karma

What do you mean? Farts are not funny.

;) It was ridiculous and I fun! But I was worried that it wouldn't end up being funny...but it was so...yay farts!

Budzee2 karma

What makes you so super, man? :-)

BrandonJRouth7 karma

Well, I wouldn't say I'm super, but I do my best to be aware that we are all human, we all make mistakes, and we are all worthy of love. I do fail at this sometimes though. ;)

Kathrynlong2 karma

Okay.... So if you could have ANY animal as a pet what would you pick? And what name would you give it? Tell Emily Bett I said "hi" and happy early birthday!!!!

BrandonJRouth8 karma

A dragon! I'd have to take some time to think up the name. :)

dowhathappens892 karma

Any upgrades to the ATOM suit coming next season?

BrandonJRouth11 karma

I think so...but may not happen right way...!

suaveitguy2 karma

Do you think video games could ever be used to tell more narrative stories (like a character study) versus missions and fighting?

BrandonJRouth5 karma

Yes, of course. I'm pretty sure someone's doing this. I'm just not well versed in gaming like I used to be. It's a great vehicle for story telling.

Marroquina2 karma

Hi Brandon! Are there any resemblances between you and Ray Palmer, or you and Clark Kent?

Much love, Badra

BrandonJRouth4 karma

Yes, many! Goofiness, excitement, etc.

Oden_son1 karma

Why did you leave One Life to Live?!

But seriously, I love you in Legends of Tomorrow.

BrandonJRouth4 karma

I got fired! One of the best things that every happened to me. :)

Harrislax021 karma

What was it like working with the native lacrosse players on crooked arrows? How did you prepare for the role? Any specific training...

BrandonJRouth2 karma

A lot of fun! I didn't grow up with the sport, but wish I had. I learned shooting/passing skills, but never really played in a full game situation.